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Accidental - WillNE Imagine

Title: Accidental
Pairing: WillNE x Reader
Warnings: smut
Requested(?): no but if you want a Will imagine please feel free to send it bc I love Will.

“Will give me my phone back!” I began to chase Will through the flat as he held my phone high above his head.

He ran into his bedroom, now being trapped. He turned to me and still held my phone above him. Both of us were out of breath and I slowly walked towards him.

“William.” I said assertively.

“Y/n.” He used my full name instead of his usual nickname.

“Give me my phone back.” I said.

“What’s the magic word?” He taunted.

“Please give me my phone?”

“That’s not it.” I walked towards him and tried jumping up for it. As I was quite a bit shorter than him, I failed miserably. “You’re going to have to try harder than that love.”

“William don’t make me put my hands on you.” I warned.

“You wouldn’t dare hit me.” I stepped forward and placed my hand right over his crotch, pressing my body against his.

“Who said anything about hitting?” I said seductively, looking up at him through my eyelashes.

“Bloody hell.” He cursed, eyes wide. I stood onto my tippy toes and pressed my lips against his jaw line and kissed down his neck. He brought his hands down and wrapped them around my waist, holding me close.

I let one hand tangle in his hair and moved the other down to my side, sneakily pulling my phone from his hands and quickly running back towards the living room.

“You’re going to pay for that!” Will ran after me and I hid my phone. Although he wasn’t interested in the phone anymore. He grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up, my back pressed against the wall.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and he quickly pressed his lips to mine. Will and I had never been anything more than friends and I guess my little trick to get my phone back sparked something between the two of us.

My hands were tangled in his hair as he kissed me softly. The two of us had a lot of tension between us now and it was in desperate need of some relief.

He walked us back to his bedroom and he laid me down on his plush bed. He tossed his shirt aside and laid himself on top of me. I put my hand on his chest as he kissed me repeatedly, moving down my neck and sucking here and there, definitely leaving his mark on me. His hand nervously slid up my top and I sat up, removing my shirt and revealing that I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Fuck.” He cursed under his breath as he took in my body. I was now aching for his touch and couldn’t wait a second longer. I grabbed his wrist and put his large hand on my breast, letting out a soft moan at the contact.

His other hand worked to unbutton my jean shorts as mine fumbled with the button on his jeans. Once we had both removed our bottoms I could feel his hard on pressed against my body. I slid my hand into his boxers and he let out a breathy moan. I stroked him as he kissed my collar bones and down my chest until he came to the top of my panties.

“Will please.” I said. He smirked up at me and slid my panties down my legs. He let a finger faintly trail over me and I arched my body at his touch.

“I already have you this ready for me are you sure about this?” He asked.

“If you even dare stop now I will actually hit you.” He laughed and nodded, kissing me again. He reached to his nightstand and pulled out a condom, removing his boxers and sliding the condom on.

He grabbed my hand and laced his fingers through mine, placing a soft kiss on my lips as he pushed into me.

Never in my life did I expect to be having such an intimate moment with my best friend. Let alone enjoying it this much. There was no denying that there had always been a special connection between the two of us. We thought it was the two of us being brought together as best friends. Clearly we were wrong.

As we both got dressed Will looked up at me, pushing his hair out of his face and standing up. He wrapped an arm around my waist and leaned his head onto my shoulder. We stood in front of that mirror staring at us together. I was mentally picturing us as a couple. Will and Y/n. In an actual relationship.

“Penny for your thoughts?” He asked softly.

“What if we were together? Like actually together?” He smiled a bit and let out a soft chuckle.

“I’d be happier.” He said. It was enough for the two of us. It was simple.

“Then let’s do it.” I said smiling and turning around in his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled at him.

“Are you serious?” He asked. I nodded in confirmation and he leaned down, pressing his lips to mine.

We stayed in his room watching films and talking, music playing softly in the background.

“I already like this so much better than us just being friends.” He looked at our intertwined hands and smiled. I turned my head towards his and traced my hand over his jaw, leaning in to kiss him. “And I really like kissing you.” I giggled and kissed him again.

“I like kissing you too. More than I’m willing to admit.” It was his turn to laugh now. “Wait, weren’t you supposed to film a video with Cal tonight?” His eyes went wide and he jumped up, finding his phone and seeing multiple missed calls from Cal.

“Shit. Come with me?” He asked grabbing a hoodie and finding his shoes.

“Sure thing.” I grabbed my things and we headed for the elevator. Will pressed the button for Cal’s floor. Once we had made it up, he knocked on the door and Harry answered, letting us in.

“Cal’s in the living room” he pointed us to their living room and Will thanked him.

“Jesus man you’re only three hours late. Hey Y/n.” He said standing to give me a hug and do his weird handshake with Will. “You look like you’ve had a rough shag mate.” He said seeing the love bites visible on my collar bones. I blushed and Will scratched the back of his head. “Wait, you two… oh my god you did!” I hid my face in Will’s chest and he wrapped his arms around me.

“Yeah yeah, calm down.” Will laughed and I sighed, clearly embarrassed by the situation.

“Calm down? Mate my OTP just got together how do you expect me to be calm about this.” I laughed and pulled back from Will.

“Right whatever, let’s just film the video and I’ll fill you in on the horny details later.” Cal nodded and I stepped over to the couch to watch as they filmed.

Will kept looking over to me as they tried to film and I tried my best to not stare right back at him.

“Keep your focus or we’re going to have to remove your girlfriend.” Will blushed and laughed. “Am I going to have to edit that out?” Cal asked.

“I don’t mind.” I said softly and Will broke into a smile.

“Neither do I.”

have the first 500 words of my sven/nurse!lance fic


Lance is asleep at home when the Gun is brought in. He just got off a grueling double shift—sixteen hours of hard work and fake smiles—and he has buried himself beneath his old quilt and all his spare blankets. Exhausted, Lance sleeps as though he is dead, oblivious to the outside world even as his phone goes off again—

And again—

And again.

“Dude!” Hunk shouts, nine hours later when he bursts into their apartment. His shout bounces off the walls; it is loud, but not loud enough to rouse Lance fully from his slumber. “Dude, wake up!”

Lance blinks blearily and sticks his head out from his soft cocoon. He feels hot for the first time since winter set in; he loves it even though he can feel the damp of sleep sweat on his lower back, beneath the line of his pectorals, and in the hollows of his knees.

“Wassup?” Lance slurs through a yawn.

“*Dude,*” Hunk hisses. “Where is your phone? I have been trying to call you for hours!”

“What?” Lance scrubs a groggy hand through his hair and sits halfway up; he keeps the blankets wrapped firmly around his torso with one hand and digs his phone out from under his pillow with another. “I’m off today.”

“That’s not the point.” Hunk snatches Lance’s phone and makes a disappointed noise when he finds that it’s on silent. “The point is something *really weird* happened to me today, and if I’m right, then you should have—there! See? You have message from Kyu.”

Hunk hands Lance his phone. There is a voice message from his head supervisor displayed on the screen in bold red. There are also ninety-two unread texts from Hunk, and several missed calls.

“What the heck?” Lance mutters as he opens up his and Hunk’s thread. Hunk was either smashing random letters on his keyboard at the end or Lance’s eyes do not want to cooperate, but either way, Lance does not want to scroll up and decipher it. “Why did you—Hunk, I just woke up, I am *not* going to read all this.”

“Okayokayokayokay,” Hunk says quickly. “But seriously, the one time you turn off your phone—”


“They brought a Gun in!” Hunk blurts. “And not like, one of those idiot insurgents who says he’s a Gun, but an real actual Gun with this high tech biosuit and a luxite shotgun!”


So this is just a quick English sub of my school’s portion of Kame and Tao-chan’s appearance on Tuesday Surprise. I always knew it was a heritage site but I didn’t know it was literally the oldest girls’ school in Hakodate! Anyway, the school nurse and I were a little disappointed that Wentz didn’t come, but ok NOT COMPLAINING because we get to see CELEBRITIES amirite? (Also I almost mistook Daigo for a crew member, oops).

Also, I’ll pimp the movie since our school’s band is featured in it. Really proud of the hard work our girls put in every single day to practice! (They spend more time in school than I do lbh). Plus Hakodate is SUPER proud of being the main location of this movie and I love this lil’ city so I don’t know if you’re interested in the film’s plot but do check out our pretty scenery and stuff.


Make Me Choose: anonymous asked: Hannibal/Bedelia or Hannibal/Alana

“We work with people the same way… guiding them from dissonance toward composition.”


Olicity Meme: funny scenes [1/13]
“And I love spending the night with you -”

Korrasami: Venti Sized Crush

Thanks to jaggedviews I finally cracked a wrote a fanfic… Or the start of a fanfic, depending on… things… 

Okay, based on the Tumblr prompt: I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU. If you wanna read it on FFN x.


There she was again, last one in line in her fancy red and gray business suit. Talking on her cell phone, like Korra knew she’d continue to do even as she ordered her venti macchiato. She did the same thing every morning. Showed up in the middle of morning rush and refused to hang up whatever important business call she was on even while she ordered. It didn’t really slow the line that much, but it was so awkward interrupting serious talk about ‘product launch’s and ‘board meeting’s with ‘hi, what can I get for you?’

At first Korra stopped asking what the woman wanted and just stood there, waiting until she got a pause in conversation, put her hand over the phone, and whispered the order over the counter. It didn’t matter much that the woman gave an apologetic smile as she whispered. Or that she had flawless black hair and incredible green eyes. Or that her smile was both gorgeous and cute. Okay… she was hot. Really, really hot, and clearly successful. But rude. Hotness was no excuse for talking on the phone while you’re supposed to be ordering your coffee.

So Korra started messing around and purposefully misspelling her name. Asamee. Uhsami. Asamay. Samamy. She actually started looking forward to it, and spent all morning trying to come up with another clever name. So when the woman finally arrived at the back of the line, she actually got excited instead of being annoyed, because Korra was prepared. She was prepared enough that while the person at the head of the line pondered their order she grabbed a venti cup, prematurely writing Asami’s ‘macchiato’ with the name ‘Salami.’ She set the cup aside and took the order of the next handful of patrons, already so amused she was smiling.

But then as Asami reached the second place in line Korra heard her say, “got to go, see you in a bit,” and actually hung up the call. That’s not what was supposed to happen, because then Asami reached the front of the line and flashed that smile and it wasn’t apologetic this time. It was… crap. It was smug. “Morning,” and she glanced at Korra’s nametag as if she hadn’t been coming here for months and just been too oblivious to look at it sooner, “Korra.” It was so unexpected, such a deviation from the routine that Korra just blinked at her for a few seconds while one of Asami’s eyebrows steadily rose, waiting for a response. When Korra failed to spit the usual greeting Asami said, “I’ll take a venti macchiato please.”

She said please. Politely. Korra snapped back to it and reached not for the pre-arranged cup, but for a fresh one. She couldn’t possibly enact revenge. Not when Asami had hung up and had that coy smile like she knew Korra had been messing with her for weeks and why. And she said please. But just when Korra reached for a new cup Asami glanced down, catching a glimpse of the one she’d set aside.

“Isn’t that mine?” she asked, probably catching a glimpse of the ‘ami,’ and reached for the cup before Korra could snatch it. Asami pulled it close and spun it in her hand to see what was written, and as her brilliant green eyes ran back and forth over it Korra’s cheeks burned hotter and hotter. Asami wasn’t being rude now. It was Korra. Korra was being rude because she’d purposefully written a lunch meat instead of the customer’s actual name, and oh god Asami’s eyes read the name and then left the cup to meet Korra’s. “Well,” she said, setting the cup back on the counter and putting a hand on her hip, “You got the order right.”

“I’m so sorry,” Korra blurted. Her hand shot out to grab the cup and without looking she threw it backwards over her shoulder. She heard it land on the cluttered tea counter behind her and knock something down. She winced at the loud clutter that hit the floor, cheeks shading darker as she said, “That was unprofessional and stupid and-”

“Here,” interrupted one of the other baristas, and he set the cup Korra had thrown back on the counter with an indignant glare. “You dropped this.”

Asami laughed. Like, an actual giggle, and she wasn’t smug anymore but genuinely amused. She reached out to take the stupid offensive cup and pulled it to her, but then she stretched across the counter again to grab a fresh one and she took the pen right out of Korra’s hand. Korra was confused and embarrassed and so put off when Asami’s fingers brushed hers. She was flustered, legitimately blushing and flustered.

“I think Asamay was my favorite,” Asami said lightheartedly, scribbling on the fresh cup and then handing it back. She’d written her own order with her name spelled correctly. “But it’s getting increasingly hard to recognize when they call my name.” Korra set the cup aside for another barista to grab and make Asami’s drink, too embarrassed to say anything. “Not sure I’d have ever guessed who Salami was.”

“I’m sorry,” Korra said again, distractedly punching the order into the register while Asami started to scribble on the offensive cup. “It’s just you always come in earlier when it’s busy and you’re on the phone so I didn’t think you noticed and-” as she bumbled Asami finished writing and handed the pen back. “Thanks.” Korra couldn’t see what she’d written, the inked side of the cup was facing the opposite direction, and so she read off the register, “Four dollars and fifty cents.”

As Asami handed over her card her phone started ringing. Korra expected her to answer it, but Asami simply looked at the caller ID, glanced at her watch, and let out a soft sigh as she hit decline.

“You’re running late this morning?” Korra asked, returning the card and finally feeling the heat in her cheeks returning to normal.

“I almost didn’t come in for coffee,” Asami confirmed, and her lips curled into a teasing smile. “I didn’t want to miss out on your latest misspelling though.”

“I’m sorry,” Korra whined, but when Asami laughed at her she couldn’t help but chuckle. Asami was nothing like she would’ve expected. She was late but she wasn’t rushing anything, and she didn’t take herself seriously enough to be angry about Korra’s stupid revenge. “You keeping that as a souvenir?” Korra nodded toward the salami cup.

“Asami,” called one of the other baristas, holding up the venti macchiato.

“This is for you, actually,” Asami said, pushing the cup across the counter. She flashed a parting smile, saying as she went to retrieve her drink, “See you tomorrow, Korra.”

Korra watched as Asami grabbed her macchiato and hurried out the door. It wasn’t until she was gone that Korra picked up the cup to see what was different. At seeing the seven digits written beneath ‘Salami’ her cheeks flushed again. Her phone number. Weeks of purposefully misspelling Asami’s name had earned Korra her phone number? She hadn’t even considered the fact that her casual revenge might seem flirtatious, but if it did she definitely wasn’t complaining. She was so unexpectedly delighted she let out a quiet squeal and spun in a happy circle, blushing darker as she faced forward again to meet a bewildered customer.

“Hi,” Korra greeted the customer, distractedly hurrying to write the number down on a piece of receipt that she could shove into her pocket. “What can I get for you?”

It took everything Korra had to wait until the end of the day to put that number to use. When it came down to it, she really only had the patience to wait until the end of her shift. She’d hardly hung up her apron when she punched in Asami’s number and a text that said, ‘I’ve got a venti macchiato for Salami. When’s she free?’ It was only early afternoon, but maybe they could grab a coffee later tonight when Asami got off work…

Korra didn’t live far, so as she walked home she held her phone in her hand, waiting for a text back. It didn’t come, not the entire twenty-minute walk, and by the time Korra reached her apartment she was panicking. Stupid. She shouldn’t have purposefully misspelled Asami’s name again, in a text to her. So stupid. She got home and didn’t bother saying hi to Mako or Bolin and sank into the couch. She put the phone on the couch next to her and sulked while absentmindedly watching TV. So dumb.

It took an hour. A whole torturous hour during which Korra considered how stupid it was to sulk like this when she’d never even thought about a date with Asami. Then the phone vibrated next to her. It was in her hands and unlocked in the blink of an eye.

‘Sorry,’ the message read, ‘crazy busy at work. I don’t suppose you deliver?’

One of Korra’s eyebrows ascended to her hairline. Deliver? As in Asami was actually asking if Korra could come to her place of business with coffee… did that count as a date? She punched in her response, ‘I’m a dedicated barista who is willing to make an exception.’

It didn’t take nearly as long to get a reply this time, and a minute later Asami had texted back. ‘Future Industries, ask for Asami.’ Before Korra could reply a second message came in, ‘Make sure you’ve got a drink too. IOU, on me.’

Korra grinned, flying off the couch and heading for the front door. ‘See you soon.’