Thor Cheat Sheet

Thor by Max Koch (1907)

Names, Titles & Their meanings:

  • Thor, Thunar, Donar, Tur, Tor, Thurs, Dorr, þor - “Thunder”
  • Asbjorn, Goetterbaer, Osburn, Osbourn- “Aesir-Bear”
  • Ásabragr, Asabrag - “Æsir-lord”
  • Ása-Þórr , Asa-Thor - “Æsir-Thor”
  • Atli - “The Terrible”
  • Björn Bjorn, Biorn, Beorn - “Bear”
  • Einriði,Eindriði, Einridi,  Eindridi - “The Lone Rider” “The One Who Rides Alone”
  • Ennilangr, Ennilang  - “The One With the Wide Forehead”
  • Harðhugaðr, Hardhugadr - “Braveheart”
  • Harðvéurr , Hardveur - “The Strong Archer”
  • Horgalles (Finland/Upper Norway)- “Old Man Thor”
  • Öku-Þor , Oku-Thor, Ukko Thor - relating Thor to the Finnish Thunder god, Ukko
  • Rymr, Rym - “Noise”
  • Sönnungr , Sonnung - “The True One”
  • Thorbjorn - “Thor-Bear”
  • Véþormr, Vethormr,Véuðr, Véoðr, Veud, Veod, Véurr, Veur   - “Protector of the Shrine” “Guardian of Shrines” “Hallower”

Tribal Affliations: The Aesir, Humanity/Midgard

Plants: “bear” plants, bear root, meadow hogweed, garlic, onions, clubmoss, leeks, bearberries, Thorbjoerg, nettle, burdock, hops, barley, rosemary, thunderbeard, holly, oaks, and everything red.

Animals: Bears and goats

Sacred Symbols: Mjolnir, hammers, axes, bears, goats, iron, garlic, onions, chariots, horseshoes, crosses (1300s-)

What was he god of?: Thunder, thunderstorms, protection, strength, virility, manhood, the common people, the color red, the color white, hallowing, farmers, peasants, carpenters, physical prowess, goats, bears, husbands, fertility, healing, hospitality, common virtue, destroying evil, defense

Sacred places: Oak groves, the sky, and Midgard the realm of Men

Where was he worshipped?: Most of Europe

Runes associated with him: Uruz, Thurisaz, Nauthis, Raidho

Taboos?: Cowardice, treachery, underhanded tricks, evil people and evil deeds

Traditional Offerings: Beer, red meat, goat meat, bread, ales, iron rings and horseshoes, cheeses

Some Modern Offerings: Advocating for the rights of the middle and lower classes, exercising, learning a martial art, self defense courses, standing up for people that can’t defend themselves, weightlifting,

Thor: Ragnarok; 98 days

Justice League; 113 days

Black Panther; 204 days

New Mutants; 260 days

Avengers: Infinity War; 281 days

Deadpool 2; 309 days

Ant-Man and the Wasp; 344 days

Venom; 435 days

X-Men: Dark Phoenix; 463 days

Aquaman; 512 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 567 days

Captain Marvel; 589 days

Shazam; 617 days

Untitled Avengers movie; 645 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 680 days

Justice League 2; 687 days

Untitled Spider-Man sequel; 707 days

Untitled DC movie; 827 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 848 days

Wonder Woman 2; 869 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 960 days

Cyborg; 981 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1009 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 1065 days

Green Lantern Corps; 1093 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1107 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 1163 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1198 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 1317 days

Up coming One shots, Imagines, and Series

 Mini Me 

Pairing: Tony Stark x Bestfriend! fem. reader

Warning: Violent, Language, abuse, underage drink, drugs, mention of injuries

Summary: Reader is Tony Stark’s , 16 year old , bestfriend they’ve been bestfriends since she was 9 years old. As odd as it sounds. And  the other Avenger, besides Bruce, Know nothing of her that is until Hydra gets waft of her and Stark’s relationship and snatched her up. Now Tony and the other Avengers got to suit up to save his little Mini me.

Little Bestfriend 

pairing: Bucky Barnes x teenage! fem. reader

warning: fluff, language, bullying, low self-esteem, mention of injuries

Summary: One day on a morning  run Bucky notices reader, a 14 year old, in the park and takes an interest in her.

Baby Spider

Pairing: Natasha x daughter! reader

Warning: Fluff, shyness, angst, mention of injuries

Summary: Imagine being Natasha adopted daughter. When you, a usually shy and quite person, gets into a fight with several boys at school and Peter has to pull her away. You think your mom is going to be made but instead she is proud that your training is paying off .

But , Why him?

Pairing: Clint Barton, daughter! reader x Wade Wilson 

Warning: fluff, language, angst, lying, implying sex

Summary: Imagine Clint’s older daughter secretly dating Wade Wilson. But Clint’s a spy he already knows he’s known since the beginning.

Just Kids, Weird super kids 

Warning: Fluff, children, shyness, lying , language, PTSD, mention of injuries, scaring

Note: This one might be a series 

Summary: Hydra isn’t shy of experimenting on kids, most children don’t live long. Steve and Bucky begin to act strange and the team notices, Director Fury obviously notices when Steve misses a debriefing. Following Steve and Bucky they find out they’ve been hiding ex-experimental kids from Hydra, SHIELD, and anyone else they assumed would abuse them.

But I’m Family 

Warning: Excitement, fluff, kid

Summary: imagine Sam bring his 5 year old niece to meet the Avengers. He doesn’t like that she’s such a fan of Barnes.

It’s okay I like you

Pairing: Stark! reader Loki

Warning: Fluff, kid, self-hate

Summary: A mission forces Tony to leave his 4 year old daughter in the care of Loki but he misjudges him and gets and unexpected show provided by Friday.

Pop tarts 

Pairing: Thor x daughter! reader

Warning: Fluff, kid

Summary: Imagine Thor and his daughter having a lazy/ rainy day in Avengers Tower

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Look at me Look at me I’m writing

Footprints in the Snow

Thor sits on his father’s throne.

He’s young, and sitting on it feels like losing your way inside a forest. It’s made of sunlight and oceans-sighs, afternoon shadows and midnight silence, elven wood and gold, gravity and distance. It’s standing at the top of the tallest tower surrounded by four pillars, one to represent the east, the other the west, south and north. 

And you can see all of Asgard from up there, all its forests and seas, mountains and deserts and Thor sits there for hours and there’s sunlight and starlight in his hair, wind and salt, sweet pollen and sand.

And his father’s ravens come and go, inky feathers and pale beaks, claws tapping on stone, beady eyes searching for the sun and moon; they leap off the tower as birds, stretching their wings like a fan, and come back as men, young boys with black eyes and secrets on their tongues, their cloaks smelling like pines and jasmine, their hair cool and streaked with moonlight. They press a hand to their hearts and bow before Thor, their lips sticky with cherry and blackberry juice, their fingernails tainted with stone-dust, and they lean close, one over each of his shoulders, cup a hand over their mouths and whisper and Thor listens. They tell him about ships that look like nut shells, their sails as white as a fish’s spine; about a mountain that sings at night and how the dust falling from it sticks to lashes fluttering in the nearby villages and brings about dreams of green pastures and sweet milk; about two sets of footprints in a grey landscape, there for miles on end, and then gone when they reach the ocean; about places so old no one remember their names, lands untouched by the hands of gods or men, where it’s so cold that the heart grows tired and the soul turns white and moves like fog until it’s all gone.

Their warm breath on his neck, the loneliness blooming like a flower made of frost inside his heart and the young god of thunder closes his eyes.


A single black tree in all that clear ice, four huge branches all twisted like a young boy’s braid; it casts no shadow and smells like blue smoke.

The wind moves so fast it sounds like a whistle and the heart of the young god of thunder feels like it’s floating, fluttering like a leaf getting close to the skies.

The tree’s roots move like a snake beneath the ice and Thor can feel the movement in his bones, deep and great.

Thor stands so close to it and the bark looks like it’s covered in scales, purple-silver and shining like coins. It shakes its branches and speaks.

“Traveler. What is it that you seek?”

Thor looks down, mouth set in a hard line, soft furs draped over his shoulders, leather straps twisting around his wrists. He thinks of the ravens’ red mouths and his lips bleed.

“You will find nothing here,” the tree says.

Thor wipes his mouth.

“Only ice and death.”


Blue starlight pours over a castle of ice crafted by nature’s gentle hands. Inside it sits the god of thunder. His hand is outstretched, his fingers spread, and he’s painting with lightning. It’s bright white and it trembles and zigzags through the icy air, forming faces and bodies, smiles made of electricity. They’re all there for a moment and then they’re gone and others appear, frowns and laughter and joined hands. And Thor watches the forms move over the gigantic walls of ice and when he reaches with his fingers to touch them, they flicker and disappear.

The ice is resistant. Thor uses the heat of the lightning to engrave a face in it. He’s standing there with his forehead touching the wall of ice and sculpts a face next to his own, using his forefinger to create the eyes and the cheekbones, the long hair and the neck; his small finger to create the lips; his entire palm to create the body, and one gentle fingernail for the beautiful lashes.

The heat causes the ice to crack and drip and all that white light is making him dizzy, and when he’s done he separates the form from the ice, presses his palm to the still heart lying inside it and shocks it to life.

The night trickling in through the ceiling paints the form’s hair black and Thor’s smeared blood on the ice turns its lips dark red.

His beautiful ice prince draws in his first breath in Thor’s arms, and Thor names him Loki, because in Asgard, Lokee means heart.


The god of thunder knows he can’t take Loki with him to Asgard. Loki’s a beautiful creature of frost and shadows and Asgard’s heat will be swift in stealing the breath from his lips.

He can’t stay with Loki so he builds him a home, a tall castle that looks like it’s made of starlight and air. But a home is not enough-Loki never asks him for more-but Thor sculpts an entire kingdom for him; towers and houses and walls for protection, forests made of frost and breaths, roads as white as milk leading  everywhere.

And when he spots flickers of loneliness in his lover’s eyes he fills the kingdom with life. He gives Loki two brothers carved from ice and names them Helblindi and Byleistr; three brothers living in a kingdom of frost that Thor names Jotunheim.

Thor visits Jotunheim often. He only leaves when the cold threatens to stop his heart. They live on cherries and kisses and Loki’s warm body in Thor’s arms.

And when Thor sits on his father’s throne and the ravens whisper in his ears of two sets of footprints in a grey landscape, Thor smiles and thinks of two sets of footprints in the snow.