lbt 6094


To all the warfighters and gun enthusiasts alike, I’m looking to part ways with my LBT 6094A Slick plate carrier w/ both the right and left LBT-2739C-500D kydex side pockets. The plate carrier itself was made in 2011, however has seen VERY little use and is in fantastic condition. No tears, holes, or damage. The side panels however, are brand new and the condition reflects that. Size is medium and color is coyote. Takes standard ESAPI plates. Package does not include the name tape or PVC patch. Price is $200 shipped in the USA OBO. If interested, PM me or email me at


Nothing super special here, just what works for me and my broke highschooler budget. Still need to figure out a way to carry my Hicapa reliably, so that’s not pictured here. But basically here’s what I have so far.

PASGT helmet (old style suspension)

  • ACH helmet shroud
  • cateye band

TMC 6094 (Smoke Green)

  • TMC triple M4 pouch
  • T3 7.62 shingle pouch
  • ATS MBITR pouch
  • Condor utility pouch
  • Condor double pistol pouch

Red Rock Assault Pack

  • Whatever gets thrown into it

DE M1014

  • ACM Red Dot Sight


  • EOtech 552 replica
  • Welded-on brass deflector
  • UTG G3 tri-rail
  • KAC vertical foregrip
  • Magpul XTM rail covers

TM Hicapa 4.3

  • Stock TM pistol, what’s there to say