I love the fun Tony (Stark) gets to have with that character and the lack of boundaries I think he’s getting. He has room to move so much and do so many things yet always bring it back and be personal and grounded at times no matter how sort of zany it can get. I just love watching Robert (Downey Jr.) work in this setting, he’s pretty special.

Today at work I saw a 10 year old girl light up with excitement when she found a copy of All New Thor #1 in my store.

I will fist fight any gatekeeper shitnerd who thinks “tradition” is more important than the joy I saw on that kids face I swear to god I will.


It looks like all of these solo poster are much cooler than the team poster. But it seems like that theory about a poster a day was wrong. Although, if they aren’t counting the weekend there are only three “main” characters they have left. Monday through Wednesday would be enough for Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and The Vision. Which would lead to the big announcement on Thursday.