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They all wanted to be Garnet, Garnet is proud of them all anyway UwU


just hug/pat his head already kageyama


bonus : in the end he did it

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a) Yes they have no faces because I’m lazy. Which is also why I did not draw the rest of the members.

b) I may do more. (If anyone feels like sending me bands to do.)

c) Excuse the messy writing

d) And the shitty quality. (Artrage is a douche)

  • me: life is awful, im gonna be bored and uninterested in everything + anything for the rest of my life-
  • haikyuu: hey here's a new ova, this time with seijoh
  • me: I LIVE

as much as i can’t wait for suju’s comeback, i think i only now realized that ryeowook and kyuhyun won’t be a part of it. i mean, i KNEW they won’t be, but you know how sometimes even when you know something in your head it doesn’t fully register, and then when it does you feel this pain in your chest as if you just found out for the first time?

it’s even harder after the whole insta live thing and a bunch of them being in icsyv - it’s like they’re slowly getting back together as a group after two years of individual activities… and only now i realize that ryeowook and kyuhyun won’t be a part of it for a while…

i barely got used to ryeowook being in the army, and now kyuhyun is going and it’s gonna break me completely… he’s one of my favorite members, and he’s my alltime favorite singer/vocalists. i think i’m gonna break when he leaves just as much as i did when heechul left, which was… a lot. (aka two years of breaking down crying in the middle of the night because i missed him so much. yeah, i’m that pathetic)

and i just can’t imagine suju’s songs without them??? like, obviously it’s hard whenever anyone isn’t there, and the rest are really good singers as well so it’s not like they can’t hold a song by themselves, but ryeowook and kyuhyun have such special voices, and they’re 2/3 of the main vocalists and just ?????? i mean obviously it’s gonna be fine and the rest will do amazing job and the album is gonna be great as always, but still. makes me sad that we won’t hear these beautiful voices for two years ;;

the only thing that i can think of is that in two years, it’s over. that’s it. all of super junior will be out of the army and THAT’S IT, we’ll get regular comebacks with full(ish) lineup and no more having to worry about someone going to the army!! i’ve been an elf since before kangin’s enlistment, so i’m used to waiting for members to come back. it’s hard and it’s gonna break me, but in two years it will all be over! 9 years of enlistments… and it will be over!

sorry, i didn’t think it will be that long lol i just needed to let out the feels ;-;

If there was a spinoff series that was just PFL and how each of them got into the program, how their first training went, what other missions they did that we didn’t get to see, and all the miscellaneous fooling around we all know happened there, I would watch the hell out of it


Maybe there’s a god above
All I’ve ever learned from love
Was how to shoot somebody who outdrew you
And it’s not a cry that you hear at night
It’s not somebody who’s seen the lights
It’s a cold and it’s a broken
H a l l e l u j a h

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This page is really unorganized Rest In Peace

The first two pictures were Dat Boi (Liam)? from @canakuma

And then the rest were either doodles or stuff I can’t tag because I don’t know who did them

The memes one and Mason and the one with the 3 eyes are mine, but the one with the bangs over their eyes belongs to @draw-my-ocs

If I’m not mistaken. I’m not sure. Pretty sure.


I was tagged by @otpjalec​ and decided to not be lazy and do this! (Thanks for tagging me btw!)

  • My favorite male character: Alec Lightwood. He is exactly the kind of character I always tend to like and will defend him forever.
  • My favorite female character: Lydia Branwell. What a badass queen.
  • My OTP:  Jalec.
  • My BROTP: Alec/Lydia ftw! But also Clary/Alec, Izzy/Jace… (the rest “brotps” I like are too gay to be brotps tbh.)
  • My NOTP: Jimon. Sorry, but no.
  • My other ships: I do like book and tv canon Malec, so I guess you could say I ship that on the books/show. But I never really seek it out in fanwork.. I also dig Malace. Besides that, I like Clizzy, Saphael, Sizzy and I don’t mind Climon or Simon/Maya.
  • My least favorite character: Hmm..idk?? I mean Clary is the character I often get the most frustrated at but I don’t not like her.
  • Who I would date off the show:  Well Alec is 100% gay so that’s not an option, but I would happily be bropt with him and 1000% date Matthew.
    I think I would date Jace, but then I’d probably want him and Alec to be happy so break up with him and make them date each other hahahaha

    So I think they were tagged but if not I tag @shirasade @morganalefay.

    Also I am tagging you Rora, just because @evyisaks and you Jenny because I am annoying like that @the-katsudon-fairy and feel like I haven’t spammed either of you about shadowhunters and jalec recently.

I love Achievement Hunter because all the contradictions. It’s like a well written character cast:

  • the one who’s angry all the time is really sweet and loving especially to his wife
  • the really immature usually drunk one who jokes about dicks doubles as a wonderful husband and father 
  • the handsome one who used to be a model is also the one who has everyone questioning his sanity and morals
  •  the stupid one who asks really ridiculous questions is a part time scientist and film director
  • the more mainstream one ironically makes meme jokes until he becomes one and also has the highest game score out of his peers
  • the one who is more serious than the rest and rather quiet is the same one who raises money for charities and has a fun time doing so
  • the one who is ridiculed for her gender and her presence in content is actually really chill, funny and good at her job