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For shizz and giggz, we decided to try out a new Korean tofu stew joint. It was pretty good! We especially liked the mandoo and the spicy pork. The boy got bibimbap with crab and busy daddy got spicy tofu stew with pork and kimchi. Good stuff!

My internal clock is doing a number on me cuz of the time change. And by number, I mean I’m starving and exhausted, but I should probably try to stay awake and stuff, amirite? I’m hoping a late-afternoon cuppa vanilla ice cream with spicy caramel sauce will help me stay awake.

This summer, I’m testing out a new parenting technique to force encourage my kid to enjoy reading more. I’ve been told that reading is useful and stuff, but since the boy isn’t naturally inclined to pick up a book and read on his own, I’ve resorted to alternate measures. And by alternate measures, I mean I spent 30 minutes each night co-reading with my son.

It works a little bit like this: I read aloud to him, he listens, then he reads aloud to me, and I sleep. I’ll admit that this technique isn’t foolproof cuz I usually end up spacing out when the boy is reading to me and I have to go back and reread the parts that he read, but at least my kid is reading, yo!

We recently started reading A Wrinkle in Time together. I think the boy likes the book cuz it has a good mix of quantum physics, adventure, and teenage drama. I hadn’t read the book since I was a kid, and while I remember thinking the book was amazeballs when I was seven or eight years old, the grownup version of me is all, Meh. I mean, the storyline is interesting, but let’s be honest: much of the prose in A Wrinkle in Time is so tortured and weirdly awkward, it’s a wonder that it was ever published, let alone become a so-called classic.

I find myself rewording the text whenever I read aloud to the boy, just to make the sentences somewhat more coherent. Also, I’m pretty sure Madeleine L'Engle didn’t know how to and/or didn’t want to use commas properly cuz guurrl could use, like, a lot more commas than she used in the book, know what I’m sayin’? 


Even though it’s essentially an extended, two-hour commercial, the new LEGO Movie is, in a word, spectacular. Like, you’d have to be a mentally deranged party pooper or a complete ogre to not like this movie.

The boy gave the movie an A+++. Busy daddy said it was the best movie that he has seen all year. I say the LEGO Movie takes adorbz and some genuine heart-felt moments to another level!

Highly recommended! Unless you're a mentally deranged party pooper or a complete ogre, then you should probably pass.

For shizz and giggz, I read the boy his favorite book from when he was a little kid before bedtime tonight. If you’ve never read Busiest Fire Fighters Ever!, I highly recommend it. It’s basically a Dada-esque masterpiece, full of plot twists and existential angst.

Like our forebears before us, we saw a movie after our Thanksgiving dinner! And Eddie K joined us, too! Cuz, you know, we’re all Asian and stuff, and that’s how Asian peeps roll on Turkey Day, yo. As an honorary Asian peep, busy daddy joined us, too!

We saw Frozen, which was awight for a chick flick. I’m kidding! Everyone knows that chick flicks are awful, obvs. Frozen was pretty much Armageddon meets Tangled, so it was more like an action-slash-horror-slash-fabulous-hurr-dids flick. With snow and stuff. Highly recommended!


It’s movie night at the Busy-Lazy shack! At the boy’s request, we watched Turbo. When the movie first came out, we were forbidden from watching it cuz busy daddy has this thing with Ryan Reynolds. And by thing, I mean busy daddy can’t stand the “walking-talking-horrible-acting-douchebag” and we are banned from paying American money to watch any movies that feature Ryan Reynolds. (I have the same rule with Tom Cruise because, you know, barf.)

Since busy daddy is away at some yoga retreat thing, I let the boy watch a Ryan Reynolds movie. It was actually pretty good! The boy said it was “awesome!!!” I guess the moral of the movie was to always keep trying and never give up and something about tacos but I kinda sorta stopped paying attention after awhile.

Still, the boy said I should recommend Turbo on my blog! So I that’s what I’m doing! Kinda sorta recommended!!! Despite Ryan Reynolds!!!


I got an awesome new pair of glasses, which are, like, 68 percent nicer than the farkakte pair that I just got from the local optometrist’s shop. Busy daddy said my new glasses are “way nicer” than the cheeseball ones, but he said he still prefers my original glasses from before my vision went all old man on me. Oh well.

I’m a huge fan of these guys, and their customer service—both online and in-store—is ah-mah-zing. Plus, they have really nice stuff at affordable prices. And it took less than a week to get my new glasses! You should check ‘em out!

The best thing about fall is Thanksgiving, obvs. Like, I lurve everything about Thanksgiving, but I mostly lurve the cooking part and stuff. I dunno why, but every year I experience a kind of amnesia and completely forget how to cook a turkey. So every year I need to look up how to cook a turkey. 

This year, I’m using an awesome new iPad app, Thanksgiving: A Bon Appétit Manual, to help plan and cook Thanksgiving dinner at the Busy-Lazy shack. The app features, like, 101 recipes, plus tips, how-tos and videos from the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to help make Thanksgiving the best meal of the year!!!!!!! I might have just lifted that entire preceding sentence from the app’s description in the iTunes store. Whatevs.

Best of all, that shizz is free! Wut!?! Bestest of all is that busy daddy’s studio created the app, so every time someone downloads it, I get stuff. And by get stuff, I mean I don’t get anything because did I mention that the app is free? You should download it, yo! Unless you’re some kind of monster who doesn’t care about Thanksgiving and stuff.


The boy and I had fun at yesterday’s sneak preview of the upcoming Transformers: Robots in Disguise series, which debuts on Cartoon Network on March 14. I’ll tell you what, I’m always surprised at how the boy’s interest in things ebbs and flows, but Transformers seems to be consistently on his lists of likes. 

In addition to the series preview at Tribeca Cinemas, there were kiddies activities, which the boy thoroughly enjoyed. As part of the activities, kiddies had to go to five different stations to get their cards stamped, something that the boy was super-excited to do. Which made me realize that my kid is probably gonna be one of those peeps who goes to trade shows and goes a little bit mental.

Before the preview, we downloaded the new Transformers: Robots in Disguise iPad App, and even though the boy is still banned from using electronics, I let him play with the new app. He said it’s his current favorite app!

The new Transformers series is pretty good and the boy gave it two resounding thumbs up!

themoonandthedragon  asked:

Hi;) I was just thinking about one of your posts about a kiddy book which is called something like tattooed dad. Can you please tell me what it's called? Also any recommendation on children books for 1 - 6 yo? Since you are one of very creative and inspirational guys/dads I know you musta got something to shere:) cheers

Hey guurrl! The kiddie book that you’re referring to is called My Tattooed Dad, by Daniel Nesquens and Sergio Mora (a.k.a., Magicomora). TBH, I dunno if I would recommend My Tattooed Dad to very young children cuz the story is somewhat strange and surreal, and potentially scary for young kids. But the artwork is absolutely gorgeous, and for a kid with a tattooed dad, it’s a fun picture book to look at.

As far as other kiddie book reccos for children under six, the two must-have books in your library, IMHO, are Not a Box by Antoinette Portis and Fun Boy by Ralph Cosentino. When my son was younger, we read both of these books every single night, and he loved them. We still read them sometimes!

Thanks for your question!

Hey everypony, if you’re looking for a new photoblog to follow, let me recommend Through the Filter, a lovely collection of pics created by a terrifically talented photographer.

OK, full disclosure: the blogger in question is my super-sweet and super-talented nephew Avi, who is a student at U-Dub. Obvs, I’m biased, but seriously, the kid has some mad skillz behind the camera lens.

Also, for an upcoming Flashback Friday, I’ll share of pic of Avi in the Jedi Knight Halloween costume that I made for him when he was, like, four years old. Trust me, it’s super-kawaii!

There’s a terrible rumor going around that I might be a hoarder. I say peeps are just jealous, is all. I found a folder at my sister’s house of some of my crap from college. Inside was a newspaper clipping from the Chicago Reader of one of my all-time favorite movies. Apparently when I was a freshman film major, I thought I wanted to be the next Martin Donovan Hal Hartley David Lynch. Turns out I just wanted David Lynch’s hurr did.

seevikiifangirl  asked:

Since you go to Toronto and Canada a lot, I figured you'd might like this place that I used to go all the time in high school with my best friends, Cafe Crepe. It's great for deserts and snacks, and its at 246 Queen Street W. If you're around that area, check it out!

OMG! I lurve Cafe Crepe! In fact, I had a yum ham and cheese crepe there just the other day! I would eat a crepe Every Single Day if I could, but apparently eating too many ham and cheese crepes isn’t “healthy" or “normal" for a full-grown adult man. But I say, Whatevs! Crepes for everyone! Thanks for the recco!


A little something to brighten your kid’s and your day, courtesy of the superbly talented plaidoranges.

momvomit  asked:

What's ur recipe for gluten free cupcakes

Hey, guurrl, hey! My recipe for gluten-free cupcakes comes from the fine peeps at King Arthur Flour and their gluten-free line of products. TBH, the gluten-free chocolate cake mix is much better than the gluten-free yellow cake mix that I made tonight.

I dunno, the gluten-free chocolate cake mix has a better texture than the gluten-free yellow cake mix, which is kinda sorta too spongey, and not in a good way. But the stuff is, like, 1000 percent better than gluten-free cake mixes from other manufacturers. Give the gluten-free mixes from King Arthur Flour a try and lemme know what you think!

I do have a pretty good recipe for flourless chocolate cake, which has a bit of flour in it, so it’s not gluten-free, but it’s deloycious and very simple to make!

Thanks for your question!