lc 2013

The two parts to the LeakyCon 2013 present!

I’m going to amend Number 1 and say that, instead of writing our names, you guys submit reasons why you love Team StarKid and they inspire you and stuff. I’ll take those reasons, write them onto slips of paper and put them in mason jars to bring to the Team. 

SO, please start submitting photos of yourself with signs that say, “Thank you Team StarKid”, or just a photo of yourself, to fill this: 

I suspect it’ll be difficult to get the white part, so if you can submit more than one photo of yourself, or submit it with a white background, that’d be fab!!



twenty | one | pilots - Taxi Cab (Live at the LC, April 26th 2013)

Let's get down to business ( defeat the Huns?)

Haha, but Mulan references aside, this is the second to last day that you can submit to the LeakyCon 2013 projects. We’ve had some awesome submissions, but I’d really love to get some more! 


1. You CAN submit a photo of yourself and a StarKid. 

2. You CAN (and please do!) submit more than one photo or reason. 

3. If you feel comfortable, make the reasons either silly or heartfelt! My concept was to make the mason jar project something that they could open when they feel uninspired or sad, so keep that in mind when you submit your reason why you love Team StarKid. 

If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, the explanation post is here. Our submit box is here


They were pretty much as strict this time around as they were last year in terms of not taking photos or videos. There were volunteers patrolling the aisles the entire time to make sure that no one was taking photos or videos. So I doubt that there’s any footage. There were cameras there, but I’m not sure if they were actually recording the footage or if they were just there to put the stuff on the two screens so that people in the back could see.