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Happy super late belated birthday to @eizabet!!! (seriously im so sorry this is late but im glad i finally finished it fgdhjklw)

im terrible at words but im trying to be as sentimental as i can because seriously, you’re amazing and i admire you a lot!! i wish you very late happy birthday ;P hope you had a good b-day last week <3

Ok so this whole Rhaegar/Lyanna got secretly married thing is something I have suspected for a while, but man does it ever really throw a wrench in my ships. So now Jon Snow is not Jon Snow, but Jon Targaryen, trueborn, and the rightful heir of The Iron Throne, bumping Daenerys down to no 2. So now I think that Jon and Daenerys will end up together as co-rulers of Westeros. I really wanted Jonsa to happen though.