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tyler joseph announcing that twenty one pilots was signed to fueled by ramen

april 26, 2012 @ lc pavilion

clarkbaxtresser replied to your post: “For me, it was weird seeing Darren again - I haven’t really talked to him for a while. It was like, oh yeah, I like Darren! Because most of the time, he’s doing something to not make me like him.” What do you think this quote from Matt Lang mean? I found it very strange.

I was there! He didn’t say it in an unpleasant way at all. He said Darren did things that upset him, technically. He went on to talk about how he and Darren got into a debate about characters from Aladdin that day or the day before. Nothing bad at all!

Haha, a debate over Aladdin!!! That sounds like such a Darren thing to do! Thanks for the help, your url is awesome btw! :)