lazy to black and white tbh


                                                                                     we cut without a knife
                                                                            we live in { black && white }
you’re just a PARASITE ;;
                         now close your eyes && say good-night !!


my baby boy is fun to draw, when he decides to behave and come out right. i also apparently love flowing capes and incomprehensible lighting. also drawing wow armour is an eternal case of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but i think i got everything right (except the tabard. i KNOW i hecked up on the details of that one. Also the inside of the cape but tbh that was because i was lazy.)

also bless wow and its gorgeous skyboxes. i took a few screenshots during invasions and just. good shit. also i’m proud of the colouring in this one because a lot of the time it ends up disconnected from the bg but here it totally looks like he’s in this lighting. I HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO THE THING I AM PROUD OF MYSELF }