roadtripping with luke and it’s his turn to drive, your eyes falling shut almost immediately when you cozy up in the passenger seat, and he puts his music on, quiet enough not to wake you, his voice just above a whisper as he sings along to pass the time, and when you eventually wake you, stretching your arms with a yawn, you look over at him, a lazy smile on your face which he returns, the corners of his mouth turning up and his eyes sparking at you while he continues singing and takes your hand, lacing his fingers with yours, and brings his lips to the back of your hand, planting a lingering kiss there before turning his eyes back to the road, hand still comfortably entwined with yours


1000+ Followers Gift - Amalia Crop Tops

1000, I can’t believe it! 1022 a this moment, to be precise. So I think this is the perfect moment to post my first clothing meshes! More are in the works.

I actually started this project, when you were only half as many, but I’m a perfectionist (and a lazy ass) and it took me a while to fix some tiny, nasty things. And because it’s a basic piece of clothing you get a whole load of colors. I chose some bright pastels (Nyren’s Kosmik), a versatile palette with both neutral and brighter shades (Poppet’s Memories) and a more realistic, muted selection (curiousB’s Shastakiss’ Yeti).  READ DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE!

  • new meshes
  • longsleeve and sleeveless versions
  • adjusted shadow and bump map
  • custom thumbnails
  • sorted swatches
  • credits: Nyren (Kosmik palette), Poppet (Memories palette), curiousB (Yeti palette)


Base packages include MESH and 3 colors: black, grey, white. You will need THIS for the recolors to work!

Recolor packages - mix’n’match. If you don’t need all of them, get the color options you want. See captions in post to know which is which, if you’re not sure.

Recolor pakages merged. You want ALL of them? Then you need this. All 3 palettes under one thumbnail. For your convenience.

Bottoms used in preview: all about style | starlord | missfortune

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So you're saying skinny people don't get made fun of for wearing things that aren't made for their body type? Like skinny people aren't shamed for wearing high waist pants and leggings and whatnot because we don't have asses sometimes? And like people don't assume shit about our lifestyles based on our weight? That's really ignorant tbh.

but youre failing to see that fat people are shamed for EVERYTHING THEY WEAR. not just one thing bc their ass isnt big. a fat person wears leggings and an oversized shirt? youre lazy and disgusting and dont know how to look presentable. a skinny girl wears leggings and an oversized shirt and shes comfy casual chic. a fat girl wears a crop top with a skirt and knee highs she needs to cover up more bc her body wasnt meant to be seen that much. a skinny girl wears a crop top with a skirt and knee highs and its a look. yes all body shaming is bad but im focusing on how fat people are shamed every fucking day for whatever the fuck they choose to do

taurus hate is usually just shit like “eats too much, lazy, a slut” but im over here well fed, well rested, and well nutted and what are you??? still talking

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How do you draw hands?

Well here’s my Hands tag, which has a decent amount, but if you’re a little greedy (aren’t we all) then check out this crap.

yes i made that joke so sue me i did say it was crap tho

Anyway, moving on. Descriptive, informative tutorial is here. 

A WikiHow showing 2 different ways to draw hands.

This link will lead you to a bunch of hand poses to references (not super detailed).

These are mostly just tips to draw a realistic hand so do with that what you will.

This is a video, one which I am too lazy to watch atm so tell me how that goes.

And this is the only tutorial you’ll ever really need when it comes to drawing hands.

Have fun with those! 

i guess i can understand not tagging anything but i don’t think i could ever do it bc tagging my posts gives me like.,.,,. a history to look back on?? without tags ur posts are just literally floating around in time like how are u going to find the dankest pepe memes if u don’t tag ur posts?? the dankest pepe meme will just be floating on ur blog with no tags to it and itll be like where’s waldo only “where’s the dankest pepe meme i know i reblogged this that one time”

calum looks like he has super soft lips because they’re so pink and plump like could you imagine him just giving you spontaneous kisses where his calloused hands cradle your cheeks or lazy pecks on the forehead whenever it’s late and you’re curled together late at night or wrapping them around your firm breasts and swirling his tongue around your hardened nipples like his lips give me such fluffy and smutty ideas dammit.