some more thoughts on the sensates, season 2:

  • will: this boy has TOO MUCH heart he cares about everyone so much i cannot believe a str8 white male character can give me so little grief everyone take notes. cheekbone game is also still strong, but with too much time covered in stubble imo
  • sun: SUN FUCKIN BAK i cannot believe how far my soft baby bird kickass diamond of a character has come she’s so GOOD, but she can also break your neck i love her so much. in more important news however she got reunited with her dog. heckin yes 11/10.
  • lito: continues being the absolute Most™ and we all love him for it. ”i’m practicing””for what?””for my future as a homeless, unemployable failure”. i mean what a fuckin Leo- also relatable as all hell. my beautiful proud gay son. what a gem.
  • riley: sweetest bean in the entire universe, most unrealistic part of s2 is that no one would trust her. she loves a dopey police officer from chicago so much and most importantly she really likes boning him. also shout out for her immense knowledge of graffitied hovels, v impressive.
  • capheus: my newest kid hit it out of the park. he doesn’t have a clue how he got here but he’s still the best person i know and if he doesn’t end up as the president of the world by the end of the series then what are we even doing here?????? also hell yeah my boy got some proud of u bud.
  • nomi: what the hell is this radiant angel and how is she making money. i can’t believe she’s responsible for all of the sensates not being in prison, mvp of the whole fucking show. she’s basically r2d2 if it was a hot, genius woman who fuckin OWNS it. 10/10 five stars would watch again.
  • wolfgang: “he doesn’t really talk” except when he does he BREAKS MY HEART. still the most problematic of all my children but i don’t care i just want him and kala to be happy god fuckin damnit. also i can appreciate the commitment to both his Look and his woman. good one dude.
  • kala: the rambliest and also the smartest, god bless her. honey thinks too much about good and bad when it’s so obvious that she’s a Hoe for the bad boys- specifically German bad boys with unresolved anger issues. also shot a gun and it was pretty fuckin hot tbh.

other thoughts on other characters:

  • whispers: hey man FUCK YOU and also FUCK OFF
  • jonas: what is the point of u doesn’t naveen andrews have better things to do honestly.
  • daniela & hernando: sometimes a family is two gay dudes and their drama queen best friend and that is beautiful..
  • amanita: QUEEN of supportive spouses also she loves nomi so much, can relate.
  • diego: i found myself whispering “no diego no” to myself and it made me laugh so there u go.
Of course I have memories of 1992 and the years prior, but it’s nearly impossible to believe that Scully and Mulder weren’t with me throughout elementary school, high school, or college. Those characters, that series, were such a force, such a creative influence, that it seems strange to imagine that they actually didn’t exist at one point. Like Elenore Rigby or The Brandenburg Concertos or the Mona Lisa - these things needed to exist, and somehow there was a space in history, waiting for them to arrive; they were inevitable and perfect and, ultimately, awe-inspiring. Sublime, transporting, and damn-near perfection.
—  J. J. Abrams, Preface to The Complete X-Files

x-files AU where instead of the FBI, it’s ‘THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE’, mulder’s low-budget ghosthunters rip-off, and dana scully is the burned out medical resident brought in by skinner (long-suffering showrunner) to play the straight man, and hopefully improve their ratings (because let’s face it, mulder, I don’t care how low-budget we are, if no one is watching, the network will ax us anyway)

everything is exactly the same, except scully stares into the camera like she’s on the office, and they make out in mulder’s camper on location.


In which I scream about aliens a lot and never know what the fuck is happening