What is the Lighthouse Gem?

This is a theory I’ve been working on for some time and I’ve started uploading it broken down into a few parts just for ease of consumption.

I meant to have some images in there as reference, but I was too tired to screencap and I don’t have a good program for it, so there’s minimal image references.

Okay, so this theory breaks down into three parts:

1) The Lighthouse Gem is related to the Lunar Sea Spire/Moon Goddess Statue
2) The Lighthouse Gem was put there by Yellow Diamond
3) The Lighthouse Gem is going to possess Ronaldo

I’m going to go ahead and break these down one at a time.

Part 1: The Lighthouse Gem is related to the Lunar Sea Spire

One of the things I found most interesting about the lighthouse gem is its sheer size and power.  It is a GIANT gem and it has a very distinct cut.  

It’s also not incredibly obvious, but the gem has been cut oddly.  There is a piece of the bottom tip missing.  Even more odd is that the missing part is cut off cleanly and at a weird angle.  This is not a normal way to cut a gem.  As odd as it would be to trim off the tip, the fact that it’s not a straight across cut makes it even more obvious that this isn’t meant to be this way.

I suspect the missing piece is why the gem doesn’t have a physical form.  

Yet despite this fact, the gem is still incredibly powerful.  Not only can it possess the lighthouse itself, it also animates/possesses the scarecrows and bats Ronaldo had decorating the yard.  It can also record and project images and sounds.  

So where is the missing piece?  I theorize that the missing piece of the gem is in the Moon Goddess Statue.

This might sound a bit far-fetched, but bear with me.  The Lunar Sea Spire shows up in the first season.  One thing I found interesting is the shape of it.  It’s a tall tower with a very interesting tapered design.  Now on the surface it’s easy to make the comparison in structure between the Spire and a Lighthouse. They both have a similar tapered upright design with windows that rise in intervals.  They both have an internal circular stair structure.  They also both have something at the top that emits a beam of light.

The thing about the Spire is that we learn more about it as further episodes come out.  We know that according to Bismuth, the Spire was created as a place for Uppercrust gems to go and think (Which in a way is already similar to the use that Ronaldo has for the lighthouse), but even more intriguing are the two images of the Spire we see.  

There is a blueprint of the spire visible when they go to the moon.  In the blueprint, there is a large triangular structure directly in the center of the top of the spire.  It’s shown as large and centered.  This is not something that is actually on the spire that we’ve seen on the show (but is something that makes it resemble a lighthouse more).  

Image above: The Blueprint vs Image Below of the actual Spire

Nor does this show up, exactly, in the other image of the Spire, which was Centipeedle’s drawing.  In the drawing, it looks far more like the actual Spire we see in the show.  There is a triangular structure in her image, but it’s small and to the side.  This is the area on the actual spire that was supposed to hold the Moon Goddess Statue (The Altar).

There are a few theories as to why the Spire looks different than the original blueprint.  Firstly, and most obvious, that perhaps there was supposed to be a top to the spire that was never built.  One of the ideas I tossed around was that the large triangle at the top of the spire  in the blueprint was never meant to represent the top, but that the size of it was instead meant to indicate IMPORTANCE.  As in, whatever the triangle represents, it was important and emphasized in the blueprint.

Another interesting thing about the Spire, and specifically about the Altar is the shape of it.  It is a circular indentation.  There is a tiny hole in the center, presumably where you might put the pointed tip of the bottom part of the Moon Goddess Statue, but I wondered about that.  Why is the platform a large circle when a conical structure would work far better and be more intuitive a shape for putting the Moon Goddess Statue?

Because it wasn’t originally created to use the Moon Goddess Statue at all.  There was originally something else there.

What was it?  Something that looks triangular in blueprints, that emits or funnels light.  Something wide at the base but narrowing to a tip (like a triangle).

I think the Lighthouse Gem originally belonged at the top of the Lunar Sea Spire.  The circular base with slight depth would fit well into the groove created on the Altar and it is about the right size when measured against Steven.  It could have been used as a focal point to emit light, or, alternatively, as something to receive information from other locations which has been passed in the form of light.

But what about the Moon Goddess Statue?  Why is that a thing?  I think at some point, for some reason, the Lighthouse Gem was removed from the top of the Spire and eventually hidden.  They would need some other magical item to replace the function of the gem that was previously there (though I can’t imagine it would have been as useful or powerful).  The base of the Moon Goddess Statue is the tip of a tapered cut blue gem.

If you look at images of it, you can see how it fits in Steven’s grasp.

Now look at the Lighthouse Gem, specifically at the bottom of it.  That sliced off portion, if you calculate the size by Steven’s hands, is about the right size to fit the piece of blue gem inside of the Goddess Statue.

I believe at some point, the Lighthouse Gem was cut to make the Moon Goddess Statue, and the rest of it was hidden.

But why?  

Well, more on this in Part 2

HOW TO: resize images back to normal and use the HTML editor (Tumblr Mobile) (Warning: rambly af)

Hello again, people I value! Today we’re going to get around Tumblr’s latest update that’s both a little good and bad for all of us: the mobile version’s new image feature

Now, now, I know what you’re thinking, “What’s the problem!?”, and good question! The fact is, if you post things that NEED there resolutions stay, be it something like icons, then this is why — Tumblr apparently makes the image fill the screen in mobile, but that puts the image to fill the post are on desktop too! And if you’re not for clutter, then you wouldn’t want it.

Here’s the incredibly long guide how:

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Out of curiosity, about how many times a week do trumpanzees send you rude/threatening posts, on average?

I don’t know; I’ve only gotten a few so far. Which is odd. I’ve gotten some interesting messages that I don’t post because I’m too lazy to screencap. “God emperor trump shall smite thee” was a memorable one, though.