lbt 6094

Finally got my pouches shipped in from home. Still may do a little fine tuning, but I think I like where everything is set up right now. Never thought I’d carry a knife in that position because I’ve always thought is was douchey, but I see the merit to it now. And yes, I will be bringing my shotgun to the shooting school we’re going to. When I’m using a shotgun over an M4, shell cards will go in available M4 pouches as well as the one I have on the Velcro in front. Still have two weeks to fine tune it and move things where I want them, but I’m happy with this.

Thanks again to dogpoundgangsters for sending me his carrier.


To all the warfighters and gun enthusiasts alike, I’m looking to part ways with my LBT 6094A Slick plate carrier w/ both the right and left LBT-2739C-500D kydex side pockets. The plate carrier itself was made in 2011, however has seen VERY little use and is in fantastic condition. No tears, holes, or damage. The side panels however, are brand new and the condition reflects that. Size is medium and color is coyote. Takes standard ESAPI plates. Package does not include the name tape or PVC patch. Price is $200 shipped in the USA OBO. If interested, PM me or email me at