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Hey there~~~ I've seen your post about HUnHan, some kinds like Sehun never hugs Luhan or Sehun isn't as clingy to Luhan as before Honestly, it makes me sad :"( I'm a hard shipper of this couple I also write some Hunhan fanfics But infact nowaday, Sehun isn't close with Luhan anymore To be honest, I want some fan service :((( EXO on 'Top 100K-pop idols Weekly J-Chart Luhan #12 and Sehun #84 I'm really sad :( Why does Sehun stand at #84?? Oh well, I'm just so disapointed

Hey to you too!
Sorry if my posts made you sad :( I just tried to share my thoughts.
Well, about HunHan’s closeness.. to be honest I think Luhan is still Sehun’s special hyung :)
In MAMA Award they’re so happy and clingy even at backstage.

And they spent most of the time together on the bus, on the plane, in the airport..
But yes if you compared to how clingy they were back then, now Sehun ain’t that clingy to Luhan.
I think in early days of debut era he’s closest with Luhan, coz they’re roommate during training years. But now they have their own busy schedules and separated most of the time, so now he’s closer to other hyungs of EXO-K. It’s just inevitable, right?
His roommate is Suho now so he’s closest with Suho, I think.
And Chanyeol is really close to Sehun since predebut days. Some even stated that ChanSe is probably more legit than Baekyeol (please refer to this fanaccount).
About Sehun’s popularity… well I think he receives a lot of love from international fans especially Europe and States. To me polling result is just a number but yeah to be honest I’m a bit disappointed too, coz when it comes to Sehun I want it in a grand way.
Oh I already wrote an analysis some opinions about why he’s not as popular as his other hyungs, but it’s still in my draft I haven’t posted it yet. I need to gather more evidences things to support my opinions.
So is it okay if I answer your question there? Would you mind to wait? Thanks for understanding… and for your message!