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I saw one of these powerpoints in the sp tag but i wasn’t satisfied with it so i got inspired. what year is it

i wanted to go into more detail especially about craig and those guys but i spent WAY too much time on this already so WHATEVER HERE IT IS

They all wanted to be Garnet, Garnet is proud of them all anyway UwU

i spent too much time on this– so I’ve been toying with the idea of an RPG!AU! Despite the fact that I know next to nothing about D&D or fantasy/RPG settings… (fhkdjs blame my nerris muse for this…) The colours are in no way final, either. Preston gave me a hell of a time…

They’re all older as well! Anywhere from mid-late teens/early-20s. I have most of the cast’s classes and alignments sorted out; I would’ve started out with the main 3, but Max and Nikki are harder for me to nail a design for.  Hit me up if you’ve got some thoughts on this or would like to know about the other characters before I draw them!

I’ll put all my current headcanons for these 3 under the cut ↓ ↓ ↓ (Classes are loosely based on the many from D&D, but I wanted to keep things flexible so m(_ _)m) 

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I’ve been waiting to have enough pictures to put them into one 6 photo compilation post, and since I can now… some of my favorite Season 2 characters I’ve made! :P

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From all the people you talked with on Tumblr, write a "review" about them. What do you like,want them to improve or some moments you liked talking with them. All those who are mentioned will have to write the "review" too.

(I’ll be putting everyone i’ve ever interacted on tumblr that I can remember, so don’t be creeped out if you’re tagged ^^;)

@chibimintcandy - 72/10 👏👏👌👌👌 gr8 person. We got stuff in common and we’re working on an AU thing concerning two awesome fandoms, even though I’m a terribly lazy ass procrastinator, I’m so sorry ;;; In the beginning of this year, during that “last selfie of 2016/first of 2017” she posted a selfie, and I’m gonna say, u look good. You’re great, okay?


@zelo-s - 37/10 We haven’t talked much, but you’re cool af. Whoever’s seeing this post, pls follow her, thank u very much. They’ve got good fics + refs + quality stuff on her blog.

@fadeslikewhispers - 56/10 this person knows what’s up. She knows how to english and she draws cool mandalas. She has cool OCs and o r i g i n a l  s t u f f, so make sure to check out their blog!

@giaciano - you piece of trASH (jk ur cool, you sinful memelord 420/69 👀💯) We must never forget Raft Kid with APH England’s eyebrows + Nazi Dorito’s hair.

@the4realkaythxbai - 93/10 you’re not trash, you’re cool, uNLIKE S O M EO N E. Anyway, she’s got plans and cool stuff coming your way, to your very own computer screen wherever the fuck you are, so follow this lovely bean. And I’m sorry for not communicating with you guys, skype gave up on me and it’s been an ass ever since ;^;

@witterprompts - THIS PERSON HAS COOL PROMPTS, OKAY 45/10. They give their best on keeping up with their asks, requests and life in general, and I’m really proud of that. You should check their blog out for inspiration.

@since-the-900s - 32/10 cool, smol and precious bean, must protect. Her blog is full of nice stuff if you’re feeling down, go check it out, it’s pure and helpful.

@the-scent-of-starlight - 33/10 One time we talked about penguins and I got really jealous, because she got to cuddle with them for school. I still am jealous. She writes stuff too, so that’s okay.

(Ps 1: Since it’s like 3am, and I can’t think straight, please send me a message telling me to put you here if I have interacted with you and your name is not here)
(Ps 2: I’m sorry if I’ve messed up your pronouns, I can’t really think straight rn because it’s really late, so if you want to send me a message correcting them, go ahead!)

Mun here. So I thought I would warn you guys now. This blog will have graphic things. Blood, gore, killings, rape, torture, etc. I’m (probably cause I’m a lazy piece of shit) not going to tag them for those who may get triggered so I’m telling you all now. This is a ‘killer’ blog so if you do get triggered by those things please unfollow, I’m working on the story for Arthur and don’t want to hurt anyone. Sorry.


It has been 4 years since the first chapter of the Assassination Classroom manga, 4 years since the journey of the Class-E has started.

Thank you, Assassination Classroom
Thank you, Koro-sensei
Thank you, Class-E
Thank you, Matsui-sensei, you’re a legend


more marik in crop tops B)

and a blank canvas cuz i was starting to fall short on clothes ideas so im gonna be lame and ask people to design some of his clothes PLEASE and could you SUBMIT ME YOUR DESIGNS CUZ I WANNA SEE THEM PLS OR TAG ME but make sure to credit me then pls

I’m sORRY I’m LATE but I was writing a ranty angsty oneshot yesterday because fucking Underlust, man

ANYWAYS have another rarepair of mine ^^ SciFresh. If you go look at my A03 I’ve got a oneshot for them and all that jazz so yay! 

also I just realized that this coincides with day 14 of Freshuary (I think) so imma tag this as that as well ^^ also I did shading this time because I wasnt being lazy


Fresh // @loverofpiggies
Sci // ??? (if he belongs to anyone and not just the community, let me know)

Need more blogs to follow! So like or reblog if you follow back and post about:

Important: NO Porn/NSFW please (I’m sorry, but I will block you and NOT follow back)

-Dogs & Puppies (Great content that is more than allowed)


-Quality Content

-Funny Posts

-Pastel aestheitics 

-Pokémon, tbh

-YouTubers (I like about 50+, yikes, so it shouldn’t be that hard to find some in common)

-YouTube ships (there’s a few in the tags, but I’ve got a lot and I am too lazy to post them all)

-Books (Ex: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, The Lord of the Flies, The Heart Rate of a Mouse, etc….)

-Shows (Ex: Supernatural, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a time, etc…)

-Music (Ex: The Neighbourhood, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Troye Sivan, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Twenty One Pilots, Muse, System of a Down, Imagine Dragons, Eminem, etc…)

So yeah, thats just a few of the things I’m looking for. Reblogging helps, but you don’t have to. Anyways, thank you! 

Note: If you’d like, feel free to leave me a message. I really don’t mind since I like talking to people and friends are great.

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Hi um... Im sorry for asking, I know its your blog and its totally okay if you dont want to, but would it be possible for you to tag your asks something so I could unfollow them? I really like your stories and want to keep reading, but Im just not interested in all the discussion and professions of love and stuff...

Yeah of course! I actually used to tag them and then I kinda stopped because I honestly just got lazy. I’ll be tagging them as #askbookofreid so you can block them :)

* ok folks, so like pap mod said a while back, the req session is over!

so, no more request! very much sorry but now we are back to be a general rp/askblog. feel free to interact with us anytime tho’ ;)

so we are going to return to answering questions again. we have a lot of questions in our inbox, so it’ll probably take a while for us to answer them all. and we do have our own lives. after all, you are all working us out to the bones.

so that’s it. capiche? ;)

now excuse me while i throw these questions away.

if we are really friends, you would understand ;)


My favorite pics of megacon, im sorry most I made faces in and im not serious at all i was having so much fun! Finally posting them because I was lazy. So I didnt have my Tim wig because it fucked up, ic ried, but then styled my hair best i couldbecause i was notgoing to waste my outfit. But yeah super late.