She's the one, and I can tell .

She’s the girl I’d always glance at while class is going on, I’d occasionally gaze at her  gorgeous eyes wondering if i’m dreaming or not, It felt like those dramatic movies? you know, when the main character and a gorgeous girl locks eyes for the first time. She has the face of an angel, the style of a “Tumblr famous” girl, and the personality of a girl I know I could fall hard for, and at the same time I could still call her my best friend and tell her anything I want/need to.

We would pass each other in the halls or out of school and smile, maybe even have the occasional wave go on but there was never a time where I could get a chance to say hi, because I was so caught up in her beauty and was too scared that I would seem like a “creeper” or a “loser” to just approach her and have a conversation.

I would dream and plan little dates we could go on, and I still have those dreams continue in my mind. I’d ask her to hangout but something would always come up wether it’s her being in trouble or it’s myself.. then there we’re those days where all of our friends are together and that we’re finally hanging out but I can’t say a thing because I have so many butterflies and I can’t think straight, but it hasn’t come until the past 2 weeks that i’ve actually talked to her in person, and I love it. I love the feeling of waking up in the morning and seeing a brand new “goodmorning” text message, or even just the fact I can call her “mine” even if we’re not dating still gives me mad butterflies, it’s just something about her, I really can’t put my finger on it, but…. she’s perfect. Let’s leave it at that.