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Oh snappp your neighbor AU is lit. No rush at all but if you could also write one for Shownu it would be awesome.

find wonho (here) , jooheon (here), & kihyun (here)

  • king of owning three sets of the same colored bed sheets and kihyun once asked if shownu every washed them because??? they’re always the same??? and shownu was like “don’t you just buy the same thing in bulk when you go to ikea?” and kihyun was like no,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god is that what you do
  • and shownu just shrugged because whatever he likes his grey bed sheets
  • doesn’t do decorations but let his mom hang up some photos of his family and stuff when she came over
  • you’d think he’d just ignore them, but he cleans the dust off the frames and adjusts them because,,,,,, shownu cherishes anything his mother does for him. he’s an amazing son and literally everyone in the neighborhood always tells his mom when she comes over that he’s so filial and they wished they had a son so polite and well mannered
  • because lbr shownu is the person who holds the door open for anyone he sees,,,,,,,,even if they’re still half way across the street
  • the only thing that ever makes him flustered is that one time a mom asked him to watch her son while she ran to re-park her car
  • and shownu was like ,,,,,,,,,,,,hi and the kid just started crying and shownu was like nO PLEASE,,,,IM SORRY FOR WHATEVER I DID TO DISPLEASE YOU
  • thankfully minhyuk was coming over and saw the whole mess and came to the rescue and shownu was just like “minhyuk,,,,,kids are terrifying,,,,,”
  • minhyuk looking at shownu whose literally swole and tall: what
  • you’ve lived next door to shownu for quite some time,,,,,but you two don’t really talk much because like well,,,,he’s not a small chit chat kinda person
  • and you’ve always thought he was handsome but like so what you know ??? your idols on tv are handsome too
  • but one evening,,,,you’re getting home super late and you try to grab for your keys in your bag,,,,,,but they’re gone????? and you sigh and take out your phone to text your friend who has a spare
  • but then you see a text from your boss telling you that you won’t be getting the promotion he promised you
  • and your friend with the spare just updated instagram with a photo at a club so you know they’re not gonna be able to help
  • and so you just slide down against the wall near your door and hold your bag to your chest
  • and life sucks,,,,,,,,in this moment,,,,so much so that you can’t control tears coming out and you wanna brush them away but like no one’s there to see??? so whatever
  • until ,,,,, there is someone,,,,, someone who’s too freaKING quiet so you only notice them when they step right in front of you and ask “is everything ok?”
  • and you look up to see shownu and you’re like oh gREAT the handsome, nice neighbor has to see you balling your eyes out on your doormat good job gg what a terrIFIC night this is
  • and you’re like “y,,yeah i got locked out it’s nothing,,,”
  • and shownu suddenly puts his hand out to help you up and you take it hesitantly and he’s like “staying out here would be dangerous. do you want to spend the night at my place? feel free to say n-”
  • but you’re shaking your head and you’re like “that would be very nice of you,,,,,,my spare is,,,,,in the hands of someone who is busy,,,,”
  • and shownu lets go of your hand and you notice how warm it was when he’d held it
  • and you follow him to his apartment where he lets you in
  • and you can’t help but look at the photos as you take off your shoes and you’re like “is this your family?” and he nods and you’re like “your mother is so pretty!!”
  • and shownu kind of is taken back, but just nods again and you’re like oops am i making this awkward
  • and he switches the lights on in his bedroom and he’s like “i know we’re strangers, but it would be impolite of me to let you sleep on the couch. my bedroom is clean, i promise.”
  • and you’re like dhkcblvj he’s worried about me thinking he’s gross,,,,,but he’s doing something really nice??????? he’s,,,,,,cute
  • and you’re like “i can take the cou-” but shownu puts a hand up and is like “please, that would be rude of me.”
  • and you’re like ok he’s such a gentleman????? what the heck
  • and you’re like “ok, well thank you!! ill wash my face then?” and he’s like pointing out the bathroom
  • and when you’re done you walk out to tell shownu thank you again
  • but you see him sitting on the couch, suddenly he’s got glasses on and he’s reading something with the cutest look of concentration on his face and you can’t help but stare at him a bit longer
  • when he suddenly looks up you’re like oH I Totally,,,,just came into this room anYWAY,,, thank you again!!!
  • and you like do an lil bow and shownu is like “it’s nothing!” and you’re like akhfgfs ok,,,ill go to bed now
  • but ofc u can’t sleep because,,,,,,wow this is shownu’s room,,,,,,,,the sheets smell like him,,,,,,,slight cologne but also fresh breeze,,,,,
  • and in the morning your friends texts you that she’ll be over in an hour
  • and you go to tell shownu whose up,,,,,,,,,,shirtless,,,,,making eggs,,,,,,,,and you almost trip and fall over
  • but when he turns for the first time you see him get embarrassed and he’s like “ah - oh one moment,,,” and rushes back to the living room to pull on his shirt again and you’re like trying to look down
  • and you’re both red,,,,,,and shownu is like “,,,, i,,,im sorry that was-” and you’re like “nO,,, no,,,,, it’s nice,,,i mean what no i mean it’s your home feel free um oh,,,,”
  • and shownu is like “would you like something to eat?”
  • and it’s cute you two eat together and shownu is a silent eater but it’s somehow really adorable and you can’t help but think he’d be a really ,,,, good bf
  • and shownu is like “you can stay here till your friend comes.” and you’re like ok!!! thank you 
  • and he’s totally turning on the sport channel but it’s whatever you’re happy to be in his company,,,,because shownu makes you feel safe????
  • and when ur friend tells you to meet her by ur door shownu walks you out and he’s like “maybe, if you think this is a good idea you could give me a spare, in case this happens again.” and you’re like good thinking i should do that!!!! 
  • but before you can thank him again your friend is like “oH I DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE SPENDING THE NIGHT WITH SUCH A HANDSOME MAN I GUESS YOU DONT NEED THE SPARE-”
  • and you’re like PLEASe,,, SHTU TUP ,,,,
  • and shownu is blinking like hmmm what does that mean-
  • and your friend winks at you two and waltzes up to shownu like “so,,, what’s your name? how long have you been dating my friend here?” and you’re like givE ME my KEYS 
  • while shownu is like ???? but also he’s like “oh they’re single?” and your friend is like YES THEYRE sinGLE
  • and you’re like dO NT FLirt on my behalf wait shownu why do you want to know if im single,,,,,,,,,????
  • shownu probably just wanted to know because coughs,,,,,,,,maybe he can take you out sometime,,, coughs
Special Instructions (2/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: M (lots of unnecessary cursing, sexy times in later chapters)
Word Count: ~3300
Chapters: One

i’m shocked by the feedback on this ridiculous fic haha, thanks all. for the fans of hot mess emma, ch3 is the chapter for you lol

reader requested tags: @lenfaz @ilovemesomekillianjones  (and @stubble-sandwich because lbr you pretty much are the reason i didn’t abandon this idea when i was playing around a couple months ago)


Special instructions: would u buy us more beer? like a lot. i will pay u

“Oh my god, Ems, I think Robin and Regina are getting it on in your room.”

She jumped at the sound of Ruby’s voice yelling in her ear over the sound of the music, then let out a whiny groan.

“Gross, on my bed?” she asked, disgusted at the thought of having to wash her linens before sleeping in them. She was buzzed enough to enjoy the atmosphere but not enough to let her friends fuck in her apartment. “Ugh, let me go stop them before I have to light my mattress on fire.”

Her movements were stilted and she stumbled a little as she walked down her hall. Sure enough, her door was shut and a sock hung from the knob. Her fist banged on the wood.

“Don’t you guys fucking dare! Go to your own apartments for this shit or I’m never inviting you over again. This isn’t college,” she shouted. A muffled grunt that sounded sort of like an apology came from the other side and she figured she’d leave and at least give them a few minutes to collect themselves.

“Emma! Where’s the beer?”

The question came from her brother who was currently losing (horrendously) at beer pong to Elsa, who had surprising accuracy for someone who was drunker than most people in the room.

“Uh, we’re out. I was about to go walk to the convenience store around the corner to get some more.”

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analysing the tri.angle

Remember when people thougt we were getting a “love triangle” in Chapter 4? Well, that didn’t last long. What we did get, though, is far more interesting.

@skuag​ asked me to write about the parallels between Soushitsu and Episode 26 of Digimon Adventure, and so here’s a brief analysis of the Taichi/Sora/Yamato scenes in both of them. Beware of tri. spoilers.

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4x01 Recap - Echoes (The 100)

Alright folks, it’s time. My show has returned, and I am throwing myself back on this ride with wild abandon.

I’m adopting my Discussapalooza style from here on out. Which is to say that this recap is going to be very long. If there are any sections that you’d like me to pull out and post seperately, let me know. Otherwise, you have been warned - I like to go in depth.

We ready? LET’S GO.

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I was wondering what your thoughts were on Hooks new rings? Like the rings themselves and what they might mean on a meta level since they aren't his "murder rings" anymore. You think it's a permanent change to go with the wedding ring? I love your thoughts on the show and jewelry!

First, thank you for asking my opinion! That doesn’t happen very often (and probably for good reason, lbr. ;) ). I would have replied sooner, but I’ve been at work. 

As we know, rings can be very symbolic—both in real life and to Killian specifically. We know at least two of the rings have been reminders of a violent past (even if one of those stories doesn’t actually work with the timeline and when we first saw it…ahem), and another was a reminder of his older brother. Rings mean something to him, but not generally anything good. 

“Every ring is a sad story.” (Killian Jones, “Birth”)

From Colin’s Instagram, here are the three main rings Killian has worn throughout the series: the two larger with red stones and some design around it along with a relatively simple silver band for his thumb. We know the two red-stoned rings were taken from men Killian felt wronged him. As he tells Emma, they were once trophies and then reminders. They carried weight—the weight of both hands—and they never let him forget what those hands and hook have done.

Let’s dig into Killian’s jewelry box before we get to the good stuff.

When he gets his hand back on loan from Rumple, he doesn’t let that hand go without a ring, and here we see a pinky ring with a purple stone, somewhat like the one Liam gave him (although I don’t believe they are the same. The stone is similar, but the band is different). 

This is Liam’s ring, although we don’t know where he got it or who gave it to him, if anyone. But Killian poses that it might be the thing that has kept him a survivor all these years. Liam gave it to Killian because it was the ring responsible for always bringing him home safely and he wanted that same thing for Killian when they were about to face what should have been certain death. That ring is so important to Killian, it remains hidden for almost 3 seasons and only comes out when Killian wanted to make sure Emma came back to him safely while she was the Dark One. A pirate doesn’t give his prized possessions to just anyone. 

And here we have Dark One Killian’s rings. Gunmetal and likely onyx or jet. They are as dark as his soul at that moment, and that’s saying something given how dark Killian probably feels about himself and his deeds most of the time. I do like that they gave him a new set of bling for his outing as Dark Hook. I think it was important to illustrate that he was himself yet vastly different, too. The rings they (and possibly Colin) picked for Dark Hook were perfect. Sleek and somewhat classic. And oh so dark. 

Up to this point, every ring has been a sad story. 

But not for long.

(FYI, spoiler picture under the cut.)

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Anyone ready for some wild SPN season 12 speculation?

OK DISCLAIMER: this is just my opinion and I know nothing more than anyone else OK and I’m more than happy to be proved wrong or have lots and lots of opinions on this, please do, its just fun and I wanted to write down my thoughts as I flailed about this a lot today, lets be honest :)

Foreshadowing points through the season and Speculation under the cut.

Originally posted by gameraboy

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man remember project metis

here is literally everything i have written for the third chapter of Project Metis since i probs won’t get to it for a while

****Chapter Three: they told us we could be whatever we wanted, and we chose puppies***


MILITARY RANK: Special Officer

DIVISION: Hybrid Strike Corps, Musutafu Base, PPDC

ACCESS: Omega Level

AGE: 5

HEIGHT: 176cm

ALTER EGO: “Shouto”




POINT OF ORIGIN: Endeavor Project

DESCRIPTION: Category Five; dragon-like; long, serpentine body; six eyes, heterochromia; spines and vents down back, spines trailing down to make a heavily spiked tail, note crown of horns and white shoulder spikes; red sheen over black scales

QUIRK: half-cold, half-hot; can expel magma from mouth and propel ice from shoulder spikes; can change temperature of hide at will


MILITARY RANK: Special Officer

DIVISION: Hybrid Strike Corps, Musutafu Base, PPDC

ACCESS: Omega Level

AGE: 25

HEIGHT: 166cm





POINT OF ORIGIN: Lycaon Project

DESCRIPTION: Category Three; lion-like; smaller but strong feline build; thick, curling mane; green sheen over black scales and mane; beaked face, thick hide, dull spikes, massive claws on heavy paws

QUIRK: “one for all”; incredible physical strength

MARCH 17, 2035  8:32 HOURS

LOCATION: LOCCENT Mission Control, Musutafu Base, Japan

Uraraka hides a yawn behind her clipboard and doesn’t notice the person sneaking up behind her.

“That’s a good look on you,” Aizawa says, coming to a stop beside her.

Uraraka squeaks and blushes, peeking out from behind her clipboard and glaring at Aizawa. “Sensei!” she exclaims. “You shouldn’t sneak up on a lady like that!”

The corner of Aizawa’s mouth twitches. “How are they?”

Uraraka lowers the clipboard and turns to the holographic screens displaying a herd of thousand-ton monsters running, swatting at each other, leaping, and all in all…playing around. On screen, Mina bites Kirishima’s tail and he yelps. Uraraka smiles. Then, straightening her back, she delivers her report.

“Artemis pack seems to be in top-tier condition,” she says. “The test run a couple days ago showed no sign of shifting pack structure—Bakugou is still clearly the point of the pack. Ojiro and Shouji aren’t showing signs of discontent as rear guards, and Tokoyami is as usual, submissive to Bakugou. Any worries we had about Kirishima vying for Bakugou’s position are null. All our results suggest that his insubordinate acts help Bakugou blow off steam. He’s acting as the regulator for the pack.”

“Good,” Aizawa says. “I’m still worried he’s a powder keg on the brink of exploding, but…”

But we need him. Uraraka nods. She gets it. “Apollo pack is due for a test run soon, but I don’t have any worries about shifting pack structure. As a rule, they tend to be steadier than Artemis pack anyway. That kaiju takedown illustrates just how functional they are as a pack. My only concern would be that they rely on Todoroki a little much, but all his psych analyses come back with negligible worries. He’s a machine when it comes to leading; I’ll never understand how you managed to pry him from Todoroki-sensei’s hands.”

“It came at a high cost,” Aizawa says. “Sometimes I wonder if I have yet to realize all I gave up for him.” He frowns.

“I believe Iida briefed you on the results of Alpha Strain’s routine check?” Uraraka says.

Aizawa nods. “Yes, and I did look over the test run results briefly when they came out. What I really need to know from you is how the officers themselves are doing.”

Uraraka rolls her eyes. “Well, Artemis pack is doing as well as their kaiju counterparts. They’re not…close…like Apollo pack is, but they have an understanding. They work together when they’re needed and their ties are strong. I think Ojiro feels inferior,” she says, frowning. “Tokoyami and Shouji balance and rely on each other. Kirishima and Bakugou balance and rely on each other. But Ojiro has no one. I want to look into that.”

“And Apollo pack?”

“Like a family,” Uraraka says proudly. “Midoriya and Tsuyu might as well be siblings. Mina gets along with everyone, and Kouda is protected and looked after by his pack. Todoroki is respected and loved.” Her smile fades a little. “Midoriya told me he’s been having those nightmares again. He had one so bad it woke up his packmates, the morning before the double event.”

“Is it a problem?” Aizawa asks.

“As a researcher, it’s not my place to say,” Uraraka says. “It’s Todoroki’s responsibility to get Midoriya in to a psychiatrist if he thinks the nightmares are affecting Midoriya adversely. I trust his judgment. He’s logical and clear-headed, and if he thought Midoriya was dragging his pack down, he’d do anything to fix it. But Midoriya performed well during the battle, so it can’t be affecting him that much. As a researcher, I think it’s okay to let it go.”

“But as a friend…” Aizawa trails off.

Uraraka sighs. “As a friend, I don’t like to see him suffer. I worry Todoroki is being too cold, but I’m not in their heads. I don’t feel what they feel. I don’t know if Midoriya can handle it, even if he thinks he can.”

“Thank you, Uraraka,” Aizawa says. “For now, I’ll advise the Marshal to withdraw Apollo pack from any encounters with return kaiju until we can get Midoriya analyzed properly. No special treatment aside from that; if he thinks he can handle it, I’ll let him try. But I’m not throwing one of my best officers into a situation where a trauma-induced moment of hesitation could kill him if I can help it.”

“Is it because he’s a good officer, or because he’s Alpha Strain?” Uraraka asks quietly. Not quietly enough, though, because Aizawa gives her a sharp look.

“If you want to talk favoritism and human rights with me—”

“No, no, I’m sorry,” Uraraka says. “It just slipped out. I understand even if I don’t like it.”

“Good,” Aizawa says. “We don’t look it, but we’re skating on thin ice here. The last thing I need is one of my closest to start doubting our cause.”

“I don’t doubt us,” Uraraka says. “But they are my friends, too.”

“Then you know better than any of us why we can’t have anyone too nosy poking their head into what we do,” Aizawa says.

Uraraka nods.

Aizawa jerks his head towards the door. “I’m going to check in at R&D. Make sure our officers don’t kill each other, won’t you.” He turns away sharply.

Uraraka sighs and collapses into a chair, rubbing her temples. Ah, she had ruined her good mood. Why couldn’t she keep her mouth shut?

She looks up at the kaiju moving millions of gallons of water like it was nothing as they pounce on each other and roll and snarl, jaws parted in what might as well be smiles. Aizawa-sensei was right that they were soldiers who lived to fight, but they were also human underneath the mass of scales and claws and teeth and fur. They were human and they needed to be treated as such. Aizawa-sensei couldn’t separate their human and kaiju selves, couldn’t help but see the whole picture; it was only logical, but also terribly heartless.

She wishes Iida were here. Iida always knew how to phrase his concerns logically. He was always on the same wavelength as Aizawa-sensei, but Iida had a heart. He cared for their friends as much as she did. He knew that Aizawa-sensei’s ways weren’t fair and he would find a way to word it so that Aizawa-sensei would agree. Uraraka thinks about calling him, just to hear his steady voice and have him talk her down but no, she had taken this shift to allow him to sleep in for once. She wouldn’t wake him up even if the sound of his voice, heavy with sleep, brought peace to her mind.

Besides, she loved this part of her job. She loved the kaiju. That’s why she was here and why she put up with the ethical dilemmas of their work. And to think Uraraka Ochako, a woman fresh out of graduate school, could befriend the groundbreaking hybrids and work alongside the legendary Aizawa-sensei to keep them all safe—

She frowns, and then swears softly. Speaking of safe…

She pounds the com. “LOCCENT to HYCOM, what the hell are you guys doing? They’re going to kill each other! Get on it, officers!”

MARCH 17, 2035  8:15 HOURS

LOCATION: Musutafu Training Bay, Musutafu Base, Japan

Enrichment days, Midoriya thinks, are awesome.

Uraraka had told him why enrichment was an important part of keeping their kaiju healthy and their mental health stable, but Midoriya couldn’t really fathom all that science-y mumbo jumbo. All he knew is that his hundred-foot long lungs were heaving and he hadn’t felt this alive in days.

Ojiro’s ear frills lift and then lower, a taunt. He’s poised and ready to leap, rear in the air and spayed out in front of him, a reptilian dog ready to play. Midoriya tenses his own haunches and leaps out and to the side, ready to pounce on Ojiro’s unprotected flank. Ojiro tears away from him, long blue tongue hanging out of his mouth as he pants. Midoriya chases him, hind legs bunching as he picks up speed.

They tear around the group of kaiju in an outer circle, so fast Midoriya can feel the wind whistle past his ears. Ojiro makes for the relative safety of Shouji’s tentacles. He’s right—Midoriya won’t run under Shouji’s body because he doesn’t have a death wish. Shouji eyes him with what Midoriya guesses is amusement. Tokoyami, draped across the slope of his back like a black, feathery ridge, ruffles his wings in irritation at the disturbance. Midoriya huffs. He bats at one of Shouji’s tentacles and gets another two slithering out after him.

Yelping, Midoriya jumps away. Shouji makes a sound that is definitely amusement. Tokoyami, decidedly woken from his dozing atop Shouji’s back sits up and glares at Midoriya for a moment before beginning to clean Shouji’s scales with his beak and claws. Shouji makes an appreciative noise and lowers himself into the water. Ojiro, realizing his protection is about to crush him, scurries out and right into Midoriya’s waiting paws.

Midoriya body slams him, knocking them into a wrestling match in the water, jaws parted and snarling, the flats of their paws batting at each other. They’re careful to avoid each other’s spines. Ojiro gets to his feet and starts to run again, but Midoriya grabs onto his hind leg and drags him down, pushing him onto his back and holding him down with a heavy paw. Ojiro huffs.

You win.

The hivemind is alive with emotions and thoughts and impressions from all the hybrids but Midoriya can pick out Ojiro’s voice easily, warm and amused, just a little disappointed. This is why Midoriya was a flank and he was rear guard, though. It was only a natural result.

Midoriya lets Ojiro get to his feet and bumps shoulders with him affectionately, brushing their hides together from shoulder blade to hip. Midoriya feels a spike of pain and hears Ojiro exhale sharply and he pulls back, alarmed.

Shoulderouchpulled, Ojiro projects and Midoriya can feel the faint throbbing as if it were his own pain. He sniffs at the sore spot on Ojiro’s shoulder, projecting his own worryconcernwasitme?

Ojiro shakes his head; he had landed funny on his leg when running from under Shouji. Midoriya laps at the sore spot anyway, as if he could take the pain away just from cleaning it. Ojiro pushes at Midoriya with his nose, appreciating the sentiment. He pads off to see Bakugou probably, who will look at his injury, snort, and say well, what do you want me to do about it?

More likely he’ll point out that it’ll heal when they shift back so Ojiro should just deal with it, but Midoriya doesn’t want to give Bakugou that much credit. Ever. Hey, when one of your own kind nearly shreds you for trying to play fight with him, it sticks with you.

His partner gone, Midoriya turns back to find a new bloodmate to brawl with. Mina has taken to leaping up in the air and swatting at Tokoyami on Shouji’s back, who screeches at her and claws back. Shouji doesn’t seem too perturbed by Tokoyami’s distress. Their section of the hivemind is an almost sibling-like squabble, easily dismissed as not real fighting.

Ojiro and Bakugou are together. Kirishima is dodging Tsuyu’s attempts to smack him with her tongue, and underestimating her speed if that yip is anything to go by. Todoroki, predictably, isn’t engaging in the fun and instead sits off to the side, still managing to look elegant with the long column of his neck extended and the sun glinting off the sharpness of his facial features. Kouda sits beside him, the only kaiju bigger than Todoroki, head on his paws and eyes closed, taking in the sunlight on his rock-like hide.

Midoriya approaches Todoroki, bobbing his head. It’s a causal invitation to play. Kouda looks up, senses Midoriya’s intention, and moves off towards Shouji with a passing good luck offered to Midoriya. Todoroki blinks slowly.

He regards Midoriya with passing interest, showing no intention of getting up from where he’s comfortably splayed in one hundred feet of water.

Midoriya tries again. Runchasejumpcatch? He suggests. Bitepawgrowlplay?

I don’t, Todoroki replies. You go.

Midoriya whines. Not pack without you.

Artemis is here, Todoroki points out. Bother them.

But Midoriya doesn’t want to bother them. He wants to see Todoroki get up and do something, enjoy himself for once. Todoroki’s always so stone-faced and business-minded; he never got a break. This is their break. Their scheduled time off to play like the puppies at heart they all were.

Midoriya not-so-delicately swipes a paw through the water and splashes Todoroki in the face.

Todoroki, to his credit, doesn’t react as angrily as he could have. His shoulders tense, but other than that he doesn’t move, dripping with water. His scales glitter and then he’s covered in steam, burning away the salt water. He exhales loudly once, expelling salt from his nostrils. He’s not amused.

Midoriya, however, is. He runs in a circle around Todoroki, continuing to splash him while Todoroki burns away all the water. He paws at and chews on Todoroki’s tail until Todoroki shifts and growls at him. He actually gets Todoroki to whip his head around and shift towards him. Midoriya leaps back, but Todoroki doesn’t follow. He’s almost got him, though. Midoriya pads back towards him and headbutts his shoulder affectionately, rubbing against him like a cat.

Todoroki growls again and Midoriya does it again. He can feel the tension in Todoroki’s body and his mind, irritated by Midoriya’s pushiness. As always, his mind is impenetrable, but Midoriya can tell it’s a swirling mess right now. He probably shouldn’t taunt Todoroki too much—he was much stronger than Midoriya, and bigger, too.

Midoriya flicks his tail across Todoroki’s nose almost flirtatiously and Todoroki snaps. He gets to his feet faster than Midoriya expected and swipes at him. Midoriya’s fast enough to get away with only a few scales off his hide, but Todoroki can reach far.

The chase doesn’t last long. Midoriya knows to run hard when he’s irritated Todoroki this much, but Todoroki has speed, length, and power and Midoriya’s only purpose in agitating him was to get him up and running anyway. Todoroki swipes Midoriya’s legs out from under him and Midoriya goes down, rolling onto his back.

Todoroki is on him in a second, hovering above Midoriya and prodding at him with one paw while Midoriya flattens his ears and growls, his muzzle crinkled into a snarl. Todoroki prods at his cheek and Midoriya hisses, swatting at his paw. Todoroki jabs at him again and again, Midoriya on defense but still belly-up, vulnerable.

Then Todoroki lets out a low, rumbling growl and parts his jaws, making a clicking noise. His paws are on either side of Midoriya’s shoulders and he dominates the hivemind, pushing against Midoriya’s consciousness and subduing him.

Midoriya’s growl peters out and his muzzle flattens. He makes a small, chuffing noise and lowers his paws, allowing Todoroki to nose along his neck, nipping at the soft skin he finds there. He’s completely limp under Todoroki’s ministrations and when Todoroki nips at his chin, Midoriya dares to lick his chin. Todoroki growls softly, pleased. He parts his jaws and wraps them around Midoriya’s mouth. Midoriya goes still and allows Todoroki to shake him a little and press a paw over his heart, claws kneading Midoriya’s vulnerable underbelly.

This is complete submission.

Todoroki releases him a moment later and steps off him, eyeing Midoriya one last time. The hivemind is grudging fondness from Todoroki and a sense of satisfaction from his kaiju specifically at Midoriya’s submission. The rest of Apollo pack are pings against Midoriya’s mind, vying for Todoroki’s attention next. Todoroki steps away from Midoriya, but not before the tip of his tail brushes against Midoriya’s nose.

Midoriya’s heart sings with so much pleasure, he knows it reaches the rest of his bloodmates through the hivemind. Mina snorts, but she’s Todoroki’s next target, rolling on her back easily and grabbing at his face to lap at his chin, playfully submitting to her point.

Kirishima, inspired by Midoriya’s display, bumps Bakugou. Unlike Todoroki, though, Bakugou doesn’t tolerate any kind of playfulness. Her turns on Kirishima in an instant, snarling. Kirishima barks back, pawing at Bakugou, playing with fire. Bakugou charges him and Kirishima hops back swatting at his face. Bakugou knocks him off balance immediately. Kirishima falls onto his belly and Bakugou climbs over him, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck.

The fight goes from Kirishima’s body immediately and he lets Bakugou give him a few rough shakes, snapping his head back and forth. Midoriya winces in sympathy. It looks like it hurts, but when Bakugou releases Kirishima, there are no teeth marks in his neck. Kirishima sinks bonelessly into the water, turning over curling his paws over his chest, whining.

Bakugou ignores him. Kirishima whines louder. Kidding, kidding! The hivemind says.

Kirishima places a paw against Bakugou’s muzzle and Bakugou’s lips pull away from his gums with the force of his growl. Don’t touch me.

Aw, Bakugou…Kirishima plays cute harder, this time wagging his tail.

Bakugou snorts. I hate you, he says.

Kirishima doesn’t say ‘I adore you’ in so many words, but his love for Bakugou isn’t exactly subtle across the hivemind. Even Midoriya can feel the force of it. This time, when Kirishima presses a paw to Bakugou’s muzzle, Bakugou knocks it aside so he can lean down and nip at Kirishima’s chin. Kirishima’s tail goes wild.

Bakugou steps off him and Midoriya huffs at Kirishima. Gross, he says.

Kirishima might as well grin at him, tongue lolling out of his mouth. He flips onto his stomach and growls gently at Midoriya. Midoriya growls back, tensing to leap on him.

Bakugou throws himself between them, jaws parted as wide as he can spread them, and roars.

Bakugou is not Midoriya’s point. But he is a dominant member of a pack and Midoriya, a lower rank than him, cowers back, tail tucking between his legs and ears folding back. He shrinks into a ball, unable to run as his muscles lock.

Bakugou doesn’t have a chance to make a move. Todoroki is at Midoriya’s side and in front of him with an ear-splitting roar of his own.

The two points square off, roaring at each other and posturing. The rest of their packs slink away save for Midoriya and Kirishima, frozen with fear and confusion that innocent playing had instigated a point-versus-point battle.

Bakugou’s jaw frills extend and shake, brilliant red-orange sunbursts against the pure white of his scales. He’s intimidatingly large and fierce, but Todoroki is not shaken. He flares his own spines and ear frills, and the vents running down his back hiss and spit steam. Their heads starts low but slowly rise in tandem with each other until Todoroki’s height beats Bakugou’s.

Bakugou strikes first. He swipes at Todoroki’s neck, but it isn’t with the flat of his paw as he had swatted at Kirishima—this was with claws extended, hoping to tear Todoroki’s throat open. Todoroki bats him away, but then Bakugou is throwing himself at Todoroki, standing on his hind legs to use both paws to punch at Todoroki’s face. Todoroki mirrors him and they fight like tigers, dueling with their front paws and then dropping to all fours so they can try to ram each other with their bodies before standing back up again.

Todoroki should be faster than Bakugou, but Bakugou is angrier. He manages to sink his claws in the flesh of Todoroki’s hind leg and hold on as Todoroki snarls and tries to throw him off. Bakugou locks his entire body onto that haunch and tears at Todoroki’s leg with his back legs, trying to cripple him, but Todoroki doesn’t let him. The steam that spews from his vents grows hotter, as do his scales, and in one burst, he forces super-boiled steam into Bakugou’s right three eyes and burns the skin off the pads of the paws hooked onto him.

Bakugou howls in pain and lets him go. When they stand face-to-face again, Bakugou is blind in three eyes and his scales are ashen and flaking off where Todoroki burned him. Todoroki is limping, his back left leg shredded. They circle each other and Midoriya feels for the first time, the seriousness of this fight.

SPECIAL OFFICERS BAKUGOU AND TODOROKI STAND DOWN, IMMEDIATELY, Yaoyorozu shouts over the hivemind, using HYCOM’s controls to amplify the volume of her voice so that it drowns out the rest of the thoughts and voices of the hivemind. Bakugou, Todoroki, and the rest of the hybrids wince at the loudness. Kouda tries to cover his ears with his paws.

All of you are to return to base for a debrief at once, Yaoyorozu commands. You are not to engage each other on the way to base or I will personally see you turned off from the Hybrid Strike Corps.

Before he can help himself, Bakugou thinks, Sure you will. There are so many places for a kaiju hybrid to go.

It would be my absolute pleasure to turn you off and watch the Jaeger teams tear you apart, Yaoyorozu says heatedly.

Let them try, Bakugou says, bearing his teeth.

Bakugou, Mina speaks up before anyone else can. That’s enough.

Like I wanna hear that from you, Bakugou says, but the fight is gone from his mind and his limbs. He and Todoroki limp back to their exit bays, tension still humming across the hivemind. Their packs follow, subdued. The mood of contentment and relaxation fizzles out like steam in open air.

MARCH 17, 2035  9:07 HOURS

LOCATION: Shatterdome, Musutafu Base, Japan

i've been seeing a lot of au posts for two person ships but not 3(+) person ships so here we go
  • “the ride we want to go on is three people a cart and we’d rather choose a stranger to sit with than have one chosen for us plus you look relatively not sweaty want to join us” au
  • “two people started hitting on me at this bar at the same time and they’re both hot af best night ever” au
  • “i accidentally took the seat that was between a couple because they were fighting and now i have to deal with them fuck” au
  • “i’m your waitress and i totally thought you two were dating because of the heart eyes you’re making at each other but now that i know you’re not i kinda want to ask one of you out but i also feel like you should be together because of said hearteyes” au
  • “it’s the apocalypse and we’re like the only ones still alive high five want to have celebratory sex” au
  • “accidentally got really famous overnight and now i have a manager and an agent and tbh they’re both really hot how am i supposed to cope with this” au 
  • “turns out hogwarts students only give you weird looks when you date multiple people from multiple other houses huh who knew” au
  • “there was supposed to be a party here tonight but no one showed up but us including whoever the fuck’s house this is want to see what’s in their Netflix queue” au
  • “i booked this hotel room cause i wanted some time away with my girlfriend but we ordered room service and the server who brought it up is hella hot should we ask them to join us” au
  • “we’re all in the waiting room on the delivery floor of the hospital but someone none of us are here waiting for our own kids to be born we’re all here for friends how weird is that” au
  • “we’re the only ones in this bar literally what the fuck it’s like a thursday night” au
  • “i am very drunk and flirting with multiple people because my vision is blurry enough i can’t actually tell how many of you there are” au
  • “you’re a total asshole but your girlfriend definitely isn’t” au
  • “we didn’t come to this con together but we’re all dressed as various members of a team so everybody’s making us pose together” au
  • “I WILL BEAT YOU ALL AT MARIO KART IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO also wanna make out. like. all of us. at the same time. i might be high on adrenaline but the point still stands” au


  • flight attendants au
  • tour guides au
  • con artists au
  • cop duo/helpful but curious scientist au
  • roommates au
  • group project au
  • only people aware of upcoming epidemic au
  • band au
  • i cannot stress that last one enough just like a band that is all together imagiNE THE MEDIA CONFUSION
  • owning a restaurant together au
  • TAs of same shitty teacher au
  • camp counselors that live for the confusion of the kids trying to figure out who’s with who au
  • youtubers who everyone wants to collab doing a video together to reveal they’re dating
  • parent teacher meeting au
  • waiting for a flight for 10+ hours au
  • deaf person/only people who know sign language in the whole fucking building au

vexingcosmos  asked:

Okay so the press have no clue about Andreil and a fan totally uses a pickup line on Neil (Are sitting on F5 boy because DAMN that ass is refreshing) and Andrew's response to it.

ahah this is so great! i love the oblivious neil trope so here is 1600 words on that!

  • it’s a pretty common idea that neil is a Pretty Boy™ but doesn’t realize the effects he has on others
  • after baltimore, his facial scars just added to his the definition of his cheekbones and make him look more ruggedly handsome
  • at that point, neil was already invested in his nothing with andrew and isn’t really looking to branch out and be involved with anyone else (also neil is demisexual and thus wouldn’t really want to be getting involved with anyone he’s just met)
  • neil’s already been hit on a couple times by different people he’s met (classmates, opposing team members, someone at eden’s twilight) but andrew was never immediately around to see it and neil was too oblivious to pick up on it
  • it only really happens when neil is on his own
  • people don’t necessarily know about andrew and neil’s relationship, but when andrew is with neil, neil becomes unapproachable for fear of getting stabbed by andrew (if his murderous glares are anything to go by)
  • they don’t share any classes (andrew is criminal justice major while neil is a math major) so it’s easy to approach neil after class
  • neil’s classmates don’t really know much about him, besides what’s in the media and that he plays exy (and is very good) so of course when they try to hit on him, they bring up exy becuae they know he’s interested in it
  • but neil (bless his exy obsessed heart) doesn’t ever pick up on the flirting, but rather only the interest in exy
    • “you play exy right? i bet you’re really good! maybe i should come watch one of your games sometime ;)”
    • “yeah we’re a really great team. i’m actually the captain of our team and it can be a mess sometimes but we always pull through. do you have an interest in exy?”
    • “no, i would just love to watch you play though ;)”
    • “um okay. well we have a game this friday if you want to come watch and support the team.”
    • (neil then gets a text from andrew that just says ‘roof’ and tries to make the speediest exit possible)
    • “well, it was nice talking to you janice. i hope you can come support our team”
    • “it’s jessica.”
    • “oh right okay. bye.”

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schmidtyho  asked:

hey!! im tryna get into the nwhl and i was told you would be a good person to come to just to ask about your fav teams and players just to tell me some basic stuff about them?

If you’re completely new to the league i’d recommend reading THIS & THIS it has basic facts on how to follow the league + links to all the NWHL twitters which you in my opinion must follow to follow the league & they give insight on the players & the teams ! + They’re really cute and have a bunch of interactions.

OK this turned into more of a me talking about some of my faves on every team + some basic info about the teams! And since I have a lot of strong feelings about this league this post is kinda long so I’m putting facts about my fave players on the 4 NWHL teams under the cut!

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find boyfriend!jungkook (here) 

  • jimin is a hopeless romantic that finds cute couples in the movies with their elaborate confession scenes to be an example of how he should confess to you, but at the same time jimin has a habit of compulsively acting on his feelings 
  • so do expect his confession to come out of nowhere; you two might even be hanging out with the rest of bangtan, maybe somewhere out shopping and while you and jimin are separated from the rest, you’ll turn to him and laugh about something arbitrary and in that second your laugh will come crashing down on him like a ray of light and he’ll just go ‘i love you’ and you’ll probably drop whatever youre holding but you know 
  • jimin can’t take it back now and it looks like you’re going to have to give him an answer (which is hopefully a,,, ‘good to know - i love you too!’) 
  • your first date is probably way over-the-top because jimin wants to impress and so you’d find yourselves probably at some restaurant in which you’re sure the prices are too high but jimin is dressed in a nice suit and tie and you’re trying not to laugh because this is supposed to be a first date, casual you know, but here he is being so much more than casual
  • but you know it isn’t awkward, because jimin is still the same smiley, adorable person you’ve grown fond of. he makes jokes throughout dinner, but gets red in the ears when complimenting you on your necklace or outfit
  • his voice shakes a little when he tries to get the word ‘gorgeous’ out and you pretend not to notice as he looks away and scratches his neck but omg park jimin you are the CUTEST 
  • afterwords you think it cant get anymore romantic (and ok cheesier) than that but oh no jimin is really gonna make this first date special
  • so somehow you two end up on the roof of the bighit building and you’re like ???!?!? jimin and he’s like don’t worry!!!
  • brings out a blanket he stashed somewhere and spreads it out for you two to sit on and honestly youre still a little confused until jimin points up and with a smile asks you what it is you see in the sky
  • and then it all makes sense you two are stargazing and you’re just like enchanted by the night sky view but jimin,,,,, he’s enchanted by looking at you…………his own personal moon and stars (im getting real greasy i know bare w me)
  • and u know after jimin drapes his coat around your shoulders and you feel his hesitant hand on your shoulder you turn to him and tell him that this is the best date youve had in your entire life and jimin would honestly fall over from joy (and he does when he gets back to the dorm he’s just so happy he jumps on the bed and yoongi is probably like oh my gfod and taehyung is just like DUDE HOW DID IT GO and jimin is just a bubbling mess about how amazing it all was and taehyung is patting his back like !!!!! im so proud and jungkook’s rolling his eyes like stargazing how cheesy hyung but honestly all of bts is so happy for him)
  • your next couple of dates aren’t as ~fancy~ as the first, but jimin sticks to being super romantic and even a little c*rny u could say with like movie dates, taking cute couple selfies in photobooths u find, sharing cotton candy at amusement parks, indoor ice-skating, or you know just sitting in the corner of a cafe completely wrapped up in your own world with him because when jimin is with you it’s just you - no one else like you could be walking the busy streets of seoul pushed by the crowds and jimin only feels and is only focused on your hand in his
  • also ok the first kiss is just as spontaneous as his confession because lbr he’d probably spend days upon days daydreaming about how to make it perfect but like
  • you come over one day to bighit with a couple of snacks for everyone and jimin stops practicing to come over and you know thank you and while all the members are distracted by the snacks and you turn to jimin with the warmest, softest smile he’s just like 
  • frick it im going in
  • and kisses you and it’s like gentle and just so pure and natural that it can’t even be awkward even though u didnt see it coming because kissing park jimin is just right 
  • and after the first kiss honestly jimin just cannot get enough he loves skinship and intimacy and the fact that he can now kiss you whenever is just like mindblowing to him so he does it so much tbh
  • u guys sitting on the couch watching old music shows? jimin leans in to kiss u. it’s 4 am after practice and jimin begged you to come and see him and now you’re eating chicken skewers at the corner grocery both in sweat pants? jimin leans in to kiss you (and steal some of your chicken skewer). all of bts is playing monopoly and u just bankrupted jimin? WHO CARES HE STILL LEANS IN TO KISS U!!! BOY IS SO HAPPY TO !! KISS !! U !!! 
  • also the fun thing about jimin is that you learn that he gives three types of kisses
  • the basic kind are just those gentle brush of the lips kisses, those kisses that are short but sweet and happen all the time 
  • you guys kiss like this in front of the members and just like whenever possible u know like jungkook somewhere in the back will be like ‘gross’ but its not gross its fuckin cute shut it maknae
  • then theres the really romantic kind of kisses where he holds you around the waist, looks into your eyes and leans in with suspense,,,, these kisses are long, focusing on letting his tongue massage yours and are relatively neat with periodic stops to the breathe 
  • jimin kisses you like this when u two are alone, maybe holding each other in bed or after a late night date and no one else is around it’s the special kind of kiss you only keep between yourself 
  • (also if jin saw jimin do this he would be like my CHILD ur too young to know how to do this and ud get scolded by mom over here so yeah - these kisses bts doesn’t know about heHE) 
  • ………and the other type of kiss is when jimin is going wild and he really - really - needs you 
  • these are sloppy, with his hands tangled in your hair and his mouth concentrating not only on your lips but on every part of your body lots of lip biting and skin nipping from this one 
  • you only get to the third kind of kisses when u guys are like super comfortable with skinship and all that and tbh the first time jimin pulls it out youre kind of like ????!?!?!?!?!? holy moly where did this come from but then in the back of ur head its like u expected this 
  • like jimin is /soft/ but then jimin is also park freaking jimin whose swole and runs his tongue across his lip when looking at u from across the room and whose bedroom eyes are just top notch and make ur heart beat so fast and guess what
  • park jimin knows what he can do to you with one single look so yeah RIP
  • but anyway where was i yes so as the relationship progresses you know already that jimin loves skinship
  • so cuddling is a must like jimin always has the need to have some part of his body on urs aka like his arm around your shoulder or his chin in your hair or even like if u two are laying on the floor playing a video game like he’ll put his legs over urs
  • and ull be like jimin let me put my legs over urs instead
  • and hes like noooooo this is comfy and ur like jimin and he just drops the controller and like climbs over so he’s like hovering over you and starts attacking ur face in kisses
  • and tbh like this is jimin’s response to everything: kisses all of ur face
  • and u love it but u like pretend to scrunch up ur nose and refuse to kiss him back and jimin gets whiny and pouty and nuzzles ur nose with his and its so cute
  • until like yoongi walks in on u 2 and is like ohmygof get a ROOM and jimin is like hyung we are in a room and ur like rofl and yoongi is like im done with this goodbye
  • tbh dating jimin means being close with bts esp taehyung and jungkook who like tease the crap out of you two but are so goddamn proud and happy for jimin
  • tbh like jimin brags about u nonstop for the first couple of months of dating that like taehyung texts u the : please turn off ur boyfriend he’s told me about the pretty color of ur eyes like 500 times im going to explode sos 
  • jungkook sorta just makes faces about jimin talking about u or when u two like huge or kiss or do anything hes like love is so gross but tbh jungkook is the first person to remind jimin that ur birthday is coming up or things like that unexpectedly because as much as he goes at his friend for thing and that and laughs at his expense, jungkook is really happy to see jimin finally have someone to support him because jimin has been bts’s support since the beginning so jungkook is happy someone aka u is there to protect his hyung
  • also ok u know what would be adorable like jungkook and taehyung telling u lil embarrassing secrets about jimin like the way he idk drools in his sleep sometimes tbh taehyung takes a photo and sends it to u
  • hoseok yoongi jin and namjoon also all show gratitude to u for taking care of jimin because tbh they know he can be fragile sometimes and idk u make him shine so bright and when he sees ur photo on his phone or when he comes back from hanging out with u hes so much more vibrant and they all just pat ur back like u did good, keep him safe
  • jimin really likes getting handmade stuff from u also like i feel like if u make him a card or a little bracelet or even just write him a letter he’ll like keep all these things from you in a box close to like his bed and if he goes on tour overseas he takes it with him because like its a part of you that you gave to him and he ,,,, loves it
  • once jungkook read the letters as a joke tho and jimin straight up didnt talk to him for like a week
  • you and jimin own the embarrassing ‘he’s mine’ ‘they’re mine’ sweaters tbh 
  • jimin wore his during practice and namjoon stood in front of the arrow and jungkook sent u a pic like ‘looks whose trying to steal ur man’ 
  • jimin practically lives in the bts practice room before comebacks so u dont really have dates or time to see each other in that hectic period but when u surprise him by coming over he just launches himself into ur arms and goes limp like ‘im sooooo tired just let me die here’ and ur like ‘no u gotta practice!!’ and he’s like ‘i know but ur so warm and i love u let me stay here a while’
  • yoongi: looking into the camera like hes on the office while u and jimin fill up the whole room with hearts and like warm love
  • but seriously like ur jimin’s encouragement just ur being makes him wanna do more and be better and he shows u his dance routine and ur just like seal clapping like ur amazing and ok listen jimin lives off compliments and if its u complimenting him??? well that just makes it that much better
  • he gets all blushy, scratching his neck like ‘it’s not that good’ and u jump up to grab his face in ur hands and be like nO it is THAT good and he just looks into your eyes and this smile spreads on his face and he presses his forehead to urs like yeah,,,, i tried my best for u hehe
  • u two just giggling pressing ur foreheads together HOW CUTE
  • u and jimin do like face masks together omf
  • ur pajamas are literally like shorts + one of jimin’s hoodies and jimin’s is just sweatpants so freaking cute
  • also jimin is strong so do expect him like lift u in his arms (mostly to show off how strong he is) but also like if u ever get sick like jimin will overreact and be like: i gotta carry u everywhere no im not letting u take one step i s2g 
  • and ur like rolling ur eyes like park jimin how do u expect to carry me and feed me soup at the same time??? and jimin is so headstrong sometimes he’ll be like I WILL find a WAY
  • but really jimin is super protective and worried he just wants you to be super safe and happy and if u even so much as grimace at something hes on high alert like !!!!! are u ok?? do u need me to call an ambulance?? DO u need me to get jin??? im getting jin- 
  • so a lot of the times u end up having to be like ‘jimin it’s ok please chill’ and hes like ??? i dont chill when my angel is in trouble
  • jimin calling u angel ok moving on
  • also speaking of jin like when u come over and are having dinner with bts u like feed jimin off ur fork and u two giggle and jimin probably wants to pull u into his lap and jin has to like snap his fingers like kids no not at the table roFL
  • u once found jimin laying down on the floor after vocal practice and he was like sleeping so u like covered him with a blanket and curled into his side and when he woke up he just curled around u too and u looked like two sleeping kittens so cute (jin took a pic) (jungkook suggested pouring cold water on the two of you)
  • also jimin likes to workout and exercise so he probably like gets u to go out jogging with him and ur like jimin rip i cant do this anymore and hes like no !!! we gotta go another mile ok!!! and jimin’s so bright his attitude just gives u the energy to do it
  • afterwords jimin probably feels bad he made u run with him and massages ur shoulders the ideal bf 
  • whenever ur the one thats tired from work/school/etc jimin has u lay ur head on his shoulder and he runs his fingers thru ur hair and sings whatever song u want him to in a low, gentle voice and its just so calming 
  • also ok jimin sends u like snapchats and selfies all the gotdamn time and if u dont reply he blows up ur phones notifications so please reply or he’ll run up ur cellphone bill tbh
  • jimin sending u fake crying snaps cuz jungkook keeps being a dweeb and namjoon wont stop nagging and ur like ‘rip bro’ and jimin is like ‘rip bro??? im ur boyfriend?? did u brozone me/??’
  • taehyung snaps u back like 4 min later like ‘U BROZONED UR bOYFRIEND’ 
  • u try not to laugh outloud at work/school because o m f
  • but its ok u and jimin never really fight when u two argue jimin ends up apologizing even when it might not be his fault because all he wants to do is wrap his arms around your waist and just hold u and he cant do that when ur angry and he wouldnt want to sacrifice being with u for anything so he’s fine with taking the blame
  • also like u two probably just silently get over it like u walk into the lvingin room with a tub of ice cream, sit down beside jimin, he wraps his arm around your shoulder and u two put on a disney movie and eat out of the tub as a peace offering 
  • jimin likes it when u sit inbetween his legs he likes resting his chin in ur hair ;; so soft and cute
  • also he does this thing where he kisses behind ur ear and ur like thats ticklish so u get back by like lightly kissing his knuckles or palm and jimin giggles cuz that also tickles but u 2 r so gentle
  • and like tbh as much as it is fun and loving to be with him u know jimin gets dragged down by a lot of stress in his life and u want to be there for him and u want to assure him that he’s the most important, most special person you know and honestly that is what he needs
  • he needs someone who he wholeheartedly trusts to hold him and tell him his value because park jimin is invaluable, he is the kindest soul and when you tell him that he believes it and it just makes him bloom with happiness
  • and that is what we all want right right
  • also he needs someone to protect him from jungkook sometimes oh my god im laughing ur like holding jimin’s head to your chest and like swatting junkook away like in the cartoons thats adorable
  • also u and jimin getting matching necklaces that’d be cute ok im done 
Doubts and Kisses

Hey hey hey! So this was a suggestion given to my by @alexfierrno where Fierrochase and Solangelo meet :D

BTW this is BEFORE Fierrochase gets together and Magnus has an embarrassing crush on Alex and is scared to admit it cuz he thinks Alex is gonna decapitate him and Alex is practically pulling her hair out with how much she just wants Magnus to say the stupid words (cuz lbr, Alex probably would know the whole time).

So ye Fierrochase and Solangelo r gonna be brought together cuz

A n n a b e t h



Magnus has no idea why he is even here. Here at a camp where the children wore orange t-shirts and ran around with swords in their hands. Sure, that was exactly like Hotel Valhalla, but technically they where all already dead so there wasn’t the problem of accidentally killing someone, but the residents of Hotel Valhalla tended to be older that 12. It freaked Magnus out when he saw a kid no older than 9 flash a toothy grin at him as she brandished her sword, pintails flying. He almost had a heart attack when the boy, Leo, set himself on fire. Really, it was an interesting day.

On top of all of it, Alex was with him. As if he wasn’t nervous enough, Alex frickin Fierro had to be at his side the whole time. Magnus didn’t really know what to expect from the demigods, and if his dubious expression wasn’t enough, Alex had to laugh at everything he did. He would stutter as another Greek came up to him with some ability that was just crazy and when they finally went off to do who knows what, Alex would pinch his cheeks and call him cute. It took every ounce of his will power not to blush, but he did it anyway. 

Magnus wasn’t really sure how Alex could do it so casually. Show affection towards him without thinking that it could play with the feelings of a crush Magnus wished he didn’t have. How she kept playing with him and teasing him, without having any romantic desires. Without seeing that he had a crush on her. Of course, Alex obviously didn’t return any of these emotions. To her, her relationship with Magnus was 110% platonic and she never had the thoughts that Magnus had of kisses that ran past midnight and hands running through green hair. Magnus was a mess around Alex, and everyone knew it. 

“Look Maggie! There’s your cousin!” Alex says. Magnus can make out the outline of Annabeth standing by a tree. The sunlight caught on her blonde hair and she was talking animatedly to two boys who where practically leaning on each other they where so close. The boy with golden hair like Annabeth and Magnus had his arm over the shoulder of the boy with black hair, who was noticeably slouching. The clothing of the boy with golden curls was much more colorful than the other boy’s, who wore a deep void of black. They where literally the day and night. 

“C’mon. Let’s go say hi!” Alex says excitedly. For some reason, she has been super hyped about meeting Annabeth. Magnus isn’t even sure why, but he chose not to ask for reasons concerning keeping his head. 

“Alright.” They walked up the hill to the tree and as soon as they where in sight of Annabeth, she called out to them, “Magnus!” She ran up to him and hugged him. Magnus, feeling really awkward, pushed her off, but his was smiling brightly. 

“Annabeth! It’s so good to see you! This is my friend, Alex,” Magnus says, gesturing to Alex.

“Oh is she the one–HEY!” Magnus elbowed her in the ribs. He knew exactly what she was about to say, and Magnus was regretting ever telling her about his crush on Alex. Before Alex or Annabeth could say anything else, the two boys Annabeth was talking to earlier came over.

“Oh! Magnus, Alex. This is Will and Nico. Will, Nico. This is Magnus and Alex.” 

“’Sup,” Will said. Nico waved his hand shyly. 

“Hey,” Magnus said and Alex offered a hand. 

“Well, why don’t you guys talk a little bit while I go check on my idiot of a boyfriend. I swear, I can’t leave him alone for five minutes without him making a toilet explode or something.”

“Sure,” Magnus says, not wanting her to go. Strangers and Alex. Great. 

“So you’re the dude with the scary father?” Nico says.

“Girl. It’s girl unless I say otherwise. And why?” Magnus has to give Nico some credit, he doesn’t seem to fazed at the fact that Alex is gender fluid. He just looks 100% done with the world. That is, until he looks at Will. There is definitely chemistry there. 

“Oh. It’s just my dad was dubbed bad guy too.”

“No way!” They started to walk away.

“Goodbye, Death Boy!”

“Shut up, Solace.” 

“Don’t steal him while I’m gone,” Alex says, causing Magnus to turn a bright scarlet.

“The feeling is mutual, my friend,” Will says. Just before they disappear through the trees,  Magnus catches Nico blushing as he digs his hands in the pockets of his black sweater, looking a little like he’s storming off from embarrassment. Will giggles. 

“He always does that. Sit?” Will asks, gesturing to some logs nearby. Magnus shrugs and they sit down.

“Okay, dude, you have a crush on her,” Will says bluntly. 

“Wh–what?” Magnus chokes out. Will rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. 

“Dude. It is literally the most obvious thing in the world. Plus, Annabeth told me.”

“She did what?!” Magnus yells, drifting into hysteria. He should’ve known not to trust her.

“Dude, calm down. It’s not that bad. Just go for it. It’s what I did with Nico.”

“Wait. You two are… huh?” This is the stupidest Magnus has felt all day. 

“Yes. Me and Nico are dating.” There is a silence.

“How did it happen?” Will flashes back to the memory that is the happiest memory he had. 

It was one night during the campfire. Will insisted that he needed to be with Nico a little more often to help his “mental health”. In reality, Nico probably would’ve been fine with a few pills, but Will just wanted to spend more time with Nico. Somehow, Nico’s darkness touched the corners of his heart until his head filled with Nico’s dark curls and perfectly shaped lips. 

They where all singing campfire songs and being merry, but Nico was his usual self, staring menacingly at the fire. Will threw his arms around Nico’s shoulder and got him to sway with him.

“C’mon. Sing with us,” Will whispered in Nico’s ear.

“Why?” Nico said grumpily. 

“Because. Doctor’s orders,” Will said simply. That was the best part of his job. Whenever Nico doubts what Will tells him, he just shrugs and says, “Doctor’s orders.” And he gets away with it. Nico rolled his eyes but started to murmur the words. Will kept his arm over Nico’s shoulder. When a breeze blew through, Will subconsciously pulled Nico closer, which caused Nico to blush a bright scarlet. 

As soon as Will was in his right mind, he let go of Nico hurriedly. He was surprised to find Nico still at his side, shivering through his thin sweater. Nico grabbed Will’s shirt and turned him to face him. 

“Don’t let go,” he said, his teeth chattering. 

“I’ve got you,” Will said, pulling Nico closer. Nico settled his head on Will’s shoulder, breathing in deeply and letting out a happy sigh. Will was only partially aware of his hands combing Nico’s hair. This was the best possible moment for it. 


"Hmm?” Nico says sleepily. 

“I like you.” Finally, the words where off his chest. He felt free, like he reached the top of the highest mountain. 

“I like you to, Will.” Nico says, sounding confused. 

 "No, Nico. Like, like, like you.“ 

 "Oh….” Nico says. For a second, Will wonders if that was the best decision. Then, Nico turns his beautiful face to Will so he’s looking up at him. 

 "I do too,“ he says, hugging Will even tighter. Will felt his insides squirm as he rested the side of his head on top of Nico’s. He likes me. 

 On the other side of the woods, Nico and Alex where having an interesting conversation. 

 "You seem really comfortable with that boy,” Nico says. 

 "Yeah. He’s really great underneath that snarky exterior he puts on.“ 

 "You like teasing him?" 

 "Oh all the time. He’s just so easy to make fun of and he’s always getting so flustered. It’s a miracle he hasn’t found out…." 


 "Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? I like him. I like him a lot." 

 "And you don’t think he likes you?" 

 "I know he likes me." 

 "Then why don’t you ask him out?" 

 "I don’t know. Because he’s scared? Because the last thing we need is distractions when my father is still out there, plotting Ragnarok?" 

 "But that doesn’t mean you should let that stop you from achieving your happiness." 

 "But what if he doesn’t want to be with me?" 

 "I don’t understand your reasoning…." 

 "Being with me is confusing. My father is the evilest person there is, sometimes I just randomly take out my anger on people who don’t deserve it, and on top of it all, I’m genderfluid. Why would anyone want to be with someone who doesn’t even know what gender they want to be?” Alex says, collapsing on the ground with her head in her hands. 

 "I’m a mess.“ Nico crouched down to her, moving her hands away from her eyes. 

 "Alex… I’ve heard all of these wonderful things from you and Annabeth about how nice Magnus is. If he really did all of these things to help his friends, then I don’t think he’ll blow you off because of all of these things that make you, you. Before he fell in love with you, he knew everything that went into just being friends with you. Plus, if he breaks your heart just call me and I’ll raise a skeleton army for you." 

 "Aww Nico.” Alex felt tears start to stream down her face. She ran her fingers through her hair, took a shaky breath, and hugged Nico. 

 "Thank you. Thank you so much.“ She breaths. 

 "How about we get back to our boyfriends?" 

 "He isn’t my boyfriend." 

 "Not yet,” Nico says with a smirk. Alex rolls her eyes and they stand up, walking back to the tree together. When they saw Will and Magnus again, Alex walked straight up to him, her face set determinedly. Magnus backed himself up against the tree and winced. 

 "Magnus Chase,“ she booms. Magnus was practically trembling. Will and Nico shared a knowing smile. 

 In the end. Alex was not as patient as Will and Nico who still haven’t had their first kiss even though they’ve been dating for three years. She did not want to take Magnus gently into her arms and whisper "I love you,” until he finally believed her. No, she wanted him to know right now, and she wanted him, right now. 

 That’s why, instead of taking out her garrote as Magnus expected, she pressed her hands to his chest and dragged him towards her, guiding him to her lips. Magnus let out a startled cry, but then melted onto Alex, feeling the fireworks bursting between them. His hands dangled at his sides and Alex grabbed his hands, forcefully putting them on her waist. Magnus was practically swooning, the only thing holding him up was his back pressed against the tree. 

Alex whispered her thanks to all of the gods, Norse, Greek, and Roman alike, and felt like finally something was finally going right in her life. As quietly as possible, Nico and Will slipped away, leaving the two of them to sort out their feelings alone. Nico put his head on Will’s shoulder as he wrapped his arm around Nico’s waist. 

 "You know I love you, right?“ Nico asks. 

 "Of course, Neeks. I never had a doubt in my mind." 

 "Then why haven’t we kissed?” Will stopped in his tracks.

 "I-I-I didn’t think you’d want to.“  

"Gods, you’re as stupid as that Magnus guy." 

 "C-c-c-can I kiss you?" 

 "Your a dork,” Nico says as he pulls Will’s face towards his, pressing his lips to his. This was the confirmation. This was the confirmation that they belonged together as Nico felt Will radiate sunshine beneath his fingertips. Nico pulled away just enough so he could whisper against Will’s lips, “But you’re my dork.”


anonymous asked:

Hello~💖💕 I just found your blog and accidentally read everything. I love your writing so much, it's amazing~!! Could you maybe do RFA reacting to MC with really bad acne, like covers their entire face? I suffer from acne really bad and don't see many head canons of MC with it..

hey, love! first of all, tysm for your kind words! you have no idea how happy it makes us to know that you’re enjoying our content

now, as someone who also suffers from an annoying skin condition, I agree with you 100% and we gotta change that asap!! so here’s my take on your request, please let me know if you had something different in mind ^^

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • listen, this cutie patootie loves you deeply just as you are, and it’s never been a big deal for him, he barely even notices it?
  • therefore he has never mentioned anything about it.
  • nothing, nada.
  • but if someone even dares to stare at your face or make unsolicited remarks, he’ll have no mercy on them.
  • don’t underestimate the power of his death glare.
  • come on, he gets it, he’s had pimples before.
  • and he knows how annoying it is when people point them out as if they were entitled to do so.
  • uhm no one asked? for god’s sake.
  • feeling self-conscious about your pimples and your scars today?
  • he’ll remind you that the moon is covered in scars and is still pretty, and bright, and loved and praised by many.
  • or how about doing facials for one another? he’ll ask what works best for you so that you can try it together while watching movies! it’ll be like a slumber party.


  • does not care at all.
  • yes, he may go on and on about looks sometimes
  • to be more specific, his looks.
  • but he thinks the world of you regardless of your flaws?
  • he doesn’t mind pimples, or stretch marks, or scars.
  • you’re human and it’s normal for you to have them! that’s what great about bodies and there shouldn’t be any shame in that.
  • whenever you’re feeling down about it, he compliments you and reminds you how beautiful you actually are.
  • “but babe, it must have been god’s intention to curse you like this… you must have been way too perfect when he made you.”
  • besides, as he is an expert at skincare and knows plenty of tricks, he’ll come up with an excelent routine for the both of you to try (taking your dermatologist’s recommendations into account of course).
  • it’ll be kind of like your thing.


  • understands your position to an extent.
  • the pressure of having porcelain skin can be unbearable at times.
  • so she can’t even begin to imagine how rough you must have it.
  • still, she’s not the one to care for looks.
  • she didn’t care the first time you met, she doesn’t care now.
  • the only thing that matters here is that you feel happy and confident in your own skin.
  • and if there’s anything she can do to help you achieve that, never be afraid to let her know.
  • don’t worry, she’ll notice even if you don’t say anything.
  • you both end up sharing makeup and skincare tips, and looking for products that won’t damage your skin.
  • also!! if you have severe self-esteem issues, she’ll be constantly cheering for you!! she’ll suggest setting up resolutions to boost your confidence because she wants you to love yourself as much as she loves you.


  • this man
  • this man adores you to death.
  • he loves you for your heart and your mind.
  • and because you were his support system when he felt the most alone and unstable.
  • he couldn’t care less about how your face looks.
  • plus he’s always thought that appearances and conventional beauty are highly overrated.
  • that being said, he also believes that having a healthy body is important.
  • and he’s willing to do everything in his power to help you ease your skin disorder if that’s what you want/need.
  • he’ll get you appointments with his dermatologist (the best one in the country), pay for your treatments, and ask his chef to come up with an appropriate meal plan for you.
  • but he’ll always reassure you that it’s not about beauty, it’s about your health, and that you should embrace your best and worst qualities as those are what make you who you are.


  • this has never been an issue for him.
  • there’s so much to love about you…
  • and he always gets lost in your eyes and your lips anyway.
  • “acne who? the hell are you talking about, MC? I thought you had a galaxy on your face.”
  • if you ever express disgust or frustration due to your skin, or seem like you’re uncomfortable/in pain, he’ll find ways to cheer you up and make you laugh.
  • “eh? someone did this to you? someone is hurting you? unacceptable! don’t worry, MC, I’ll find their ugly butt and hack everything they love.”
  • “hmm, could it be an alien, though? an alien cat? what do you think? I’ll have to look into it.”
  • on one occasion he handed you a red marker and asked you to draw spots on his face.
  • “I want to feel what you feel.”
  • he adores you from head to toe, and he finds things like this so irrelevant, but if it’s troubling to you, it will be his duty to help you overcome it! (even if he fucks up at times, we all know how much of a dork he can be).


  • I think we’ve mentioned before how soft this man actually is !!!
  • it’s pretty obvious that he’s never put much thought into it.
  • he finds you beautiful, he was captivated by your unique personality, and he feels like you two have made a real connection.
  • and if you ever bring up the topic
  • because lbr here, he won’t say a word about it unless you do.
  • he’ll frown slightly and shake his head.
  • “oh?”
  • and then there’s a brief moment of realization right there: of all the times he’s brushed his hand against your cheek, or kissed your forehead and eyelids, of all the times he’s ever done the slightlest thing to you, have you ever felt insecure or uncomfortable?
  • …questions, he’ll ask lots of questions.
  • mainly about how you feel, if it’s affecting you physically and/or emotionally, if you’re taking care of yourself, and if you need his help.
  • he wants to know how to handle this situation so that he can avoid hurting you.

anonymous asked:

13 Reasons Why has faced a lot of criticism for telling the story of a teenage girl via a white male author, but Why We Broke Up is also the story of a teenage girl told via a white male author. I was wondering if there is a difference between the way these two narratives are handled that makes Why We Broke Up a positive book for young girls, but makes 13RW a damaging one?

Ooh, that’s a good question. (Was this because of my MFA thesis that dealt with WWBU, or just because I post a lot about liking that book?)

A/N: When I say “The Other” here, I literally mean “writing any perspective that is other than the writer’s own identity. When I write a bisexual character or a heterosexual character, that is me writing The Other. Women who write slash, for example, are inherently writing The Other. ANY white author writing a character of color is writing The Other. Able-bodied authors writing disabled characters are The Other. Skinny/non-fat authors writing fat protagonists is The Other, and one that is done poorly… a lot… in both YA and adult chick lit. Etc. This DOES NOT PERTAIN TO “well, my protagonist is a vampire, so CLEARLY they’re The Other,” because a) duh, and b) the paranormal is always an allegory and the sooner you get that, the better your writing will be, etc. For more on the terminology of Writing The Other, see

In fact, at least look at their Resources page regardless of who or what you write or read, in general.

So. Off the top of my head, to me, there are three main things that differentiate a Problematic Book About The Other from a Book About The Other That Was Done Respectfully, which both 13RW and WWBU are.

1) Does the author recognize their privilege with respect to the protagonist and subvert it with intention?

2) Does the author recognize the limits of their empathetic imagination and likewise limit their book’s scope in an effort to reduce harm?

3) Does the author recognize that their privilege does not give them the right to create/perform a narrative identity for the purpose of teaching the Other how to be/perform that identity?

Or more simply: do they recognize that their perspective is inherently different from their protagonist’s and allow for that difference in the actual craft of the writing, do they recognize their limitations when it comes to necessary gravities and empathetic imagination, and are they respectful of their character or trying to use their character as a megaphone?

In the case of WWBU and 13RW, I think WWBU comes out ahead on all three points, but #2 is the most important/biggest sticking point here.

Why We Broke Up is a story with a metric fuckton less gravity than 13 Reasons Why. Handler made the smart choice here. If you are going to write a story about any of the topics in 13RW on its own – let alone all smooshed together into one story – then it needs to be given the gravity of its full weight. An adult man writing about a teenage girl’s suicidal ideation is never going to accurately depict that experience because… honestly?

No person writing about someone else’s suicidal ideation is going to accurately depict that experience. ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY so if you do not understand the perspectives that inform it and are informed by it. Even though I am a queer Jewish girl, I would never, never, never think that I had the right to write about a suicidal queer Christian girl. I do not understand how that feels. I do not understand the role of the church and the weight of Christianity in that identity. Even if I can imagine it, and I can put myself in those shoes with research, and I interview people who’ve been there and I read every memoir I can on the topic and immerse myself in going to church for a few weeks to be able to depict the setting and the flavor… the gravity of that perspective is just too heavy.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that the combination of those identities, together, and the stakes of the plotline – of the choices – are too fraught. They are life or death. If you’re writing The Other, and the “life or death” stakes AREN’T like, a “whoa is this minotaur going to maul us if I don’t swing this mysterious sword I inherited?” kind of thing, you are much, much more likely to fuck up. It’s not your story to tell. If those identities in themselves are what create the Life Or Death stakes, and you don’t share those identities, you just aren’t gonna get it right. Like. You’re just not.

The stakes in WWBU are… more or less nonexistent. Which I mean as a compliment! WWBU is a character study, and the character in question has an admittedly charmed life for a Jewish teenage girl. The worst things that happen to her in the book are consensual, if regrettable and regretted, sex – which I honestly which showed up more in YA, because lbr teenage sex is Not Good – and being cheated on. No one is going to die. No matter what Min chooses, no matter how Min reacts, no matter where Min is, no matter who Min talks to, no matter Why They Broke Up, everyone in the story is going to live. Handler is able to exercise his empathetic imagination fully, immersing himself in Min’s perspective of the world, because that is the whole story. The whole story is “what is Min’s perspective on why she and Ed Slaterton broke up.” That, in itself, is a challenge for an adult male writer to manage respectfully, and I think Handler recognized that when he chose not to pile on a bunch of extraneous Issues.

Which is Point #3. I have to preface here:

I fuckin’ hate Issue Books.

And I fuckin’ hate them because almost without exception, they’re really, really bad.

And they’re really, really bad because 99.9% of the time, Issue Books are borne of adults going, “I want to teach teens a thing. Those whippersnappers are gonna get off my lawn with their FEELINGS and their NOT UNDERSTANDING THINGS FROM AN ADULT PERSPECTIVE. Myah!”

Fuck that shit. It’s so 1985.

And also 1995.

And like. Okay, for a LONG time, like up until the late ‘90s/early 2000s, Issue Books were basically ~the point of YA, as far as the industry was concerned. Teens R Dum N Adults Teach Them That If You Drink And Drive You Will Have Sex And Die. Or something. Also that one joint is the equivalent of 9000 crack rocks.

I digress.

The point here is, there intrinsic problems with Issue Books like 13RW, and they all boil down to the characters not being characters. Instead, they are Ideas. (And not in an F. Scott Fitzgerald Daisy-is-the-unattainable-green-light way.)

You cannot write a meaningful, engaging book without characters. You can’t! You literally cannot. This is a thing that Laura Ruby was really strict about when I worked with her. Even if you know that your story is About More Than It Seems, with regard to allegories to the patriarchy and heavy themes and gravity and shit, your characters have to be characters. And if all they exist to do is teach the reader something? They don’t have the latitude for that.

Every character, every scene, every “reason why” is meant to be instructional. And for the era that the book came out – 2006 – that totally makes sense! That’s basically how YA that wasn’t about vampires WORKED in 2006! But that. Um. Isn’t.



The framework of 13RW – an adult male author using the violation and death of a teenage girl to teach a teenage boy, and ostensibly the female reader through that male main character, a lesson – is… icky. Especially when the mission is accomplished by a) repeatedly violating said female protagonist, which I understand is both unfortunately realistic and also given its due consequence via her suicide, but also b) by showing how that consequence affects a male character.



“Now, V,” you say, “Did Min not write her whole letter to Ed in the hopes that he will change?”

“Perhaps,” I say, “But we never have to give a shit about Ed Slaterton’s future. We never have to give a shit about Ed Slaterton’s feelings. He doesn’t matter in the novel [Min’s letter] and – the whole resolution of the story is that he doesn’t matter to Min.”

Min’s only suffering – her pain at being cheated on – changed her. And only her. And in the scope of suffering, between Hannah’s and Min’s, they’re incomparable. Genuinely, their suffering is incomparable. Compared to Hannah, calling Min’s pain “suffering” feels flippant and gross to me. Min is hurt. Hannah is destroyed. Literally.

Which is kind of a big, and important, difference on its own between these two books. One male author created his female protagonist to exist, and to grow, and to thrive. IF Ed Slaterton has to be considered, as the recipient of the novel of a letter – even then, Min doesn’t exist to teach him a lesson. Min exists to teach herself a lesson and then go, “And fuck you, Ed, boy bye.” Why We Broke Up is squarely, intensely, almost redundantly about Min. It is Min’s story.

The other created a female protagonist to be raped, and demeaned, and to die. To teach a boy a lesson. The book isn’t about Hannah. It’s about Clay. It’s Hannah’s story, but it’s about Clay. Which… casts Hannah’s entire life, her entire existence, as having been… about Clay. She existed so that Clay could learn a thing. And that’s bullshit.

(And this is long enough, so, for why I think Handler succeeded at point #1 – writing Min as a genuine character he respected and subverted his own privilege in POV to allow her to be a realistic and empathetically crafted teenage girl – read said thesis.

It’s even longer.


since i have a pornstar muse i want all the plots for her so here are the following aus that i would love to have.

  • roommates who are broke af and need money so they enter into an amateur homemade video where they fuck for the first time. but no, of course they didn’t feel that passion between the two of them. they’re just best friends. wait what? they won? now they’re offered a multi-million dollar deal to do weekly videos. now they have an excuse to fuck those feelings out.
  • the bright young actress that comes to hollywood but just can’t find a part. in her hands arrives a full on acting part in a porno. at first it’s merely a speaking part, but she watches wide eye at how much fun the actors have, how much money they make, and all the attention they receive. it’s tempting. so tempting that next time she tries out for that cliche school girl role. pigtails and all. the casting directors are so mesmerized by her that they cast her. next thing she knows she’s in front of the most handsome ( and lbr biggest dick ) she has ever seen in her life. a fantasy come true. he fucks her so good that she swears she sees stars and falls in love. the movie is a hit and they end up racking in a multi-movie franchise deal and maybe have to deal with the fact that they want to spend time with each other outside of set.
  • little freshly eighteen high school graduate. miss perfect with a little secret. she earns all those dollars for those fancy clothes ( not because she’s modeling ) but because she’s a cam girl. nightly she strips her clothes off for an audience over the internet. her secret doesn’t last long when her best friend stumbles across one of her live streams. completely enamored by her. at first he doesn’t tell her. watches her lowkey every night. swears he falls more in love with the girl he grew up with. then one night while they sit on the roof top, slightly tipsy, he admits to her that he knows her secret. completely baffled and taken aback, she makes him promise not to tell anyone. but she doesn’t need to worry. he’s very good at keeping things secret. maybe she even invites him in as a guest one night. 
  • king and queen of porn. the household names that everyone rushes to the sex shop to buy their new releases. the a-list of the adult film world. a couple that people swear are in love though they deny it at every chance they get. they flirt during interviews, maybe even hook up on lonely nights. but they swear it’s nothing more than physical attraction. 
  • an inexperienced girl with the hotshot pornstar. maybe she was casted while shopping one day. tempted into trying her hand at the adult film industry. she’s bashful at first because she knows of him. maybe a little starstruck. but the moment she kisses him, she realizes that reality is much better than any of the videos she watched. he, on the other hand, is enamored by her innocent. it’s far different than he’s worked with before. he wants to show her all the ropes. turn her into someone big. protect her all costs. this one is cute, but obviously the sex ends up being mind blowing. and she can turn into that sex kitten that everyone loves to watch.
YoungK Barista!au

-          So I know I said this with the YoungK flowershop!au as well, but I just feel like any youngk standing behind a counter serving things to people is going to have his sleeves shoved up to his elbows. Always. But if it’s a little nicer of a coffee shop, then it’s a really light blue, nice textured button up and they’re rolled instead of shoved

-          He’s a pretty chill barista

-          He doesn’t really strike up big long conversations with his customers, but he’ll small talk them while he gets their drinks ready and he’s pretty pleasant

-          The coffee shop has a very open feel to it. There are lots of big windows. Not full wall type windows, but like four feet wide, start at about mid thigh height and go up almost to the top of the walls

-          Most of the walls are a very light, almost white, greyish mauve

-          And then there’s a dark grey accent wall along one side that really makes it pop

-          Next to the section of counter that YoungK serves from, there’s a dark, weathered wood bar with those eggish bar stool things? Like the shiny plastic really bubbly bar stools… It’s hard to explain. Just those plastic rounded off bar stools on metal legs

-          And the floor is pretty big, there are plenty of tables and plenty of space

-          And he has lots of different kinds of roasts. Like if you’re a purist with your coffee and like to try lots of different kinds of beans or roasts and stuff as opposed to fancy drinks, then he’s got the stuff for you. In fact, he’ll even give you free samples of the unusual stuff if you’re nice

-          But he’s also got stuff for the people who are really there for glorified adult milkshakes and hot cocoa (me. And probably most of us here, lbr)

-          He’s got lots of refined adult milkshake type drinks with deep chocolate flavors, and some nice chai, and the occasional vanilla latte with a touch of pumpkin spice maybe

-          Like really mature feeling types of drinks. None of that strawberry, caramel, quadruple shot chocolate syrup marshmallow macchiato. We’re talking simple, refined stuff with a touch of added sweetness to get the serotonin and the dopamine aflowin’

-          So the first time you walk into the shop is when you’ve been working practically all night on a term project, got about three and a half hours of sleep from 3:30 to 7, and got up to finish the project before your noon class

-          So, naturally, you go out to load up on caffeine as you work on the project on your laptop at a corner table

-          When you go up to the counter to order, you look exhausted and YoungK notices

-          “You look like you’ve had quite a night. Term stuff?”

-          “Yeah, how’d you know?”

-          “Well, you look kind of college and it is about that time, and you’re there early in the morning for caffeine with a laptop”

-          “Oh. Yeah, I just need something to get me through to my noon class. What’s the strongest thing you have?”

-          He laughs lightly and tells you he can fix you up, in fact he’ll bring it to you in a minute so you can get started and not have to wait. Partly because he’s just a nice guy, but also partly because in spite of looking like you haven’t slept in weeks, you’re actually still kind of pretty

-          So he rings you up, and then you take your seat, and a couple minutes later, he brings you a piping hot, highly caffeinated, Columbian roast with a quiche that you didn’t pay for and a fork

-          Because he understands the struggle and appreciates the magic of caffeine

-          But also because, as he says, “I have a hunch you haven’t eaten yet and you need food too, so it’s on the house”

-          And he gives you a sweet, borderline flirty smile. BORDERLINE.

-          So your project goes well, and you decide that that is a nice barista guy at the coffee shop, so naturally, you make that your go to stop for all highly caffeinated needs

-          So the next day on your way home from school, you stop there for a sweet little pick me up to ward off the dreary weather and the fact that your friend just cancelled a girls night in

-          It’s not terribly busy, because it’s three o’clock on a Thursday and its kind of rainy and dull, so people are mostly either at work or at home

-          And you walk up to the counter, and he seems to recognize you in spite of your only having been there once before

-          “Oh hi there!” He says pleasantly with a smile. “What can I get you?”

-          So you order your drink, and he starts prepping it after ringing you up.

-          “So how’d the term project go?”

-          “Oh, it went great, thanks. The quiche actually helped, so thanks for that.”

-          “Glad I could help.”

-          And that was that. He gave you your drink with another smile, and you went over to your little corner table by the window to watch the rain, sip on your drink, and tap away at your laptop

-          Granted, you’d been planning on taking the drink home with you, but you’d decided sometime between the welcoming look you got while ordering your drink from YoungK and the little smile you got from him as he handed it to you that it might be more pleasant just to stay and enjoy your cup sitting down while it was hot

-          After all, his shop had a great view

-          Inside and out

-          The rain wasn’t the only thing that was nice to watch

-          YoungK thought so as well

-          If you catch my drift

-          So once you finished your drink, you headed out to go back home

-          And then a few days later, after your finals, you went to his shop again to wind down before you went out with your friends to celebrate

-          Because after all, his shop always had a way of brightening your spirits

-          So it was pretty full right now because your finals schedule had put you there at the end of rush hour

-          So you wound up sitting at the bar right next to where he works

-          So the two of you got to talking as he worked and as you drank and did your thing on your laptop

-          So you were there, drinking your coffee, and eating a pastry, for a good half an hour while he just worked and talked with you as he worked

-          Until you were about to get up to leave

-          And he walked over to the bar where you were and stood behind it, leaning his palms on the counter

-          “Hey, I know you’re going out with friends tonight to celebrate the end of the semester, but if after that you still need some more celebrating, just stop by here around six tomorrow evening and I can take you out for dinner, my treat. If you want.”

-          So you have a great time with your friends, telling them about your upcoming date with the interesting new barista

-          And then the next night, you actually head over to the coffee shop to meet up with him for dinner, and he smiles when he sees you as he’s locking the place up

-          He takes you to this Korean bbq place that’s really good, and the two of you get a corner table and have a blast

-          And the two of your hands brush occasionally as you pass chopsticks and food, and flirtatious comments are passed back and forth, followed closely by flirtatious glances, the whole enchilada

-          And then when you guys get back to the shop in his car, because your car is still there so he had to drop you off there, he opens the car door for you and while you two are standing there, hands you his number and says “hey, this was fun, and I’d love to see you again outside of the shop. So if you enjoyed this too, then just text me and we can do it again sometime soon.”

-          So that spot at the bar right by him becomes your permanent place

-          And even when it’s busy, you can usually get that spot because all of the usuals start torecognize you and they know that that stool is where the barista’s girl sits

-          And you guys talk while he works, and you get work done on your laptop

-          And then when he closes up shop, the two of you often get food together, or you just sit tight at the shop and enjoy the quiet and eat some of the leftover pastries

-          One of those nights, about a week after he first asked you out, you two had just finished a pastry each, and you were both heading out

-          He locked the door behind you two as you left, and when you turned to say goodbye to each other, he stopped for a second, leaned forward about an inch before stopping again to look at you

-          Then he leaned in to give you a soft peck on the cheek

-          And your heart started beating a mile a minute and you didn’t know this but secretly so did his

-          In fact his heart actually had been beating a mile a minute since you two got up to leave because that’s when he’d decided to do this, but he had done a very good job of keeping it all under wraps

-          So after the little cheek kiss, he leaned back just a couple inches, only enough that though he was stil kind of next to your face instead of in front of it, he could turn his head a little and look out of the corner of his eyes to look at you and gage your reaction

-          After the initial tingle and flutters subsided, you looked up at him and turned your head towards him just a little so that you were facing him and your lips were only centimeters away from his own

-          After one final brief pause, he closed the gap, so softly, and kissed you on the lips

-          It was really gentle, and simple, and his hand reached up to just barely cup your cheek

-          When he pulled away, you were both smiling with little blushies dusting both of your cheeks, and after a moment, he broke the silence

-          “See you tomorrow?”

ghost!minhyuk [REQUESTED]
  • so this is for the mx supernatural au anon
  • i’m doing vampires and werewolves later on so imma do ghost!minhyuk
  • okay so
  • he has absolutely no idea why he died
  • or why he’s a ghost for that matter
  • so he’s just literally been living through the people who live in the apartment he’s haunting
  • and he gets really invested in their lives but they can never see him
  • he always just helps them out 
  • like when he helps that one nerdy tenant with his games 
  • that tenant always wins the game if he plays in the apartment
  • and like he also helped the art major who ALWAYS almost drinks paint water 
  • but he has these weird habits that creeps out the tenants
  • like he always sings with them in the shower
  • and they always leave bc they’re scared of him 
  • poor bby
  • he’s been haunting your new apartment for 15 years now
  • and like no one has lived there for longer than 3 months 
  • apparently they can hear weird singing in the shower at like 3 am 
  • and since you are vv broke and the apartment is vv cheap, you were like what the hell
  • and you could feel something was wrong with the house even as you were checking it out but
  • cHEAP APARTMENT how does one pass that opportunity up? 
  • plus, you got this neighbor named wonho who’s hot and hella ripped
  • soooooo, you don’t really mind. moving on
  • so when you moved in nothing was weird 
  • like in your first day everything was so ordinary that you thought the land owner was just messing with you
  • like, there’s no flickering lights? it doesn’t get chilly at all? the picture frames don’t really move? 
  • but really, you just spoke too soon
  • bc like, as you were getting ready for bed at like 1am bc you gotta hella stuff to do
  • you had a lot of dramas you needed to watch ok
  • so when you were having your shower jamming to mcr
  • you suddenly hear someone singing along with you
  • and it sounds good and you don’t really mind it until you realize that your neighbor wonho went out and there’s no one living on your other side bc your apartment is at the end of the hallway
  • and like the voice is male
  • and the floor below you is an old woman. the one above you is a college student who’s also a girl
  • so who are you having a duet with?
  • and your mildly creeped out bc holy shit is there a ghost in your apartment?
  • and we all know the answer is yes
  • so you try to calm your shaking hands and trying your hardest to pray bc that’s what your friend changkyun does when he’s gonna eat, when he’s scared, when he’s gonna study, when he’s going to cook bc he can’t cook for shit
  • your surprised by the ghost saying ‘you have an awesome music taste’
  • and you almost scream (keyword: ALMOST) 
  • but then minhyuk covers your mouth and reveals himself
  • like ‘surprise? please don’t scream, halmeoni is sleeping downstairs.’
  • and you don’t scream because somehow this ghost? seems? really? nice? and also rlly attractive 
  • and so he’s like ‘my name is minhyuk. im a ghost’
  • you: no shit sherlock.
  • but yeah 
  • him: wait. you can see me?
  • you: dude. why would you talk to me in the first place? if you didn’t think i saw you?
  • him: uh it was an experiment. the old tenants can only hear me, that’s why they get scared. but you can see me right?
  • and you’re like: yeah
  • him: omg! im not dreaming right? tell me this is a dream!
  • you: idk you tell me
  • and you literally had a whole conversation with minhyuk about how long he’s been a ghost and if he knew about the hot neighbor
  • and you only realize that you were nude when minhyuk pointed it out
  • which ends up with both of you guys blushing 
  • so he leaves the bathroom to give you time to fix yourself and contemplate if you’re leaving or not
  • and he lowkey doesn’t want you to leave bc you’re the first person who actually saw him and held a conversation with him
  • and he even paces back and forth outside of the bathroom while you’re dressing
  • and when you get out he’s like ‘i understand if you want to leave the apar-’
  • but you cut him off with a ‘nah, you may be a ghost but you seem aight. plus the apartment is cheap’
  • and he sMILES
  • and you sort of feel like every problem you had just resolved itself on its own
  • and his smile is so beautiful you just? 
  • you can’t help but smile back at him
  • and its a hell of a ride from then on
  • you gain an alarm clock and a radio oh and a friend
  • he always wakes you up on time,,,,,,, but that doesn’t mean he does it nicely
  • he literally screams in your ears until you get up from your bed
  • and he always sings you to sleep aWWWWW minhyuk sing me to sleep pls
  • and he also watches rom com movies/dramas with you and you don’t even have to ask, he always asks you first
  • and he also says these really corny pickup lines from time to time
  • but he mostly says puns
  • he even picks out your outfit bc he has good fashion sense
  • and it’s almost like you have a boyfriend
  • and honestly, you don’t really mind. in fact you actually like it you like him you mean
  • because minhyuk is there to cheer you up when you’re sad
  • he’s there to sort of cuddle you when you feel like shit
  • and he’s there to make fun of you so things are interesting
  • and tbh he rlly likes it too he rlly likes you too
  • loves it even lOVES YOU
  • this boi is a romantic and he loves that even if he is a ghost, he still has someone to take care of
  • and sometimes you take care of him too
  • like he doesn’t need to be taken care of a lot bc he’s not exactly alive but, well, you treat him like he is
  • and it warms his heart when you share your blanket with him
  • and when you cook for two people even if you’re the only one eating
  • but it makes him sad because he’s just a ghost
  • and whatever it is that’s going on between the two of you, will never be real
  • because you’re human, and he feels bad that you’re stuck with him
  • so he comes up with a brilliant plan
  • and its shitty, but he thinks it’s for the best
  • !!!!!he sets you up with your neighbor wonho!!!!!
  • you don’t notice at first
  • like he secretly puts your mail with wonho’s so you’d interact
  • and you think its! just! a! coincidence!
  • so you start talking to wonho more and more
  • and it makes minhyuk jealous and sad at the same time
  • but he tells himself that you deserve better than some ghost
  • you even go on a date with wonho
  • but tbh, you just couldn’t feel anything with wonho 
  • and even if you were out with wonho, it was like your heart and mind were somewhere else
  • all you could think of was, what was minhyuk doing? what would we talk about, if he was on this date with me? 
  • and it dawns on you that you actually like minhyuk 
  • so you apologize to wonho bc you really have to leave and you’re really sorry that you couldn’t make this work its just that your heart is already with someone else
  • and he just smiles and tells you to hurry up and tell the person you like 
  • and you run home to find minhyuk crying to himself on your bed bc you’re together with wonho now
  • you can never be with him
  • and it breaks your heart
  • so you run to him and hug him with all your might and tell him you love him 
  • and he just stares at you with tears running down his beautiful face 
  • and you kiss each of them away while holding him by his cheeks
  • and you say: i love you minhyuk. i don’t care if you’re a ghost. I.LOVE.YOU.
  • and he doesn’t say anything. he just kisses you
  • and you’re surprised bc, what
  • why can you feel his lips on yours? and they feel rlly good
  • and you open your eyes and wonho is in your room and you and minhyuk start screaming like crazy because
  • long story short apparently minhyuk was cursed by some jealous ass witch who thought minhyuk was seducing his love
  • but minhyuk didn’t it was some other minhyuk lbr there are a shitton of minhyuks
  • that witch just got his facts wrong
  • and wonho is the witch friend of the witch who cursed our poor bby minmin and added loopholes just so the curse would one day be lifted
  • and the curse is someone should say that they love you even if you’re a ghost
  • this basically turned into beauty and the ghost
  • but whatever
  • you live happily ever after with minhyuk, that’s all that matters
this post is 20 years past relevant but oh well

so i got bored last night and i ended up mapping out some ilvermorny fix-it headcanons and here y’all go


  1. ilvermorny is the first wizarding school in the U.S. and is therefore the most well-known, but there are a ton spread out across the country (and even more across the entirety of north america, but that’s another blog post)
  2. should be noted that many states have more than one main wizarding school (texas has a whopping number of three, with smaller schools littered throughout the state; california has five) but, since massachusetts is small af and ilvermorny is Bigger On The Inside (cue anglophile 13 yr old students screaming), most of the magical community attends
  3. squibs welcome!!!
  4. dorms are optional, and there is a public floo system that operates at set times under the strict supervision of ilvermorny staff for any students who wish to go home after school hours end
  5. no uniforms but pretty strict dress code
  6. also no pets allowed :/ sorry american wizarding fam keep ur cats at home
  7. teachers are hideously underpaid 
  8. school meals are just plain hideous; nobody knows who makes the food, nobody wants to know who makes the food
  9. if you’re a dorm resident, you get a carton of milk and some cereal/an untoasted bagel for breakfast, unless you somehow have a hot plate or some shit
  10. welcome to ilvermorny assholes

(more under the cut)

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bts + seventeen coming soon! 


  • is your bodyguard but also fashion adviser as in he can’t pick out outfits for you but he always reminds you to straighten out your collar or adjust your necklace or check your hair in a mirror he carries on hand and holds for you 
  • if you’re out shopping and you reach for something that is very last season he’ll cough and shake his head and tbh you’re like yeah… right 
  • doesn’t look like he can break a dude’s hand but oh believe me he can break more than a hand 
  • carries knives in his sleeves probably he just looks like the type to do something like that like he’s a bodyguard not an assassin but lbr he gives off the suave assassin feel
  • knows that there are certain things or people you do not want to see so he deliberately puts himself in front of those things so you don’t have to deal with them 
  • doesn’t judge you when you want to just drink wine and complain about shitty people in the world like he can’t drink with you but he’ll carry you on his back when you can’t walk anymore and will agree with everything you say just to make you feel better


  • you’re not sure how he got into this line of work but his sheer height intimidates people so it’s been working well for you two
  • sings in your car and the chauffeur tells him to stop it’s impolite but you never want him to stop so you’re like it’s fine keep going it’s nice
  • would willingly embarrass himself to get you out of an uncomfortable situation because his first priority is to keep you safe, he doesn’t care if he has to sacrifice looking weird to other people in order to protect that. 
  • “the earpiece? I wear it because it looks cool.”
  • you didn’t think you’d ever get into any physical danger but once someone looked like they might come after you and i kid you not ken body slammed him and you were just like WHAT and ken got up like nothing happened, smiled, and was like “let’s get out of here before the idiot can recover.”
  • he’s a bodyguard but he doesn’t even really care about that when he compliments you on being the most gorgeous person in the world every morning and you’re like are you supposed to say that is that in your contract and he’s like no i say it because i mean it 


  • the equivalent of a very big very silent guard dog 
  • doesn’t even need a weapon he could look at someone from the corner of his eye and they’d like turn to stone like no one even thinks of messing with a dude who looks like one word might set him into overdrive 
  • memorized your schedule and when you ask him what time it is he’s like “five minutes before lunchtime” 
  • thinks you don’t notice the way he yawns with his whole face when he’s bored and how his cheeks puff out and you think it’s cute so you laugh and he’s like “is something funny?” and you don’t want to say “you” because if you did you’re sure he’d melt 
  • has an affection for animals and so whenever you stop to pet a dog and another bodyguard tries to hurry you along leo is just like “let them do what they want. let them pet the puppy.”
  • will never show you but he has a little journal where he records little things he’s noticed about you like how you don’t really like places that are incredibly noisy so if you end up somewhere like that leo puts your headphones on your head and stays close to your side 
  • held your hand to stop you from being nervous and then immediately apologized a grand total of 23 times 


  • the clumsiest bodyguard ever and not because he’s like that by nature but because he gets nervous protecting you because well what if he messes up?? what if you get hurt??? and there he goes he tripped over the rug again 
  • you mentioned that you really like lilies so he picks a fresh one every morning and pins it to his suit and the other bodyguards told him to not do that but you thought it was adorable so you asked him to keep doing it
  • isn’t the best comforter in the world but when he sees that you feel down he tries to cheer you up in a whisper when no ones paying attention he’s like “this is out of place, but please smile!” 
  • loves sad ballad songs and you didn’t know until you heard him listening to one through his headphones and you were like ok how can he get even cuter???
  • is actually really agile and fast so if there’s ever danger he’s the first to sense it and pull you behind him. he’s not good at close range fighting so he carries a gun which he has admitted even scares him and you’re like hongbin you’re the one carrying it and he’s kinda like haha it’s still scary like have you ever held a gun and you’re like no and he’s like right right you’re not a bodyguard i am the bodyguard oops
  • once someone came running toward you and hongbin stepped between you two and it was a woman and she was like “may i have your autograph????” but not to you. to hongbin


  • when you first met he tried to remain stoic at all times but you cracked a dumb pun and he started laughing so hard everyone in like a mile radius turned around (the other bodyguards forced him to formally apologize to you but he couldn’t. he was still laughing too hard.)
  • you noticed that he has tattoos on his body and you commented that you think they’re cool and ravi couldn’t stop thinking about how you called him ‘cool’ for the whole day
  • keeps getting in trouble for having the first three buttons of his dress shirt unbuttoned but tbh like you don’t mind ……hehe
  • gets spooked by random noises and is in general scared of bugs more than you are and so when there was one in the car you squashed it with a magazine and turned to see ravi with his knees to his chest and you were like …..i can’t believe you’re the bodyguard in this situation 
  • probably accidentally called you something like ‘master’ and everyone was like mmmmm ravi no no that’s no don’t and you were just like isn’t that something more suited for the bedroo- and ravi was like I seE YOUR POINT exCUSE me
  • secretly loves watching your sleeping face because you look so at peace and your life is so hectic (afterall it must be you have /bodyguards/) and he just wishes you could get a break
  • you almost fell once and ravi literally shoved past the three bodyguards infront of him to get to you first 


  • notorious for being the most athletic and intimidating one of the bodyguards but let’s be freakin honest he’s the most memey 
  • and like don’t get me wrong he can knock someone out with one punch but like he reads manga during his breaks and hides candy up his sleeves 
  • scoffs anytime some gross dude makes a comment about you and is like “you want me to give him a black eye?” like it’s the most casual thing in the world 
  • for a while he wore black sunglasses and you were like why do you wear them inside too and he was like i thought it was part of the uniform is it not and you’re like ….no……. 
  • gets sassy with you sometimes too like if you’re just like “i wish i was at home” hyuk will be like “same i mean at least you’re sitting, ive been standing here not doing anything for an hour do you know how bored-” and the other bodyguards are like we’re sorry for his dumb mouth but you’re like it’s fine it’s fine because it’s actually nice to have someone around that’s being truthful with you
  • but if you ever get sick or are scared of the crowds of people don’t worry hyuk will throw his jacket over your head and pull you into his side and being against his broad figure just makes you feel so safe
  • and he’s oblivious but he’s so straightforward that he doesn’t understand saying something like “I will protect you with my life till the end” is as well meaning as it is …….well…..heart-throbbing 
Ruriiro no Toki (Moon Troupe 2017)

I saw the play on 5/6 in Umeda Theater Drama City, and it happened to be a very memorable show full of firsts: first solo lead for Miyaruri, first solo heroine for Umi, first show as a member of Tsukigumi for Reiko, and first live zuka small theater show for me. :’D It was also my first time seeing a live show by a troupe other than yuki or hoshi (i have my favourites and also the luck for my trips to coincide specifically with my favourites, apparently). I wasn’t planning on seeing it at first, but I am very glad I managed to. Plot summary for Act 1 (to not spoil it completely since the show is getting a dvd release) and my thoughts under the cut:

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