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I took some photos in different clothes! Kinda like a photo shoot thingy I guess?
I’m terrible at taking photos and I know I look terrible in these ones rip. I was also very self conscious about posting this because of my weight but oh well..
Also my doggo wanted to be in the room so here she is!

(Should go without saying, but porn blogs FUCK OFF not for you!)

Lounging around my apartment in a bralette from Lane Bryant! Part of me is super grumpy the cutest ones only seem to come in 14/16 or 18/20, the rest of me is just super stoked this thing fits and is really comfy!

This is a 26/28, even though I always wear 22/24 clothing from LB. It’s a bit loose but it feels good that way and was easy to get on! I went by their bralette specific size chart, and my bra size which is 44DDD or F, depending on the style. I would really like to try a size down, though, and see if it gave a touch more support.

I know it seems silly, but being able to wear something frivolous and trendy means a lot to me. I was wearing plus size clothes in high school, and there was nothing cute, young, or in any way nice available to me back then. I was wearing the same clothes as my mom, and it sucked!

So even though I’m almost 30, I still get a little extra thrill of joy when I can participate in a trend I assumed would be closed to me.

Anyway, this bralette is really nicely made, has adjustable straps, and so far the lace is not itchy which is sweet.

I made a perfect reaction gif...

“Oh this is your girlfriend girlfriend? So which one of you is the “guy”?“

“You’re trans? So did you have “the surgery” yet?“

“Your natural hair is so big!” *proceeds to put their hands all over it*

“So you’re a “feminist”? Why do you hate men?”

“I just don’t think women who weigh more than x-lbs should wear certain clothes”

“You’re only a real lesbian if…“


Initial Issue.

When you join the military, you’re given what’s called an initial issue- enough clothes, shoes, and gear to get you started.  OtherHazards wondered what it would take to equip a trans man in the same way, so we hit up Savers.  We assembled an initial issue for a man in his early 20s of about Haz’s build- 5′3″, 150 lbs. He chose the clothing, because of the two of us, he’s the one who’s actually 1. joined the military and 2. traveled across country with only what he could fit in a van. 

Figure 1: T-shirts (5). Two absolutely inconspicuous, one with Local Sports Team logo for camouflage, two with a little style and personality.  [Marty’s note: when I first transitioned, I was advised to seek button-down woven shirts with small plaid patterns, which hide the outline of a binder better than solid colours or knits. I also personally really like plaid. Your mileage may vary].

Figure 2: interview wear (1 ea). Button-down woven shirt, either blue or white, slacks in either black or khaki. Will work equally well whether you’re applying for work in a restaurant or an office. Look for: absence of stains or fraying.

Figure 3: pants (2).  One pair of jeans, which can be worn til they are about able to walk off by themselves, and one pair of athletic shorts, which can be worn while the jeans are in the wash.

Figure 4: towel (1). Always know where your towel is. 

Figure 5: underwear (5), and a suitcase to put all of this stuff in. Not all second-hand stores will sell underwear. This is a good place to remind you to wash all of your initial issue in the hottest water available, with non-chlorine bleach if you can.

Figure 6: shoes (1 pr). Neutral styles in black, gray or blue are good, and will fit relatively well with everything else available. Don’t be afraid to look in the women’s section for these. 

Figure 7: binders (2). These are good-quality sports bras with no cups built in. Like underwear, not all second-hand stores will carry them. Look for: good elasticity and compression.

Figure 8: socks (2). Honestly, you need more socks than this, but they’re hard to find second hand. If all else fails, wash the pair you’ve been wearing every night, then let them dry while you’re wearing the other pair the next day. 

Figure 9: the complete kit. Cost: $85.62 at a thrift store just outside Boston, where prices are higher than might otherwise be the case.  Look for: sales! There was a sale that day that applied to everything but the suitcase, bringing the total down to $46.80


In case you were under the impression that you didn’t need these Pinup Girl Clothing LB shorts, I’m here to tell ya that you sure do!

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The next time Mae goes into the Ol Pickaxe, she'll find Bea standing behind one of the counters, more blubbery, looking to be somewhere between 350 and 450 lbs, wearing looser fitting clothing, and chugging down a can of soda. Afterwards, she lets out a loud belch, and tosses the mostly empty soda can in the trash can, sighing contentedly. Then, looking up- "Oh, hey, Mae."

“Hey Bea.” The pudgy 290 pound cat said as she approached her friend, drinking out of a soda can herself. Fiascola was pretty good, but some of the vending machines appearing in town had better stuff. “So, how’s work going?” She asked before crushing her empty can and fosses it in the trash.

@vlli : what would u think adrien would dress like if he had total reign over his outfits??

he’d probably be into street fashion ? a lot of hoodies, a lot of subtle lb merch. comfortable clothes with pockets.

50 Things Every Girl Needs To Hear
  1. Men are not the enemy. For that matter, neither are women. We’re all in this together.
  2. Find what you love doing and do it.
  3. Don’t let anyone tell you what you’re capable of.
  4. Learn from your mistakes.
  5. Learn to forgive the mistakes of others.
  6. Know that life is a series of highs and lows and that’s okay.
  7. No one is going to save you. Learn to save yourself.
  8. Be exactly who you are and the right people will love you.
  9. Being part of someone’s life is a privilege. Treat it as such.
  10. Don’t try and look like the women you see in magazines. Even they don’t look like that.

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hello! i love your blog, and it's helping me immensely in my ED recovery. i have a question: one of the biggest "fat is unhealthy" arguments i hear revolves around how obesity rates are increasing, and that obesity hurts everyone due to the rising healthcare costs surrounding supposed fat-induced diseases. can you shed some light on why people are getting larger, and how this is negatively impacting healthcare costs? thanks so much!

It’s fairly well established in the scientific literature that people are fatter now than they were a generation ago. The fat-phobic movie, Wall-E, does a good job illustrating most people’s vision of this so-called “obesity epidemic.”

Originally posted by coltonhyanes

But how much fatter are we?

Estimates vary, but the consensus is that the average person today weighs about 8 - 15lbs more than the average person in the 1960s. That’s it. About 10 lbs., or one clothing size.  

What caused us to get fatter?

Despite all the speculation concerning the causes of this population change – sugary drinks, processed foods, sedentary jobs, the moon – the fact is that we don’t know why it happened. Similar gains have been observed among non-human animals, leading some people to speculate that environmental toxins are to “blame.” But it may remain a mystery. 

“But what about the cost of all the fatties?!?!”

Frankly, that line of argument is gross and discriminatory. It is appalling to single out a group of people and try to calculate how much it “costs” to provide health care to that group. 

In addition, such calculations rest on a number of faulty assumptions, the most glaring of which being the assumptions that fat causes the health conditions that are associated with higher body weight, that weight loss is possible, and that weight loss improves health, none of which are supported by the scientific literature. 

So the fact that those arguments are common doesn’t make them valid, it just reveals how fat-phobic most people are.

- Mod D

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Do you know what would be the essential things four people should carry with them for a two week trip in foot? In the 19th century, let's say. All the trip is in the mountains, and they have no way of replenish their things.

  1. Food. Pretty obvious. No perishable foods like fruits (unless they’re dried) or bread (unless it’s like hardtack) because it spoils quickly. If the characters are planning to hunt and/or trap, they need the guns/snares/ammo/etc. to do that. And if they are cooking animals on the spot, they need a cauldron if they are making stew. 
  2. Shelter. At that point in time, shelter would probably be a tent of oiled canvas. It will keep the wind, rain, and other elements off the characters while they sleep. Tents also come with an assortment of pegs, rope, and sticks essential for setup. The characters can build lean-tos or find caves to sleep in; however, they would need to know the terrain so they know where the caves are or where the trees to make the lean-tos are, etc. They would be stupid to go into unfamiliar territory without a shelter.
  3. Water. The characters may be able to melt water from snow or gather water from mountain springs. If there are no springs, then characters will need to boil water (necessitating a pot) to make it safe to drink. If there is no water whatsoever, characters will need to bring their own. The average man needs 3 L of water a day and the average woman needs 2.2 L. 1 liter of water weighs 1 kg/2.2 lbs. 
  4. Clothes. Clothes for all weather - rain gear, cold weather, warm weather, damp weather, intermediate weather - and terrain - woodland, desert, rocky paths, glaciers - that the character will encounter. The character will probably have 1-3 complete changes of clothes to keep the weight down; the rest will be emergency gear like a rain jacket. Most importantly, the character needs a good set of shoes. The character also needs many pairs of socks because damp socks will give you trenchfoot.
  5. Other useful items. Compass, salt, several knives with whetstones, ice pick, extra rope, map, small mirror, matches/other fire starters, lanterns, razor, medicine, bandages, walking stick.