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Once Ed is gone do you think Amelia's relationship with her oldest brother will change?

//OMG this is a fantastic question. Short answer, yes. 

Amelia loses a lot in the war, her parents, Edgar and his family, not to mention friends. while she and Lance have never been close, by the time the war ends he’s basically all she’s got. I don’t think they really start to reconcile until Amelia meets Susan. For the first year or so of her niece’s life, Lance and his family are no where to be seen, Amelia didn’t even know she had another niece. As soon as he found out they were pregnant, he packed up his family and got the hell out of dodge. He wasn’t about to risk allowing what happened to Edgar happen to him and so he cuts ties. For someone like Amelia, who already has abandonment issues and difficulty getting close to people because they always seem to leave her, it’s incredibly difficult to get over. She needed her older brother, needed her family to come along side her and support her and instead, Lance basically tells her that as long as she’s supporting the Order and fighting the war, she’s as dead to him as the rest of their family. 

She didn’t learn of her namesake until the little girl was nearly 3 years old. Lance moved back to London once he was sure the war was over, and while he’d kept Susan out of Amelia’s life, he hadn’t kept the knowledge of his sister from his daughter. He showed her pictures and told her stories and made sure that when they finally met, Susan would know about her aunt – the woman she was named for. 

So when, one day, Amelia is shopping in london and hears a tiny voice calling from across the shop “Auntie ‘Melia, Auntie 'Melia!” it nearly kills her. No one had called her that for years. Little arms latch around her leg and she just stares down at this tiny ginger child who clearly has her confused with someone else and just can’t move. If she moves and discovers it’s a dream or a mistake, it would be like losing her family all over again so she just stands and stares, noticing things like the lopsided pigtails and the freckles on the bridge of her tiny nose. Bright blue eyes, so familiar, blink up at her as her tiny face splits into a grin. It’s Lance’s voice that brings her out of her trance, calling for Susan. 

It takes a lot of time for the two to reconcile, for Amelia to be able to trust Lance again, but Susan makes her smile like nothing else has since Edgar’s death. Amidst all the darkness, she’s the bright spot. 

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Miss Bones, I am wondering if you can tell me how Ed is. He was sick and I am hoping he is feeling better now. ~Igor Karkaroff

Mr. Karkaroff, 

I was not aware Edgar was under the weather, but I can’t say I’m entirely surprised. I spoke with him earlier today and he seemed perfectly fine. I’ll be sure to let him know you were asking after him. 


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Amelia -- Heard about the incident. If you need anything, let me know. Will stop by to talk to you soon, if you don't mind. -- Millicent Bagnold

Ms. Bagnold, 

I’m sure Amelia would be honored to have you come and visit, I’ll be sure to pass your message along to her. She’s, apparently, still a bit fragile and went to rest, but I did not want to keep you waiting for a response. I hope you don’t mind. I can make sure she is free to meet with you whenever it is convenient, I’m sure your schedule is kept far busier than hers. 


Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done? || Self Para (Amelia & Lance) || January 20, 1979

Despite being on leave, Amelia was still getting up early as if she were going into work. It was a habit that she couldn’t seem to break, not that she particularly wanted to. In all honesty, she’d prefer if people would just mind their own damn business and stop telling her to relax, stop telling her to enjoy her unintended vacation, stop telling her to she was lucky to get some time off while everyone else was so busy. She didn’t want to be home, she didn’t choose to be off work and on leave. There was nothing lucky about what happened, except that she somehow managed to survive it.

She felt like she was losing her mind, having to make up things to keep her busy and often popping into her office to pick up work that she could do from home, since no one would let her remain in the building for longer than a few minutes. It was annoying to be constantly chased out as if she were a misbehaving child being told to go play outside and let the adults work. At least Ed had stopped babying her quite so much, perhaps literally worrying himself sick had taught him a lesson. She got up with him in the mornings and had her coffee and breakfast with him, but thus far hadn’t managed to convince him to go back home. He was an easy roommate and she enjoyed having him around, but hated making him worry and taking him from his family.

Edgar had already left for work when the knock sounded at her door, causing Schafer to bark. She couldn’t help but smile; the dog had become remarkably protective over the last few weeks, rarely leaving her side when she was in the apartment. It was sweet, if a little annoying to have him constantly underfoot. She answered the door with her wand clutched tightly in her hand, just out of sight behind the door and was shocked by who was on the other side.

Lance? What the hell are you doing here?”

“Now, is that any way to greet your big brother?” he asked, giving her that judgmental what would our mother say? look he’d perfected during their childhood. “Aren’t you going to invite me in, Melly?" 

"Don’t call me that,” she grumbled, stepping back to make room for Lance to enter. 

“Mum said you’d gotten yourself into trouble, that you were hospitalized again,” he said by way of explanation, turning to look her over as she closed and locked the door. “You look like hell." 

"Good to see you, too,” she muttered, crossing her arms defensively. “Why were you talking to mum about me?" 

There was that look again. "She’s worried, Amelia! Whatever you’ve gotten yourself into has gotten you put in the hospital three times in the last four months. I checked with St Mungos.”

“You checked my medical records? Merlin, Lance, you had no right! How did you even get access, those records are protected! You’re not my emergency contact!" 

"I went to your boss, told him I was concerned, he gave me everything,” he said, not even the slightest bit ashamed of himself. “You worried our mother, she owled and asked me to check in, so here I am.”

“Great, you’ve checked in. You can go.”

Much to her consternation, Lance flopped down on the couch and shook his head. Schafer, the traitor, moved to sit next to him and nudged his hand with his nose, practically begging to be petted. “I’m not going anywhere,” he informed her, “I know Edgar has been staying here to keep you out of trouble, but that’s incredibly selfish of you, Amelia. He has a family now.” He held up his hand to silence her when she opened her mouth to protest and continued, “I’ve already written Romilda to inform her that Edgar will be returning home when he gets off of work today and there are several owls who will be delivering my things and picking his up. I’ll stay with you until I’m convinced you’re not taking any more stupid risks and can reassure our mother, since you couldn’t even be bothered to tell her you were in the hospital. Do you think she liked hearing about it second hand from some auror? Really, Amelia, we were raised in the same house, you know better." 

Her teeth ground together at the high-handed way he insinuated himself in her life, as if everything that had happened was her fault. "I am not a child, Lance, I don’t need you to babysit me and I certainly don’t need you to sit here and act like I can’t take care of myself. My job is dangerous, but I’m an adult and I know what I’m doing. So, you’ve seen me, you’ve seen that I’m fine, you can go tell mother you did your duty and checked in on me and go back to doing whatever it is that you do." 

One of his eyebrows lifted in a look so like their mother’s Amelia couldn’t help but feel as though she was being scolded by both of them. "Don’t be rude. I haven’t taken time off of work in quite a while. I’ll go back to my job when you’re cleared – mentally and physically – to go back to yours. I asked your supervisor to give you a full psychological exam as well, since you seem to have become so reckless." 

All she could do was stare. He’d requested a psych eval? Who the hell did he think he was? He had no right! Internally she was railing against him, but she schooled her features and forced a smile. "Good to know some things never change,” she replied, her voice tight. “I’ll go put fresh sheets on the guest bed.”

“Atta girl.”

She was going to kill him. No way she’d survive another two and a half weeks with him under her roof.