lbd support group

Tonight I stapled a circle of paper to a headband because someone said “costume theatre?” and I said “I’m in." 

And now really happy things have happened and I see just how delightful this fandom is and just how incredible my friends are and I just feel lucky.

Lucky: Because Pride & Prejudice was written 200 years ago. Because the cast and writers of "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” love and respect the source material as much as we do. Because the Fandom is a happy place. And because it brings my friends and I together from our far corners of the United States to discuss ~that ~lingering ~hand ~touch from ep. 83 and because I have the kind of friends who want to be silly, have fun, and obsess.

Happy Birthday, Pride & Prejudice! You are irreplaceable. 

Happy Birthday Marci Darling!

DEAR Marci/Calliope/Lizzie,

Today is your birthday!!


Please make sure to

Do whatever makes you happy! Read books, listen to One Direction, watch “Corporate Interview” 12 times in a row. 

(Here: easy access)

And if you go out, and aren’t having fun…don’t be afraid to text me.

Not everyone loves going out and listening to pop music un-ironically, don’t feel bad.

I am so so so so infinitely happy that we are friends. I always have a blast with you!


I hope you have such a fantastic day. Liv it up, ok?

Love you so much & can’t wait until our next reunion! 



P.S.: If I had to pick, I’d choose you as my best friend over Ashley Clements any day. (But I would be cool being besties with both of you, just sayin’…)