1. What is draining my energy?
2. What can make me move?
3. What should I do in order to be more energized?
4. What is holding me back?
5. How can I beat that?
6. Mistakes I shouldn’t make (anymore)
7. What is the lesson I should learn out of this “energyless” period?
8. Ultimate goal (What should I go for)


So I’ve been feelin a drastic loss of energy lately , so i decided to check it with my cards and made a spread asking what I want to know. The spread was successful and answered my questions (the cards were bashing me ofc and giving me a lecture), so i wanted to share with you guys. Now I know that there may be thousands of arrow-like spreads, but I felt this is the best way to line them up cause…arrows pointing up……..why not

I felt this needed to be done; the world was missing this. I’m thinking of making one with Sans dressed as Stephanie, but that’s in the works. Leave a comment if you have any other ideas for art! Btw, stick around because I’m planning on doing an Undertale comic, featuring Paps

“What will you do with the lazy ones, who would not work?’

No one is lazy. They grow hopeless from the misery of their present existence, and give up. Under our order of things, every men would do the work he liked, and would have as much as his neighbor, so could not be unhappy and discouraged.”
― Emma Goldman