lazy reccos


Even though it’s essentially an extended, two-hour commercial, the new LEGO Movie is, in a word, spectacular. Like, you’d have to be a mentally deranged party pooper or a complete ogre to not like this movie.

The boy gave the movie an A+++. Busy daddy said it was the best movie that he has seen all year. I say the LEGO Movie takes adorbz and some genuine heart-felt moments to another level!

Highly recommended! Unless you're a mentally deranged party pooper or a complete ogre, then you should probably pass.


For shizz and giggz, we decided to try out a new Korean tofu stew joint. It was pretty good! We especially liked the mandoo and the spicy pork. The boy got bibimbap with crab and busy daddy got spicy tofu stew with pork and kimchi. Good stuff!

It’s movie night at the Busy-Lazy shack! On tonight’s moviebill is Up, which the boy claims he hasn’t watched in “at least 10 years.” Cuz apparently he hasn’t seen Up since before he was born and/or since before the movie was made.

It’s a really good movie! Highly recommended!


It’s movie night at the Busy-Lazy shack! At the boy’s request, we watched Turbo. When the movie first came out, we were forbidden from watching it cuz busy daddy has this thing with Ryan Reynolds. And by thing, I mean busy daddy can’t stand the “walking-talking-horrible-acting-douchebag” and we are banned from paying American money to watch any movies that feature Ryan Reynolds. (I have the same rule with Tom Cruise because, you know, barf.)

Since busy daddy is away at some yoga retreat thing, I let the boy watch a Ryan Reynolds movie. It was actually pretty good! The boy said it was “awesome!!!” I guess the moral of the movie was to always keep trying and never give up and something about tacos but I kinda sorta stopped paying attention after awhile.

Still, the boy said I should recommend Turbo on my blog! So I that’s what I’m doing! Kinda sorta recommended!!! Despite Ryan Reynolds!!!