I’ve always thought, “I want to get better in singing”.

Along with the opportunity of her 3-CD compilation TOGAWA LEGEND, the “destined woman” shares her thoughts. 

To celebrate Jun Togawa’s 30th anniversary in entertainment life, the 3-CD best compilation consisted of her musical activities until now, anthology-like “TOGAWA LEGEND” is released. The first and second CDs is a compilation of works from her debut with Koji Ueno and Guernica, solos, Jun Togawa Unit, Yapoos, recent Jun Togawa band, up until Higashiguchi Toruens (Hisato Yamamoto’s acoustic unit), formed in almost chronological manner that it resembles a history. The third CD is a compilation of songs in which she participated as guest vocals, omnibus recordings, songs that were not released in albums and other rare records. Not only she picked all the songs herself, she also dealt with the liner, making this a decisive best compilation.

If we were to track her journey as a singer, she began her 80s era with the techno-pop/ new wave, while in the 90s under the band name the rock elements strengthened, […]

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