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5 minutes later

By the time Farah returned to the cafe, Todd had drawn a crowd.

So needless to say, she ran.

She shoved aside the concerned but psychologically apathetic bystander, and the asshole with the phone camera recording all of this, conveniently crushing their mobile under her heel in the process, and bent down next to Todd. His screams were now exhausted, ragged gasps, as if he had used up all the sound in his body and was running on scraps.

“Todd, what’s wrong?” said Farah. “What’s going on?”

Todd choked. His hands were shaking violently, held in front of him.

“They’re gone,” Todd said. “They’ve burned off. My hands, they’re gone–”

Farah reached to take Todd’s unmarred hands. He let out a cry and jerked away, as if she had scalded him.

“Farah!” She thought she would have imagined that voice until she saw Todd’s mobile lying beside him. Amanda’s call was still going. Amanda was also sobbing. “Farah, what’s happening to him? Farah–?”

The call ended abruptly.

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I’m using @pussycat-scribbles‘ Fill-A-Page February challenge as an excuse to draw for an AU I started fiddling with last year, my Haikyuu Local Comic Shop AU.

I’ve worked at a comic shop for a billion years now and I love haikyuu to pieces so I thought it’d be fun. I’ve got lots of headcanons for tons of characters, so I hope you enjoy this month while I try to keep up with daily drawings…… The AU centers around Oikawa, owner of Captain Comics, one of the biggest comic shops in the city and a respected name in comics retail nation-wide.

  • Oikawa Tooru is the sole proprietor of Captain Comics
    • Handles all the books and ordering
    • #1 Most Stressed
    • When he’s on the shop floor, he’s able to handle everyone immaculately. There’s no near-disaster he can’t handle pragmatically. Usually for signings and special events, he’ll go onto the floor to shake hands with longtime customers and people in the biz. Knows exactly what to say and always wears a charming smile.
    • Constantly struggling between Grand King or Benevolent Dictator ways of owning his shop. He’s friendly enough with shops on the opposite sides of town and has allies with shops in other cities, but shops near his neighborhood that directly affect his business are considered enemies and need to be neutralized ASAP.
  • What he reads - Literally everything. He doesn’t like ordering books for his store if he hasn’t read them. Every advanced preview, every issue, every week. He reads everything. He’ll often stay up late and get very little sleep because of this. He enjoys sci-fi stories with minimal action. Has a good eye for what will be collectible and popular and orders wisely. His apartment is a messy den of comics. Stacks and boxes EVERYWHERE. He forgot what the original color of the carpet was. His comic knowledge is borderline encyclopedic and he’s never wrong when someone has a question. He owns a climate-controlled storage unit for his collection, rumored to be worth millions. Owns Amazing Fantasy #15, which he keeps in a safety deposit box at his bank. His dream is to own Action Comics #1.
  • How he dresses - Normally Oikawa can’t be bothered to dress up for work since he spends most of it in front of a computer. He needs clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in, so usually it’s ratty jeans and a store logo t-shirt. On rare occasions where he needs to leave his office, he’ll dress up. He hates for customers to see him looking like a typical ratty comic shop owner, so he always makes sure he’s clean-shaven, that his skin is clear, his hair isn’t greasy, and if he knows he’s going to be seen he’ll dress in nicer clothes. If he’s having an off day he refuses to leave his office until the store has closed and the sun has set so he can slink back to his car.
    • But on Wednesdays when Iwaizumi comes in, he dresses super nice. Like a button-up shirt, vest, tie, his nice glasses without the tape holding them together, his best fitting jeans. Usually after Iwaizumi leaves he changes back into sweats. His employees like to give him grief about it.

I’m sorry if my handwriting is difficult to read. Starting from the top left and moving right, it reads:
• “How much is too much to spend on a life-size bust of Ant-Man?“
• “I don’t know how I feel about the new Captain America arc…”
• “NO. OIKAWA, NO! YOU HAVE PAYCHECKS TO WRITE!” - Daichi, probably. (he’s approaching a 2.8 CGC graded copy of Action Comics #1, which would retail for about 120k-240k USD, but in reality it’s considered priceless and you probably wouldn’t be able to breathing distance to it on a con floor like I illustrated… Although, it’s been several years since I last went to a con & usually I’m not in the vintage issue booths so idk…)

• “Hello Ushiwaka.” “Good Afternoon Oikawa-san. I’m assuming you’re calling because our servers are down.”

(Art by the lovely @anomalagous, ‘verse from the beginning here.)

He’s self-aware enough to know he doesn’t wear them just because they’re warm. The socks make him feel - something. Something good.

He stumbles haphazardly from his bedroom to the kitchen, searching for the tea kettle with sleep-bleary eyes. Waking up was harder this morning than usual, and he needs his caffeine to feel like a person again. Caffeine, and a shower. Once he’s properly warmed up, he thinks, he’ll spend the day unpacking the box of books Mr. Baker gave him, finding places for all of them on his shelves - or maybe he’ll just lay around reading and wearing his fun socks and completely ignoring the fact that the world exists outside the cabin. Hell, he could stay in bed all day, for that matter. It’s not as if Vesta would care, and there’s no one else around to see him -


Oh no.

“Scott?” Stiles’ voice is hesitant, and wide awake. “Uh, buddy? You, um. Forgot your pants.”

Colors of the Soul CH 9

This one’s back too! I forced myself not to write or update this one as punishment for not working on LC over the break, but here is some DJWifi fluff and some added angst on the love square front! Again, thanks to @sorarts for coming up with this AU and inspiring this fic! I’ve moved past where the original post ended, so this is all entering new territory now! ^^

FF | AO3

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Jaslyn “Jas” Minjak

27 | Actuary | From Workingham, UK

former wild child who has (somwhat) settled down • is surprisingly impulsive for someone who works in risk management • likes good company, good coffee, and good sex • roomed with Lucy for one year in uni

|  @simmingwiththetide ​ |

Girl Meets Starry Night

(I couldn’t pass up the reference!!)

Summary: Farkle gets tickets to the new Pluto exhibit, but only Riley can go. 

Pairing(s): Riarkle, mentions of Lucaya and Zaydora

Based off:

Songs: Halo by Ane Brun/Linnea Olson, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Pieces by Andrew Belle, Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran, Run Away with Me by Carly Rae Jepsen, and Butterfly by f(x)

Riley knows Farkle’s about to burst. Forcing back a chuckle, she asks, “Farkle! Out with it already!” 

Farkle grins, “I got tickets to the new Pluto exhibit at the Planetarium!” Riley gasps, and beside her Lucas groans. She quickly gave him a side eye before turning her attention on Farkle.

“So is that a yes?” He raises his eyebrows and Riley lets out a “Yay!” He looks at all of the others, who were pretending to look elsewhere. 

“Ohh look, I got..stuffs.” Maya said with fake disappointment. Lucas perks up, “Yeah, I got stuff… with Maya.” 

Maya shoots him a look, and Zay shrugs, “I just don’t wanna go.” 

Smackle nods, “I agree with Isaiah. Looks like it’ll just be you and Riley.” 

Farkle shrugs, “Okay, but you guys are missing out.”

Riley nods, “I agree.”

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