Medicine Crow, by Charles Milton Bell c.1880  

“Medicine Crow was a warrior from the time he first went on the warpath at the age of fifteen until his last battle in 1877. He attained chieftaincy about 1870 at the age of twenty-two, and from then on he set the pace for aspiring young warriors of his people.

Until his death in 1920, at the age of seventy-two, he was a "reservation chief,” concerned with helping the Crow tribe “learn to live in the ways of the white man” as soon and as efficiently as possible. He went to see the Great Father in Washington many times on behalf of his people.”

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Lana & Chris Headcanon #1

Lana likes to roleplay.

Post SR4, she wears french maid costumes everyday to make breakfast for Matt. He is initially too flustered to react outside of nosebleeds and stuttering, but he slowly gets into “politely” groping her ass as thanks.

AU where Chris and Lana are in the same SR3 world, she asks Chris to be her “French tutor.” She does not need a French tutor and he does not know French. Her intention was to have great casual sex, but she develops a soft spot for him since he has always had a ridiculous crush on her, and is persistent about starting a relationship.