wheee coloring is fun =w=
long story short, the lovely and talented lazyenigma had mentioned how coloring wasn’t her strongest suit so I offered to give colorin’ her lineart a shot! ‘cause i like to color, and i like to help out c: yay

so here’s the result! again, not my lineart, totally kelly’s. please divert all love and praise towards kelly, she’s gr8 && deserves it

keltbh  asked:

idk if this is a thing you're aware of but when buns are really happy they just suddenly flop over on their side and lie motionless - does rabbitray ever do this? tbh the other guys probably think he's died

haha amg like that’s how everyone knows that Ray is just completely relaxed and chill.  Can that be what he did when he fell asleep in minecraft awhile back?? Like he was a combination of super tired and content so he just slumped back in his chair and laid there like a little bun potatoe. 

And it took awhile for the others to catch one what the heck Ray was doing, Like he’d just randomly slide back in his chair and lie there or he’d just roll up on the couch if it’s a lazy day. After awhile Ryan or Geoff finally figure out that he’s just being super content and happy and it’s how he shows it ffjfkdsl  yissss


For lazyenigma who’s been having a less than happy time lately and deserves to have lots of love sent her way (hear that tumblr? go!) 

So these scribbles are not the best, but I hope they help to cheer you up Kelly, as a recent watcher and having talked to you for the past few days, I think you’re an awesome person who deserves nothing but the best <3 

(you’re the first person I’ve felt comfortable enough to actually talk to on tumblr at least and I adore everything your blog posts)