LBD 28 Day Challenge:
Day Seventeen- Favorite reference
I think this was the very first reference too… I just loved how they brought an Austen book in, and intermingled it with the plot. The funny thing is I’m not sure I actually caught it the first time.. I don’t actually remember. I think I did.. Maybe. It was still brilliant either way.

LBD 28 Day Challenge:

Day Six- Favorite Tweeter

I seriously love Gigi’s tweets. This was one of the coolest things about this series: We knew about Gigi even before we saw her or heard about her in Lizzie’s vlogs. Her scheming with Fitz is the most hilarious thing to watch. And when she was live tweeting watching Lizzie’s vlogs! It just shows how well you can know a character without meeting them (like Darcy).  I loved all the character’s tweets, but hers were definitively the best.


LBD 28 Day Challenge:
Day Sixteen- Character that you secretly love
Okay. I do hate Caroline, but she is fabulous. I mean, she is the trademark of all jealous popular girls in books/shows. I may hate her, but I do think she is amazing in that she can plan all her evil plans so well. Or at least, tried. And maybe she really is looking out for her brother. It is true that he is all she has.. He’s the one who was going to become successful by becoming a doctor. We still aren’t exactly sure what she is doing. I do hate seeing Caroline because she just causes trouble, but I love her anyways. Love/hate for Caroline. Plus, Jessica just plays her so well. She is fab-u-lous! :)