Made this because there was one extra puff pastry sheet. Sooo bad and sooo good. Cut up two bananas and cooked them in butter and brown sugar, poured and spread it over the pastry and baked at 375 until golden brown. Then I heated up Nutella and drizzled it over the pastry. MY GOD SO GOOD. @makrtana #lazyselfishcouples #whatdiet

#tbt I keep this as my phone background because it reminds me that 1) I used to be skinny, 2) the thing that constantly changes in our relationship is my hair, and 3) I still feel exactly the same way now as I did then. In a few days from now it’s going to be 4 years of #lazyselfishcouples and I can’t wait for more 😘. I LAVA YOU. photo cred 📷: @marlowww

It’s only been two years, but I feel like I’ve known you all my life. I’m so happy we both have the same sensibilities and want to have fun every second we can. We’re a living example that you can meet your best friend at a trashy club one drunken night (though, I really don’t recommend anyone go that route). Thank you for making me smile, driving me crazy, and taking me on adventures as much as you can. We’re lucky to have each other. I love you @makrtana. Happy Anniversary! #lazyselfishcouples #letsdothisforever