Being an LC9 fan is so hard because it’s just a constant waiting game. Like I’m constantly waiting for them to do something or release something, and it’s disappointing when they don’t. However, when they do release something it’s amazing so I just have to keep telling myself it’s all worth the wait.


we all know that the mv where teen top like, kick the shit out of each other on a beach is #too much but remember when lc9 debuted and the entire video was them literally throwing trashcans at each other and brass knuckling each other’s BRAINS and WHIPPING BRICKS AT EACH OTHER’S HEADS. dude just threw a hatchet into someone’s shoulder! you’re a boy band!!!

Jun and Rasa

Ok, these two are more of my thing ;) These two are adorbs and they can not lie~  Once again, Sariah made up the ship name (assuming there is none) Junwoo. Rasa’s real name is Gun Woo. So, Jusa is the other ship name!~ I called it  :P hahaha. Read the post about Jun and J-Hyo as to why you must search for these two by yourself, Toodles~

Lc9 (No, not the gun -_-)

Ok im pretty sure that about two precent of people who read this will know this group :( Lc9 is a pretty unknown group, their most known song is most likely Mama beat (featuring Gain) Sariah and I both like this group (Same bias too~!) so we are going to cover a few parinings we ship ~ (Sorry to those we don’t like :/)