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Dangansona AU

#dangan thieves AU

Hajime Hinata - Fool or Judgement
Izuru Kamukura - Death
Hinazuru - The World
Chiaki Nanami - Star
Nagito Komaeda - Fortune
Twogami/Ryotwo - Emperor [secretly the Wild Card]
Teruteru Hanamura - Devil
Peko Pekoyama - Hierophant
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu - Magician
Kazuichi Souda - Moon
Gundham Tanaka - Strength
Nekomaru Nidai - Chariot
Akane Owari - Hermit
Sonia Nevermind - Empress
Mahiru Koizumi - Priestess
Hiyoko Saionji - Tower
Mikan Tsumiki - Lovers
Ibuki Mioda - Sun

Makoto Naegi - Sun
Kyouko Kirigiri - Justice
Sayaka Maizono - Reversed Lovers
Leon Kuwata - Magician
Chihiro Fujisaki - Hermit
Mondo Oowada - Emperor
Kiyotaka Ishimaru - Hierophant
Hifumi Yamada - Hanged Man
Celestia Ludenberg - Devil
Yasuhiro Hagakure - Fortune
Aoi Asahina - Temperance
Sakura Oogami - Strength
Byakuya Togami - Chariot
Touko Fukawa/Genocider Syo - Moon/Reversed Fool
Mukuro Ikusaba - Tower
Junko Enoshima - Reversed Star

Kyosuke Munakata - Justice
Juzo Sakakura - Strength
Chisa Yukizome - Priestess
Koichi Kizakura - Emperor
Ryota Mitarai - Tower
Kazuo Tengan - Judgement
Seiko Kimura - Hanged Man
Ruruka Andou - Empress
Sonosuke Izayoi - Lovers
Daisaku Bandai - Temperance
Great Gozu - Chariot
Miaya Gekkogahara - Death

Komaru Naegi - Tower or Star
Monaka Towa - Devil
Nagisa Shingetsu - Hierophant
Kotoko Utsugi - Empress
Jataro Kemuri - Reversed Sun
Masaru Daimon - Chariot

Ryouko Otonashi - Reversed Tower
Yasuke Matsuda - Reversed Hanged Man
Takumi Hijirahara - Death
Misaki Asano - Judgement

>>>These are all just suggested arcanas. I’m not really an expert on this so if you think some are mismatched then feel free to correct me. Basically just have fun with this and enjoy this AU!

So I really like Persona 5 and I especially like the girls on the team.

anonymous asked:

What would say was lacking from The Raven Cycle? Not hating on your opinion or anything, just curious <3 I like reading criticisms of things I enjoy tbh

mainly diversity, she could have done so much better with that. it wouldn’t have been hard to make any of the main four characters of colour. the plot would become convoluted at times and it dragged out. adam forgave his abuser, which is a narrative i’m sick of reading. 

These are the Strong Backed Descendents of the Aztecs, Maya, Purempecha, Pueblos, Anasazi, Tzapotec, Mixtec and Other Destroyed Native Nations… Donald Trump calls them Lazy, Thieving Rapists…He calls them Illegal immigrants, the worst from Mexico and other Southern Nations- He’ll call them every bad name in the book…and He’ll never call them what they Truly are!! -The Indigenous Survivors of the Largest Genocide the World has EVER Seen-


side a: dreaming
“bonus round,” kavinsky said. then: “open.” he put an impossibly red pill on ronan’s tongue. ronan tasted just an instant of sweat and rubber and gasoline on his fingertips. then the pill hit his stomach. “what’s this one do?” ronan asked. kavinsky said, “dying’s a boring side effect.”

side b: i’m in your head
“what’s here, k? nothing! no one!” “just us.” there was a heavy understanding in that statement, amplified by the dream. i know what you are, kavinsky had said. “that’s not enough,” ronan replied. “ don’t say dick gansey, man. do not say it. he is never going to be with you. and don’t tell me you don’t swing that way, man. i’m in your head.”

side c: the streets 
on either side of the street, the streetlights flickered and flared, measuring out life in epileptic busts of light: flash, cracked asphalt, flash, aglionby sticker on the dashboard, flash, noah’s widened eyes; they were bodies electric.

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I wonder why you don't hate Jordanians - they "stole" a lot more of "your" land than Israel ever could. 90% of Jordanians are Palestinians. If you wanted a better life, if you truly wanted your own state - not to steal already made state from Jews - you'd have concentrated on Jordan, and your "right of return" there. But your kind are lazy, thieving cowards. You don't care about a state, you simply want every single Jew dead.

Like honestly, if you’re gonna try to make a bullshit argument like this, at least put SOME effort into it. 

Jordanians aren’t responsible for the Nakba and ethnic cleansing of our lands, they’re not responsible for the destruction of over 500 of our towns and cities, they’re not responsible for the numerous massacres committed against us, they’re not responsible for the day to day occupation of Palestine and the extreme limits placed on our movement and freedoms. 

Our Right of Return refers to the land that Palestinians were forced out of at gunpoint, our villages that were ethnically cleansed by Israel, something Jordan played no part in.

You try to paint the Palestinian cause as inherently anti-semitic, a lazy, disingenuous, and wholly ignorant argument, while you yourself present everything you have to say in highly racist rhetoric, and throw in “facts” that have no basis in reality or the matter at hand.

You present Arabs as some monolith, implying that it’s no different for Palestinians forced out of their to simple ~relocate~to ~some other Arab country~. You mention that a majority of those in Jordan are Palestinian……yet ignore the fact that those Palestinians are overwhelmingly Palestinian refugees, forced out of their homes by Israel.

So yeah, keep on with your racist rantings behind anonymity like the typical Israeli coward


CHARLIE  BAILEY :    INSTAGRAM .       ❱❱        ft.    @classeact,    @shedeathh,    @jazzzly         @gahrd.              click for full res.


Can’t be the only one genuinely disturbed by the amount of “slutty armor for girls” and “bigger boobs mod” and “slutty makeup” stuff.

I’m sorry, but I’d rather chew off my arm than walk into battle wearing any of that bullshit.

Notice that none of those “slutty armors” exist for guys. No “sexy toned chest muscles” either, as far I’ve seen. I dunno. Maybe I just haven’t seen enough mods.

Or maybe I’m on to something.

But, I mean, I’m just a dumb girl who should go back to the kitchen, right? I don’t “really” play video games, right? I need protection, right? And I just get all this really badass armor off of guys who give it to me in exchange for seeing my boobs, right? 

I’m just horrified by the attention the loudest “species” of gamers receive, just because they flame internet boards. I was in a class with people I’d never met before, and the two guys next to me were talking about Skyrim. I asked, naturally, you know, what level are you, console or pc, what skills do you specialize in, etc. Guy number one starts telling me, level 36 conjurer. Cool. I like conjuration. I use it for bound sword/bow and some thralls. However, as soon as I have a level 60-something nightblade (previous character named Miya), guy number one and two just look at each other. Both announce that I must’ve cheated to get to such a high level. I, naturally, say that I just play a lot. They say my dad or a brother must’ve helped me out. I mention that my dad is too busy serving in the Air Force to play Skyrim and my sister doesn’t know what an rpg is. They go on and on about how it’s a game for guys, and girls shouldn’t play.

I politely told them that I could kick their ass in Skyrim any day and that they could go fuck themselves. 

As my experience in other online games has been to similar effect, the one thing I am really fearful of regarding the Elder Scrolls Online, which I can’t wait to play, is that there are a bunch of gamers who behave in this manner. If any of you have been on ESO, please let me know if this fear is legitimate or not- I hope it isn’t, but if it is, I’d like to go in mentally prepared. I love Skyrim and I love Tamriel, but I do not have the tolerance to put up with sexist little shits.

purringcamel  asked:

Hi! As fellow artist, what's the best way of protecting your art work from art thieves? Btw, I love your art style and characters!

You just asked the Law graduate a legal question. Wall of text incoming. ;) I actually wrote my final-year thesis on the legal aspects of online art theft—this stuff is still so fresh in my mind, it crunches when you break it. Hmmmm… <3

Firstly, know that copyright laws do protect your work and do provide you with legal remedies, like claiming money for damages or getting an interdict to force the other person to take down the stolen artwork(s).

However, there is a saying in law, de minimis non curat lex, which translates to “the law does not concern itself with trivialities”. So if you go to court over a thirteen-year-old stealing your pictures, the judge will probably kick you right out the door and tell you to grow up. Basically, this means if the art thief isn’t making bundles of profit from stealing your work, it’s up to you to take them down. B)

People say watermarks are a preventative measure. This is a farce. Watermarks can repel art thieves who are too lazy or dumb to remove them, but anyone who is a real threat will know how to circumvent a watermark. The truth is, though, that particularly pesky art thieves, more often than not, trace or copy your work.

Rather use watermarks simply as a method for people to be directed back to your artwork should they view your piece on a site other than your personal deviantART/Tumblr/etc page. And don’t let your watermarks impose on people’s enjoyment of the work, i.e. don’t plaster a huge one over the entire artwork. That’s just stupid.

OUR ONLY REMEDY IS DAMAGE CONTROL. You can’t prevent art theft, but you can sure as heck do something about it after it’s happened. Here’s what you do if the art theft took place online:

1) Contact the art thief privately. Be clear on what you want them to do (credit you or take down the work), give them a deadline and inform them of the consequences should they not comply. Nine out of ten times, that thirteen-year-old will get a huge fright and just delete their account.

2) After three warnings and continued non-compliance, you can report the thief to the website administrators. This process is long and tedious, but it’s the proper thing to do. It’s up to you if you wanna do this or take matters into your own hands.

3) Expose the art thief publicly. Effectively, this step involves harassment, which is never nice, but is sometimes necessary. You can either get in touch with an informal anti art theft group (these groups love rooting out art thieves, so they’ll certainly help) or simply expose the art thief to your Followers in a post on your page. Ask them kindly to contact the art thief. If enough people contact the art thief, the thief will decide it’s just not worth the hassle and they will leave.

I’ve never seen the third step fail. Art thieves are lazy and want free credit. They’re not keen on defending themselves too much or working for that credit. They’ll just move on if you bug them enough. It’s in their nature.

This doesn’t mean you should skip steps, though. Always first contact the thief privately three times, issuing proper warnings. It’ll strengthen your case if you wish to report the thief to admin, and it’s just good manners not to lose your cool. Also be sure to take screenshots of them posting the infringing material. You know, in case you might need it. ^_^

AS A FINAL WORD: Please consider the thief before taking steps against him or her. A child who is starting out and who admires your work will copy you. There is no “if” about it. We all copied our favourite artists when we were kids. Get in touch with the kid, teach them about art theft and offer to help them out. Make the world a better place instead of going nuts. If they keep acting like a jerk, that’s when you take steps against them. But if they’re keen on learning and improving and they genuinely love your work, don’t be the butt-hole who discourages them. ;)

If anyone ever needs any help with art thieves, feel free to get in touch with me. I’m always here. ^_^

Hope that helped, purringcamel!!! :D Thanks for the great question and for the kind words. <3 MWAH!!!! ^3^

You know what’s super shitty? Plagiarism. I know it’s “just” fanfic, but do you know how much hard work goes into writing? Especially writing an epic. Bespoke Witch by the amazing Glitterally is an epic. This hilarious, fluffy, smutty, absurd (author’s word) story that borders on hilarious. It was one of my first fanfics. Glitterally was also the first author that responded to my reviews and she became one of my friends, and one of my greatest supporters. For those who enjoyed The Debt of Time, you have a great portion of that to thank Glitterally for, because she alpha read, cheered me on from beginning to end, and I sought HER approval to write all the sex scenes. That’s how awesome this writer is.

And her story has been stolen. Not copied completely and reposted like lazy thieves do, but picked apart with lines just slightly altered, and dialogue supplemented by added descriptions. Someone worked HARD to hide the fact that they stole her work, you know, instead of working hard to write their own original shit.

She’s too nice to make a big stink about it.

But I’m not.

Above is a screen shot of Chapter 12 of Bespoke Witch, published January 2014. (dates can be checked by the estimated first review on FFnet)

Below is a screen shot of Chapter 22 of Obsessed by Thrifty-Crimson, published October 2015.

It’s been reported, but who knows if/when FFnet will do something about it. In the meantime, people read and review stolen material, something someone else worked damn hard at! 

If you follow this stolen story, I would hope you have the integrity to unfollow it, take away the love it so clearly DOES NOT deserve. Because fanfic authors put their hearts and souls into their work, and FUCK anyone who tries to piss on their efforts!


Blue x Gansey and Blue x Noah, The Dream Thieves by maggie-stiefvater

It was a sort of ferocious, quiet beauty, the sort that wouldn’t let you admire it. The sort of beauty that always hurt. (…) ‘I wish you could be kissed, Jane,’ he said. ’Because I would beg just one off you. Under all this.’ He flailed an arm toward the stars.

It was not just a touch, an action. It was a simplification of both of them: They were no longer Noah Czerny and Blue Sargent. They were now just him and her. Not even that. They were only the time that they held between them.


Then the US government found itself in the crosshairs of the brand-new Reagan Revolution with no way to understand why it was under attack and no way to defend itself. For thirty years, it took blow after blow. Now, while still standing, that government is very different from what it was when Reagan took office. It is much weaker, no longer able to offer the protections or provide the services the middle class took for granted thirty years ago—the same kinds of services that many European democracies have continued to provide for their citizens during the period of US economic and social decline. And in its weakened state the US government has lost the support of the very citizens who depended on it the most, the middle class.

How did this happen? When Ronald Reagan got to Washington, he set out to convince the middle class that their government was their enemy, using his considerable powers of persuasion. The basic message of Reagan and the conservatives was that everyone would be better off if the federal government just disappeared. They were smart enough not to say this directly, however. Instead, they just landed one body blow after another without openly expressing their desire to destroy the government.

For example, Reagan attacked government workers, contending they were lazy, they wasted taxpayer money, and they involved themselves in issues they knew nothing about, like regulating large businesses and corporations. Within the first few years of Reagan’s election, the morale of the federal workforce plummeted as these employees saw their image shift from being considered public servants trying to make life in the United States better for everyone to being seen as lazy, despised bureaucrats wasting taxpayer money. Far from being a place where committed public servants worked to help the public, Washington, DC, became known as the place where crooks, thieves, and lazy workers stole taxpayer money for foolish purposes or their own personal benefit.

While federal workers had unions to protect their jobs, they did not have high-priced lobbyists and media consultants to safeguard their image. The unions representing federal workers came under the same harsh attack as the workers themselves, but the attacks went largely unanswered. The nation’s first movie star president had intentionally created this negative image of government workers, and he was convincing.

Following Reagan, other conservatives continued to lead the charge against the government, often using the same language the Reagan administration had employed. Few found language more effective than the Reagan one-liner, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help,” but they didn’t need to. The leap from John F. Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” to Reagan’s cynical and supposedly frightening “I’m from the government and I’m here to help,” had been successfully made.

In addition to waging a full-scale campaign against the government and its employees, the Reagan administration also implemented another practice that was equally destructive to the image of government—filling government positions with people who hated government, a practice that continues to this day. For those seeking to change the United States from a middle-class democracy to a corporate feudal republic, there are three major advantages to this practice. First, you give government jobs to your conservative friends and cronies. Second, you keep dedicated public servants who want to see government succeed out of government. Third, and most importantly, you have a cadre of conservative ideologues working inside the government to sabotage and destroy the government at every turn.

The advantages for conservatives of sabotaging and destroying the government are almost limitless. Looking at a few examples from George W. Bush’s administration shows why. Thirty years ago the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a government agency committed to protecting the public by monitoring the safety of toys and other products, made a positive difference in people’s lives. However, during George W. Bush’s administration conservatives who filled many of the civil service positions and all of the politically appointed slots did not believe the government should be in the business of helping to protect the public, and they did everything in their power to avoid carrying out their responsibilities. When Congress tried to give the CPSC more money to do a better job of regulating products imported from China, for example, the Bush-appointed agency head refused. She said they had plenty of money to do their job, although in reality they weren’t doing their job at all. Then reports started coming in about unsafe toys originating in China. People were outraged, as they should have been, and blamed the government. By failing to do their jobs, the conservatives were encouraging people to give up on their own government, which was exactly what conservatives wanted.

Thirty years ago, in an effort to make their point, conservatives often exaggerated the examples of government corruption and waste, but during George W. Bush’s administration scandals involving everything from toys to military contracting became the norm. And who were the perpetrators of most of these crimes against the United States and its taxpayers? They were government-hating conservatives working inside the government, placed there for this very reason. Each time one of these conservatives was caught in another scandal, the American public’s view of government deteriorated a little more. If you believe in a government that helps its citizens, this seems bad. But if you believe that the best government is no government this seems great, so the people who wanted to establish Corporate Feudalism couldn’t have been happier.

That was the plan used by Corporate Feudalists to convince millions of middle-class people to hate their own government. Did you think of a more effective way to accomplish this goal? Or do you believe the plan that was used was the most effective one available?