lb walk

ok but the fact that glenn started team family.  maggie was right and i never explicitly thought about it that way until now.  glenn didn’t just save rick’s life back in atlanta - he put into motion every event that would lead these characters to meet and come to care about each other so much.

team family wouldn’t exist without the selfless, compassionate, caring, pure heart and soul of glenn rhee and everything they do to protect each other honors him and his memory and everything he risked and sacrificed and that’s honestly the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard. 

i’m sitting at the dinner table with my grandchildren, quieter than usual. i look out at the sunset and see the trees swaying in the breeze of the evening. “grandma, are you okay?” my youngest grandchild asks. i don’t look at them, still staring out of the window. a stray tear runs down my face as i speak. “glenn rhee did not deserve to die.”