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IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING? i am so fucking glad that i only skirt the fringes of this fandom, it just kills me. i hate people.

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I’m not going to lie, it’s really horrifying. I grew up in Los Angeles, and while we’ve got our fair share of all the -isms you can think of… I’ve never seen it in action as I have on tumblr. It’s disgusting.

It is disgusting, and unbelievable, even when you have the receipts

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that doesn’t look like flan, that looks like creme caramel. flan has a cakey case, with an ooey gooey fruity middle. stupid cultural differences making me all confused.

o_o I have had a lot of different flans, but I have honestly never seen a flan with fruity middle….. maybe flan is different in different regions?

Though yes, most of the flan I’ve had is similar to creme caramel, though most of the time it is denser.

Our worth in terms of how much we can do

The other day I was pondering disability, and the shirkers/strivers bollocks, and our feelings of self-worth.

The conclusion I came to was that everyone is capable of working as hard as everyone else, but not everyone can get as much measurable stuff out of their hard work as everyone else, quantity-wise. So I work as hard as everyone else and I mostly manage to not die of starvation or sensory overload, but Sven who I live with has the same autistic thing going on and he also has a job and a son and does loads of work on the house for the housing co-op. I’m not saying he doesn’t work really hard; more like, I work as hard as he does, and that’s how difficult I find survival.

I have also been pondering the nature of the work. I find it very easy to spend time with Adam; we are very similar in nature and both autistic, which probably helps. I drink tea and listen to him talk about his difficult life experiences and how they affect him now. I help him by doing with him things that he finds difficult, like running a bath/shower for him or gathering things to wash up while he washes up, or helping him to identify the next activity. (“Okay, so now you’ve got all the bills in front of you and there’s something that doesn’t add up. The next thing is to call the number at the top of this page and grill them a little.”)

Here’s the important bit: because I find these things easy, I think they don’t count.They make an incredible amount of difference to Adam, and his quality of life is vastly improved, while I sit there and drink tea and knit socks and listen and talk and point at things and ideas. “This is the next thing to do with your water bill. Oh this thing, maybe you could sell it instead of throwing it out?” And these are things he finds difficult alone, but because they are easy for me I feel like I’m not doing anything.

My worth could be judged on how much better I make things by being myself, not by how hard I think I am working based on the material results and compared to others’ standards for themselves.

(This… is inspired by something Kate said. I don’t know if it helps, but it is a thought that has helped me. As has Kate helped me, on so many occasions, effortlessly. I have a big space in my heart for Kate.)

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No no see, the key is to make it a hacky pun, that’s how you signal that you’re a hepcat who knows the format’s overplayed

Like this one I just read on University of Chicago’s website: Doing Time: Timeliness and Temporal Rhetorics in Contemporary Cinema

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But Wouldn’t You Agree That Titles Written as Questions are Even Worse?

Is Elementary homophobic? a thesis by johnlockedinthetardis*

*I just entered that URL. It’s taken. New fun game: enter the most ridiculous url you can think of, and make bets with your friends on whether it’s taken

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yes! mine was just 2 words (one of which was “the”), but it was a creative writing dissertation.

you are now my personal hero

Courtesy of LazyOrangeHousecat, XKIT!

It has everything I used to get from Missing E and Tumblr Savior, which is nice.

Observe! Tags on the right, showing only when there’s new posts in the tag. Panoramic dash. All my blogs as little icons along the top. Interestingly good timestamps. Filter by type of post. Also I can reblog myself and download MP3s from the dash. Ahhhh it is wonderful. :)