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LOVE the Kindle, and I'm going to give one away as a prize in the New Year, so, you never know!

Remember when Our Hero made the disclaimer that he did receive a few gifts that were pretty flippin’ awesome this year? While the Kindle did not grace the foot of my Christmas tree this year, Father Orange planted a Barnes & Noble Nook Color instead. Frankly, I didn’t ask for such a thoughtful gift (he bought it in hopes that I might find cheaper reading material for school), but I was more than overjoyed when I unwrapped the gift. What I love about the Nook Color is that it’s like an eReader/tablet hybrid, and I can use the device to check out books from the library. Apparently the Kindle doesn’t support the widely popular EPUB format used in libraries, so I got super lucky.

P.S. Lazybookreviews turned out to be not simply some healthy mental stimulation but a forum that gives away gadget prizes too! Hurray!
I’m particularly aggravated, when I support legalizing sex work, and people say triumphantly: “would you want your daughter to be a sex worker?” as though that should matter. I’d rather she not be a lobbyist, or work in a sweatshop, or a coal mine, or be a malpractice lawyer, either. But it doesn’t have a lot to do with me, either way, and if she were to do any of these things, I’d like her to be able to call the cops on someone attempting to take advantage of her, and be able to use Turbo Tax at the end of the year to report her income.

-Nicole (lazybookreviews) on the NYT piece about legalizing sex work.