I hate it when people say “Heteromantic asexual people don’t belong in the LBGT+ community because they can be homophobic.”

Um like anyone in the community can be ___phobic? Lesbian people can be transphobic, gay people can be biphobic, like anyone in our community can be rude and horrible to any group that is not directly them like this is the shittiest reason ever to exclude anyone. If you don’t like the idea that a heteromantic asexual might face serious issues that only people in the LBGT+ community can sympathize with just because they are heteromantic then that is a reflection on you, not them.

The end

If you think teenagers drawing/writing/reading Johnlock porn is ‘queer fetishization’’ while knowing LOTS of them are queer themselves and that John and Sherlock are, 99% of the time, viewed as humans and given a background story, and that you refuse to acknowledge that the real queer fetishization resides in porn where lesbians are CONSTANTLY fetishized and dehumanized for the enjoyment of straight men, then you are fucking trash tbh. 

Can we stop calling “phobia” on all out hostility? Can we start saying something like “homo-hostile,” “trans-hostility,” “bi-hostile,” “ace-hostility” and so on and so forth?

Phobia to me feels like a candy-coated suffix, it doesn’t seem real to me. You’re not afraid of me. You’re hostile and have hostility towards me and people like me among so many other communities.

Can we just call it what it is? Hostility. The basis for violence in all it’s physical and psychological forms.

look at this trans* ghost and their adorable family (*^▽^)/

thanks to @chingonaporvida for helping me with this! :) 


LGBT+ Separate stickers!

I made some LGBT+ sticker sets yesterday but decided to upload them onto redbubble as separate stickers! Apologies if your orientation/gender isn’t on there yet, its still a work in progress!










Okay, so there’s a subplot during the recent episode of Milo Murphy’s Law where he says that his doctor is golfing and he doesn’t know where his doctor is. And we cut to his Doctor golfing and getting asked if he’s a doctor and him saying no.

But at the end it just becomes amazingly sweet.

Milo’s doctor was on a date.

This is how to do it right. They don’t spell it out for you but it’s there and it’s natural. It’s two men on a date. Two men in an interracial relationship. Enjoying their day. There’s no confession of I’m gay. He just wants to say he’s a doctor. He wanted to be loved for who he is. And his boyfriend said it worked.

How sweet is that?

  • Acephobic LBGT+/MOGAI People: Asexuals don't face discrimination based on them being asexual, only based on their romantic orientations.
  • Me and countless other asexuals: *shares stories of truly horrifying experiences that is based on us being asexual; not to do with romantic orientation*
  • Acephobic LBGT+/MOGAI People: *not listening because they only listen to stories that affirm their ideas of what asexuality is.*
Being Ace is Difficult Because
  • The straight people try to shove heteronormativity down our throats
  • We face erasure from the LGBT+ community because we’re not “queer” enough
  • People have an unreasonably difficult time understanding our lack of sexuality
  • There’s a wide spectrum of ace but people see only one point of that spectrum
  • People confuse our sexuality with that of bacteria

Please just stop being ignorant assholes to us and just let us be.