lbd predictions

Can we talk a bit about this now?

I’m writing up a prospectus and study as if the diaries were the launch of a web production company, using everything I’ve learned from my other shadowing experiences. So, I’ll be writing up what the objectives are, what they would be in future…save the world, change the culture, all that.

And once she’s finished writing up her prospectus…do I smell a new potential Pemberley acquisition? :D

And would this new company be a logical lead-in to the next adaptation?

LBD Theories

1. Caroline will take the place of either Mr. Collins or Catherine de Bourgh. Caroline has taken on a much more involved and interesting role in LBD, and she can’t stand being out of the loop. Even though she’s burned the bridges, I could easily see her trying to be a “friend” to Lizzie, and warning her about Catherine’s disapproval (they are close friends, after all). Besides, we won’t see Catherine de Bourgh on camera, and I don’t know that Lizzie would costume theater the encounter. She’s hasn’t done it ad frequently since Darcy found out about the videos.

2. Jane and Bing will end up together, but everything will not be forgotten. Jane has developed so much as a character that her accepting Bing back immediately would invalidate a lot of her growth. However, they were genuinely in love, despite Bing being a huge pansy. I think Bing will apologize and make amends, but Jane will dial back their relationship and “do it right.” After all, they didn’t really date before.

3. Lydia won’t be the one to fill Lizzie in on Darcy’s involvement; Gigi or Fitz will. Since Lydia isn’t with Wickham, she doesn’t have access to Darcy’s involvement. The only two people who know about Darcy’s manhunt are Gigi and Fitz (and all of us, but I’m pretty sure Lizzie stopped reading fan comments around Christmas). It doesn’t make sense for Lydia to have access to that info, unless something dramatically changes.

4. Lizzie will get a job at Pemberly. So much of LBD has been devoted to Lizzie trying to become the best version of herself. She’s learned from all of the dynamic characters around her. One of my favorite arcs was Lizzie and Charlotte’s fight about Charlotte taking Mr. Collins’ job offer. Charlotte and Lizzie establish themselves on two ends of the idealism/realism spectrum. It opened Lizzie up to the reality that she needed to plan for her future, and that would involve finding a balance between her idealistic dreams and real-world pragmatism. Her independent studies, Jane’s confession of worry, and her increasing fondness of Pemberly as a company all lead to the conclusion that Lizzie will want to find a job she loves before the end of the series. Since she and Darcy end up together, it just makes sense.

A quick note about some of the changes in the series: A lot of people have a hard time with some of the adaptation choices that the LBD writers are making. I don’t. I think adaptation is a challenging and unpredictable medium, and more often than not, the product fails to please any of its viewers, let alone the original fans. Modernization is especially difficult. The most important aspect of modernization is maintaining the integrity of the characters and the themes in the story. LBD has been meticulous about both of these. Who cares if Charlotte not Jane told Lizzie about the sex tape? Or if Wickham was introduced earlier than in the book? Or if Domino isn’t a practical application? These details genuinely don’t matter in the face of how LBD presents the story, and they do a damned fine job.

Lipreading the preview

Right at the end I think she says, “Me, me, me, me, me…doesn’t that bore you?”

Personally, I think the way the episode will play out is that that bit from the preview is actually the intro, and then she plays the rest of the footage from Sunday night…à la Episode 60.