Lazy Days // 18th November // Fralice

Work was hard. There could be no denying it. It left Frank exhausted most of the time, and always kept him on his toes. But no matter how involved it got and how many headaches it caused, Frank loved his job. He enjoyed the challenges it brought with each new day, he liked learning from his coworkers, and he reveled in setting an example for all of the great aurors to come. His favorite part of work was getting to head in every day with his wife. While that undoubtedly made him far more of a mush ball than most men ever wanted to admit they could be, he didn’t care. Having Alice by his side made him feel more motivated. It also helped reassure him she was safe. She could handle herself very well, but every reminder helped to keep him sane.

Yet no matter how great work was, going home and unwinding was even better. Whether they got two hours to try to fit in some rest or an entire weekend to sit around and enjoy their little house, it didn’t matter. Married life proved better than Frank originally imagined. The only thing he didn’t like about his marriage was seeing Alice unhappy. While she wasn’t sad, per se, her spirits and her health had dipped a little over the past week. Nothing upset Frank more than not being able to help, and so he declared the first day they were free of work a day of rest and recuperation for his wife.

“Okay, I’ve prepared this soup,” he held up the bowl upon entering the living room. Frank’s eyes scanned over Alice for a moment, making sure she was still properly tucked under the blanket as he left her. “It’s rather hot, so I’d give it a minute. If you don’t want to eat it at all, that’s fine, too. I don’t want you getting any more ill. But having the option there is better than not considering eating. It could help your stomach. Now,” Frank plopped down next to her and patted her legs through the blanket. “How are you feeling, Mrs. Longbottom?”

Some days, if all you’re able to do is make Amazon wishlists and look at pretty pictures, that is totally fine. Don’t pressure yourself to be in a place you aren’t. Meet yourself where you are and take care of what you need. So if what you need doesn’t accomplish anything besides help you relax all day, that’s still a victory because you listened to your needs <3