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LOVE the Kindle, and I'm going to give one away as a prize in the New Year, so, you never know!

Remember when Our Hero made the disclaimer that he did receive a few gifts that were pretty flippin’ awesome this year? While the Kindle did not grace the foot of my Christmas tree this year, Father Orange planted a Barnes & Noble Nook Color instead. Frankly, I didn’t ask for such a thoughtful gift (he bought it in hopes that I might find cheaper reading material for school), but I was more than overjoyed when I unwrapped the gift. What I love about the Nook Color is that it’s like an eReader/tablet hybrid, and I can use the device to check out books from the library. Apparently the Kindle doesn’t support the widely popular EPUB format used in libraries, so I got super lucky.

P.S. Lazybookreviews turned out to be not simply some healthy mental stimulation but a forum that gives away gadget prizes too! Hurray!