1. Live your life the best you can.

2. Always enjoy your sibling, if you have one! (Which was even cuter because his little brother came to our learning center, too!)

3. Always appreciate the moments that made you laugh and smile.


Just a few precious life lessons we learned from our student 💕

There was this absolutely adorable little guy I worked with, and my coworker and I told him we think he is very wise for his age—he’s only 10.
She then asked him, if he could give one piece of advice, what would it be? And we fell in love with his first response so much, that, naturally, we asked for more of his words of wisdom!)

haha i’m still struggling with lblp chapter 6…I’m almost done except I keep running into the issue where my descriptions of thoughts/feelings are either too clinical “tell” rather than “show,” or I go the other way and get waaaaayyyy too purple. and i keep looking at sentences and going “ugh, rewrite that” and then rewriting it and going “ugh, rewrite that”

writing lblp is hard because i keep thinking “what’s a way matt could make this scene awkward. great, let’s have him do that” and then having to backpedal after a few paragraphs upon realizing that the scene needs to be not awkward so that future scenes, in which even greater awkwardness occurs, can come to fruition