Autumn is having a riot in my garden
And I’m stuck in, looking out through the window
Someone needs to remove these fly specks…

So it goes, the school starts, and no time is left for any other projects, like gardening. I have neglected my poor garden so badly this year. No time and energy. Luckily, a large number of plants still survive, they know how to take care of themselves given a chance. Next year, always the next year… We’ve escaped the first frost so far (unlike last year). With some luck, the newest woody plants might have time ripen their wood. Fingers crossed! Always living on hope…

The current school project involves larger scales: landcape design. We’ve been doing landscape character assessment (LCA) and using various approaches (like PMC, Green Infrastructure, and Ecosystem Services) on those results. Very interesting, for example, for the urban stormwater runoff management. Feels like doing something important for the future.

Things regarding Clematis research and the ongoing overhaul of Clematis cultivar classification are more on the backburner now. Some small things moving slowly but maybe one day a river is born from those trickles. Most of the Clematis in my garden have stopped blooming. It feels like they didn’t flower that much this year, probably because of the “summer” that never really started and that ended a month or so ago already.

I fear that you, sweet followers, have noticed my lack of presence here on Tumblr and on your blogs. This is to say, I’m sorry, I wish I had some more hours per day to visit and send more love your way. I’m so thankful that you have steadfastly kept up with me! I hope you know how much it means to see you all visiting my blog and my dash. Big hearts go out to you all, big hearts.  ❤️💕

Always, always the curators and the rebloggers —  ❤️💕
The likers, the heart-givers —  ❤️💕
Welcome, welcome, the new followers —  ❤️💕

Have a beauful Sunday and a great start to your October!

Much love to you all,



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