There’s so little representation for women over like 35 (which is wild, because 35 is fucking young) and even less representation for LBT+ women over 35 (cause every piece of media has us dying at like 19 or some shit).

It makes it hard to envision existing as an adult. I am an adult and sometimes it’s still hard to envision. There’s this idea that our visible aesthetics and flagging and cultural signifiers are things only for young people, but it’s not true. 

Every time I see a woman who is super intentionally and visibly gender nonconforming (in ways that, in straight culture, are associated with teenagers) I get this surge of relief. 

bless butch professors with gray hair. bless queer punk librarians with pink hair. bless older femmes who wear neon eye shadow to their day job. bless the out nonbinary trans woman who moderated a panel at a college and then gave a speech at a leftist protest three days later 

media might try to push the idea that our identities are temporary– that we’ll die young or grow out of them– but it’s not true. We’re here, and we’ve always been here, and we kick ass our whole lives. 

Republicans are right: Jesus was *all* about turning polluted water into tax cuts for the rich, giving guns to crazy people, hating the poor and turning down Syrian refugee children.

Let’s listen to them.Not The Bible or anything. Just Fox News and Alex Jones.

Funny thing is: I barely paid attention in Sunday School. I was bored, mostly.

But I don’t like what they’ve turned Jesus into. I’m oddly protective of him, in that respect. 

THIS is who they really are. And who they really are DOES matter. Who YOU really are DOES matter.

I’m still so pissed at this “who you really are doesn’t matter”-shit. So have this as a little reminder that you and who you really are matters. 

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I know you posted the quotes, but here's a clip of LBT talking about sending Taylor congrats & responding to whether they think she'll attend the CMAs: youtube(.)com/watch?v=BI94UFQyAe0 The Taylor part starts around the 1:00 mark - I love how they deflect the question. The press is so damn pressed for Taylor news!


Little Big Town - Better Man (@ The Ryman)


Pictures and info from @helltotheknope! She was lucky enough to win a contest that allowed her to bring her phone into the taping last night!

Here is her info about Little Big Town and Gwen. Gwen was super into Lauren and LBT’s performance. She sang along and knew all of the lyrics. After it was over, she immediately ran to Karen and they gave each other big hugs. Karen was then pulled away by somebody else. Gwen then went to Jimi and Kimberly. (This was when helltotheknope was able to start taking pictures.) Gwen hugged them and then they spoke very animatedly to each other. Gwen talked with them until the very last moment before she had to return to her seat because the commercial break was ending.

It’s so cute to see some of Blake’s country friends becoming close with Gwen. Helltotheknope said that they all seemed so happy to see Gwen (and Gwen them). I think you can tell in the pictures about how happily they are chatting to each other. 💖💖💖

Swift, who has said she’s not touring in 2017, performed “Better Man” during a special performance in Houston as part of the pre-Superbowl festivities, but Sweet said the band is ready if the pop star ever wants to perform the song with them.

“I mean, come on, Taylor,” Sweet said. “We would love to do it. If she’s up for it, we’re up for it.”

—  LBT on the possibility of singing Better Man with Taylor