He loves “me”, He loves me not...right?

Summary: With new confidence in herself, Marinette promises to put more effort into her performance. However, she recalls last night’s rendezvous with a certain cat. But one moment that she was “semi-awake” for leaves her confused about her feelings as that cat returns briefly with a gift for her.

Word Count: 2,957

Shippings: ChatMari, LadyNoir

Major Characters: Chat Noir, Marinette

Minor Characters: All of their classmates who I don’t want to list because I’m lazy

Perspective: Marinette

Info: Craptastic summary right not to mention its not as long as the other fanfic? So this in NOT the prologue of the crossover chapter with Young Justice. However it used to be part of that piece until I felt the need to separate them as it just did not click. So this is Marinette’s  point of view of Adrien/ Chat Noir’s two chapters. Pretty much it’s a recap. But I added a little extra in there with Chat leaving Marinette gifts. However, this fanfic leads straight into my crossover so stay tuned for that!

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