Mornings (Calum Hood)

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Ranting : R

Word count : 1,3K

Story line : Morning sex

I was awoken by someone nudging my side and I let out a groan and turned to the side to see that my boyfriend was slowly waking up.

“Hmm sorry” he sleepily let out as he wrapped an arm around me and pulled me against him.

His chest was warm and I wrapped my arms around him as I placed my head in the crook of his neck. Calum and I were huge fans of lazy mornings and it wasn’t unusual for us to spend one or two hours in bed even after we had woken up.

“I had a very interesting dream” Calum murmured against my skin and I felt a shiver travel down my spine as his fingers started dancing over my flesh.

“Did you?” I sleepily answered and he brought a hand to my hips before pulling me to him so that I could feel his erection. “Oh” I let out and he hummed into my ear as he let his hand travel to my backside.

“I have thousands of images coming to my mind right now” he said and I parted my lips as I felt a familiar warmth in the center of my body.

“What kind of images?” I played along as I started placing little kisses up and down his neck.

“Just let me show you” he breathlessly replied as he pulled away, cupped my face and crashed his lips on mine.

He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me with him as he lied on his back and made me straddle his thighs. I was about to complain because I didn’t have the energy to do all the work but Calum wrapped his arms around my back and made me press my chest against his as he wrapped his warm lips around mine.

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me when i first started collecting vinyl: what the F;UCK, what the fuck i need to clean this because i picked it up to LOOK AT IT i already have this album already i dont need it AGAIN wait no what are you doing YOU TOUCH IT BY THE EDGES NOT THE SURFACE HOLY SGHIT w hy are you stacking them like thta i need to organize these alpgabetically by artist by album by era by genre is there a dewey decimal system for albums

me now: sleeves on the floor and i listened to one album side and was too lazy to flip it over and its been there now for a month [stacks records horizontally on the floor because i dont want to organize them] i have 15 copies of led zeppelin ii

Taurus Sun & Sagittarius Moon

I usually have a good reign on my emotions, but when I feel like something might be interesting I’m just like fuck yeah, let’s do this. Most of the time I’m as apathetic and lazy as I look on the outside. But when something stirs my emotions, when something excites me, or impinges my freedom, I become a giant emotional mess. It doesn’t help that I become even more stubborn, uncommunicative or apathetic when shit happens. My emotions are everywhere and all I want is stability.

[info on sun and moon signs]  


LOL help was just tryin’ to do guy makeup, what is this final fantasy www

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I know it may be a little early for this since we don't know the context of the scene but do you think Stiles saying "Some of us are human" might knock the theory that he's *something*? Ofcourse he didn't say HE'S human... and he might just not know, but considering the "What are you now?" "Better" scene it seems a little odd to me

I think I sort of answered a similar question yesterday, and the answer is no, I don’t think it debunks the theory at all. And I’ve never really thought that just because he’s something that makes him not human. I still consider Lydia human, her DNA is probably unchanged. She just has this extraordinary extra ability to her. Just like some people have better muscle power (I think I’ve mentioned my friend before who hardly works out (god he’s lazy) but still is built like a house), some have better sense of smell etc.

And to me it sounds like another clever wording from the writers. Stiles have never refereed to himself as human, and he doesn’t really do now either. Not directly anyway. “some of us”  - not stating who, but to people watching its easy to assume he means himself. And perhaps he does - Stiles might suspect he can do stuff at times, but I doubt he knows why or what if anything that makes him. 

My answer might change after we’ve seen the scene and the context. But as of now it seems to be Stiles lashing out after something has happened, or he’s frustrated with Scott for nothing taking into consideration that not all of them heel like he does, and yet still take the same risks. 

So far in season 5 I do wonder if the two cases of Stiles’ jeep starting after it broke down was Stiles’ effort. Both scenes are when he’s in distress/emotions running high which seems to be a trigger for him. The way the camera focuses on the headlights and Stiles arm/hand both times draws attention to it. 

Lightning have just struck, Stiles is in the middle of pulling out a strip of duct tape to “fix” the car and Liam is in the backseat. It’s safe to say the car is not fixed when this happens.

Immediately after Liam pokes his head out and asks if they can leave. We assume he started the car. But why would he? He’s not been asked to try to start it, and he does seem to do what Scott and Stiles tell him to. Also starting it while they are poking around - not a good idea. 

And the Jeep is stick shift. You need both feet on the pedals to start it. Liam is leaning his whole body out the window, which means he has his knees on the seat. Circumstantial evidence suggest Liam did not start the car.  

If he did start it, his ass would be on the seat leaning out more like Stiles does here.

In 5x02 the car starts after Scott has taken Stiles’ pain. (was it me or did stiles not look like he was in too much pain after? It sounded like he hit his hand hard and his face show pain, but not excruciating pain) 

Once again we have his hand and the headlights.

Liam was asked to try to start it when Stiles said so. He’s nothing if not an obedient puppy. Stiles did not ask him to this time either. 

Also the way Stiles’ voice echoed when he said “Because you trust everyone” caught my attention. Why put that in unless it means something. To my knowledge we’ve had that effect on Stiles yelling at least one time before, in season 1, episode 1x07. It’s at the school when they’re all trapped there with alpha Peter chasing them around.  

Stiles is being overlooked as usual and when he yells to get everyone’s attetion his voice echoes like in this scene. Interstingly they all snap to attention. 

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