“Caitlyn Jenner was duped into voting for Trump!” Nah, I think she just decided lower taxes were better than, you know, doing what was actually right.

Seriously: Did any (non-rich) Trans person fall for that guy’s shit?

Christ. His running mate was a guy famous for thinking you can electrocute gayness out of people. 

This does not scream “Pro-gay and transgender rights.” 

Guys, let's start romanticizing tall girls.

Like all those ladies who have to lean down to kiss their boys.
All the tall girls who are able to pick up and spin around their girlfriends.
All the tall girls who wear heels and tower over their friends.
Tall girls with big feet and long legs.
Ladies with huge hips and thighs to support their tall bodies.
Skinny tall girls. Chubby tall girls.
Tall trans women
Girls who smack their heads on EVERYTHING.
Tall girls who spend hours trying to find clothes that fit them properly with their unique sizings.
Short girls are considered so cute and compact, let’s take a second to love on our tall ladies.

The shittiest thing you could ever do to someone is

out them as gay before they are ready. they may still be trying things out or finding the appropriate label for themselves - regardless, it’s not your place to tell others and rob them of coming out for themselves.