lbd spoilers


but can we talk about how amazing this show is.

I mean, EVERYONE KNEW what was going to happen, because it’s a remake of one of the most well-known stories ever.

But it was done so well. We had to wait 98 FUCKING EPISODES for it to happen, with tension building in little 5-minute segments twice a week.

It’s not like a tv show, where you soak it in an hour at a time in little chunks- with LBD, we lived it. And just when I thought it was never going to happen, Dizzie Day was a thing. I don’t think I have ever been more content with a ship becoming canon, nor have I felt so attached to my otp.

so basically, best. day. ever.

Notes on the new Lizzie Bennet Diaries:

  • “Gigi told me you wanted me.” “She did..?” DOES ANYONE ELSE GET THIS? LIZZIE HAS TOLD GIGI/GIGI HAS CORRECTLY DEDUCTED THAT LIZZIE LIKES WILLIAM AND SHE’S SCARED FOR A MOMENT THAT GIGI TOLD HIM, so he has to clarify that it’s for the interview. (0:30)
  • “I have the time. Or, I’ll make it.” - William (0:47)
  • Eye sex (0:50)
  • Lizzie goes to get the door, touching his shoulder on the way up, William freezes. (0:55)
  • Eye sex (1:00)
  • He doesn’t want to bore her, she likes what he has to say none the less. (1:19)
  • Eye sex (1:26)
  • Eye sex (1:38)
  • “You’re a natural story teller” followed by eye sex. (1:53)
  • Eye sex (2:28)
  • He puts on the hat and steps out of his comfort zone for her (3:02)
  • Lizzie was about to apologize for mocking him on camera. (3:51)
  • William’s eyes dart, you can literally see him processing her disguised apology. (4:00)
  • William, in a similarly disguised manner, tells Lizzie that he is trying to change, see himself as she once saw him and change from that. Lizzie picks up on this. (This can be seen in his more joking attitude that we haven’t seen before.) (4:13)
  • Sexual tension silence (4:21)
  • It “would be weird” to reenact a phone call Lizzie had with her dad with William. (4:25)
  • William puts on an afro and a “Fitz” voice to make Lizzie laugh. (4:56)
  • Most genuine laugh we’ve heard from Lizzie. (5:03)