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So this is going to be half translation/half liveblog, sorry~

The background where Karlheinz and Socrates (FRIGGIN’ SOCRATES) are talking is so pretty, I wish the sprites weren’t in the way.

So I chose Kino first, because why not just jump right in to his storyline which is probably meant to be done last, but whatever. Things I’ve forgotten between the first game and now (because I never finished the others):
 1) Can these jerks fly??? Cause Kino randomly floating in the sky to monologue is annoying af
 2) As I’ve now found out, the screenshot feature within the game DOES NOT SAVE THE TEXT JFC. I’d taken some screenshots to go back and translate those specific lines later, but nooooope, no text. Whoops. And fuck going back to copy it out lol

Anyway, some liveblogging/thoughts/summaries/etc and some translations are under the cut!

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The signs as IVE known them

Saw this floating around the horoscope tags and decided to do one of my own. Disclaimer this is the signs as actual people I have known and does not account for the behavior and personality of the signs as a group.

Signs as I’ve known them:

ARIES: Homestuck, anime, world of war craft. Glasses. Short red hair. Goofy jokes. Feminist as fuck. No seriously don’t fuck with the angry feminist. Pan sexual. Open minded. Lover of all things cats. Odd little British southern cinnamon roll. Ramen noodles, toast, cheese, coffee. Baking is life, not a hobby. Art, creativity, so smart but doesn’t see it. So sweet but will stand up for what’s right. Doc martins.

TAURUS: Good food, healthy while also being comfort food. Cheesecake with berries and pecans. Nature walks with her golden retriever mix. Bedding so fluffy it’s like you’re sinking into a cloud. Painting the walls earthy Gemtone colors. Paintings everywhere, art studio with a glass wall looking out over the backyard. Champagne blonde curly hair pulled up into a messy bun,tan skin. Green tea and Panera bread when we’re on the go. Incense burning in the living room. Knows all the celebrities. Friends with George Clooney. Getting me autographs the entire time I was growing up.

SCORPIO: opinionated. Never wrong. Overly confident. Mustang convertible. Pink everything. Spoiled af. Pasta all the pasta,Olive Garden fuck me up. No seriously, what’s a vegetable? Mani-pedi’s every week. Hot tub Sunday’s. Traveling. Christian when it’s convenient for her. Harry Potter. Twilight. Basic bitch, but still hella cute. Cali life. Superstitious. Terrified of ghosts. Biology major. Goal orientated. Self centered. You either love her or hate her, there is no in between, and she couldn’t care less either way.

SAGITTARIUS: prayer beads. Incense. Messy unkempt curls. Thick beard full of tufts of cotton from work. Blue eyes. Goofy smile. Weird sense of humor. So incredibly intelligent. Bollywood movies.

LIBRA: Blonde hair, amber eyes that are warm and mesmerizing. McChickens only mayonnaise. Country music and pretty little liars marathons. Talking about boys and being set up with one of her cute friends. BEST LAUGH I’ve ever heard. Inside jokes. Sister like bond that is unbreakable. Always having each other’s back, even if they’re wrong. Being there for each other through heart ache and abuse. Understanding each other like no one else could. Cigarettes and bonfires. Staying out all night, lying to your parents about where you are. Riding around in a jeep going no where in particular, windows down, hair blowing in the wind, freedom. Best friend. Soul mate. Platonic love of my life.

VIRGO: Road trips filled with loud music, LAUGHTER, Taco Bell quesadillas EXTRA SAUCE and sun drop, lots of sun drop. Staying up late at night dying each other’s hair and making art with oil pastels. Matching tattoos. Getting ready for a party, trading clothes, throwing them on the floor until you find the right outfit. Waking up late extremely late and rushing out the door in a hurry. Unwashed hair pulled up in a ponytail. Sitting in the bathroom floor In front of a mini heater playing with her makeup and talking to her while she showers. Ice skating with a hangover. Cats. A strong love for all animals. Hookah. smoking for the first time in a cold attic, making jokes and laughing til our stomachs hurt. Shady house parties in basements. First girl I ever kissed. Rise against. Being close and sharing everything, having someone you can be 100% real with,just yourself, no facade.

Opinions, lots of them. Stubborn as FUCK. Sharp tongue, soft heart. Passionate about everything, music, politics, art, cinema. Captivating smiles, Green eyes lighting up when they’re talking. Wanting to share their hobbies and passions with you. Sending you music, making you playlists. Loves all music. Crying during movies. Love for sci-fi. Love for human kind. Chips for dinner. Lemonade vodka and strong bow. Toboggans (as he calls them) through all seasons. Love poems. Snuggles and talks about aliens and conspiracy theories. So soo intelligent. A smile that could stop your heart.

Very studious. Smart. Glasses. UFC.
Mustache. Funny. Red hot chili peppers. New shoes. Principled. Phlebotomist. Football. Coffee obsessed.

CAPRICORN: Tiny human. So fake. Will stab you in the back for a French fry. Spoiled brat. Disrespectful to her parents. Queen bitch. Pop music. New car every 6months. New boyfriend every 3.. OMG IM SO
FAT. Weighs 100 lbs soaking wet. Dog lover. Cat lover. Great Britney Spears impression. Gave her rabbit chocolate one time. Thinks she invented steak and eggs for breakfast.

CANCER: I don’t think I know a cancer????

Football. Long black hair. Stories on Native American culture. The Grateful Dead stickers on an old dresser. Reptiles. The smell of weed lingering on his Tshirt. Playing golden eye in the living room. Dinner consisting of beef jerky, Doritos, snickers and dr.pepper.

GEMINI: Marlboro reds. Curly brown hair. Deep brown eyes. Broken nose. Heath ledger doppelgänger. Perfect teeth. Led Zeppelin. Skate board shoes. Foster kid. Nick names. Has a cat named kitty mow mow. Promise ring after 3 months. Very troubled. Compassionate. Loves deeply. Secret tattoos. Protective. Possessive. Red.
Hoodies. Awful friends. Video games.

Differences in the dd/lg community

Hello, alot of people dont know all the branches of the dd/lg, md/lg ect community so i will be explaining the differences as simple as possible. Some of you may already be familiar but hopefully ill help a few people.


Dd/lg: daddy dom; little girl.

Dd/lb: daddy dom; little boy

Md/lg: mommy dom; little girl

Md/lb: mommy dom; little boy

Abdl: adult baby diaper lover

Cg/l: caregiver/little

Pet play: like age play only playing an animal

Owner/kitten: owner/kitten


Daddy dom: Daddy dom is short for daddy dominant. He is the person to take care of his little and depending on the age of the little will depend how depent they are on their daddy. He is the ‘father’ of the little meaning he will administrate punishments, rules and rewards he deems fit. Usually after some discussion from both the little in big person form and the daddy on punishments and what they would like to do. Consent is key

Mommy dom: mommy dom is short for mommy dominant and like the daddy she will give punishments, rewards, ect she deems fit to the situation. The only thing difference is that she is a woman and not a man.

Caregiver: A caregiver is what i have defined as someone that does not identify with the male or female gender. For example Agender. They would be a caregiver the exact same thing as a mommy or a daddy except is not male or female they are other. This term is also used in the kitten/owner branch as another term for an owner.

Babysitter: most littles probably dont have babysitters but babysitters are just like how they would be for childern. Usually younger littles like 1-3 will have a babysitter if they’re full time and theyre caregiver (daddy, mommy ect) isnt home. Babysitters are paid to look after the little and make sure their safe.

Owner: an owner is someone who takes care of a kitten, a pup, a bunny, ect. They are intrested in pet play rather than age play. For example instead of corner time they might administer spankings or a squirt bottle. Depending.

Littles: littles can rang in size, shape, age, and gender. They are defined as age players which means they enjoy acting younger. For example their real age is 20 but they play 5. So, they enjoy all the things a five year old would. Although some littles dont do it there is alot of little who engage in baby talk to feel more little. Little activities are usually coloring, watching cartoons or sucking on a bottle or pacifier. Littles usually have a mommy, a daddy, a caregiver or a babysitter.

Switches: i didnt inculde this in the branches because i didnt feel like it had a place but it is in definitions because it is important. Switches are people who are dominant and submissive. A person who is both can switch between little to mommy, daddy ect.

Part time little/kitten vs. Full time: littles (and/or kitten) can be part time (like myself) or full time. Part time means you engage in little space every once in awhile but Full time means you are always in little space 24/7. Full time littles sometimes dont have jobs and they usually have babysitters.

Abdl: Adult Baby Diaper Lover. The definition is in the name. Abdl participaters usually enjoy the look of a diaper, the feel, the smell ect. They even like when people use them to go to the bathroom. Its on this list because its a branch of Ddlg because the baby who is using the diaper is an age player.

Kitten: kitten is the most common form of pet play however people also are pups, bunnies and more. Pet play, like age play is the kink of pretending youre an animal. A pet. The person may purr or drink out of a bowl. Pet play to me would probably be put in another category kink called humiliation. There are some similarities like leashes, eating out of bowls, ect. However please remember that kittens are owned by owners who love them dearly (hopefully). They play with them and pet behind their ears as well as other nice stuff.

Well, i believe thats it. Remember that all the things i have named are out of full consent of both adults and is in no way shape or form abuse. If your partner is beating you and/or forcing you to do something in the bedroom that is not a kink it is abuse and you should go to someone. Also remember that these are not part of pedophilia or bestiality. They are both humans and adult just wanting to be loved,cherished, and treated like babys. Any questions feel free to ask me. As always no teasing or fighting and ill post more in a bit. My next post will be Rated R so just keep a look out for that it will have a disclaimer. 💖 remember you all are magical unicorns 💖

I’ve tried to stop,” he said. “You know I’ve tried.” He flicked away his third cigarette. “But I can’t. I need it. I can’t live without it. I’m in love with it even though I know love is nowhere to be seen in it.” He sighed.
“It’s an addiction.” I mumbled.
“I know.. I hate it.
I do. You know why? Because I love you more than anything or anyone. But I just can’t seem to stop myself from finding someone who’s available in the moment.”
He shook his head. “I love you. And I’m scared to death of you.”
“Because you know me better than I know myself. You know exactly what I need to hear. And I know this is so cliche and it’s written on every page of every book but I’m scared of you. I want you to be mine so badly but I feel like you are going to completely destroy everything I’ve believed in because it’s all wrong. I know you have every single answer to every single question I have. Even if you don’t  know it.”
I smiled. “Fear isn’t always bad.”
He looked straight into my eyes and gave the gentlest command I’ve ever heard in my life. “Tell me what your favorite color is and why.”
I looked towards the passing cars in the road, then up towards the sky.
“Why?” He pressed.
“Because no matter what the sky goes through, it always returns to blue. It’s a constant, a given. And when it and the sun kiss goodnight a breath-taking beauty erupts and begins flowing through its veins.” She paused. “I want to be the color blue. Because I want to be a constant. There for people no matter what color they might turn me, because I know I’ll never lose myself.”
He chuckled, shaking his head with a soft smile. He leaned back against the old wooden bench that resembled an old man. He pulled out the pack of cigarettes in his pocket and threw them into the trash can sitting next to us.
“And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen.”
He never lit a cigarette again.
—  LB

That little speech about all the destroyed towns and number dead was so good? Though I…there’s something off on how we’ve seen people uninterested in the Relics, Sloan fighting it for weeks and Lucas and Maureen both really with their own reasons for using it. Griffin seems to be trying to balance it with stuff like Killian admitting how much she wanted the Gauntlet, or Carrie (Carrey?) just now with the Stone. I can’t tell how much is plot convenience and how much is actually Something Afoot. I’d say just because it wouldn’t be much of a challenge if a mission was just drop down and retrieve a thing from a town where everyone around is dead, but there’s clearly stuff we don’t know and are even deliberately not being told, by Griffin and NPCs alike, about the wars and Relics and Red Robes. For instance, we just got that SWEET prophecy - and gosh I love prophecies that call out specific people in vague af terms. But are the seven birds the Red Robes or the people who will be key players in saving all us of? Or is there perfect overlap? What was the RRs’ original intention: just power, or a little better challenge and investigation of possibility? Or did they know about the oncoming danger, and build things to prevent it and that Backfired Significantly?? Shit Will Go Down - and I want to see the Relics more in the hands of people who are 100% taken over even before the boys get there. Or people who are 100% dead.