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First to all, clarify that classydepablo is my url and the actual one is just a temporally url so don’t be confused.

Today this blog has his second anniversary, and this is the way to express how grateful I am to find so many magnificent people over there. People that become to be strangers to my best friends, or sisters from another mister, people who deserve all the love of the world.

This year was very difficult to me in the personal, I’ve lost the best person in the world, my dad, but even with the pain I felt, I had support from my tumblr friends every second, showing me that a friendship can be even more real through internet than the real life (not that I’m saying you are not real lol, but you got my point haha). Every person I’ve been met over here have a big piece of my heart saved, have my love and mind with them always, and the best way I can show it is with this follow forever.

I love you all, pretty people, and remember,I’m always here for you as you are for me ♥♥.

My besties: Gosh, you all are so important to me, thanks for support all my insanity through the years . Mwah. I love you to the moon and beyond.

Alli - Niki - Thais - Zee - Lu - Kelly - Kelsey - Tat - Andi - Jess - Steph 

My friends: I have no enough words to express my love for you. Also, you too, thank you for support a crazy person as me. Thanks for being part of my life.

Kiera - Mary-Kate - Katherine - Megan - Delayna - Jae - Jenn - Hannah - NicoleClaudia - Mikey - Hannah - Jana - Roxy - Alyssa - Sophie - Estefanía - Macarena

And this wonderful people are the most fabulous person on the earth and I have everyone saved in my heart for the rest of my existence. Thanks for exist ♥.

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And I hope you have a happy holidays *kiss*