15 Movies That Aren’t About Straight Thin White People That You Need To See

There are few things more depressing than trying to think of movies about young women who aren’t white. It’s also depressing trying to think of movies about young women who aren’t straight. Oh, and when you try to think of movies starring women who are plus-sized? Ha! Good luck with coming up with more than a handful, if that much.

Despite the fact that there are so many different kinds of girls out there–black, brown, queer, fat, etc–the media really hasn’t caught up, especially the movie industry. Seriously, we have a larger chance of seeing vampire girls than seeing a gay Asian chick. I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure there are more gay Asian chicks than vampires. What gives? Er, okay, the answer is racism but anyway…

There might be a huge lack of diversity in some of your favorite movies, but there are still some great films out there that actually represent the diversity of young women’s experiences. Check out these 15 movies that aren’t about straight, thin white people and add some new favorites to your list.

I hate it when people say “Heteromantic asexual people don’t belong in the LBGT+ community because they can be homophobic.”

Um like anyone in the community can be ___phobic? Lesbian people can be transphobic, gay people can be biphobic, like anyone in our community can be rude and horrible to any group that is not directly them like this is the shittiest reason ever to exclude anyone. If you don’t like the idea that a heteromantic asexual might face serious issues that only people in the LBGT+ community can sympathize with just because they are heteromantic then that is a reflection on you, not them.

The end


•Not all gays want to dress as females

•Not all lesbians want to dress as a males

•Not all of the lbgtq community had trouble coming out to family/friends

•Not all gay males are “sassy”

•Not everyone who is part of the lbgtq community was bullied

•Not every lesbian is “tough”