So the TV drama’s cast has been announced in a magazine (possibly Shounen Jump, but I could be wrong about that), and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

And the actors (unless there’s going to be more characters in the future, but who knows) for the TV drama are:

Kento Yamazaki as L

Based on what I found, he is merely 20 years old (I think that’s very interesting considering that the character he is going to play is 25), he is signed under the Stardust Promotion talent agency (recruited in 2009 as a model until he debuted in the TV drama, Atami no Sousakan, in 2010), and has been appearing in TV dramas and movies ever since. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see him in the “L-makeup,” I have good expectations for him.

Masataka Kubota as Light Yagami

This one was kind of tricky, because he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. He is 26 years old, he is also signed under Stardust Promotion, and his list of TV dramas and movies is slightly more extensive, more notable (which is code for “the only one I could find where he has higher billing”), the 2013 film, Jellyfish Eyes. In my opinion, I have not much to judge for, so I have no expectations other than the hope that he is a good actor. Hopefully.

 And finally, Mio Yuki as Near

Nice! I’m actually impressed by this choice casting, because it could mean that either Near is going to be a girl or she’s going to act as a boy (and with Near’s youthful appearance in the anime and manga, and Near’s history of being voiced by a woman, it wouldn’t be shocking!). She’s merely 16 years old (even younger than I am!), and has already been appearing in TV dramas like, Kumo no Kaidan and Amachan; and in movies like, As The Gods Will and Fantastic Girls. I see a lot of potential, and with a talented girl like her, she would likely do a great job as Near.

And this is the cast so far. Any thoughts?