why alduin and miraak are wasted characters

me and @shadxwofvalenwood were discussing miraak and alduin and here’s some conclusions we came to

So. Alduin saves the LDB’s life at Helgen. On purpose. He looks at you, then shouts the headsman way from you. You can be standing next to him as he burns the place down and he doesn’t do shit. He’s giving you a clear path to escape. Dov are all brothers. Alduin saves you because he refuses to allow the mortals to kill you. If you are to die, a fellow dov should do it. Sure it only lasts about 30 minutes, but Alduin is LBD’s older brother and is there to protect them. 

Alduin says stuff to LBD but there’s no dialogue back and forth, when there really should be. If you could have confirmation that Alduin saved you, if Alduin himself could say this. If you could talk to Alduin about why the LBD exists, about Miraak, about why Akatosh wants Alduin dead (Alduin wants to rule the world when Akatosh wants him to destroy it). 

And, if Alduin would recognise you as a fellow dovah. All these things would bring depth to Alduin’s character and bring emotion to the fact that you must kill Alduin. 

Miraak too. He’s also your brother and you should be able to have a conversation. You should be able to tell him why you want to kill him or save him, since you should be able to at least try to save his life. You should be able to ask him why he turned against Alduin and Paarthurnax probably betrayed Alduin in his lifetime so you should be able to talk about the cruel things Paarthurnax did. Not only this, but you should be able to defend him against the Skaal and explain that yes, he is a horrible person, but he’s a broken man who lusts after freedom, not power. AND ANOTHER THING. YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO TALK TO HIM ABOUT HIS 4000 YEARS OF SLAVERY!!!!

At the very least, you should be able to ask Paarthurnax about both of them. Just saying. It would make the game more complex, and give character depth to the villains who are also your brothers and make killing Alduin and Miraak a more emotionally difficult event.