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Back Again - A King Edmund of Narnia Imagine

The sun was on it’s brightes of the day and you had once again been riding around in the forest. Aimlessly and without a goal. You always seemed to end up at the same spot every time though. Cair Paravel. At least the remainings of it. You don’t know how many times you had ended up here during the last century. Reliving the moments you had here. With him. How his smile would light up the darkness and how he would laugh with you every time. You rarely did that these times. The centaurs had tried making you smile again, some time again, but it didn’t work. You stood gazing down on the beach when it happened. It was like a bolt of energy flying through the air, hitting you up front, making you gasp in suprise. You hunched down, just in case there was some kind of witch around. But as you kept looking around on the landskape you saw them. Down by the beach, out of the cave there, came four children. Or maybe more like teenagers. They looked around as if they couldn’t believe they’re own eyes where they were. You looked at them more closely, and even though you remember well, even for you it was hard telling if your memory were playing a trick on you or not. It was as if time went into a slower speed, or as he liked to call it; slow motion. The guy you were sure you were staring right at. They began shouting at eachother in pure joy, running down to the water, throwing their clothes away. All of a sudden he stopped up, looking around, with a confused look on his face. “Where do you suppose we are?” He asked the others, making them stop splashing around in the water. “Narnia, of course!” One of the two girls replied. “But I don’t remember any ruins in Narnia.” They all turned to look at the ruins he had mentioned, right at the ruins of Cair Paravel. ~ They walked around, looking at the remaining pieces of the once so maleficent castle. They soon figured it out as well, staning in shock as they looked around. You were hiding the whole time, having sent your horse, Philip, a bit down the forest. As they broke down the door to the cellar, he joking a bit around with his brother, drawing out some kind of device from his back, they went down, and you slowly followed them on a safe distance. It all was slowly falling into place for them now, you could see it on their faces. One by one. And as they changed their oddly looking clothes, and into those they had worn so many years ago, you stepped out of the shadows you had been hiding in, and into the light above their heads. “Edmund?” You spoke, trying your hardest from making your voice crack. His head shot up, before the others, his eyes widening at the sight of you. A shocked smile spread across his face, and tears began forming in his eyes. “Y/N.” He whispered with a shaky breath. You nodded, tears welling up in your eyes as well. You swiftly jumped down to their level, and as soon as you landed, he came towards you. His arms quickly embraced you, keeping you tight to him. “You’re alive.” He whispered into your neck. “And you’re back.” You whispered back, opening your eyes to look at the others, sending them a shaky smile. You pulled apart, looking into his clear tearful eyes. Edmund didn’t waste any time, and crashed his lips into yours, letting all his emotion into that moment.


Millepon Diamond ENBの鮮やかな空が久しぶり過ぎて逆光でもパシャパシャ。
CoTを使うENBと言えば、初めて入れたProject ENBの空の青さに感動した想い出が(*´д`*) Moonpath to ElsweyrLC-Become King of Riverhelmを紹介している動画でオススメされてたような‥懐かしや。

Darkendは中断してルドラ攻略していくぜぇぇ‥明日から本気出す( ˘ω˘)スヤァ


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