lbr this is where most of my money will be going

okay but seriously can we please just take a moment to discuss what a brilliant father james potter would have been like okay so:

  • lbr we all know the potters were a bit on the wealthy side of the wizarding world, and im willing to bet all my money that james would have spoiled the crap out of harry. i mean, harry wouldn’t have been one of those snobby obnoxious rich kids who can stomp their foot and get whatever they want, but james would have bought harry pretty much anything he wanted. you want a new broomstick? sure thing kiddo. you want an owl??? all yours
  • he would’ve loved teaching harry about quidditch and taking him outside during the afternoons to play a quick little scrimage with him (which would most likely end up turning into a three hour match when they argued over whether or not one of them made a foul)
  • and then after neither of them could decide whether or not the foul was made, they’d call out lily to be the judge and when she’d roll her eyes and go back inside so they’d call sirius and tell him what happened. sirius usually took harry’s side over james’s.
  • when he met harry’s friends’ parents they were usually surprised that james and lily were so young, but lets face it, james and lily were the cool parents
  • harry and james pull pranks on each other and on lily like 75 times a day and james would always buy him stuff from zonko’s and teach him new pranks
  • james would be very very supportive of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and he’d go there and spend loads of money while the boys were all at school and when harry would bring the weasleys over for christmas he’d have all of fred and george’s gag items scattered around the house for any unfortunate soul to come across
  • he’d give harry the marauders map when harry went off to hogwarts
  • he’d also give harry loads of relationship advice as he got older, telling him how determined he was to date lily and look where they are now
  • he would have given harry flowers and told him to go give them to lily every day
  • he and harry would have engaged in epic, manly baking contests on mothers day to see who could make lily a better treat (they were both awful bakers, but at least lily pretended to like what harry made her)
  • basically he would have been really really supportive of harry and more like a friend than a dad and invited ron and hermione come to stay during all the vacation breaks and he’d get sirius and remus to come over too and they’d tell the kids stories about their days at hogwarts
  • he’d always be so proud of harry no matter what because thats his and lily’s son and he’s just a really happy young dad ‘cause he’s got his dream girl and his awesome son

professionalpenthief  asked:

where did ginaxrosa shipping start? and why? (not that i am against it but i just... never considered!?! it)

gina x rosa shipping started because Gina is the driving force behind 80% of Rosa’s laughs and 98% of Rosa’s smiles.

And when Rosa smiles because of Gina-related reasons, there’s a softer touch to those smiles, and they’re I-can’t-help-but-smile smiles.

Gina can get Rosa to laugh her head off. Big, genuine laughs that make Rosa’s head tilt up. Like when Gina tossed a stapler at Charles (2x22 cold open)

Gina and Rosa are different people but have things in common that draw them to each other. Like how they’re both people you don’t want to cross. Gina and Rosa are scary and you don’t want to mess with them. Gina uses her words and spirit, Rosa gives you one look and you know she could beat you up and you’ll thank her.

This scariness that Rosa and Gina have are what makes them so evenly matched. They won’t back down from a fight, ever, but weirdly you see them letting each other get away with stuff that they’d castrate someone else for.

For example, remember when Rosa almost murdered Hitchcock and Scully because they stole her moose tracks ice cream????

Guess what happened in thanksgiving episode 1x10. It’s not blatantly obvious, but Gina’s holding (and assumably, drinking) coffee from a cup clearly labeled ‘ROSA’. And Rosa does nothing.

Gina and Rosa are also shown to have a special, deeper kind of bond that we see through several (albeit occasionally subtle) instances.

Whenever Gina’s being Gina- see 1x16 and 2x07, Rosa’s being made to babysit and stop her from freaking people out/stealing/talking to people at parties. This could mean one or even both of two things:

1) Only Rosa can handle Gina because everyone else is too weak to go against her- ergo they are evenly matched

2) People know that Rosa’s the person Gina will most likely listen to- alluding to their deeper connection and understanding of each other

Another show of Gina and Rosa’s deeper connection is how they’re often on the same side. They like to judge, make fun of, and bully people together. They also seem to enjoy standing/sitting next to each other, (sometimes way too close more than they need to be eg. charges and specs 1x22) both of them crossing their arms (mirroring each other, which is like a couple thing/i’m-attracted-to-you thing)

They’ve also teamed up to solve Holt’s island riddle together and protested against turkey murder together. They also locked amy in the boot of a car- and walked off together laughing

They also really care about each other, for example when Rosa was being all guilty knowing she was prob going to have to shoot Charles down in 1x13 and hiding Gina NOTICED that Rosa was hiding away and even asked her why with a pretty confused/concerned looking face. Also, when Rosa got sick Gina prepared a pretty elaborate care package for her so she would get well (and please Gina who you tryna play here acting like Terry paid u/if he really did pay u pls putting the care package together prob took more money than the $20 you claimed Terry gave you)

AND THEN Rosa proceeded to smile so widely all touched by what Gina did for her!!!

And Gina put Rosa in her WILL if that doesn’t say “you’re important to me” idk what is. And the fact that those two jaguars making love is prob a representation of them is something else altogether

Rosa cares about Gina too, duh. But Rosa’s care comes more in the form of protectiveness, like when she placed her arm behind Gina ensuring she got out of the room safely before Rosa when the turkey got loose and tried to attack them. Rosa also put in a lot of security measures in place when Gina got robbed (although amy was involved too and Holt told them Gina was scared, but lbr Rosa’s protect-gina instincts got turned on full blast when she found out Gina was scared did you hear the conviction in her voice when she said “we are (going to keep you safe)”????)

Speaking of the turkey, Gina and Rosa get each other. When they protested against the turkey murder and Rosa saw Gina about to flip everyone off she joined right in. They know each other pretty well too. Gina knows Rosa’s likes (old movies, someone called 'the vulture’, etc.) and dislikes, and she can very accurately interpret what a Rosa action means. (Like when Rosa said 'bye’ to Marcus)

Also, Gina and Rosa seem to show interest in each other.

Like when Gina accidentally texted “sup Rosa” to Amy and that was in 2009 when she first joined the nine nine as civilian administrator so obviously Gina was trying to hit on Rosa and has prob been flirting with Rosa for eight years.

Part of their interest in each other includes attraction of course. In the episode where they let Gina interrogate a perp, Rosa looks overly interested in watching Gina forcefully question the perp and even when captain Holt wants to stop Gina Rosa doesn’t want it to stop. Also when Rosa unveils her sword in 3x23 as torture equipment Gina looks very turned on no offense

Also Gina is very obviously jealous of Adrian. She only started acting hostile towards him after Rosa started dating him, and please be reminded that this is the same Gina that didn’t even put her phone down when Adrian held a knife to Jake, her childhood bestie and oldest friend’s throat.

But Adrian dates Rosa and suddenly it’s “screw you adrian you’re not allowed to stay at Charles’s house” and “oh yeah ur right Adrian listen to the universe you should totally not marry Rosa!!” And the day before/on the day he was supposed to marry Rosa Gina doesn’t even let Adrian have candy wow Rude

After Rosa’s bachelorette party, Gina elopes with some cashier (prob a lady) and it’s likely that she was trying to escape from reality bc running away with someone you just met (although Gina was drunk) is not something you do if you’re super happy your friend is engaged, no matter how drunk you are, and no matter how Gina you are

Finally: Babylon

Dude if “has secret bathroom they don’t tell anyone about that they work super hard on to make nice” doesn’t scream “domESTIC” to you then idk what to say mate

(Also Rosa bringing Gina to Babylon for the first time bc Gina got sick is another example of how Rosa cares about Gina!!!)

Besides the implications of sharing a secret private place, Gina has a very violent reaction when Rosa wants to tell Boyle about Babylon (and Rosa asking Gina about it beforehand is like- wife asking wife for permission to bring friend over to house), and wants to keep it a private thing between the both of them

“Babylon’s our secret place! It’s the best thing in my life.” -if this doesn’t touch u even a little idk what will

I get why some people might not ship gina x rosa just by watching the show. Some of this stuff is put across in pretty subtle ways, and the things they say/know about each other aren’t always treated as a big deal by the show/are throwaway lines. Some things you see between Gina and Rosa like the coffee thing and the putting hand on back thing is something you can only catch by pausing the episode at the right time. Also many Rosa laughs/smiles in response to something Gina does or says is usually in the background, and you may not catch it if you aren’t paying attention to the squad’s reactions to each other

Are we grasping for straws when we ship gina x rosa? No we r not they r perfect but also the show needs to give us more gina x rosa because this is a ship that has so much potential

Chelsea Peretti and Stephanie Beatriz seem to be putting in effort to make gina x rosa work with their acting so not shipping it = ur not appreciating Stephanie taking the effort to smile so tenderly at stuff Chelsea says as Gina

AND Jake/Amy are a pretty stable couple now, so it’s definitely in your interest to start devoting your heart to gina x rosa too!! Why let one ship slay you when you can let two ships slay you

TL;DR- Gina and Rosa would make the perfect power couple that rules over the Nine-Nine which can nicely balance out cinnamon roll couple Jake and Amy! Sign up to be a gina x rosa shipper today!! All we want in exchange is your soul!!

alright so i know we are all into punk sirius who is hot on slumming it in his teens, showing just how connected to the working classes and the great unwashed he is by living in a tiny poky flat in London, BUT I submit, for your delectation:

everyone lives au in which sirius decides to reverse stick it to his fam by joining forces with andromeda to become the hot new socialites in magical britain, hosting charity balls for postwar rehabilitation and like, vampire & werewolf charity fundraisers - lavish affairs in which the rich and the beautiful are subtly pressured into outbidding each other into donating more and more absurd amounts of money or else risk being socially ostracized FOREVER because they won’t receive one of those EXCLUSIVE invitations to number 12 Grimmauld Place & this INFURIATES narcissa who CLEARLY is the HEIR to the social lives of the black family and will not be USURPED by her black sheep of a sister and the family’s wild canon and dissolute disowned heir, her cousin lbr she probably bitches about this to Bellatrix’s portrait ad infinitum and Bella’s just like why don’t I have my WAND why can’t I cast spells and make her SHUT UP she and Draco grow very close in those months with Narcissa’s wailing incessantly about how NO ONE will attend any of the Malfoy’s social events and also FANCY!!!! ANDROMEDA HAVING THE AUDACITY TO DISINVITE ME FROM MY OWN ANCESTRAL HOME!!! AN INSULT NOT TO BE BORNE!!!! 

anyway, Sirius obviously throws each and every single piece of furniture in Grimmauld Place out and strips it down, knocks down a couple of walls and adds in some elegant french windows and with Fleur’s help redesigns the place entirely because for god’s sake, victorian gothic is SO last century and besides, if we’re really doing pureblood decadence the only way to go is French Rococo lbr and everything is now MIRRORS and GILT and frankly ridiculous furniture that is IMPOSSIBLE TO SIT ON but everyone adores even when they’ve been standing in six inch heels for three hours running. Walburga Black obviously has kittens over this redecoration and this meticulous stripping away of their HISTORY (we can trace our family all the way to the Norman conquest! Your great great great great great great great great great great grandfather fought alongside King William at Hastings (unlike the Malfoys who only LIE about their involvement, just so we’re clear) she shouts until Sirius reveals his party trick aka the elaborately brocaded silk curtains he’s installed to be pulled over his mother’s painting so she becomes yet another one of the #quirks of Grimmauld Place, an entertainment set piece and nothing more). 

Meanwhile in the library Sirius probably donates half the books to Hogwarts and then redoes the entire place in homage to the Brighton Pavillion (You see I’m not entirely unpatriotic, he tells the portrait of his fuming father) and then installs CARD TABLES at which the rich and the famous can do things like LOSE ENTIRE FORTUNES and also the family diamonds - all in the name of charity. 

Also, most importantly is the draw Sirius exerts on the entire wizarding world because he obviously cultivates an eccentric and bohemian persona and insists on receiving guests for one hour only from a chaise longue in one of the parlours where he reclines in these hideous brocaded silk dressing gowns, with bottles of sal vol and assorted smelling salts around him and he only ever extends a single well-manicured hand to everyone: twelve years in Azkaban, he says faintly to everyone who visits, but the healer says I should recover my nerves soon (no one knows when ‘’’’’’’’’soon’’’’’’’’’ is, but this goes on for at least ten years after the war.)

And obviously each and every single one of his relatives stuck in their portraits are clawing their eyes out or shrieking in horror about WE HAVE BEEN REDUCED!!!! REDUCED TO BEING NO MORE THAN THE LAUGHING STOCK OF BRITAIN!!! except possibly Regs who is amused at just how terribly transparent & crude his brother is at the art of provocateuring.


I am REPOSTING this from a previous location that I am for all purposes shutting down, so for those who have not read this, hope you enjoy!

Look anywhere in the Game of Thrones / ASOIAF fandom and you’ll see the following:

I hate ALL of the the Freys.

I hope ALL of the Freys die in a fire.

ALL of the Freys must pay for what the have done!!!

Friends, this is simply not true. Please sit in your wrongness while I explain to you the error in your thinking, for there is one Frey who rises above the rest. One Frey who is made of pure awesome and frilly pink bows. THE Frey.

Fat Walda Frey-Bolton

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fluffy iwaoi hcs!!

(requested by @akatsukigadaisuki )

i’m sorry this is so super late aHH

  • contrary to popular belief iwaizumi isn’t always the rigid tsundere one ya know? like he’s spent forever with oikawa, hes definitely used to pda
  • dOMESTIC!iwaiZUMI oh my GOD can you imagine this precious bub baking with like an apron and stuff,,,, like shit and oikawa really loves it when he bakes because the house has that biscuitty smell that oikawa really likes 
  • studying together, like alot. definitely helping each other with schoolwork. (lbr oikawa is a genius but he’s probably shit at math? and iwaizumi just strikes me as a math person)
  • when they go out in winter and it’s cold iwaizumi does the thing where he holds oikawa’s hands and puts their hands into his coat pocket and AHHH oikawa probably gets super flustered
  • both of them ordering for each other when they eat out because they know each other so well
  • oikawa being the ‘manly man’ and holding doors open for iwaizumi and doing all the gentlemanly things
  • when they were 7 they pooled their money together to buy a volleyball and they still use it to this day (it has their names written on it in cringey 7 year old handwriting) (oikawa drew hearts on it several times but iwa colored them out so there are like odd black splotches on the ball)
  • oikawa loves orange juice but iwaizumi only drinks apple so oikawa reluctantly only buys apple juice when they’re out grocery shopping
  • iwaizumi once bought oikawa a selfie stick and oikawa calls it his most treasured item (because its egoistic AND from iwa-chan, what’s there not to love?)
  • when oikawa puts his entire palm over iwaizumi’s face to tease him iwaizumi casually just sticks his tongue out and licks it, resulting in a very disgusted “iWA-CHAAAAAAN”
  • iwaizumi loves chocolate ice cream with a passion but oikawa can’t stand it. oikawa buys chocolate ice cream to share anyways.
  • iwaizumi and oikawa hold hands alot without any flustered thoughts, like its a natural, pure action that they’ve been doing since they were 5, why should they stop now?

basically precious dorks who deserve the world. hope this was fluffy enough?? idk it seems more domestic than anything else, i’m sorry! hope you liked it :-)

requests are open!

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  • How did they they meet?

Well, we already know that! Fry’s first friend in the future…. and Bender’s first friend.

  • Who developed romantic feelings first? 

Bender, definitely, poor guy. So of course he did the natural thing and decided to deny it to the ends of the earth.

  • Who is their biggest “shipper?”

I don’t know if it counts as a “shipper,” but honestly Leela just wants them to get their shit together because it’s frustrating being around them. Amy and Zoidberg would also probably think it was cute.

  • When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances?

A few days after they finally got their shit together Fry gave Bender like a peck on the cheek as they were watching TV together and then Bender overheated and set the couch on fire and it was fun all around. Despite the fact that Fry’s sneakers melted and the apartment was filled with rubber fumes for the next three days, they both still considered the kiss a success.

  • Who confessed their feelings first?

I’m a sucker for Bender accidentally admitting it tbh. No matter who admits it I don’t think it would be an confession, exactly, but more of a spur of the moment thing that starts with a lotta denial but eventually ends with them figuring stuff out. 

  • What was their first official date?

They aren’t big on “dates.” It’s a lotta effort and they don’t really have the money to go on a ton of nice dates so it’s usually just ordering some food and watching tv. Bender tries to cook a romantic dinenr every now and then and Fry smiles through eating it because he doesn’t wanna hurt Bender’s feelings.

  • How do they feel about double dates/group dates?

Meh. I don’t feel like that’s their style? Also they need friends to have double dates and lbr here, who are they gonna double date with?

  • What do they do in their down time?

“All My Circuits” is the cornerstone of their relationship.

  • What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?

Not really applicable? Bender’s backstory changes like every five minutes so whether he really has “parents” is up for debate, and it isn’t like Bender can really ever meet Fry’s family. There’s one AU I have, the Bob’s Burgers/Futurama AU, where Bender would get to meet the Frys, but that’s it. Anyway, Yancy Senior thinks it’s proof that “robots are infiltrating our family,” Mrs. Fry likes Bender well enough, although he exasperates her a bit. She’s mostly just glad her son is happy, and Yancy Junior just “So you finally figured out you’re not straight, huh? About time.”

  • What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?

Bender got upset that Fry was spending a lot of time with Randy. It took a lot of assurances, (and kisses, although Bender will deny that to Hell and back,) but eventully Fry convinced his boyfriend that Randy really is just a friend, and that he just gives good advice.

  • Which one is more easily made jealous?

You ever seen “Beast with a Billion Backs?” Yeah I think that gives you your answer.

  • What is their favourite thing to get to eat?

I mean Bender doesn’t really need to eat, and Fry will kinda eat anything, so… Slurm and booze are always in the fridge though, een if literally nothing else is.

  • Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position?

Bender, even if he’ll never admit it. They snuggle on the couch while they watch tv a lot.

  • Are they hand holders?

Kind of? They don’t really hold hands in public at first, unless Bender sarts to get a lil jealous, in which case he’ll grab Fry’s hand and kinda of “Look it’s my BOYFRIEND”

Anyway Randy thinks they hold hands a lot

  • How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances?

Not really comfortable talking about this, sorry.

  • Who tops?

Still not comfy.

  • What’s the worst first they’ve ever gotten into?

Not sure what this means? I guess their first fight>

  • Who does the shopping and the cooking?

Fry shops, Bender cooks.

Also they get a lotta fast food

  • Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness?


  • Who proposes?

… Fry maybe? I like the idea of it being Bender but that poor bot is so afraid of rejection, I can’ timagine he would ever actually go through with  proposal. 

If Bender proposed it would be less “Wanna get married” and more “I got us oth rings don’t ask how anyway we’re getting married.”

Altho Bender might “propose” while really sober one night tho and Fry just “Okay!” and then in the morning just “So you wanna get married in the summer? That would be cool.”


I guess there are a few ways it could go!

  • Do they have joined Bachelor/Bacheloette parties or separate?

Hmm, idk! Probably the same party since they have the same friends for the most part?

  • Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids?

I guess Leela fro both of them? I mean it would be each other but that wouldn’t really work.

  • Big Ceremony or Small?

I feel like Bender would want something over the top, and Fry would like that too! Also it’s in space, Fry insists.

  • Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?  

Yeah! Gosh, the idea of a honeymoon in space is something that ry;s always dreamed of. Well, anything is space, to be honest, but a HONEYMOON in space???? They take a few weeks off and probably hitch rides and stuff but Bender figures out ways to scam their way through a trip through the stars for their honeymoon and they both have a lotta fun.

  • Do they have children? How many?

After Ben, I don’t know if Bender would be like… emotionally able to deal with kids. Having to erase your son’s memories is kind of traumatic, and I feel like the ide of having another kid would scare him so much.

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Where has Bree's lack of uhh, booksmart, real world knowledge/experience/intelligence hurt her in her travels and caused her to make poor/wrong decisions regarding something? Being the Warden I wouldn't think it was any major major decision because to defeat the blight literally everything had to go as well as possible to prevent (a terrible apocalypse), but um... yeah. :o

How could I resist referencing Arrested Development??

As a Circle Mage, Bree was surprisingly spoilt and purposefully ignorant–I mean this in the sense that it would not be in the Templars’ interest to educate their mages in how to be self-reliant.  Keeping mages ignorant means that they stick out like a sore thumb in the event that they escape the Circle.  This meant that Bree’s lack of booksmarts and her lack of real world experience was a major underlying handicap throughout her entire adventure.  I’ve elaborated further below the cut.

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Prompt: Nicky and Allison have youtube channels. The foxes(especially Neil) are featured in weekly vlogs


•Allison has two channels, a main one, and then a vlog channel, on her main, she posts makeup tutorials and hauls, and lookbooks

•basically her money and incredible style combined with her dry, sarcastic humor attract a huge following

•but Nicky just has one channel that’s mostly vlogs, and then cute boyfriend tag videos with Erik when they’re together

•everyone just loves Nicky bc he’s so positive and sweet and gay and just the perfect youtuber 

•Allison will do “What I ate today’ videos where she shares all the healthy stuff she’s eating to get in shape for the season,

•and like 7 times during the vlog, Andrew will inconspicuously pass behind her while she’s downing a raw egg, or making a kale smoothie with a giant tub of ice cream in his hands, and spoon shoved in his mouth and the tub slowly gets emptier throughout the day

•The ever enthusiastic Nicky will just vlog his day, walking around and bothering everyone until they smile at the camera

•Aaron just flips Nicky off every time he approaches him with a camera in hand

•the only time Kevin’s okay with it is when he’s practicing, and Nicky will film him and commentate on what an amazing Exy player he is, and “Wow! Did everyone just see that shot?!” “the angle of that throw was absolutely beautiful Kevin!” 

•he pretends he hates it, but he never makes Nicky put the camera way

•Allison and Renee totally do cute makeup challenges together, like doing each other’s makeup blindfolded, or trying to see who can do the best eye makeup without a mirror

•there’s a lot of giggling and soft eyes all around

•Dan and Matt are the un-official OTP of the Exy-youtuber fandom

•Nicky totally catches them making out nine times a day, and films it every time

•Matt loves pranks, he’ll steal Nicky or Allison’s cameras, and stand behind a corner and wait to jump out at someone

•it happens once with Andrew, and Nicky has to wipe the footage because it has potential to be legally damning

•Dan and Wymack have to tell both Allison and Nicky to put their cameras away during practice, or team meetings, or literally anything exy-related ten times a day

•it literally becomes a running gag with their viewers

•*Dan or Wymack’s hands coming up to cover the lens* “turn the camera off!”

•Neil kinda stays in the background of most of the videos because he doesn’t love being on camera, and he does not understand the idea of youtube

•”why would someone want to know what you’re eating Allison?” and “Nicky, how is your life exciting enough that others want to watch?”

•but one time, Allison and Renee convince Neil to be in one of Allison’s videos where Allison does his makeup

•Neil’s eyes tear up every time she tries to apply eyeliner to his waterline, or mascara to his eyelashes

•and Allison nearly kicks him out of the room when he won’t stop asking questions about everything

•”why are you putting this shiny glitter on my cheeks?” and “wait how is this spray supposed to “set” my face?”

•but she ends up doing this really dramatic smoky eye with a nude lip and it makes Neil’s eye POP and looks fucking gorgeous

•and it gets so many views

•lbr half of them are from Andrew

because of reasons, i was thinking about jealous tony this afternoon and i was thinking it would be really fun to write something where inexplicably (or maybe explicably) everyone tony doesn’t get along with (possibly even the ones he does) are into steve

and maybe most of them aren’t actually into steve, they just kind of go gaga a little when he’s around because steve has that face and those shoulders and when he’s not being an obstinate butthead he’s awkward and considerate and just so goddamn hot (lbr a lot of them are solely into him for his body)

so like the supervillainy ones maybe tend to kidnap steve just so they can tie him up (it’s a really effective tony distraction, which is a bonus side effect) and look at him, or so they can get him soaking wet, or w/e

the normal ones like hammer try to seduce him a little, throw around their money and tell him all the great stuff they have (meanwhile tony scoffs because it’s not like steve cares about that anyway)

anyway so all of these people are in varying shades of subtlety hitting on steve and ogling him while he does various things and tony is having weird feelings about it that he can’t process and he just keeps getting more and more annoyed by it until he’s loses it a little and is like, “why do you let people do that? i didn’t think you were interested but you never put them off!”

and steve (who is hugely and immensely clueless) is like, “let people do what? what?”


and steve’s like WHAT

so tony spells it all out and steve’s like O_O oh my god and then he’s like, wait why do you care?

and then you know, tony has a revelation and is basically like, “because the idea of you being with anyone but me makes me nuts”

and steve’s like, “well, that’s lucky, because the idea of you with anyone but me makes me a little nuts myself.”

hilary’s smartass guide to the episode: 5x10


I’m not going to lie, that was painful af, and I’m glad I spoiled myself, because that would have been ROUGH to sit through if I didn’t know what was coming (even though, as I said many times beforehand and tried to warn everyone about, I WAS EXPECTING THE ABSOLUTE WORST FROM THIS EPISODE and for things to look really horrible). To that end, it was actually…. not quite as bad as I was braced for, to be honest. Bad. Definitely bad. But if you were actually going to write an episode where you randomly destroyed your main character, your main romantic lead and your main romantic relationship after three years of careful building, this is exactly how you would NOT do it.

Let’s take this piece by piece.

First off, and most obviously: Dark Hook. There are two ways this is going to play out, and I honestly think either is just as likely at this point, because there is canon evidence for both. We’ll find out for sure next week, but the options are pretty simple.

1) Hook is playing a long con on the darkness, has decided to do exactly the same thing as Emma, and is carefully manipulating everyone to get to the point of destroying the DOs for good. He’s hurt and angry and acting out, but essentially still himself and aware of who he is and what is at stake.

2) Hook has genuinely given into the darkness and is working with it for its purposes. But at the eleventh hour next week, we will see him come up for air, resist it, and choose to die to save Emma and destroy the darkness for good, earning himself the right to be rescued as a hero from the underworld.

For option 1, you have PLENTY of actions of Hook’s that do not fit with his stated desire (to kill Rumple and have his revenge on HIM). You have him emphasizing multiple times to Rumple that Excalibur can kill him, you have him completely throwing the swordfight (I’m sorry, there is NO WAY that the most powerful Dark One yet, armed with magic and Excalibur, on his own ship where he’s fought for hundreds of years, let powerless Rumple win and then leave with Excalibur, the one weapon that could kill him and which he made sure to explain that it could, to be handed over to the heroes!) you have him making it blindingly easy for everyone to find the dreamcatchers (lbr, he also knew the squid ink was left over and left it behind to be used) and hence get back their memories, you have him following up Merlin’s voicemail tip (remember, EMMA STILL HAS NOT HEARD THAT NIMUE IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONE TO DEFEAT THE DARKNESS!) and bringing the DOs to Storybrooke, and you have him once more being a lot of bark, hitting Emma where she and he both know it hurts with verbal assaults, but very little bite. He makes no attempt to harm her. He just knocks out Merida. He doesn’t even TRY to kill Rumple. And he says, “You’re only a pawn if you don’t know you’re being used.” Really. Tell me that Killian Jones, after three hundred years, doesn’t know exactly how the Dark One operates.

If Dark Hook thought the others were his enemies, he would have done a lot worse than that. Instead we have a montage of him reliving the worst moments of his life that the DO was responsible for, as he became it. He wants revenge, yes. But he wants it ON THE DARKNESS. We heard over and over how much he hates it and how much it’s the one thing he knows he has always fought. IT IS HIS ENEMY. THE OTHERS ARE NOT.

Next, Killian is turned into a DO something like… three weeks into their Camelot stay. They come back six weeks later. He’s just out there that whole time, and Merlin has a Dark Curse brewed and ready to go when he gets back. Kind of like he wants it to be used. Honestly, I don’t know how you explain this other than that Merlin knows this is going to happen, and wants to make sure it does. As I said in my earlier posts, we see baby Killian next week. The season opened with Merlin appearing to baby Emma and telling her something shady and cryptic. I am willing to bet a lot of money that Merlin has appeared to baby Killian and done likewise, and that Merlin/his plan to defeat the darkness is connected to the reason Killian was abandoned by his father. Elliot Knight has hinted at a further connection with Merlin and Hook. Merlin has been acting weird around Hook this entire time. Watching him, reacting differently to him, so forth. There is more to this story. That is just a fact. We do not know everything yet.

Ergo, as I mentioned: this entire thing reeks of “Snape kills Dumbledore.” Killian and Snape are not the same character, nor are Merlin and Dumbledore. I have written before, however, about the parallels between Emma and Harry. And what you had with Snape was a situation where he performed the ultimate act to make the darkness trust him, because he had planned it out and was working in concert with Dumbledore all along, and Dumbledore ordered him to do it to ensure the darkness was defeated at the proper time. The action that made Harry hate him and believe he was a Death Eater, that he couldn’t be redeemed, that he wasn’t a hero. And yet, it was because Snape ultimately sacrificed himself for love, a love that he never once doubted, gave up on, or turned away from, no matter anything else, died as a hero, and helped save everyone from Voldemort because of it. (And I was just writing some Snape metas the other day. How interesting.)

Once again: Killian and Snape are not the same people. But in terms of the narrative roles they’re fulfilling, if it’s Door #1 and Killian IS conning the darkness, this is what just happened. You cannot tell me Merlin didn’t know this was coming and prepared (AGAIN, KETTLE OF READY-TO-GO DARK CURSE!) for it. If the darkness could have been destroyed in Camelot, it would have been. But Killian AND Emma are both bound to it, and right now, it kills them both. Killian point-blank refused to kill Emma when the darkness suggested he use her heart for the curse. DING DING DING. Her life is the one thing he’s not going to pay. He has to get her free of this somehow before it’s time.

(Again: Snape kills Dumbledore. “You’re keeping him alive so he can die at the proper moment?”)

Next, I can’t even believe that I seriously have to defend the fact that Killian loves Emma as much as she loves him, and that what he said as the DO was not him. I don’t like Rumple, but I recognize that the writers want me to look at him differently as the Dark One, and as himself. That that is the magnitude of this evil which warps and distorts people past anything they would do or be themselves. We have never known Rumple as not-the Dark One, except for some very brief flashbacks, in five seasons of the show. Hence we have nothing to compare him with. We have known Emma and Killian as NOT THE DARK ONES. WE CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE. Of course Killian doesn’t think Milah was “soiled.” Of course he doesn’t think Emma is a “pretty blonde distraction” and “will always be an orphan.” THIS IS THE MAN WHO FOUGHT THREE HUNDRED YEARS TO AVENGE MILAH, AND HAS GIVEN UP EVERYTHING FOR EMMA. I DON’T CARE WHAT HE SAID. HE IS LASHING OUT AT HER AND TRYING TO PUSH HER AWAY, JUST LIKE SHE HAS SO OFTEN DONE TO HIM. IT DOES NOT MEAN HE DOESN’T STILL LOVE HER.

When I heard all that from Killian, when he finally gave it to Emma raw about how her treatment of him has hurt him, it made me ever more convinced we are about to get the ultimate fulfillment of him as a character, AND NOT JUST EMMA’S “LOVESICK PUPPYDOG.” Over and over, he has been patient and understanding with her and let her put up those walls and push away himself and everyone else. He knows why she does it, but that doesn’t make it all right. We were all frustrated as HELL with Emma and her behavior in 3B, her apparently deliberate attempts to hurt and isolate him even when we knew she had feelings for him, AND SO WAS KILLIAN. But he NEVER SAID IT. AND BY GOD, THE MAN NEEDS TO SAY IT. HE NEEDS TO EXPRESS THAT HE IS WOUNDED TO THE CORE BY HER NOT TRUSTING HIM TO CONTROL HIMSELF, LYING TO HIM ABOUT EXCALIBUR, AND SO FORTH. DID SHE HAVE A GOOD REASON? OF COURSE. BUT IT HAS HURT HIM AND WITH THE DARKNESS IN HIM, HE’S NOW FINALLY GOING TO SAY IT. HE NEEDS TO STAND UP FOR HIMSELF AND I’M GLAD HE DID.

Honestly, as much as it hurt, I almost cheered when he gave Emma the speech about her destroying her own happiness over and over. Because this is the ultimate challenge for her not to do it anymore, when his life and his soul is at stake. Because she absolutely cannot pull back or turn away or try to do it alone (as she still wanted to do, as late as talking to Gold in the shop pre-him leaving for his duel on the Jolly). As the Dark One, Emma has made terrible mistakes and is acting selfishly and continuing to undercut him and them and everything she has become and could be. SHE IS ACTING LIKE OLD EMMA SWAN AND HE JUST TOLD HER STRAIGHT THAT SHE CANNOT DO THAT ANYMORE.

So…. you know… he’s still HIM. It’s the worst version of himself, lashing out at her and using her weak points, but he’s doing what he’s always done, to refuse to let Emma hide behind her walls and insecurities and isolate herself. HE IS FORCING HER TO DO IT WITH EVERYONE – AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW, EVERYONE COMES TO THE UNDERWORLD TO RESCUE HIM.

(Psst. We know Hook was right to tell her this because Henry, EMMA’S OTHER TRUE LOVE, told her the same thing. He called her out to her face for her selfish behavior and said he wasn’t going to trust her if she was just going to try to do it on her own again. Henry is hurt and upset with her, but he comes around to her, and they work together to defeat the darkness’ plan. WHAT DOES THIS REMIND ME OF. THREE GUESSES, FIRST TWO DO NOT COUNT.)

That’s why, while I still wish Snowing and Regina had been a bit more accommodating when the whole situation came out, I do not think they were wrong to react to Dark Emma the way they have. I think there is some backslide in their writing, yes (THOUGH CAN WE GIVE A GIANT AMEN TO SNOW STANDING UP FOR EMMA CHOOSING HOOK!), but the point remains the same. Emma has been pushing them away and lying to them and misleading them and stopping them from helping fix the situation she created. I don’t care how much you love Emma (and I ADORE HER possibly more than ever) that is not good or healthy or admirable behavior that she should be reinforced in. This is not about “Snowing and Regina are so mean to her omg.” THE POINT IS THAT SHE PUT HERSELF IN THE SITUATION WHERE THEY HAVE TO SAY IT NOW WHEN EVERYTHING IS LITERALLY GOING TO HELL! THAT IS OLD EMMA’S WORST BESETTING FLAW AND IT’S WHY HER PLAN AS DARK SWAN WAS NEVER GOING TO WORK! How could they help her save Hook and fight for her happy ending WHEN SHE NEVER GAVE THEM THE CHANCE? She didn’t trust Hook and she didn’t trust them. It may be because of the darkness, but that’s exactly why SHE can’t be trusted.


Now, as I said, it’s still also possible that Killian has genuinely given into the darkness and is still (at this moment) planning to help them snuff out the light. (Although after watching this episode, I think it’s somewhat less likely than I did before going in.) In which case, he is still going to give up the darkness and die to save her. She goes after him with Excalibur in the promo; he just poofs away. He has dark one magic. So does she. They are equally matched. Short of slapping the cuff on him and tying him up and whatever else, SHE CANNOT FORCE HIM TO SACRIFICE HIMSELF (AND AFTER HAVING NOT GIVEN HIM THE CHOICE BEFORE, SHE’S NOT GOING TO MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN). SO WHEN HE DIES, IT IS BECAUSE HE HAS MADE THE DECISION TO DO SO.

Plus, the promo just… tells you what happens? That he’s evil and Emma kills him? With no twist? In the biggiest, twistiest, angstiest arc the show has done to date? In his flashback episode, where we see him both as a child (where once again, I am expecting to see Merlin pop up and say something cryptic and unhelpful and ominous) and as an adult with his father? Where we learn what made that good man, Killian Jones, become Captain Hook, the darkness he ultimately put aside for the sake of true love?

Honestly, I think Killian may well kill his own dad in the flashback. Rumple killed his dad in his midseason finale sacrifice episode. The parallels with these two were turned up to mad level today. They are not the same character, but they are foils. Their behavior reflects on the other. And if that happens, I think it is because Brennan Jones’ abandonment of his sons has to do with dark magic, with Merlin’s manipulations, with everything that led Killian to that point. And it will contrast with him, in the present, making the choice to die HIMSELF. That he cannot defeat the darkness (as I think Merlin’s going to have something to say about; why stay SO COMMITTED FOR THREE HUNDRED YEARS?) by killing his father or Rumple or whatever. But that HE, KILLIAN JONES, HAS TO DIE AS A HERO TO DO IT. AND HE WILL. THE CULMINATION OF HIS ENTIRE DESTINY.

Plus as I keep saying. The family is going to the underworld to get him, IMMEDIATELY, after not trusting him and thinking he could destroy everything in this episode. Why does that happen if nothing changes?
If he dies as a villain (and once again, for the people in the back, EMMA CANNOT FORCE HIM TO DIE! SHE CANNOT FORCE HIM TO DO THE ONE THING THAT IS AT THE CAUSE OF ALL THEIR STRIFE RIGHT NOW: NOT GIVING HIM A CHOICE!) why do they do that? Why do they risk everything if it’s terrible to lose him but what had to happen?

Answer: They don’t.

This is still Once Upon a Time. This is still Captain Swan. One dark episode where Killian and Emma are literally conduits for the most terrible evil of all time and acting as their worst selves does not change that. If you think otherwise, I honestly have no idea what to tell you.

I said, again, several times, that this was the “darkest before the dawn” moment. I tried to warn everyone it was going to be bad. I was right. And once again, I’ve been pretty consistently right throughout this entire arc. So there’s that to think of when I say I am utterly, absolutely, completely convinced that it plays out in either Door #1 (Killian conning the darkness, deciding to do what has to be done, dying as a hero) or Door #2 (Killian working with the darkness, changes his mind, fights it when everything’s at stake, dying as a hero). Because that is where this entire thing is LEADING.

Like. I get needing a hug after that. And I am your fandom grandmother, who is here to do that for you. It was rough to sit through and to hear Dark!Killian say some of the things he did. But at the same time, that is the entire point. You’re not supposed to go, “Oh yeah, this is totally how Killian would react to Emma and what he’d say to her and how he actually feels for her and Milah and everyone.” YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO REALIZE HOW GROTESQUELY NOT HIM THE DARK ONE IS.



And there is no way in cotton picking, roller-skating, Jesus Christ on toast that this arc ends with Captain Swan’s true love not being strong enough to destroy the ultimate darkness.

It just doesn’t.

The end.

Chin up, shipmates. There be clearer waters ahead.

Grandma loves you.

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Imagine a Pynch au where Adam is like a new kid at this college. Then he gets paired with this intimidating guy who manages to bring a pet bird into a non pet dorm. Gansey and Noah are the guys who live across the hall. Blue is a working student who Gansey has a giant crush on. Then there's Ronan's douchey (but unfortunately hot) ex Kavinsky, who runs a frat that's well known for it's wild parties.

ok so i’m running wild anon

  • adam is there because he got a full ride to this really known college, and he’s not even sure how he’s going to manage it because he’s going to work himself to the ground– whilst coursing through his major, he’s going to be working another two jobs. so what he doesn’t need is a roommate who starts shit.
  • so ronan seems like the worst roommate ever for adam. he can’t help but think that when he sees the rowdy guy, and when he sees chainsaw he feels like his life is just getting worse. also he doesn’t know how he got in since he doesn’t seem the kind to study at all.
  • but ronan is actually really quiet? all he does is watch shows and listens to what adam can hear only when he takes off his headphones for a while is really obnoxious music? and he brushes his bird and talks to it, cooing? and it’s cute? adam can’t help but find it cute
  • adam meets gansey pretty much the same day because gansey is there like ‘ronan did you unpack everything? did you put your toothbrush and so on on the bathroom? did u eat the sandwich i packed on your bag? did you?’ and then gansey looks at adam and he’s like ‘hello!’
  • ok lbr adam is like ‘woah’ at gansey and gansey is like mystified at adam. this brotp man. this brotp.
  • adam honestly doesn’t know how this works but he doesn’t doubt it. then suddenly gansey comes around so much to check on ronan that he starts checking on adam too. then suddenly adam finds himself sitting next to ronan and gansey eating breakfast
  • .noah is gansey’s roommate, and he also turns up for breakfast and so on. so they are kind of four boys now. blue works at the café where they tend to go and get breakfast and she bickers at them. gansey is like ‘pfwoah’ at her 24/7 

ok this got long so READMORE TIME

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i have to agree with you on fenders. they could have easily had at least some nice relationship by act 3 (or even act 2). soo much potential, terrible writers for the job.

tbqh. i could understand some initial hostility, definitely—but i do feel like after knowing each other for three years they’d be a lot more civilized with each other, especially seeing how much overlap they have in the oppression and abuse they both experienced. there’s a moment post-dissent where fenris is civilized with anders and gives him advice after the whole thing with ser alrik, and there are a couple of moments in DLC where if you pursue a romance with fenris anders thinks it’s adorable how fenris tries to flirt with hawke. plus they do get together to play cards—so much so that anders owes fenris a lot of money. i know it’s not a lot to go off of, but they can get along outside of bullying merrill (who lbr here my hawke would slap both of them for being mean to her). 

also i feel like the moments where they’re trying to screw each other over are really forced and petty and ooc? for instance, fenris approving of killing anders in the fade despite the fact that fenris isn’t THAT petty and he would never approve of hawke dealing with a demon to kill anders. also the whole selling fenris back to danarius gaining anders’s approval thing never sat right with me either, especially if you go to the alienage or the mines with anders he has several comments citing how he wants the slaves and the elves to get the justice they deserve. plus there are a few banters with fenris to show he is sympathetic about the suffering of slaves and even cites how it’s similar to how mages are treated. there’s also the fact he’s possessed by a spirit of freaking justice who got pissed at anders in awakening for owning a cat because he thought it was a form of slavery. if you wanna go so far as to say it’s in character for anders to sell fenris (which it’s not), you have to at least admit it’s not in character for justice. 

anyway, i’m just really let down by how their relationship never really evolved outside of banter. i think they could both be good for validating each other’s experiences and helping each other heal from their past abuse. they don’t have to agree fundamentally, but it would have been nice to see—similar to what we got with isabela and aveline where they still don’t quite agree on a lot of things but they do get along by the end of the game. also anders and fenris both have a ridiculous sense of humor. could you imagine the amazing banter we could have gotten from that???

oh, and i think hawke needs to step in and start telling them to treat merrill better. i could see fenris and anders begrudgingly regarding her as a little sister, and then eventually getting to the point where they feel the need to protect her in battle—which she doesn’t really need and more likely than not it’s the other way around. i’m getting sidetracked but i want to see these three team up and start thedas wide revolutions, especially since they’re part of three of the most exploited and oppressed groups in thedas.

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e/R and courferre for the character meme

I should’ve known. This is going to be. Very. Long.

  • 2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod -
    Courfeyrac has ‘never gonna give you up’ because he’s always prepared to Rick Roll, Pharrell Williams’s “Happy” (yes, it’s insufferable, but it actually does make him happy!!), “eternal flame” by the bangles (which he likes to blast full volume when he’s in charge of the aux cord in ferre’s car bc it is the SAPPIEST 90s’ love song you can’t imagine), and Cobra Starship’s “I kissed a boy” (which is a cover/parody of ‘i kissed a girl’ bless)
    Ferre has Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture - the one with the cannons (courf is not the only dramatic one in the group, pardon), Mika’s “We Are Golden” (this is 100% because it reminds him of Courf - “i live for glitter not you”, are you kidding me?), that song that’s like “the hip bone’s connected to the back bone, the back bone’s connected to the /neck/ bone” because he knows it’s wrong and he loves it (it is his ringtone for Joly as well - Joly flips his shit every time he remembers this song exists), and Lana Del Rey’s rendition of “Once Upon A Dream”
    Enjolras has “Under Pressure” by queen and david bowie, Fame Infamy by FOB, All of the songs from the barbie movies’ soundtracks, and that Jingle Bells parody that’s like. super dirty? Courf slipped it in his ipod.
    Grantaire has “ The Piña Colada Song”, Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint album (”and /yes/ eponine, i paid for it too”), MCR’s cover of “All I Want for Christmas”, and Fame Infamy by FOB ;) (bonus: the cup song. he’s trash)
  • the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to -
    Enjolras ends up sleeping on the kitchen counter, all too often - he is smol and he clambers up there to eat dinner after his multiple hours of studying, and he’s too tired and sleep-deprived to notice that it’s not nearly as soft as his bed or grantaire’s chest so he just passes out there.
    Ferre is very rarely seen sleeping where he shouldn’t, but on many occasions he’s slept on the soft cushions of the booths in the Musain (”Finals are punching a hole in my brain, Courf, let me rest in peace”).
    Courfeyrac sleeps in everyone’s bed but his own. Fact.
    Grantaire used to fall asleep on Enjolras on the Amis’ movie nights, his thigh covering Enj’s, head on his shoulder - until they started dating, Which was a dead giveaway that when he DID sleep on Enj like that it was completely on purpose. Shameful. 
  • the game they’d destroy everyone else at -
    Enjolras is a killer at Monopoly; which is the most ironic thing ever, all things considered (also read: very very good at wii sports? why? no one knows)
    Grantaire smokes everyone at Guitar Hero (those nimble fingers)
    Courfeyrac is T O P at UNO and Taboo
    Combeferre is the best at pictionary - even better than Feuilly or Grantaire (bc those two usually end up forfeiting before it’s even their turn, or just draw everything in oddly phallic formations).
  • the emoticon they’d use most often -
    Enjolras overuses the hand emojis (specifically the fist emoji - righteous fury and all that)
    Courfeyrac’s are the heart eyes emoji and the lil devil emoji
    Grantaire: the poop emoji and the grandma emoji
    Combeferre exclusively uses the alien emoji
  • what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep -
    Enjolras looks even angrier than usual, but is actually terrifically passive when tired. Deceptively passive.
    Grantaire doesn’t sleep enough ever in the first place; but for the sake of this post I’ll humour you and say that he uses a lot of very colourful curse words, and is extra judgmental. (“Oh GOD ‘ponine, look at what the wholesome fuck is he? what the? what’s he drinking ep?” “R that’s just his coffee,” “YEAH but why the FUCK is there a mountain of whipped satan’s ass on it? unnecessary as fuck” “you mean the whipped cream?” “whatever the hell that ungodly dairy fuckup is” - making fun of courf’s coffee order is his favourite pastime even when he’s slept like a baby lbr)
    Courfeyrac is usually so doped up on caffeine that when he’s sleep-deprived he is even more energized than usual and spouts the most incoherent shit you’ll hear. But the bursts of energy subside, eventually, and then he’s a non-talking mess who just wants to curl up in Ferre’s sweater and ROT (ferre lets him).
    Sleep-deprived!Ferre is adorably stoic, he has a cow’s vacant stare.
  • their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever. -
    Enjolras likes plain, green tea or overindulgent hot cocoa. No inbetweeners. 
    Grantaire is the biggest slut for Enjolras’s hot cocoa
    Combeferre and Courfeyrac both REALLY like apple cider (or the taste of it on each others’ tongues? who knows.)
  • how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump -
    Grantaire has very self-destructive hobbies he likes to take up to distract himself from what’s troubling him, and it usually takes someone else’s calling him out on it for him to get back on track. The healthiest aspect of self-care he’s ever practiced is painting. He paints as an outlet, and sometimes - if he lets himself - he’s proud of his art. And that’s, that’s pretty much very uplifting; for everyone.
    Enjolras surrounds himself with people he loves and makes blanket forts and warm cups of tea.
    Combeferre buys books, more books. If he can’t, he downloads them. He doesn’t always read them right away. But having new books, the opportunity to experience a new story - that comforts him.
    Courfeyrac watches his favourite movies on repeat.
  • what they wanted to be when they grew up -
    Enjolras wanted to be the weatherman when he was little, because his mother always complained about how inaccurate the predictions were and he just knew he’d do a better job at it than the rest of them.
    Grantaire entertained the idea of being a goatherd for far too long when he was little (he liked the sound of music, i think), but that quickly switched to aspirations of being a florist (all just big talk to be honest because R never really had a set idea for what he wanted to be)
    Courfeyrac was going to become a model and win Miss Universe (and earn a lot of money so his grandmother could afford a better house) and THEN he’d change the world and he didn’t care what anyone had to say about it.
    Combeferre wanted to be a Chef and that’s all he’s willing to say about it.
  • their favorite kind of weather - 
    Enjolras likes the crisp, sunny early morning weather. It stirs up a sense of longing in him?
    Grantaire is all about that jazzy twilight/midnight scene.
    Combeferre likes it when it’s dark and grim and cloudy, but not raining. Just on the brink.
    Courfeyrac loves it when it’s cold but there are no breezes and the sky is really clear and he can bundle himself up and walk outside and puff smoke like the dragon he is.
  • thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?) -
    Enjolras’s voice has an excellent range, and when he hits those low notes Grantaire wants to fling himself into a fire.
    Courfeyrac is. Well. Courfeyrac is Courfeyrac, and his voice is good, but the show he puts on is better (he’s best when in the shower, guaranteed)
    Combeferre likes to pretend he can’t sing, which is a lie, it’s a slanderous lie! His voice is actually the sweetest thing in the entire world, and he can make puppies swoon.with his singing (verbatim quote from Courfeyrac the man himself)
    Grantaire was musically trained in his elementary years, and that has paid off incredibly. He’s one of those astonishing people that can hold a note while drunk off his ass, too. Unfair, totally unfair, Enjolras hates him.
  • how/what they like to draw or doodle -
    Courfeyrac draws a lot of dicks, but otherwise his sketches of combeferre’s eyes are pretty decent + uses too much glitter gel pen for lineart
    Enjolras has an amazing art style, which he doesn’t take nearly enough credit for and he is incredibly good with colours.
    Grantaire’s art ranges from fast, rough, and sketchy (and exquisitely correct, anatomy-wise) to the most meticulous, clean detail you’ll ever see. Almost surgical precision. Combeferre’s mouth waters.
    Combeferre doodles /so much/ oh my god, on his meeting notes, on courf’s hand, on receipts. Just dumb little puppies, or saturn (with all 62 moons? yes), or tiny snow men. So much.

anonymous asked:

ok, so i just found and read your meta on "nico→maki angst is pandora’s box" (which absolutely crushed my heart. oh god, pairings where one feels inferior and is on paper batting way out of their league, kill me now. this is why i prefer they only really get together after Nico makes it big as an idol or whatever and has confidence and money. Not here for housewife Nico, give me power couple or bust) which kinda encapsulates why i like nicomaki so much?? (1/3)

(2/3) They’re not destined lovers, there’s no red string w/ these two. They could very easily end up as ships passing in the night. The only way they’d work is if they both put a lot of work into a relationship together. At first (and second and third) glance they’re not ideal together and that’s their charm. In order to have a future together they’d first have to butt heads, tear down some walls and learn to communicate (it’s called processing, my gay children. Lesbians are famous for it)

(3/3) On a side note, after being reminded about how infuriatingly perfect Maki is (and how poor my Nico’s chances are) I now want a fic where Nico dates Maki b/c she plans to use her Sugar Momma to help her get to the top and once there, she ditches Maki for her true love, Fame/Power/Glory. Jk, Maki, I love you but lbr my true otp is Nico/Happiness At Any Cost. Sorry for this long ass train wreck, but this pairing is hot shit for me rn and I needed to get this off my chest.

um anon were you asking for my hand in marriage because uhhhh you can totally have it?? i’m not quite sure how you’ve done it, but you’ve totally read my mind and articulated my thoughts far better than i ever could have.

Not here for housewife Nico, give me power couple or bust) which kinda encapsulates why i like nicomaki so much??

power couples are my SHIT; literally all of my otp’s are power couples in some way, shape or form. i agree with you, all of my college!nicomakis & older gotta have nico be successful in some way, whether she’s a super idol, model, or my personal favorite–voice/actress. maki’s pretty much perfect in every practical sense, and i guess it’s the masochist in me that decided “hey, you know who would be perfect for her? the bitter unhappy one with no real talents.” GG, BRO

They’re not destined lovers, there’s no red string w/ these two. They could very easily end up as ships passing in the night. The only way they’d work is if they both put a lot of work into a relationship together.

SHIT BRO, say it louder for the people in the back why don’t you. this is literally one of my favorite things about nicomaki: neither of them were made nor destined for each other. the ship was literally built on the idea of FIGHTING destiny.

in the meta sense: i read somewhere that even the creators were surprised by the popularity of nicomaki in the pre-manga days when they had been trying to push nozo/nico and maki/whomever.

in the character sense: both struggle with their class backgrounds defining their future. hell, even both appeared to have been set up and written to be teased with other characters in s1 (rin, hanayo, honoka, and nozomi for maki, and nozomi/no one for nico). you could say that before like, episode 9, they WERE ships passing in the night–and they didn’t even have an actual conversation until the episode after. the fact that fans were able to create so much content for nicomaki–before season 2 was even out–based on their chemistry alone is amazing.

if i look at the series with fresh eyes, there’s no way i’d expect them to have been one of the most popular ships. they’re both angry, they’re both stubborn, they’re both rude, they’re both mean. generally–in a show full of varied personalities, it’d be a huge no-no to pair a character with a similar character. it’d be common sense to pair the mean one with the nice one and not the other mean one, right? WELL WHOOPS TOO BAD THEY SOMEHOW WORK OUT

literally nothing is pulling these two together. no red string, no same-class convenience, no social obligations and standings, nada. you might even say that external forces are working to push them away.

you wanna know what’s actually pulling them together? themselves, because MAGNETIC PERSONALITIES, BIATCH

i love it. i love that this pairing makes sense yet also no sense at all. i love that there’s nothing connecting nico and maki aside from their personalities, because these kids happen to be the two who feel most strongly about their passions, and the two who most want destiny to go fuck itself. if they so happened to fall in love with each other, to become passionate about the other, you can bet your asses they’d give their all to create a new future for themselves–a future with each other.

and on another note–an au where nico dates maki to further her own selfish agendas? sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 nico/happiness is some GOOD SHIT (even tho i’m totally biased and think maki would bring her the Most Happiness)

the prettiest lil toaster in ALL THE LAND, stayinthevan, tagged me in this funventure. WHY READ HOCKEY TWITTER WHEN ALL IT EVER DOES IS DISAPPOINT YOU? do fun friend memes instead!!! the world is garbage but your friends are the best!!!!

Birthday: may 16, right smack in between my paternal grandmother (may 15) and my maternal grandmother (may 17).

Gender: a sad octopus slowly realizing it will never be a radio star

Sexual Orientation: okay, so you know how you buy, say, a cookie jar?? and the cookie jar is like, really handsome and smart and funny and maybe has a beard idk, and you’re like, wow!!!! this is the best cookie jar!!!! but when you realize that fundamentally the cookie jar’s function in society is to keep you from eating cookies. that yOU MADE (or bought, lbr). like, wtf cookie jar???? i made those cookies, they’re mine??? and the cookie jar is like, “yeah, i know, i wish i could give you your cookies but the thing is, i’m a cookie jar? and it’s not my fault but i can’t separate myself from being a cookie jar?” and you’re like, yeah, wow, you’re right. maybe i should just only casually sample cookie jars and not seriously commit to one who will only crumble under the weight of my expectations. the only cookie jars that have never let me down are the xkit cookie jar and erikkarlsson65.

Favorite color: yellow, but like a very specific baby pale yellow. like the yellow of a beautiful canary bird that just wants to come into your childhood bedroom and help you take a teaspoon of sugar to help the medicine goes down. thanks, canary bird!

Current time and date: december 15, 1:02pm EST

Avg hours of sleep: "hi! my name is insomnia. i come to visit sometimes, but i never give you any warning and i ruin your WHOLE WEEK! i don’t mean to, it’s just that what i like to do best of all is keep you up thinking about that embarrassing thing you did in the 6th grade OR spinning elaborate fantasies about how you become famous and give a totally killer talk show interview and then at about 5am bring you crashing back down to the reality of the fact that you’re not ever going to be famous and you just spent the last four hours in a panic trying to find your aunt’s cat, which you lost, and is now stuck behind some picture frames.“

Lucky number: 4

Last thing I Googled: "how do you find cats”

First word that comes to mind: NUGGETS

One place that makes me happy: 

this happens to be consol energy center but tbh any ol’ hockey rink will do

How many blankets do I sleep under: 1 + my faux snow-leopard throw blanket that feels like having your skin kissed by a million snow angels

Favorite fictional character: ummmmmmmmmmm maybe ron weasley? maybe cj cregg? MAYBE CJ CREGG. 

Favorite books: yes.

Favorite anime: in high school my roommate bought me a manga called “robot boyfriend” and i know that’s not the same thing as anime but it’s literally the closest i can get, i’m sorry, i’m sORRY

Favorite TV shows: brooklyn 99, veronica mars, the west wing, chuck, leverage, shameless u.s. but shameless u.s. stresses me out

Favorite food: sushi, pizza, CHEESE IN ALL ITS FORMS

Last movie I’ve seen in theaters: red army, a documentary about the red army hockey team as told more or less by an AMAZINGLY UNIMPRESSED SLAVA FETISOV. “oh, i’m starring in a documentary?? okay, i guess. hold on. i have to finish this level of candy crush on my phone.” IT’S SO GOOD, GO SEE IT ASAP.

Dream vacation: ROADTRIP ALWAYS

Dream wedding: i make no decisions, wear the most beautiful dress in sartorial history, someone feeds me cake, sex after. someone else pays all the money and cleans up wherever the party is held.

Dream job: “fixing up houses and making furniture and living in a big house with a lot of ladies where we eat loads of food and cry together and somehow money just appears on the doorstep”

i’m just gonna jump in on that plan except i’ll leave the carpentry to stayinthevan and i’ll contribute by shouting things at hockey games and forcing everyone to listen to me warble on instruments.

I TAG: likeapond, flyingwide, maybe-love-stays, and MY NEWEST FOLLOWER: ohladybegood, because they are new here and also because they’ve chosen a truly excellent song to name themselves after.

anonymous asked:

Woozi x Hoshi for the ship thing

  • Who’s more dominant: Woozi lbr here guys who do you think
  • Who’s the cuddler: Hoshi
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Talking. Like, just about anything and everything.
  • Who uses all the hot water: Hoshi . Woozi is enraged
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: tbh anything Woozi’s got that short temper but it’s never big fights they always get over them quickly
  • Who does most of the cleaning: Woozi
  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: Woozi but knowing Hoshi he probably sneaks like ridiculous foreign movies or something into the queue to prank Woozi
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:  Woozi
  • Who leaves their stuff around: Hoshi
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: Hoshi
  • Who remembers anniversaries:  Hoshi
  • How often do they fight: vErY frequently, but they always move on quickly
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: Hoshi probably tries to text him/snapchat him/call him but since Woozi is so busy all the time he doesn’t get a chance to answer for a long time
  • Nicknames for each other: Woozi would just call him Soonyoung, but Hoshi would probably go out of his way to come up with a new ridiculous nickname every day because he likes to see Woozi get flustered. It’d be stuff like “honey bear” and “sugarplum” and that kind of thing
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Woozi
  • Who steals the covers at night: Hoshi,,,,, but Woozi promptly steals them back
  • What would they get each other for gifts: Woozi would get classy stuff like promise rings or matching necklaces or smth but Hoshi would show up with stuffed animals bigger than him and be like “L OOK JIHOON THIS RABBIT IS PINK JUST LIKE YOU KEEP IT” and even tho Woozi would scold him for spending his money so frivolously he’d secretly think it was adorable and if there was ever a time that Hoshi wasn’t home he’d fill the bed with all of his random assorted stuffed animals to keep him company while he slept. Also he probably sprays them with Hoshi’s cologne too and wow this is getting out of hand I need to stop
  • Who kissed who first: Plot twist of the century, Woozi kissed Hoshi first
  • Who made the first move: Hoshi
  • Who remembers things: Woozi
  • Who started the relationship: I feel like this was one of those situations where neither of them like officially asked the other out, they just kind of knew they were a thing
  • Who cusses more: Woozi, and Hoshi pretends that he’s extremely offended every time that he does.
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: If it was something little, Woozi would just tell him to deal with it (he’d be a little bit worried underneath that, though). No matter how small the injury on Jihoon, though, Hoshi would take the utmost care in making sure it was bandaged up. 
  • Who is the dirty talker: Wooziiiiii
  • A head canon: They get ready together in the morning. It’s a mess of fighting for space at the counter, helping each other pick out outfits, making breakfast, etc., but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

okay i think i just accidentally converted myself into a passionate Soonhoon shipper


(so me and grossfandomstuff got chatting about the two plus one au - also known as that one where kirin and parv are married and have an apartment above strife and they all accidentally fall in love while trying to actually make strife look after himself - and then suddenly we had like 3k of chatting about it so. in lieu of there probably ever being fic of this, enjoy)

warnings for alcohol, smoking, very brief mentions of drug use as a aside, sex and D/s dynamics, bondage, safewording, and vague mentions of strife’s lack of self-care.

isis: Kirin and Parv the power couple of the city and Parv basically being a walking scandal and then Strife ah precious man bless his heart

isis: How did Kirin end up with a walking scandal punk like Parv tbh I’m sure tabloids rave about it

sparx: lbr he probably met parv at those clubs he slips away to and takes great steps for the tabloids not to find out about

sparx: pretty little thing in a dark corner that couldn’t care less about his money, is more interested in his dick

isis: Eyes him up and down with these dark eyes that peer over the edge of his drink

sparx: kirin drags him home (if you can call it dragging when parv goes so willingly) and the next morning decides he’d rather keep parv and parv is only too willing

sparx: they have an extended “courtship” with so many scandals you could write a book about it, and then marry in the biggest, fanciest ceremony that ends in parv getting drunk and probably doing something terrible like mooning the paparazzi

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alaricehawthorne  asked:

i'm gonna chime in here on the discussion, i definetely believe there's some underlying racist/racial stereotypes around when people fancast ronan as black and blue as east asian. because if ronan were black he'd fit the Angry Black Man stereotype (even tho we know why he is that way), and i definetely think there are some negative reasons to why east asian blue is the most popular version of racebent blue in the fandom, i just can't put it into words. cont.

[cont’d] like i saw another blogger point out that nearly every racebent of the gang has some negative connotations, but clearly it just doesn’t work in canon either. like i don’t get racebent gansey because he’s the whitest guy to white, like the books only seem to talk about financial privilege and not white, but gansey is the epitome of privilege, so him being a poc is weird, and like you pointed out, blue is most definetely a white feminist, i mean her feminism is written so white and 1-dimensial tbh and (2/3)

im actually very fond of your reasons why you fc every trc group member as white because if you’d fc them as poc it’d sent the wrong idea, a while ago i saw someone ask for books with asian, preferrably east asian (female) leads and someone replied with “well i havent read the books but every trc edit i’ve seen featured an oriental girl as blue”, and like, people could easily find stuff which states the ethnicity of the characters but it could still happen they dont and get disappointed (3/3)

adel i am sorry this is such a long ass response. be warned it is long. like, SO LONG

two anons who sent me asks about reading blue as east asian: replies to you are in this text!!

before i address what adel is saying

i am not claiming racial diversity in the series isn’t possible, i am saying it is not written into the text. arguing it is canon that ronan is Black or blue is east asian is ultimately more harmful for pocs, in my opinion, for a number of reasons

  1. people who see edits and read the book on the assumption their heritage is represented will likely be disappointed when there is no canon evidence of this representation (proof that edits have influenced reader interpretations under the cut)

  2. it may give the impression that hints and vague descriptions of skin colour are adequate representations of minority groups which homogenises entire groups of people.

    a “brown” girl cannot represent south asians, and latinas, and Black women, and arab women, and some east asian women - like 90% of women in the world - and thus doesn’t accurately represent any woc.

    similarly, blue, who is not only never described to be a asian but also lacks any east asian cultural heritage, can also not be expected to represent east asian women accurately or well. while fans can interpret her any way they want obviously, she cannot be touted as great representation for woc in ya lit as it devalues actual explicit east asian/whatever characters in other books 

arguing racial diversity exists canonically in a series where is doesn’t is not the way to attempt to ‘fix’ the lack of racial diversity in ya. to some extent, it may take away the initiative to write explicitly diverse characters who go to mosque, or speak spanish to their colombian grandma, or are bullied for the colour of their skin and actually represent racial minorities’ appearances and experiences if “brown” and “dark brown” are seen to be sufficient descriptors in representing pocs. 

to summarise: i don’t want to give the impression that the characters cannot be poc. they can. this is a series where magic and dream things exist. Black and asian people can exist too so why don’t they. you can imagine them how you want. no one, including me, can stop you from seeing what you see. i would probably cry tears of joy if you made a “everyone is south asian” au fancast and i saw my culture represented in edits too 

but please don’t claim the canon represents me because i am brown-skinned, or any one else from ethnic backgrounds. ultimately it undermines the drive for explicit representation. 

under the cut i have also put an explanation for why “dark brown” and “brown” also don’t count as good representation if you are interested 

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