So to interrupt the piracy talk, I’ll innocently post more fanbots, and listen to SPG on rhapsody.

Firstly there’s Cog, who belongs to crimson-firecat. The reference picture you gave me looked like she was floating so I went one further and used bad perspective to make her fly. 

Then there’s Lila, whose owner is Thedorkiestoneofall and I hope I did a good job. I think she was hardest to draw because I only had a description. I hope I didn’t completely miss the mark on what you had thought of.

The next lovely bot is unnamed, though I’ve taken to calling her officebot or Pepper because she reminds me of Pepper from Ironman… She belongs to dazzlingbastard.

Last in this round there is Spades, who belongs to Lazyhamster. I was going to draw both of her fanbots but then I couldn’t do the manbot’s profile right and I realized that I have a pile of these to do and that I’m so much more familiar with boobs that that’s really what I should stick to if given the option.

Thank you for letting me draw them, and I hope you enjoy them!

People who are still waiting, have no fear, I am working my way through my list at an awesome rate so it shouldn’t be long now~

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I’ll be joining, too, if nobody minds.

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You know I would lead the troops!

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I’d join too. >:/


Say hello to Becile Girl Irena :D

She is my little present for Meon and Basy, because it is their fault that she exist now!

Irena is… yes… she is a little devil. She is an android and thinks she knows everything better than anyone else and believe me, she doesn´t.

She has a sleeping problem and love to hide under the bed of the other becile boys and girls. And she can´t feel if something is cold or hot :D

apostatehamster  asked:

Gaming ask! 1, 7, 19, 29, 30, 46, 47 :D

*cracks knuckles* :D

1: What is your fave game?

At the moment, probably Super Smash Brothers. I loved it to bits on the 64 and I’m happy to play it on the 3DS right now. It doesn’t really get redundant on me. I also love anything open world and “do what the heck you want” it can be Minecraft, Skyrim or GTA. Plus points if you can play it with friends. In ego-shooter base, it’s TF2

7: Which game do you have the most hours in?

TF2 with more than 300hrs is probably one of the games I spent most time in and actually GOT GOOD AT. There are probably some games I played more but that was before steam and before games counted how much time you wasted with them haha.

19: Any characters you hate?

Wow I really have to think about that one.

There are a few video game monsters (Like the clay zombies in Ocarina of Time) that I really truly hate but those are technically not fleshed out characters (har har because they are not made out of flesh get it urgh)

I guess Characters I really couldn’t stand were Cletus from Deponia and Vlad from GTA IV. I think I hated the military guy from Psychonauts (can’t remember his name) for the longest time but he kind of got redeemed in a way. Same with the Narrator from The Stanley Parable who is sometimes just someone you want to kick but then you feel sorry for him again so. Mwreh.

29: Favourite Pokemon?


30: First Game?

First Game I ever played was probably Kirby’s Dreamland on the GameBoy. But I played Commander Keen on a Dos Computer around the same time I forgot which one came first. Super Mario Land for the GameBoy was also out around the same time.

46: First Gaming Plattform?

GameBoy, PC and a little later Nintendo 64. I did play SuperNintendo at a friend’s place though.

47: What color was your Gameboy?

I had one of these rad see-through ones. In fact I still have it.

It also still works hahaha.

apostatehamster  asked:

Hey! (hey! Listen!)

OUIH! Hush there, Navi…

1. First impression: I remember seeing your SPG fanart on my dash and you also happened to like Sherlock so I started to follow your blog ~
2. Truth is: I really love your blog and I’d love to have more contact with you again :)
3. How old do you look: Very young, like 16 or 17
4. Have you ever made me laugh: With some of your posts, yes ~
5. Have you ever made me mad: No.
6. Best feature: You seem to be very passionate about the things you love and you are improving on your skills very fast ~
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nope.
8. You’re my: first german SPG pal
9. Name in my phone: x
10. Should you post this too? If you want?