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10 Is the Magic Number: The Top 10 Things I Want to Tell You Before You Enter the Bowl

I entered the bowl and quit. Then I entered and quit again. I’ve entered the bowl for the third time and I’m not leaving until I’ve accomplished my goalsI’ve had some successes. I’ve had a lot of failures. I’ve learned a ton about myself. And since you asked, I’d like to share some of the things I wish I had known and really want you to know before entering the bowl.

10. Laziness is not your friend. I was lazy and lacked perseverance. I believed that the bare minimum of effort would yield high results. I thought there was a man willing to give me everything I wanted while I amused myself by not giving him anything he wanted. I completely ignored the mutually in “mutually beneficial arrangement”

9. Don’t be a selective reader. Part of the reason why I thought my laziness was okay was because I was a selective reader and peruser of the SB tag. I read all of the success stories and liked the glam photos but ignored the few sugar babies that said this was really hard work  

8. Read the books. I didn’t read any of the suggested books. There are several reading lists floating around. It wasn’t until I’d quit the bowl for the second time that I took a moment to read any of the books on  them. The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene, How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes, and Simply Irresistible by Ellen T White are my personal favorites and I practically have them memorized I’ve read them so many times.

7. Don’t be conceited- especially if you don’t have a reason. I didn’t. I thought that I deserved a $10k allowance (well at least $5k) because I’d read a few posts about knowing your worth. But knowing your worth has nothing to do with the dollar amount you receive. And I didn’t know a damn thing. My experiences in the bowl got easier once I admitted I was clueless.

6. Money does not make a person better than you. I thought that because these men had money they were better than me. It made me accommodating. Once I remembered that money was common and was not an indication of character or intelligence, I remembered something else: this was sugar dating and dating wasn’t new to me. On a date, you’re simply a man and a woman. Being a woman having dinner with an interested man was much easier.

5. An SD can come from anywhere. There is a general consensus that most, if not all, of the sugar sites are trash and the men on them are salty but I still believed that was the only place to find an SD. Tinder proved me wrong. Twice.

4. Be clear on why you joined the bowl. I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to accomplish as a sugar baby. I had the pictures of pretty things planted in my mind but they didn’t sit right with me. They weren’t enough. Once I decided I wanted a business of my own, things began to fall into place.

3. You won’t win them all. I thought I could/had to convince every man to be my SD. I drove myself a little crazy trying to figure out ways to make myself universally pleasing.   That is impossible. For a brown sugar baby, the truth is you won’t please most men. So we have to change our mindsets. We aren’t going to please every man but we will please the right men. We will attract the right men. And that’s who we should focus on.

2. You can’t do this alone. I tried to do this without a support system of sugar babies. Ho friends are great but they still don’t get it the way a fellow sugar baby does. I know that having sugar babies reach out to me when I first started meant the world. Know that when I want to quit writing, reading your messages and anons have made me sit down and write. And knowing that @lustington and @brownstatuesquesugarbaby are just a message away? It’s one of the only reasons why we aren’t discussing my quitting the bowl for the third time. Please don’t do this alone. I’m not the best at messaging as poor @lustington is learning (thanks for being patient with me!) but I’ll be here to talk. No one understands the way we do. My family is supportive but still… Build your support system. You WILL need them.

1. Be yourself. I thought I had to be the sugar baby that Tumblr said I had to be. I thought I had to follow all of the rules Tumblr sugar babies told me to follow. But they weren’t me and I wasn’t good at not being myself. Once I became more selective about the advice I took and determined to be myself the only thing that changed was everything. Your safety is paramount. That advice should be followed. But don’t feel that you have to change your personality because of what you read on the internet. Trust yourself and your intuition.

*Bonus*You’ll never feel 100% ready. And you won’t be. You won’t learn until you do. Take as many safety precautions as you can. Get your life in as much order as you can and dive in.

*Bonus* Don’t ever be afraid to let a man go. If they’re leaving it’s to make room for something or someone else. If keeping them will compromise you or your happiness, let them go. It’s raining wealthy men. You just need to know where to find them.

What did I miss? Is there something you wish you had known when you entered the bowl?

Things i don’t like about the sims (3) community

keep in mind this is a general opinion formed by what i’ve seen happen in this community over the 5 years i’ve been here. this is not addressed to anyone specifically,but if you fit in the list you should second guess your actions to make this place just a tad friendlier :)

welcoming all simblrs post


  • people don’t give two shits about your stories. there’s usually the same 2 or 3 people who read your in-depth stories and comment nice things. the others don’t even bother liking if it’s more than 3 lines of text???
  • nobody gives a damn about sims stories that dont include images: people apparently need images to enjoy a story. have you ever read an actual book? don’t judge a story just because it lacks visual stimulation. the writing will be worth your time.
  • people don’t understand metaphors and deep posts. sometimes it’s really hard to express actual things through your posts,because people will either find it too complicated,too “over edited” or too sensitive
  • about sensitive content, sometimes people fail to tag stuff perfectly and people jump straight into anon hate instead of NICELY letting them know they should add a trigger tag or w/e makes them happy. like why can’t you be nice about it instead of sending anons?
  • people assume that if you don’t have good quality posts you’re shit and you don’t deserve anything: you.are.a.hypocrite.YOU were once new and YOU were the same.
  • the “popular”simblrs idea still flows through the community after years and years, even if many big simblrs decided to be nice and open up to people
  • those who don’t bother responding but complain nobody talks to them: if you didn’t take a hiatus every 5 seconds because nobody liked your post, and responded to messages, you’d receive attention from people. engage to engage.
  • people who complain about not having enough likes/comments/reblogs etc: you HAVE TO talk to people to have them be nice to you ! you can’t just expect people to flock to your blog and shower you with adoration. don’t expect people to just comment on your stuff and you can ignore them and that’s it. you make friends. you talk to people, you thank them, you comment on their posts. THIS is how you actually get involved in the community
  • according to simblr, if you’re new you’re automatically stupid? why do we not give chances to new people?why do we only follow 3 people and only message 2 and then complain nobody talks to us? help others join in, involve them in the community,COLLAB with people, chat with them. ENGAGE TO ENGAGE
  • “SEND ME ASKS!!! ASK ME THINGS!!!” but you never bother to send the person you reblogged it from an ask yourself. if you do that you’ll 100% sure get an ask from the previous poster. don’t be an ass
  • people who come to your blog,reblog your entire cc tag and never engage again: WHY? do you just come for cc?? you could take 3 seconds of your life to scroll through the first 5-10 posts of that person’s blog and send them some nice words of encouragement or leave them some notes instead of just running away?
  • every time a new project happens 700+people reblog,comment,like etc but nobody actually ends up joining??? and if they DO join, they go inactive. like??can you NOT???or if you go inactive could you at least just tell the owner of the project? you know, someone just like you is out there managing a project on their own(or with a team!) but you can’t be bothered to do that?rude
  • we all have personal lives and it is normal to take breaks, hiatus-es and so on,but it would be great if you leave to simply make a post about it. so many people go completely inactive or disappear and it worries others, maybe something happened to them?maybe they have issues? some people DO care and they would talk to you if you left/took a break
  • responding to anon hate,reblogging drama, publicly calling out people, posting about “not caring about simsecret”. ALL THESE THINGS add up to the HATE in this community. if y’all stopped , deleted those anons, avoided reblogging drama, ignored callouts and sorted it privately then this community WOULD be a better,cleaner place. trust me, i know!
  • catfishing,spamming the tags, begging for attention,asking for reblogs/promos: we are not 5 y/os anymore. stop being a fucking ignorant ass. it’s 2017 and y’all still do this. calm down.
  • ignoring people reaching out to you: LISTEN if you do this you’re a fucking asshole. people who kindly,politely,nicely reach out to you for something you did wrong or w/e are people who DO care and who want to sort things out in a civil way. if you ignore them and even respond negatively nothing will come out of it. don’t be a fucking twat
  • do you not like someone? FUCKING BLOCK THEM. this is all you have to do. nothing more or less.stop spreading ddrama,hate, saving message screenshots. be fucking mature.
  • people who post stuff just to fish compliments and dont ever bother responding or giving back love: you suck
  • “my askbox is full”nah, you’re either lazy or just really busy(which is understandable!) but being lazy about responding to people is just rude to me, maybe it’s just me. maybe.
  • the hateful anons: go suck an egg and chill out: this is a game and everyone does whatever they want with it.
  • people who care 0 for your ocs but they believe they are entitled to receive worshiping over theirs: can you calm down and realize what you’re doing?
  • “My dash is empty!!! everyone is dead!!!” there’s over 10 thousand people in this community who post every day. Do yourself a favor and follow more people if you want a full dash at all times. Click me Click me 2
  • To those tho can’t be bothered to leave a heart on simfileshare: you don’t deserve the cc you’re getting for FREE form people who put hours into their work. 
  • “BIG simblrs dont talk to me!!” they do. you’re just not messaging the right people ;) not all ‘big’ simblrs are rude ;)
  • people only care about cc. post a picture and it gets no notes, but post cc and it spreads like wildfire. what is wrong with you all??

Don’t be too shy to message people.Get involved with chats, talk with others, join projects, ENGAGE with the community to get feedback and notes. You’ll be getting nowhere if you don’t bother being kind and friendly with others :)

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Genuine question, what makes the u think that Kai/soo are more than just good friends and a bit of? Is it the jagiya moment?

LMAO no! i’ve been saying kd is legit since years ago, even before i found out about kfans analysis about jagiya. 

kd is more than jagiya moment, kd is more than one (1) moment. if you think the majority of kd shippers say kd is dating cuz of solely that one particular moment, u r wrong m8.

it’s actually a built-up kind of thing (?), when i first joined the fandom i actually thought “kd is just broz 5ever” but this thought didn’t last long bc the fandom enthusiasm got me curious about kd and after i tracked back their old moment~recent ones i was like “ok, these dudes definitely have something going on”. 

another factor that makes me v sure is their environment/surrounding. this one actually makes everything more interesting and obvious, at least for me.

some of the members have reacted to them….. ~strangely~. strange bc kd is supposedly just another ~kpop boyband’s otp~ but members reactions tell the opposite. kjm often looks disapproving when kd happens, pcy often cockblocks kd and makes everything awkward, staffs have openly eyed them (dis n dis). 

dont forget xc jagi moment appeared right after ifans made a huge deal about ji saying this word to call ks and then we also have xc suddenly saying that they’re the closest ones in eksoh as if they were trying to debunk pcy & kji statements (in 2014 & 2015); “kd is the closest ones in the group”. oh there’s also this one when bo-mi (from a pink) reacted to them, she giggled once kd pic appeared on the screen while other mc’s looked lost.

there’s also kxk that actually makes kd more prominent. thx to kxk i actually know what to label them now cuz b4 i used to say “kd isn’t platonic”. i wasn’t sure what rs they had, i was only sure that “these 2 r def not just friends” but kxk made some ppl blabber (cuz wuts the point of keeping hush hush, kxk is ~dating~ anyway in public eyes & kd shippers r branded as delulu & scums™ anyways so… lel). kd looked angsty and awkward af during the period after kxk, thankfully it didn’t last long. they couldn’t even make a eyecontact when they had concert in shenyang (ks flinched when ji looked at him and he quickly looked away, theres a vid of this but my tag is a mess so i cant find it), they sang along to that angsty song, they looked teary eyed on the night the ~news~ got revealed (some ppl said ks cried after this event and many actually saw it but cuz some of his stans gonna hellbent defending about how this isn’t true even tho the previews of this night show us how watery his eyes were so it kinda backs up the rumor. let’s just pretend i never said anything here lol)

there are other stuffs too like that 2012 insider post (saying kxk is planned and kji actually doesn’t like fanservice otp bs yet he basically pairs himself up w/ dks all the fkcing time like have u seen their recent moments?) and the timing of the gay b.i’s match w/ kd acted strangely (2015~2016 period) but im too lazy to explain these. 

and tbh kd themselves r actually obvious. ppl who have gone to their concert often say how different the ~atmosphere~ that surrounds kd, as if theyre in their own bubble. even non shippers have said the similar thing before. plus they often being glued to each other, like there’s magnet or something that pull them towards each other lol. 

kji also has several times pushed other member away from ks, like when they were in airport, kji nudged pcy so he could hold ks shoulders, when they were in smtown’16 kji followed se-soo around & kinda tried to separate them. dks looked worried when kji got injured & he has helped kji alot when this happened. he also has mentioned kji for several times even tho no one literally asked, he even whined bc kji didnt watch his drama (this happened during pure love interview, dks was like “y ji doesnt watch my drama?? im actually anticipating his upcoming drama [choco-bank] but he doesnt watch mine :(”). 

while kji always chooses ks as his #1 and has often defended him when ppl said “ks is quiet” (”he’s not quiet u only need to know how to talk to him uwu”) or when ppl said “ks is not cute” (dks got the lowest percentage cuz members didnt vote for him as cute member but kji chose dks as the cutest #1). don’t forget kji is basically dks spokesman; when dks gets asked he would answer it for him. when dks is nervous kji would calm him down (by rubbing dks’ back or arm). i still can add more but this is already really long and i kinda h8 myself for spending too much time/energy writing this.

basically, none of those stuffs would’ve happened if kd were just ~broz 5ever~, everything that has happened leads me to the conclusion that they’re together

sorry 4 long answer btw.

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hey! this might seem like an odd question but can I ask how you design your outfits/armor designs? whenever i try to design something for a character it kinda comes out simple, or is similar to other designs i've made in the past and i was wondering if you had any other tips ^_^ (also, i absolutely adore you're hq!! fantasy au and i can't wait for another update X3 )

Hey there Anon! :) I’m sure your work is fantastic! Just brainstorming and trying new things (even if you think it turns out too similar or simple) is always a good thing! Tbh I’m not really experienced in concept design and I don’t find my work to look very skilled haha but here’s a couple things I do when doing these kinds of drawings. First, I think it’s good to grab as many reference photos as you feel you need. For Ushijima’s (shiratorizawa) armor outfit I was looking at a lot of ancient Greek armor. What I did was take the general shape of the armors in the pictures and elaborated on it. It is VERY helpful (at least for me) to have a “base” for your designs that you can start with so that it’s easier to add in detail and embellishments. It also helps you understand how clothes/armor fits. I struggle a lot with making armor look like it’s wearable with room for the bending of elbows and knees, so I try to take time to figure out how the armor is being worn and what pieces are separate from the others. Second, when trying to think of something new, I like to try and think in shapes. Like Ushijima’s is very round and circular but Iwa’s is very sharp and diamond shaped. It’s easier for me to make something more detailed when I have a basic shape that applies to the whole outfit: if I wanted to add designs on the fabric for Ushijima, it would probably be a lot of curved lines and circular designs. Lastly, reference, reference, reference. On clothes and armor around the world. You won’t find a better inspiration than real life designs! It’s not like you have to copy it, just observe it and maybe take aspects of what you’re seeing, such as a cloth wrapped on one side of the body, or a utility belt/strap that goes around the waist and over the shoulder. And there’s nothing wrong with not liking the design you make at first <3 just keep sketching over and over and don’t give up! And have fun experimenting with different things ~ Sorry for the long ramble hahah

Answering other ASKS here (it’s gonna be a long one… lol):

Hi there! Hmm drawing technique… I would define it as HOW you draw something. Or HOW you use your choice of medium to draw/paint. For example, if you use pencil/pen, there’s something called stippling, which is a bunch of dots to create an illusion of shading. Stippling is a technique you use to draw with the pencil/pen. Same with cross hatching. You can’t really have a drawing technique, as it is something used by a lot of people. But you can USE technique and HAVE a personal style, which is the end result of you using technique. If that makes sense? Ahhh I hope this helped at least a little ;__; That was a hard question haha I had to think about this quite a bit XD

Hi @plants-blooms! Thank you so much! Ohhh another hard Q hahah. I agree it can be hard to achieve a natural look on photoshop. I think it really comes down to your choice of brush and your understanding of light and color on hair. 

I did this super quick and messily but I think it gets across the impact of using different brushes while drawing the same thing. It’s very important to know what kind of look you are going for and brushes factor a lot into it. And then there’s color and light. I think the best way to do realistic, natural looking hair is to observe real life and understand how the environment interacts with it (careful though since there are a lot of different types of hair). The amount of light a person’s hair is exposed to affects it’s color; not painting it in the right shade when the environment is really dark or really light can throw off its realism. Also, you don’t HAVE to emulate real hair and draw every single strand. If you understand all that light/color business, you can actually draw very simply and it will still look realistic. I’d like to point you towards WLOP’s work <3 their work IS detailed but it’s also a combo of specific brushes and an amazing understanding of light. And Wlop’s painting tutorial HERE. In general make sure to practice by observing portrait photos (perhaps flickr) or just creep on people in real life hehe

Haha hi there ~ Ahh thank you so much >///< yes that is me! *cough* Butiwaswearingalotofmakeupinthatreferencephotolmao *cough*

Ahh thank you so much @ichigodaisuki! <3 The small square above the nano is a very lazy and quick attempt to draw 3DS game cards hahah. It’s Fire Emblem Awakening and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire XDD and it’s completely illegible hahaha

Hi there, Anon! <3 Ohhh this question haha. I’ve been following figure skating since, I think, Kristi Yamaguchi in the 1990s (she was so good). I’ve also loved animation since I was little. The problem is I’m VERY VERY picky about the shows that I choose to watch, so I decided to keep tabs on anime studios based on the number of shows they’ve made that I enjoyed. MAPPA has been on my list since Sakamichi no Apollon and Zankyou no Terror (both are extremely beautiful, mature shows btw if you haven’t seen them), so when I heard they were going to make an original FIGURE SKATING show… I was all in. I think I was waiting for Yuri on Ice for over a year because the trailer came out 10 months ago and the announcement was a while before that. 

Anyways YES I loved the show, however it is not in my top favorites list (weird I know haha I’m sorry). But while I had issues with the character development and the animation, this show NAILED the main three. I could draw Yuuri, Victor, and Yurio all day! I think those guys were what made me love YOI, especially the relatable personality and character progress of Yuuri. Really wish there was more on Victor though, considering how significant of a character he is.

Ohhh Anon ~ If you want to watch something you should do it! Not being an artist or a reviewer should never stop you from watching a tv show, or doing anything for that matter <3 be yourself. Anyone who doesn’t want to talk to you because they think you’re “untalented” is a jerk and not worth your time anyways! The YOI community on here has been very friendly and welcoming, so don’t be afraid! Please take care and think higher of yourself ~ Have more confidence <3

Hello there Anon! Oh my goodness thank you so much! >////< And of course that’s totally ok with me! <3 ahhhh thank you so much for your support and I’m so honored you want to try and cosplay the design! I would LOVE to see it when it’s done if that’s alright with you?? *o*

Hi there Anon! Thank you so much and thank you for the interest! <3 There is only ONE king/queen at a time, but they are chosen by both of the two clans together and that person can be from either clan. Tsukki is definitely moon clan along with Asahi, Kiyoko, and Suga. Noya, Tanaka, Daichi, Yachi and Hinata are sun. I’m struggling with Yamaguchi, Takeda, Ukai and the rest… Kageyama is actually from Seijou and was banished to Karasuno and takes over as a dictator, sort of. So he has some work to do haha. Here’s the crests but they’re subject to change considering how fast and sloppy I did them LOL:

@fuckdin Of course. To both. Hehehe. But seriously yes, I definitely plan to draw more of the fantasy AU. It’s getting to the point where I want to draw all the characters and all the outfits and all the locations. And I have no time. It’s baaaaad hahah. But in terms of Iwaoi, their relationship in this AU is a bit… angsty. Mutual. But angsty… Soon. I’ll draw more soon!


Thank you to everyone who sent in ASKS! I have a few unanswered ones because this post turned out rather long haha. I’ll get to those when I can. And I’ll pm replies to the non-answer ASKS assuming you are not anonymous :)) Take care all! Have a great week <3 and a little iwaoi heh

And I Forgot To Tell You I Love You (Harry One Shot) *Request

A/N: Here I am being a broken record again; I’m so sorry this took forever and a day to finish. It’s so very sad, it was difficult to dive into it like I wanted to. 

This is technically a request, one that got wildly out of hand, for an angsty blurb about being married to Harry and finding yourself at odds with each other. So, my dear anon who requested that, please consider this your blurb! 

I should say that this one shot surely wouldn’t have been finished without the help of two wonderful people, Carly (smut-reading-mum) and Vanessa (vanessavanessafoundaboy), both of whom listened and offered advice and guidance when I repeatedly went crying to them for help with this. I don’t think I’d be posting this without them, so thank you! 

And of course thank you to all of you who waited patiently for this! I hope you like it xx

((oh and btw, from here on out italics will indicate a flashback))

Mornings with Harry used to be your favorite. Every single one was a gift; the hotel mornings where he ordered breakfast and smiled softly at you when you thanked him, the early mornings, yawning every thirty seconds and blinking sleepily at Harry as he readied himself for some pre dawn obligation. The mornings far far apart, when he was in a distant time zone and managed to squeeze a Skype session in to share coffee over. The mornings where you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. The hangover mornings after a long drunken night, the sad mornings where you only held each other, the crazy mornings with hardly a moment to spare to sneak in a kiss. The happy birthday mornings, the lazy mornings, the rainy mornings, the lie in mornings. Every one was unique and every one was perfect because you got to spend it with him.

You exchanged vows, and the mornings were even better, waking up with his ring on your finger and hearing him call you “Mrs. Styles”. You got pregnant with your first child, and you got used to feeding schedules and wandering down the hall to find Harry asleep, long legs dangling off your child’s bed, with the young one dozing on his chest.

You don’t know when that ended, when the mornings lost their brilliance, with the hours in between quickly following suit. You don’t remember when the thought of waking up next to Harry didn’t fill you with warmth from head to toe.

Somehow you let it slip through your fingers, and every breath you take feels like one less in the way of a catastrophe.

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So I hear you're a b1a4 supremacist, and I'm here to learn. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of content so if you could help a sistah out and hit me up with some links or just a list of must watch variety show things or livestreams or reality shows or whatever that they've done, i'll be forever grateful thank youuu

jfc i’m fucking honored you came to me, anon-sshi ok wow.

buckle up and listen it’s gonna be a messy ride full of keyboard smashing also caps locking is that even a word.

THE ALMOST ULTIMATE B1A4 VARIETY SHOW LIST, bc even as a supremacist, i have memory flaws but keep your faith in oppa amen.


watch it here >>>

praise the lord bc after 6 years and counting the gems are still up on that site. i’m telling you i have been coming back to MTV match up at least ONCE A YEAR. it’s that great, it’s THAT LEGENDARY i pity new idols who don’t get to experience variety shows with MTV i’m not even joking. please watch it.

* fun fact: do you know who invented being awkward on variety shows? CNU. broad shoulders? CNU, established 2011. long hair don’t care? shin dongwoo, blood type A.

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On one hand, Furihata knows he doesn’t have any reasons to feel insecure. Even though they have a long distance relationship, he talks to Akashi and texts and emails him almost every day, and no one could be more attentive or loving than Akashi. Akashi also makes regular trips to Tokyo when he can, explaining that it is much more logical for him to make the trip because he has better access to travel. (Akashi has never flat out said, “Because I’m richer than you and also I have private jets and chauffeurs,” but it is sometimes heavily implied).

But Furihata feels it’s important that sometimes he is the one who makes the journey to Kyoto, and he’d feel better about the whole thing if he didn’t get the impression that Akashi didn’t quite like it when he was here.

And now, a few of Akashi’s classmates have spotted him, and they’re talking to him, and Furihata wouldn’t say he was jealous, exactly, but these girls are all incredibly pretty and also wearing very fancy clothes with designer handbags and he can’t but follow a certain train of thought along the lines of, “These girls are all way out of my league, which is fine because I have a boyfriend, except these girls all clearly like my boyfriend, and holy crap that probably means my boyfriend is leagues out of my league.”

Trying to convince himself that Akashi can’t be out of his league if they are actually dating doesn’t seem to be working, and he seems to be running in so many circles in his mind that he’s dizzy and distracted.

So he doesn’t notice when he accidentally wanders into traffic until the car almost hits him.


The honking gives him enough time to jump out of the way. He falls on his butt and scrapes his palms and he thinks, “Holy crap I could have died.” He has just enough time to wonder how many near-death experiences one person is reasonably allowed to have during high school before they’re officially deemed too stupid to live before Akashi is there, in front of him, touching him everywhere.

“Furi, Kouki, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, really,” Furihata says, laughing slightly. “Gosh, that was dumb.”

“Ooh, you’re bleeding,” one of the girls’ says sympathetically. “Here, I have a handkerchief—”

Leave,” Seijuurou snarls, glowing bright red. “All of you, get out of here.”

The girls abruptly turn around and leave, in a vaguely zombified manner.

“Seijuurou,” Furihata says, slightly taken aback. Akashi—both versions of Akashi—is usually very careful about when he uses Absolute Order.

“Are you sure you are unharmed?” Seijuurou asks.

“Yes, it was just a scrape,” Furihata says, showing him his hands. His palms are bleeding, but the wound is shallow, it’s not anything worse than what he could have received during basketball practice.

Seijuurou cradles his hands carefully in his, rubbing his thumb along the uninjured side. “We are going home,” he announces.

“What? We still have a movie—”

“We are going back to Tokyo,” he says more firmly, glowing red again for a brief second. And Furihata falls silent, because if Akashi is trying to Order him he must be very rattled. So he lets Akashi wrap an arm around his waist and walks silently alongside him, very confused, and very concerned.


It is only Seijuurou’s complete control over his own body that keeps him from shaking. He is furious with himself and how unforgivably stupid he has been. He has been sloppy and he didn’t think things through, and after all of training from Teiko and Akashi Masaomi he should have known better.

He has come, for better or worse, to depend on the Emperor Eye to warn him of danger. Gold had whole premonitions—he could see a whole mission before it happened and warn of every potential hazard. Seijuurou had only experienced that sense of clarity once, when he knew for certain what would happen to Teiko if they all ran away.

But he does see danger. His foresight has always let him know when a threat to himself or his Generation was imminent. It had let him down only once and he hadn’t thought about it (he hadn’t thought about it! Foolish and lazy and stupid!). When he had been abducted he hadn’t seen it coming and at the time he’d assumed that was because of something Teiko had done as a precaution—like the collars they created that inhibited his abilities.

He is not sure he can ever forgive himself for not making the connection sooner.

Furihata is immune to his abilities. A trait that Akashi has been very thankful about because it means he can never accidentally Order Furihata to do something against his will.

It never occurred to him that it also meant he will never know if Furihata is in danger.


A/N: OK! So! When I had this sudden epiphany how I wanted to combine both of these prompts together (plus some bonus jealous Furihata for the one anon-friend who asked recently) I was super excited about this but then also realized it was probably better if it appeared in the long story I have planned but I’d already written more than half of it and I’m still super excited about it so I’m posting it anyway! But it might also appear again in that longer story I have planned. Sooo, call it a snippet into that story that isn’t written yet. Thank you so much, anon-friends!! 

anonymous asked:

Why do u think Jean is going to survive in the end? I just read something predicting he's going to die getting revenge for Marco 🙄 and it put a really bad taste in my mouth. I trust your judgement and would like to hear your reasoning

I got an ask a while back that detailed the concept of characters whose function within a narrative is to be something other than a person. For example, in the Rose of Versailles anime (not the manga), there is an accordion player whose narrative function isn’t to be a single human being; rather, his role is representative of the people of France in the years and days leading up to the French Revolution. In this case, the character in question isn’t a person; we’re not meant to see him as one–at least not in the individual “has a family has dreams has goals” sense. We’re only meant to hear his words and think: Okay, this guy is speaking for the everyman, the people who had no voice of their own.

Now, Attack on Titan is a very different story with a completely different narrative, but I feel that Jean is a character who has a dual narrative function:

1.) A person who has dreams, goals, feelings, et cetera, and also:

2.) The everyman who isn’t the hero of the overarching narrative, but who works hard and is at the center of his own narrative.

I’ve always felt that we’re meant to see Jean as the character who could be us. Of course, we see ourselves in other characters, too, in veterans and 104th and Marley kiddos–but I think Jean was created to fill a specific role–a void in a series filled with Special People. Veterans are fun but we don’t know their story; we have a better idea of what Jean’s story is, so we can feel a bit more connected to him. Most of us aren’t special, not in the kinds of ways we’d like to be. Jean isn’t a shifter, he’s not a genius, he’s not a complete badass, he’s not secretly royalty or from outside the walls. He possesses no particularly useful skill (like medical knowledge, hand-to-hand combat, cooking). And the series hints at times (I’m ignoring the terrible OVA, all right) that he’s from a Bland Financial Situation. So, here we can imagine that Jean is who we’d be in this kind of narrative. We’re not special like Eren, Mikasa, or Armin. We’re not the kids from Marley. And coming into this series in the beginning, we’re not the veterans either, because hoo boy when they swoop in for the first time we’re like the other greenhorns, you know? Watching them come in and be badass… In awe over it a little bit. Years of exposure to the series makes it hard to recapture that kind of feeling but when this was originally being written and people were reading it, it helped to have a character who could kind of…speak for us. Not that Jean always says the right thing. Like I said, he’s a character who serves a dual function, and one of those is as a character who is a human being; he has to make mistakes and do things wrong; he has to have flaws. But hey, don’t we also have flaws? 

At the end of the day I can’t help but see Jean as the character we’re meant to see ourselves in–not fully, mind, but by part and parcel. 

Because of this, because he’s not special in a big, mindblowing, glaring way, I just can’t help but feel that we’re meant to see him as a survivor–as the kind of person who lives to tell the tale of his more heroic companions, who has to shoulder the guilt of living while they died. I think we get this a little with Flocke (however much the fandom hates him, I wish he was more of a person-character and less of a lazy attempt to cram Themes into the story): the way he talks about Marlowe is exactly the way I think Jean might someday be talking about Eren. Flocke and Marlowe put it all on the line but Flocke knows Marlowe had a good head on his shoulders and was fighting for what was Right and Just–even when everything looked hopeless. Meanwhile, Flocke was despairing in a big way. Yet, in the end, the one who lived wasn’t the just, upright soldier but the coward who didn’t deserve it.

I don’t think Jean is a coward, but Jean has said time and again that everything is up to Eren–and now Armin, too. He’s not blind at who the big heroes are of the overarching narrative of the walled people. He’s fighting for the same thing but he knows he’s not on the same level as Eren–by chance, by luck, by circumstance, sure, but it’s still a fact.

Too, I really want Jean to represent the everyman in a hopeful sense. I mean, yes, all of the soldiers we’ve seen die were, generally speaking, an everyman who worked hard. But Jean is the only one we’ve seen from the beginning, you know what I mean? We watched him change and grow along with Eren and the other Special characters in ways we didn’t get to see for any of the others. Wouldn’t it make great sense for the narrative to let Jean live to the end? Here’s a guy we followed from the start who worked hard and didn’t die; in part, perhaps this journey is his as much as it belongs to the “main” cast, eh?

Anyway, as far as this “revenge” nonsense goes, it smells like a bad case of The Shipper Tee-Hees to me. Jean has never once been about revenge in this series. I don’t think he’s going to start now. I don’t even think he has enough information to begin to know who to punish for it, and I don’t think that’s what his character is about. Many other characters have sworn vengeance, but Jean isn’t one of them.

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I don't think the anon was personally attacking you. It's just in general accounts on YouTube and Instagram with millions of followers who make money off of bts and sell shitty products, can post tons of pictures and videos al day but can't say hey guys there is this poll if you want you can vote ... that's really all it is. If you are already online posting out of your scheduled what is one link to vote going to do ....

Anonymous said: BTS film for their fans for 24 hours straight, and you guys who are already active online (the fandom in general not your blog specifically) gets offended by someone asking you to vote or to spread awareness of it. This is why BTS has never gotten a triple crown in Korea …

Anonymous said: i agree /: its sad seeing how easily people turn on each other over awards….. it should be about bts and not just about winning and i feel like we forget that sometimes )):

Anonymous said: I just wanted to say that i love you guys so much and i really appreciate all the hard work you put into this blog ^^ thank you💕

Anonymous said: Honestly the guilt tripping in the fandom is crazy; I understand that new fans want to give them as much as possible but harassing you guys and others is not helping anyone.

Anonymous said: I totally agree with you. Our fandom does this thing where if you don’t vote you aren’t supporting them and therefore lazy, but??? In my case I’m super busy? And I know you guys are too. I love the boys so much (I’d give joonie the whole galaxy if I could), but I’m so busy and I can’t? When I see people on here or twitter call me lazy it’s really shitty because my life is so chaotic right now and I feel like I’m not doing enough even though I’m trying my best and makes me kind of dread voting…

Anonymous said: I don’t think there’s a problem with being into awards, to a certain point that is. After all, we do want the boys to see the fruits of their labor and want the best awards for them. That said, it’s wrong to accuse big accounts and unfairly guilt-tripping people into voting. But I think it’ll be helpful to promote the voting for mwave just because it is super critical for the boys’ opportunity at MAMA! I hope I don’t come off as rude but this is needed to even give them a nomination for MAMA :)

Anonymous said: Sorry for the long message! Mwave voting is also super easy so I think people can manage without a detailed tutorial :D I hope you’re all still taking care of yourselves and stay hydrated!

Anonymous said: Hey there, first I’d like to say honestly thank you and all the other admins on here for all that you do here. It’s greatly appreciated, but not expressed enough. I’d also like to say that i agree with you and your statement about the awards 2000%. I’m glad someone had the guts to say it. Thank you again. And i hope all y'all have a super awesome day. 🎃🖤

As much as I would love to address each one of you individually, I have decided to group the recent asks together as I feel I would repeat myself by typing out individual responses. Sorry to anyone who has to scroll past this. I’ll make it a “keep reading” type of post to try to make it shorter.

Keep reading

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write short descriptions of your favourite mutuals/friends and then tag them (but not next to their descriptions) and try to make them guess which one is theirs!

i did two parts bc i did a lot of ppl! ppl are tagged in alphabetical order dfjskfn also i hope y'all can guess your number 🚶🚶🚶


@01bri @1aju @1oveful @2blushy @chanilovehours @doyoung @fruittxt @himlo @jenolees @junghwasgf

01 - omg we were JUST talking today… we always hit each other up for drama its p funny sjdfksldj i love hearing them talk just in general. they have a lot of good energy and it makes me happy that they like me enough to like. willingly hit me up i think thats really cute and i love that… also theyre always going to concerts and i think thats really cute i hope they hve a really good time :( they always have my back n i love talking to them !! angel 

02 - my sweetheart!!! they’re really the funniest we used to talk ALL the time before school started :( i miss them a lot but honestly i love when they spam me with notifs :’) jsdfkjsd i remember when we first met n we talked about divergent and the bts visual novel it was HONESTLY really iconic… they’re a year under me but honestly it feels like we’ve known each other for a while !! they have a lot of love in their heart and their love for a certain few ppl (starting w t) is so sweet :( i love how we both procrastinate and stay up until like 2 for everything anyway ily and i miss u! 

03 -  omg.. i feel like they’re my younger sister… i really don’t deserve such a ray of sunshine! whenever i’m down they always send me the sweetest asks and messages and once they even told me abt their day out of nowhere i just thought that was really cute :( they’re ALWAYS cheering me on and it is really really sweet !! they make me rlly happy nsdfkjsd even just seeing their asks that start with “GIRL!!!” yea :’) they’re the brightest star w the cutest personality

04. we talked for like four hours about grapes once and that’s how we became friends… uhh i love them a LOT !!! they are really so kind and supportive and we get along really well?? they have a callout list for me kjdfdsf honestly we have a lot of inside jokes and it’s really cute. they changed my opinion abt taureans (U SHOULD KNOW WHO U ARE BY NOW .. ) and i just love how we can talk about anythin????? also your sleep schedule is SUPER screwed up but its chill bc that means we can talk more ndfkjsdkf i love you angel !! 

05. i will LITERALLY never forget the time i was feeling like absolute SHIT and they took the time to write out like an ESSAY for me and it’s saved and screenshotted and immortalized forever in my heart it really meant a lot for someone to like. take the time out to do that for me and im so grateful…we don’t even post the same content anymore but they always interact w my posts and check up on me and send me asks… i love them a lot lot lot! on my old blog they’d send me the cutest asks too im grateful and lucky to have them in my life :’) 

06. they know who they are !! my one n only!! we talk every single day and somehow they don’t get sick of me which is a feat in of itself. super creative and caring and empathetic and strong and selfless and just? a really good person. they have the biggest heart and the most love to give. they’re also really hard on themselves :( my biggest cheerleader n the love of my life.. if you haven’t figured out who you are yet i’ll send jeno over to talk some sense into you (*tell you he loves you)

07. soooo soft :( everything about them is soft!! they hav a lot of love for a certain bunny boy and they’re always always tagging ppl in things i think it’s so unbelievably kind. they’re always spreading kindness and joy and is such a ray of sunshine!! i really really lov them a lot ! 

08. o man where do i start?? they’re really full of a lot of love… they’re always love posting abt their best friend and that really makes me so happy that they have such a positive good person in their life… anyway we always send each other cute asks periodically to check on each other & we’re always helping each other out when we go through emo moods… anyway they’re applying to college at the same time i am and i remember stressing out abt it with them but i KNOW we’ll both be fine i lovve them :’)

09. seriously a big source of support for me even if we don’t talk on the daily!! they always have really good advice to give and even when like. No Advice Can Be Given they’re always lending an listening ear. they’re really cute i love how mature they are !! besides giving rlly insightful n thoughtful advice.. uh they’re just a rockstar! they’re a little bit younger than me but they always try their best and help others out and it’s really admirable. plus they said they love making playlists and i just thought that was the cutest thing :/

10. we haven’t had a lot of conversations together but theyre really just the sweetest :( ever :( i was going through a hard time n they sent me so many sweet asks and messages. its always nice to know there are ppl who care abt u and this person is just SO caring in general!! they’re always tagging ppl in sweet things and doing their best and it is much appreciated !! much like their name they rlly are. the best and the brightest <3



@kimjunnoodle @lazy-gudetama @pastelunnie @rapgodkth @rosehyuck @snowedjin @taehn @taeilsgrl @taeyyongs

11. UGH another sweetheart … they’re always sending me the sweetest long asks checking up on me and they’re always interacting n communicating and talking abt stuff they’re passionate abt it i really love it ?????? i miss talking to them !! they would send me the cutest dog pictures :( i always see them around spreading love and happiness and warmth .. they have a lot of love and compassion in their heart. i always look forward to their asks and replies!!

12.  my EVERYTHING!!!! i saw their selfies like yesterday n they rlly knocked my socks off imagine being so pretty!!!! they are really an icon it was so cute talking to them abt our wedding :/ they’re a lot of fun they go from super soft to super funny and like, theyre either loveposting or talking about furries i think its the funniest thing ever. anyway they’re a total sweetheart n the best hyuck stan so yeah ! i love love

13. omg …. they’re SO considerate they’re always tagging me in those “associate ur mutuals with” posts and it’s honestly really cute ??? they have my kidneys and my left lung and my Whole heart :( the biggest sweetest tae stan ! super sweet and lovely and funny !!! we don’t talk a lot but i’m always cheering them on behind the scenes!! they always interact w my not funny stupid posts and hype me up theyre just. really great to be with and im grateful to b mutuals 

14. i’ve known you the longest!!!!!!!! i have all ur jk fics saved omg :( you’re the sweetest bean and i love talking to you.. even tho we don’t talk on the regular anymore it’s always so sweet hearing from you and i love how we always update each other when smthing important happens in our lives!!!! i love watching the videos u send ur voice is rlly the cutest n i remember the first tme i heard it i started crying anyway i still have your christmas card saved and i love you a whole freaking lot im still waiting to go on a date with u :( my tall gf

15. UH we literally talk and just. gush over how cute girls are …. jsfdasdf we ALWAYS tell each other beef no matter what sfjdsk they really have such a caring n chill personality. we think alike so it’s really nice telling them abt things i need help with because i always get a good second perspective on it… they’re always here to listen to me (even late at night when they have work the next day)… they’re a bit like my older sister i trust them a lot !! i really love how they always update me on things even tho i SUCK ass at messaging so :) anyway i love them a lot (move to california sooner!) 

16. one of the funniest most down to earth ppl i’ve ever met. memes are iconic and every single conversation we have i always manage to laugh bc their comedic timing is amazing and yea they’re just an all around great person. they’re my movie buddy and we can also really talk abt anything??? like we’re super comfortable around each other which is super cool n i’m grateful. we can talk for hours n hours … and yeah .. they’re also super sweet and always support me through everything! we have a lot of inside joke its cute & i’m glad i met this person i really am :’)

17. hdfsfn.. really. they really own my heart.. honestly i couldn’t have asked for a better mutual???????? they are Top Tier quality one of kind…they have like thousands upon thousands of followers and they always always promo me … im so undeserving of their love… AND AND THEY ALWAYS SEND ME ASKS …. even when like. im being annoying and ask stupid questions no one wants to answer they always write out a whole paragraph and it makes my WHOLE world ten times over im so grateful for them … i have the strawberry emoji on like all of their asks bc i want to keep all of them thats how much i appreciate the time n effort they show me … wrow… the cutest and best ever i love them a LOT! 

18. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they’re so motherly to me …. they’re always looking out for me and making sure i’m doing ok and i think that’s just the sweetest best thing ever :( they’re really sweet n pretty AND funny i always love seein their posts… they’re one of my few exo mutuals and i LOVE IT ! I LOVE THEM! they are sosososo soft their tags for their man are really the cutest too… they’re one of those mutuals who switch from loveposting to toesucking and it’s the best and funniest i love them! once i was sick n they sent me like two asks making sure i was ok and . wrow. i couldnt have asked for anyone better

19.  mMmMmMm i remember i thought they hated me and then it turns out they didn’t and i was SO relieved bc they’re so sweet and funny and :( just a really great person. they did a lil astrology analysis for me and it was so spot on i’d trust them with my life and my savings and my posterity…. uhhh they have a heart of gold they’re always looking out for others and trying their best n it’s really admirable. they also have such a good sense of humor!! a treasured mutual who owns my heart :( 

“they’re not people”
…………this is why i’m not publishing any more off-anon messages, i’m not gonna let people like this come after my followers.

i hope this is the last i’ll have to talk about this but how can anyone support and believe that somebody like this has good intentions if this is how they treat a group of people that has nothing to do with this?

and don’t you see that in their blind hatred they’re feeling entitled to throw the most hurtful comments at a stranger that they believe to be a p*dophile (for those who are too lazy to read: I’M NOT)
nevermind that this person might have their own issues (which i’m not gonna expose so that ppl will feel sorry for me and side with me, but i just want to make people THINK) but who cares, right? they’ve done something i believe is wrong and deserve to be dehumanized and a target to my sickest fantasies.

because now that i think about it, OP has been making up sick fantasies of school shootings, z**philia and who knows what else and projecting them on me. and the difference between the violence on my blog vs what they say is that they are not consensual (in fiction the reader can consent to reading/watching or leaving anytime if they don’t want to see it, but in real abuse you don’t get a choice) and they’re thrown at me without a warning with the intent of hurting and upsetting me, shocking the crowd and inciting them to take action against me. or would any of you express disapproval for somebody else’s sick fantasies spewing out even sicker fantasies in the process?

and btw, imagining, writing, watching or reading dark scenarios, fanfiction, books, movies, tv shows is not proof that somebody’s a bad person. i dare anyone who doesn’t believe me and is genuinely concerned to ask a psychologist.

(and just to put things in perspective, ask yourself, does watching movies or shows like game of thrones make you a pervert? is the director who imagined kyungsoo in self harm, murder and child abuse scenarios (yes, kidnapping is child abuse even if it sounds worse than it looks) and casted him for ‘i remember you’ a demon? is kyungsoo who wants to experience acting as an immoral character and thinks it would be a fun experience where he can show a different side of himself a bad influence too?)

believing so is ignorant and shows that you’re not mature enough to be exposed to this kind of content so (even though most of the actual posts on here aren’t nc-17) i hope that OP and anyone who agrees with them can stay away from my blog and stop terrorizing me and my followers and obsessing over me.

don’t get confused, these people are bullies who have been making up lies and aiming comments that would be considered “triggering” at me and attempting to manipulate the crowd to support their accusations, to which i’ve already responded here saying they were false.

i tried not to read the whole “call out post” because seeing it from their perspective it was starting to get really frightening but what i remember is enough to recognize that what they’re doing something that is called performative social justice.

i know i can’t make anyone believe me but what i can do is offer my side of the story and hope that people will consider it.

they say that i’m not following the rules (which i believed i was but i’ll reconsider) when everything they’ve done breaks the very first rule:

i’m not asking people to report them, or at least not yet, because they could always come back under a different username and i think it’s better to know who we should be cautious of, but i just want to say that we can’t let people like this intimidate us!! this is why i’m always speaking about certain fandom problems, like that aggressive and intolerant kind of shipping mentality that makes people very conflictive and always causes trouble if not against others within their own community (like people driving fellow shippers away with harrassment). but i try to talk in a general way and i’ve never targeted single users (some people might feel personally offended if the shoe fits though) and even when specific people have come at me i’ve never put the crowd against them, because the root of the problem is not a couple of people but crowd mentalities or social problems that go beyond our fandom.

i know OP might sounds intelligent and they & their friend(s?) have taken the time to collect “evidence” and construct a convincing argument but don’t let yourself be impressed by shocking words, consider different points of view and decide for yourself. it’s ok if you don’t like some of the things i’ve said or fic i’ve posted, they’re not meant for everyone, but there’s a reason they’re in here only. this blog is full of warnings even though most of what i post is sfw, but if people don’t pay attention to warnings and don’t use blocking tools to hide content they don’t want to see there’s nothing i can do about that. and even with all the precautions, content that might not be suitable for some people is everywhere because we can all be affected by different things, so it’s impossible for a single blog, a single movie or show to take care of everyone. they can take precautions to help, like putting ratings or warning for common sensitive topics, but that’s not a perfect formula and you also have to take care of yourself.

i tried ignoring and i blocked the hell out of this person since the first abusive comment i saw them add to one of my posts and they still went ahead and targeted me with their “call out” post so let’s hope that they can stop.

and to everyone else who’s helping spread their lies and celebrating what they’ve done against me: know that in a way you’re participating in targeted abuse too.

TBPW recruits!

Hello everyone !
For those who didn’t know yet, I currently operate a huge story project, The Best Possible World. If you are curious, everything you need to know about it is held on this page, while the whole story so far can be read by choosing one of the links offered on this page.
Long story short, TBPW is an entire multiverse. I have been working on its plot and lore since August 2012, so I can tell you with confidence and pure honesty that:

  • I have dozens of stories planned out throughout a chronology that started LONG ago. Really. A chronological list of all the main stories as well as a fast synopsis for each can be found here.
  • There will be a lot of characters. I will do my best as to make sure that all readers, even potential readers who wouldn’t even know any of the fandoms featured, would be able to follow and appreciate the story anyway. So theoretically, you don’t need to know all the fandoms so you can understand and follow the story. Though, of course, it helps; but see it more like this: instead of being restricted to those who would know all fandoms, it would be more an invitation for you to discover new universes!
    • Carrying on with the characters: I write a story because of its characters. Characters are the soul of a story, so having hundreds of them to handle at the same time is NOT an excuse to write them poorly. Similarly, don’t expect anything close to true and distinct frontiers between “protagonists” and “antagonists”: there will be some teamworking and alliances/sides of course, but they will be constantly moving, and there will be way more than just two sides (aka, don’t expect some basic “good” vs “bad”). If it were up to me, my goal would be to write the story so there would basically be just as many “sides” as there are characters in total.
  • The lore has a humongously huge and deep world-building. This isn’t just about a crossover between lots of fandoms for fun: all fandoms used or mentioned, whether explicitly or through cameos, have a reason for being included; and you can believe me that the more you will have to wait before knowing what one given fandom is here for, the more it shall make sense once you finally gain the answer.
    Basically, the entire plot of TBPW is about finding out the truth about how deeply these universes are connected, and why. Why they have been connected in the past as much as they are connected in the present, and how the fact that they were connected in the past affected their present so it is the way it is in the fandoms we know.
    In other words: everything that is or isn’t in this story has a reason for existing or not. Also, be careful as the TBPW canon may sometimes be different from the original fandom’s canon: the plots will usually be the same (in the way that the changes should be invisible to most readers), but lots of headcanons will be made, given that all unanswered questions in all fandoms get an answer through TBPW which basically solves it all through, well, a crossover.
    • Just so you can have a spoiler-free example of how far my world-building usually goes: I reconstructed my own functioning version of the entire Azran language, folks. The symbols you saw in these two posts are not just some random gibberish, and I can tell you that the five-year-old girl supposed to sing the little lullaby from the second link was speaking with the Northern dialect. Which means that yep, I did actually go so far as to work on Azran dialects. Hahaha.
  • In the same vein as the lore in general, I’m the type to write lots of articles and profile sheets in order to explain everything. I can’t let myself work on these anymore because I simply don’t have the time, but if you’re interested then you will definitely get free complementary information on the lore and characters; aside from having them just summarize everything that happens and is revealed through time.
  • Just in case you didn’t realize, @crazy-multiverse-junk is an Ask blog animated by two characters. This isn’t a coincidence. They, too, will have their own role to play in the story’s development, and YOU Anons may or may not lead them closer, or further from the truth. It all depends on your participation.

For the ones who now know this 12-fandom crossover a little better and would be interested in following its plot more thoroughly, I have to tell you something.

Just so you be reassured, it is not lack of inspiration that is currently stopping me from working on it; far on the opposite! I’d almost want to say, the real problem might actually be exactly that: I have so much inspiration, I see so much to work on at the same time, and yet I am but a simple human here. So yeah, especially now that I try to draw as much as I can, my body simply cannot follow my mind right now, especially not with my chemistry studies along with the rest. And to be honest, right now, I am highly disappointed in my current drawing skills, for I am way too slow and am still unable to make steady lines on digital works.

So I eventually came up to offer an alternative— if only I have readers eager to help me from behind the scenes, that is.
For those who visited the “Contacts” section of the above-mentioned blog, you might tell that I already have one such friend; alas, she is currently in a boarding school and can only access her material on week-ends: which is another reason why things became harder since the beginning of September.

So! If anyone who can draw reads this and just happens to be interested in my silly plot, I’d really appreciate if they were interested in joining the project. Digital work is preferred, since I will probably offer my requests through drafts supposed to either merely indicate the characters’ positions and expressions when I’m lazy, or fully-detailed sketches when I really need the drawing to be significant (for example, when it holds plot-related hints or foreshadowing, which, trust me, will happen a lot). However, traditional art is accepted as well; I just believe that given my conditions, digital art might be slightly easier to handle and less time-consuming for you.
A little “detail” I might need to precise, though: you will work for free. You will be credited at all times and will get the ‘honor’ of being part of the official TBPW crew, but aside from that, please do not expect money from me. I do not gain any from spending my entire days on this, but I gain a lot of joy from the thought of my stories merely getting readers who actually enjoy them. If I have one single wish, it would be for this fanwork to remain what it is: a fanwork made by fans, for fans, with no intention of ever being meddled with the world of money. It might be too idealistic and immature to ask, but I’d truly wish to work with people who work for the universe itself and its characters; not for a paycheck.
Aside from that, I might be much of a perfectionist (in case you hadn’t realized already haha), but if you do offer your help, I will comply to just do with your current talents; as long as you know the basics and your drawings are detailed enough so we can see their main details, that will already be all that I could ask for.

In any case, if you have read until these lines, thank you for your attention. Even if you are not interested in joining or simply cannot draw (at least not well enough according to your standards), please consider reblogging or merely sharing the info! It would at least show that you care for this story, and this is already more than enough for me.

You Found Me

A/N: Okay so i was planning on making this i really long One Shot, buuuuuuuut I’m a lazy piece of shit. So here is the prologue to my new fic! Enjoy!

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader, John.

Pairings: Dean x Reader(Undecided if together or friendship/sister type)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1703

Not edited

P.S: Im going to answer the anon messages that you guys sent me after this post as been up for a while so i don’t push it down, so people can see it! Okay? xxxx

You were destined to be a hunter regardless of how hard your parents tried to hid the world from you. They tried there hardest to not have you raised in the life they were brought up in, but you can’t stop fate.

You didn’t know fully what being a hunter truly meant till you were around 9, when you bumped into the Winchester’s in a small town and Dean thought you should know what really went on in the world, and he tried his best to explain it with his 9 year old self’s brain.

Now, Dean was your best friend, key word was. You grew up with the Winchesters, because your parents, Mary and John grew up hunting together, and they struggled to get out of the life and they succeeded for a while, but like i said you can’t stop fate. Your parents ripped you away from the only true friend you would ever come to know. It was the night Mary died, when your parents came to terms with that you can’t stop fate but you sure as hell can try your best to run for as long as you can, and that’s what they did.

You were moved from hotel to hotel, spending no more than maybe a month in a school at a time, any type of possible sign of any sort of monster that popped up in whatever place you were staying in your parents packed up and you three moved on to the next. Eventually you got use to it and stopped fussing every single time your parents told you it was time to go. It wasn’t until your 12th birthday you parents gave you possibly the best gift you could ever ask for and that was a home, they came to realize that running away wasn’t what was for the best, constantly hiding from every little thing that went bump in the night wasn’t the way to live, and certainly wasn’t the way they wanted to raise you.

So you three settled in a small town with a population of 11,324. You finally found happiness, but as you did, you also started to look more into what Dean had told you a few years ago, memorizing every little thing you possibly could about all the monsters this world had to offer, of course keeping it from your parents at all costs.


It wasn’t until a few years later that you seen them again, you were 16, sitting in your first class of the day when you heard your teacher speak “Class we have a new student joining us today” you kept your head down because who really cares about a new student, you continued scribbling and writing noted about new things you found last night on Djinn’s, minding your own business till you heard that name “names Dean, Dean Winchester, but don’t get use to see the pretty face, won’t be here long”

You’re head shot up you slammed your book shut with your lips slightly apart, all eye’s turning to you “y/n?” you panicked shook your head and ran, he of courses followed you out of the room, grabbing your arm as turned the corner of the hallway. Your notebook falling open, his eyes meeting yours then looking down at the book, picking it up.

“You know, you listened” He finally spoke

You snatched the book out of his hands “I gotta go Dean” you spun around again, running into someone else “y/n?”

“John?” you choked out, stuck between both men, yours eyes racing between the two, before shoving Dean away and running as far away as you possibly could.

And that was the last time you ever seen or spoke to Dean. Your parents kept in touch with John, you always listened in on the landline in your bedroom, filling them in on everything he came across on the road. Every phone call you could hear Dean asking to speak to you, but your parents always saying “now isn’t a good time”


Now, you didn’t go on your first hunt till you were 17. It was by yourself of course, you started small with a simple salt and burn, building your way up to the more intense ones. Your parents never knew, between the gym and the library they just thought you were throwing yourself into your school work.

It wasn’t until the night of their death they found out. It was the night of your 21st birthday, and you were coming home to visit you parents for your birthday dinner, a family tradition. When you first walked up to the door you knew something was wrong, the door was cracked open, and an overall eerie feeling coming the house. Reaching for your gun in your waistband, slowly pushing the door open, your gun hitting the ground when you seen the scene in front of you.

Both your parents bloody and on the floor, you ran over checking the pulse of your father first but when there wasn’t any your first tear fell, you lightly stroked his face, shutting his eyes. Your heart jumped when you felt a hand touch your back, you whipped around turning to your mother, giving her hand a squeez “Mummy?” you choked out. She gave you a small smile, before barely making out “I love you” her eyes shut, you stayed there till you felt them go cold, before calling it in to the police, giving them a kiss goodbye, before leaving to get revenge.


Of course there were times when you were in the same town as Dean, and now Sam; but it was all about timing, they’d arrive right when you finished the hunt, or you’d arrive right as they did, either way you’d still see that black impala driving by. You still kept tabs on their where abouts and that was well, easy. The Winchesters were the most popular, well known hunters out there. But you, yourself kept a low profile, not ever drawing too much attention to yourself. After years and years of search you still haven’t found out who or what killed your parents and why, so you bottled up your pride and replaced it with pure anger. You hated what you had become, you were no better than the things you hunter. You were a fireball, with the only emotion ever being pure hatred.


Hunting alone of course had it perks, the only back you had to watch was your own and you barely did that anymore, you always wondered if it was your own way of suicide without ever truly admitting it that you had just sunk that deep into your depression.

There was countless amount of times where you wanted to reach out to Dean, run into his arms and just let it all go but that wasn’t who you wanted to be. His reaction was also something that stopped you, would he remember you? Would he be happy to see you? Would he hate you? You always wondered how Sam was, he of course wouldn’t remember you, he was just a baby when your parents left, but you always had some type of hope that maybe Dean shared stories with Sam about you two.

Now, you were 28 years old, having spent the last 7 or so years alone, the only time you ever spent with other people were anyone who had something to do with a hunt, or shity one night stands you’d take part in with the opposite sex. You haven’t had someone besides yourself that is in years. The last real affection you’ve had from someone was the night your parents were killed, as your Mother held your hand till she died.


Finally hitting your breaking point you were ready to die, the countless amount of times you throw yourself right in front of danger, whether it was a hunt or just walking across the street with no crosswalk, cars honking and swerving around you. But deep down you knew you couldn’t live with yourself if you didn’t find out who or what killed your parents and why. It really wasn’t for the revenge anymore, it was for the answers.

You car was parked outside of this huge building that you were told by some sleazy looking Demon’s is where Dean and Sam lived. Taking what felt like your last breath, finally getting out of your vehicle. Slightly checking yourself out in the reflection of your window “you’re so stupid” you mumbled to yourself.

The silence from your car to the short walk to the door was deafening. You felt like this was probably the scariest thing you’d done in years. Stopping in front of the door, everything felt distant, you slowly reached your arm out, letting out three loud knocks on the metal door.

You stood there waiting for a few minutes but after no one came, you felt a weight lifted off your shoulder but also dread, you felt like the last bit of hope, not even sure why you had, left. Sighing, you spun around, heading back to your vehicle. Stopping dead in your tracks when you heard aloud screeching sound, you spun back around so fast you almost fell over. The door slowly opened to reveal a tall, long haired man, you knew was Sam.

“Uh hi?” He spoke, eyebrows moving down in confusion.

You didn’t speak for a moment, not even sure if this was actually happening, “Is Dean around?” you managed to get out.

“Not at the moment, he went to get some take out. Can i help you?”

“I just need to see Dean, i can go. This was stupid anyway, it was nice to meet you Sam” You mumbled out so fast you weren’t even sure he understood half of what you said. You started walking as fast as you could back to your car, fumbling with your keys when you heard footsteps behind you.

“No wait! How’d you know who i am?”

You laughed lightly “Come on, every knows who you are”

“Are you a hunter?”

You nodded, Sam smiled “You can come wait inside for Dean, he should be back soon”

“Yeah, okay”


Cole Smut for Anon

A/N: I DID IT oh god here it is love me again. I’ve been really busy lately, guys; this is my last year of high school and I’m trying to sort the rest of my life out. I can’t post as often as I used to. Maybe I might try getting another writer for this blog who can, but for right now it’s just me and there’s a lot happening. And now here u go frickin sleepy sex with Cole Pendery bye 🙃

Sexual Situations Ahead!


You’re tired.

And this isn’t news to anyone. You’ve always been tired; you were born with droopy eyes that wanted to close all the time. You’ve also always been grouchy when you’re tired: cursing out any and every person that dares to stand between you and your surface of sleep. The stress of your life and all of the different things going on, positive or negative, were pulling you down, closer and closer to the comforter.

When your boyfriend Cole tries to even broach the subject of cuddling or moving or anything when you’re this out, you contemplate the pros and cons of your relationship.

The door closes lightly behind you as you trudge into your apartment, toeing your shoes off haphazardly and using all of your effort to get into the living room. You barely register the twinkling lights strewn across the ceiling and the open curtains revealing your little part of Manhattan. The one thing on your mind is the couch with its soft cushions and recliners. You can’t even seem to tell that Cole isn’t anywhere to be seen, which was strange, considering he insisted that he’d be home to see you.

Your body hits the couch, peacoat and all, and you finally sleep.


Cole is a little fucking disappointed.

It took him a long time to put those lights up.

It took him even longer to get the balls to ask the neighbor across the hall for help.

And it sucks because you do look so cute when you’re asleep with the light of the TV reflecting off of the window and then back onto you, with your mouth half open and light snores sounding from your mouth.

You know what else is cute? Cole thinks, “The fucking bath bombs I bought from LUSH this morning.”

He’s not mad though: he almost never is. And certainly is he not mad with you; you spend hours on hours up, going to class, studying, working. Supporting him when he has to go back to California for months at a time because Babe, the band is doing so well. For the last week he’s been visiting, he followed you everywhere: to class, to Starbucks, to the little shop on the corner of the block where you get your shoes. He knows that his time with you is so limited, and New York is fascinating, and being with you makes him feel whole. You are all nebula and big dreams, Pumpkin Spice and college life. He cannot get enough of you.

Cole smirks when you turn over, your coat forgotten in a heap right beside the coffee table. He strips quietly, his eyes never leaving your face, and just as he’s about to slide behind you, you grunt.

But it doesn’t exactly sound like a grunt.

Cole is stunned for a moment, because he knows how you moan for him in bed; it’s a sound he never wants to rid himself of, so he stares at you incredulously before moving again, this time only getting a step in before you moan again, louder, eyes scrunched slightly as you pull you bottom lip between your teeth. The fact that you’re having a sex dream, right in front of his eyes, that undoubtedly has to be about him, turns him on to no end. Sure, he might have planned a really romantic evening that should or shouldn’t’ve ended with amazing, mind-blowing sex for the both of you, but that was besides the point right now. Cole just wants to make you feel good; you deserve it.

So he slides up next to you, his eyes fluttering when he feels your body against his. He loves being able to be this close to you. You turn again, lazy smile on your lips as you close the space between you and Cole, lips colliding messily. He reaches a hand around your body to pull you closer, hands on your ass as he slots a thigh between your legs, grinding.

“You weren’t here when I got home…” You murmur, leaning on your elbows as Cole shifts on top of you, his hips crashing into yours.

“Was out,” he mumbles, reaching down to the hem of your shirt, “wanted to do something for you…”

Your brain suddenly registers the twinkling lights and scented candles and the bag from LUSH in the corner of the room. Your heart swells with love because your boyfriend is amazing. Cole is your sun and your stars and you feel like shit for ignoring him on a night he had planned for you.

“Oh shit…” You mutter, your eyes threatening tears. He smiles softly at you, leaning in to kiss you again.

“We can still take a bath, if you want…after certain things are done first…” Cole bites his lip as his fingers brush the waistline of your jeans. You roll your eyes and pull him down again, clothes shedding with each passing minute.

It’s a kind of intimacy you’ll never tire of. Cole has never made you feel anything but comfortable and beautiful and wanted. He thrusts in deeply, as if to fill you to the brim and make note of how you feel around him when he’s gone back to California. Your mouth falls open, watching as his hips piston back and forth in a relentless rhythm that’ll leave you sore.

“That feel good, baby? You like this?” He mutters into your neck, placing a rough bite to the skin below your jaw. A loud moan rips through you as you nod frantically, lifting your hips in an effort to get him closer, feel him better. He kisses you deeply, tongues and teeth clashing together messily.

“’M so close, Cole, fuck…please…” You whimper, throwing your head back as his hips pick up impossibly. Cole moans into your ear, his hands bracing themselves on the arm rest behind you as he pounds.

“M-me to, baby, you feel so good, so fucking good, missed you…” He’s murmuring nonsense into your skin in between love bites like he always does. “F-fuck, want me to fill you up, baby? I think I’m gonna, gonna come so hard inside you just like I want to…”

It’s then that the pleasure mounts to something awful, your orgasm ripping through you. Your mouth drops and your hips lock, nerve-endings lighting one by one. Cole follows suit and keeps his promise, pulsing three or four times inside of you. You kiss him through it: his lips, his cheeks, his neck. Cole pulls out and collapses on top of you, his body heavy, but not in a bad way. The streetlights illuminate his face in the best way, a kind of pale you love.

“Love you, Y/N.” He whispers to you, leaning in just slightly to punctuate his words with a kiss to your neck. You hum in agreement, closing your eyes.

“Can we go take that bath now?” You whimper, shifting uncomfortably. Cole nods and stands, offering you his hand as you walk to the bathroom together.

“Cole?” You ask as you sit in the murky blue water the bathbomb has given you. Cole hums from behind you, fingers locking with your own.

“Yeah, baby?”

“It is so creepy when you watch me sleep.”

Hi hi! So an anon asked me to do a post about being a sixth former, advice and really what’s coming I guess. So uh here it is? I guess it’s fitting considering I’ve finished my first year and I can now ruminate~~ 

First off, to those who this post will apply to, well done on making it through Year 11!! I know that whatever comes your way, you’ll handle it and be amazing :)) So good luck for next year~

Summer Prep: First of all, enjoy your summer! It’s going to be the longest one you’ll have and believe me you will feel the difference when you have to return to school after exams in Lower Sixth (I know I did). Do what you want to do and have fun but there’s also some necessary prep. 

Please, please, please, please, please do your reading if you take essay subjects such as English or Class Civ which involve studying texts. I didn’t read my books before starting school and though I managed to pull it together, I honestly regretted it so much. You don’t have to know them off by heart and have done all your revision notes already for next year, but just getting the reading done will put you so far ahead! 

Stationery. Yes, one of the best things about new school years is stationery but there’s a leap with Sixth Form (or at least with my school, it might not be the same across the board). Buy at least one lever arch (a big one) for all your subjects, I took five so I had five for each subject and then one final one for my revision notes later on. Initially, I had attempted to get away with a normal folder, but I was wrong…You will be expected to keep everything in order, to file everything away correctly etc. Make sure you get all the necessary things for that and please keep your folder organised. It is so easy to simply get some dividers write down your different topic areas and just sort it into those sections after you’ve done the work, easy, simple, done. Then you won’t stress out or freak over losing paper somewhere. Get into this habit early, it’ll really save you later on in the year!! 

If you want, familiarise yourself with the syllabus for your subjects and just get excited I guess about what you’re going to do!! A-levels are so good because you can finally specialise (to well the greatest extent you can at this stage) and do what you love and enjoy! It will be hard at times, it’s like that with even the things you are SUPER PASSIONATE about but it does make it even a little bit easier.

To sort out issues like how you can carry three, four or five??? MASSIVE folders to school everyday…utilise your locker! Place all your folders there and file when you have time. When you need to take your folders home for a particular subject, just take that one. Be smart about it! You could also follow my method which has some SLIGHT risks. My incredibly lazy nature means that I will not carry my folders to school or have my folders in school unless absolutely necessary. This means at times I don’t have all the work necessary for a lesson (which is bad) and I don’t usually carry my folder when random folder checks occur. Nonetheless, you can solve this by carrying a sort of “home” document wallet where you place all your loose leaf papers that you want to file away as well as perhaps all the work you’re doing for the current lesson so handouts etc. that you know you’ll still be working on in the future. I hope this makes sense, but it means that your bag will be much lighter!!

Right, Sixth Form itself…

Uniform: Okay so don’t worry about having to look great everyday! Believe me after the second month or maybe even the second week you run out of the outfits you’ve saved up and you just give in to the overwhelming feeling of not caring. No one will judge you for wearing the same clothes again because well, there are so many other things to worry about. Make the effort if you want to, but if you don’t, that doesn’t matter either! 

Workload: Don’t overestimate or underestimate the workload of Sixth Form. A-levels are hard and though you might think GCSEs had a lot of content, A-levels have more. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible though, it is definitely manageable, so don’t be scared because if you can handle god knows how many GCSEs, you can handle A-levels. Still, expect more homework and stay on top of it. Do it at least the day or day after you get it. You’ll come across loads of things that are entirely new so be sure you completely understand it. Make time to review new information, seen with the curve of forgetting here. Be organised! There are so many resources available to you here on tumblr, timetable and schedule! I bought a diary and a small lined notebook when I started. The diary was for basic events and responsibilities (which I will get to later) and my notebook was for outlining my To-Do’s for the day. Obviously you can easily do this online or on your phone, but I like to go traditional hah~

Exams: First and foremost, THIS YEAR IS GOING TO GO BY SO QUICKLY. Prepare at least three months (that’s my timeline) before exams. You know what to do by now, but here are my posts on study guides, mind maps and my process.  Do your best, that’s all anyone can ask for! Put yourself in the best place you possibly can. With the new reforms, I’m not really sure how it will work but considering that exams will be taken at the end of the second year, don’t slack off because of this. Make sure you have your revision sources for the first year done, ready for review, practice and maybe even redoing again.

General: Unless you’ve taken exactly the same subjects as your friends, be prepared for some kind of feeling of separation or loneliness. I go to a tiny school of 800 maybe? and I haven’t seen people in my year..for a whole year, so you can feel alone at times but it’s okay!! I think it’s just preparation for university and it is like that. At the same time, you’re in a position of responsibility. You’re the top of the top now! You made it, well you’re almost there once you get to Upper Sixth, but the teachers will treat you even more like equals and oh my gosh, the privileges that come with Sixth Form aaaaaaaaah. For example, last year I took charge of a whole room for our school’s Christmas market and now I’m a prefect! Take part in things and enjoy yourself, it’s not going to be a whole new world but it’s definitely an experience. 

Good luck, you will be amazing and shine like the stars you are!!!

Easy Guide For Protecting Yourself From 4chan!!!
  1. Actually go on 4chan.
  2. Stick to the blue boards if you can’t deal with x-rated content. Pick a board that appeals to your interests like television/film (/tv/), cartoon and comics (/co), video games (/v/), cooking (/ck/), cosplay (/cgl/), books (/lit/), etc. 
  3. Lurk. Don’t say anything, don’t talk to anybody. Just lurk. Read threads. Don’t say anything at all, don’t post anything. Just. Lurk.
  4. Realize after a decent period of time that 4chan is full of normal people who are just as uncoordinated and idiotic as the rest of the internet, only they have anonymity so they can be as blunt and rude as they feel like. It’s anon asks blown up by a million, all bouncing off of each other in an uncensored arena. 
  5. Realize that some of the boards are more hostile than others. Realize that there are a lot of boards that just argue with each other all day long and talk about their waifus and couldn’t be arsed with actually going out and crucifying Tumblr users. They’re too lazy and they don’t give enough of a shit to go after you. /co/ can’t even pull together to finish a comic, much less arrange a raid. Most of the boards have never raided anybody.
  6. Realize that there is no such thing as a fully mobilized army called Anonymous that wants to go genocidal on Tumblr’s ass, but rather a large group of bored teenagers and adults talking to each other. It’s the poisonous YouTube comment section with a much more lenient banhammer and no account names attached. Just a bunch of strangers talking to and arguing with people they don’t even know and will probably never speak to again.
  7. Realize that some boards promote negativity more than others. Realize that much of the people who try to cause trouble with inflammatory statements are often ignored or called out, and that much of the discussion is multiple pissing contests happening all at once. If someone says something stupid, they’ll latch onto it and hold on for as long as it’s profitable. 4chan is a place for people to spread their most aggressive opinions without retribution or a ruined reputation, so these people will say anything.
  8. Realize that when you get to the core sometimes 4chan has a lot of kickass stuff to offer. I get to read more free comics than I would ever find here on Tumblr, I get to read actual discussions about movies that suck that are blindly praised to the heavens on Tumblr, I get to find cool free wallpapers and recommendations, and hell, I’ve shared content too that was G-rated Disney nonsense that was received by several funny, encouraging anons who enjoyed it unironically and without wanking the whole time.
  9. Realize that 4chan is a misogynist, racially insensitive, anti-semitic, transmisogynist shit stain on the internet and that you are never going to change thatYou can argue against the sexism like I have on some occasions when I felt particularly hurt, but you have to realize at the end of the day that you are never going to change these people. They are who they are. 
  10. Understand that there are bad people on 4chan. Lots of gross individuals. But there are good people too. You can’t see them with all the ugliness around, but they do exist. Progressive individuals who wouldn’t touch /pol/ with a - well, a hundred foot pole. Plenty of queer people (there’s an lgbt board even), plenty of people of color, plenty of Jewish people, plenty of furries, plenty of everything because 4chan is a public board that anyone can use. Folks like me never go on /b/ because it’s the absolute worst of the internet and it’s only funny if you’re a fourteen year old boy or have the mind of one.
  11. Either learn to ignore 4chan or learn to wade through its shittier aspects and set aside the biggotry if you are interested in the pursuit of conversation and media sharing. 4chan is a stupid, irreverent place where people waste their time and hate on everything. But damn, sometimes it’s refreshing to have a place to go to that knows it’s a complete wreck and cesspool of human failure, whereas Tumblr will pat anyone on the back and tell you that you’re not allowed to challenge anybody ever or you’re privileged cishet scum and you should be doxxed immediately. 
  12. Remember that while 4chan has ruined some lives in its long history, Tumblr users will dogpile and harass anyone who dares to be wrong on any subject. If someone has a misstep and the post becomes popular, they will be harassed constantly and called vile things and encouraged to die. Why? Because Tumblr is a website full of bored, opinionated strangers. Just. Like. 4chan. 

4chan is not an elite hacker group out to get you.

4chan is not a hivemind of violent predators.

4chan is not an army of anons with a thirst for making teens self-harm. 

4chan has shitty people. 4chan has decent people. 

4chan is either for you or it isn’t. Either you’ll find something to gain from there or you won’t. 

In both cases, let it be. 

Trying to play at war with 4chan would be like trying to play at war with every YouTube user. No one user is the same and they’re just a bunch of raccoons rifling through garbage. There are too many and they don’t even like or know each other. 

Last of all, stop upsetting a bunch of inexperienced, gullible teenagers who are easily manipulated so that you can gain notes and followers and be some shining beacon in a storm that’s not even approaching. Stop spreading lies. You have an identity outside of Tumblr. So do the people who browse 4chan. It’s just the internet. Take a deep breath. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I just got into GinZura ship, and I wonder can you guide me through gin tama anime episodes which features ginzura?

Hello Anon, welcome aboard the GinZura ship!
You have no idea how happy I am, knowing even just one more person finally see the beauty of GinZura ^^

And sure, I’d be happy to guide you through GinZura episodes and spread the GinZura love while I’m at it.

Some of the more stand-out episodes that I remember are:

*The following may contain minor spoilers*


> Episode 5 <

It’s the GinZura Reunion episode.

This is the first time that Zura is properly introduced (episode 1 & 2 aside), and you get to know how Gintoki and Zura’s relationship actually goes a long way back. Does anyone else ever wonder why Gintoki and Zura were the only ones left, fighting back to back in the Joui War flashback? Where’s Takasugi? Where’s Sakamoto? Well, in Gintama Jump Anime Tour special episode, it is revealed that Takasugi and Sakamoto’s groups arrived separately a while later as reinforcements. The fact that Gintoki and Zura were the only ones together at that time allows me to assume that they’re probably on the same squad and had the closest relationship among the Joui fighters.

In episode 5, we also get to see how close they are from the way they literally bickered like an old married couple. I mean, the way they talked about why Gintoki is not popular with girls (and/or boys, because they only said “mote mote” which means “popular” and works for both genders) is like Zura subtly asking Gintoki whether he’s been with other people after they parted ways. And then Gintoki subtly replies that he hasn’t been with anyone by blaming his natural perm hair. Am I the only one interpreting that scene this way? You know, like a couple who broke up long ago and then meet each other after a long time.

Well anyway, just read the episode title: “Make a Friend You Can Call by Their Nickname, even When You’re Old Geezers”. We all know how Gintoki calls Zura by his nickname all the time, so it’s like the show is indirectly telling us that Gintoki and Zura is the model of THE true friendship that will last even until they’re old geezers.

Oh, and a small tidbit from this episode:

- Gintoki didn’t deny it when Shinpachi asked whether Zura is his friend. Throughout the series, you’ll see how Gintoki refuses to acknowledge certain other people as his friends in later episodes. But not when it comes to Zura. So yeah, I thought it’s worth mentioning.

Believe it or not, I started shipping GinZura as early as this episode because of all the reasons I mention above.

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There is a reason to why I don’t make posts like this often, and it’s because I suck at writing cute stuff and I always end up forgetting someone or something important… But, since I just hit a great number of followers, I’m going to try make something nice.

First of all, I have to express how amazed I am about hitting such a high number of followers. I never expected something like this to happen, and the number keeps on growing every day, which is astounding. Thank you so much for wanting to be around and staying. I am sure I’m not the best blogger and that I complain a lot, but I’m trying my best to keep your dashboards filled with nice stuff. I will also never stop bringing a sprinkle of positive things from time to time. I need you all to remember that you rule, that you are beautiful and that whatever is going on in your life, you can overcome it. I will always be here for you.
Thank you to everybody who ever used a few seconds of their time to send me a message; anons, chain messages, nice stuff and conversations of all kind, I can only be happy about it, but sorry for not being what you expected >_< Ahhh how to keep up an interesting conversation? That’s something I don’t really know how to do! It’s also hard for me to keep up with stuff and be organized, so if you ever sent me something or tagged me in a game and I never did it, please forgive this unorganized and lazy brain of mine.

There is people that are so special to me on here. I don’t know where would I be without their support. jimiin, jungoreo, min-sugas, luckyjimin, blankymun, xilsanboi, onlyonemango, jimineh, yoongiggles, minyoongiss, jimintie, houseok, bangtanxk, victaeni, jungkookaholic, vrotic, sugadice, nojimin, gayh0pe, vhyung, minsugoi, sugatv, hugtae, milkt-ea, yoongiismybrownie, sugafingers, sugapotato, taerrection, j-helpless, ziminz, btseok, wealthyhousewife, sugapark, bulletsuga for giving me the feeling that I can consider you friends. It’s amazing to know that I can talk to any of you and you will somehow appreciate my presence. Thank you. I’m not leaving individual messages because I would end up not knowing what to say or being repetitive, but keep in mind I love you all and that I’m thankful for you being around me.

A little mention to some followers that have been very supportive lately, always coming to my ask box to leave me a nice message whenever I feel bad, or that just decided to message me to be friendly. whoisparkkyung, zatulblr, dreamsversusreality, houbis, yeoboong, daybreakstorm, and other followers that talk to me hiding behind anon ♥

I don’t know what else to do or say, I told you I can’t make stuff like this u.u I wish I could mention every single one of you, but it would take so much time and space and yeah. Either way, I plan on sending some random nice messages to some of you from now so don’t get surprised if I ever end up in your ask box :3 Last thing I want to do is mention some of my first and last followers. To the first, thank you for staying, you rule. To the last, thank you for choosing my blog!

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