Yesterday at work, I had one of my students tell me about his dad. He then said, “My dad really likes crocaine.” And I had to try not to laugh, because it threw me off so much, but then I got really worried for a sec that his dad might have cocaine at home or something! So I asked him, “Oh, you mean the game?” And my student said, “Yeah! He likes to play crocaine!”
I just said, “Oh, do you like croquet, too?”
And thankfully didn’t have to get into explaining that it most definitely is not crocaine.


haha i’m still struggling with lblp chapter 6…I’m almost done except I keep running into the issue where my descriptions of thoughts/feelings are either too clinical “tell” rather than “show,” or I go the other way and get waaaaayyyy too purple. and i keep looking at sentences and going “ugh, rewrite that” and then rewriting it and going “ugh, rewrite that”