lazy penguin


             Why does fate make us suffer? There’s a curse between us. Between me and you


They tried to make a vine once.

Naughty children get sent to the punishment shelf.


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congratulations on 1,000 career points, sidney crosby!

It’s pretty emotional, especially when you start to look up at the jumbotron and you see all those things. They go by pretty quick. You flash on all these different plays and years and that’s how fast it feels, when you’re looking at it…you really try to soak in moments like that.

Penguins are one of about 40 species of flightless birds, which makes the trek to the gym even more daunting during the season of New Year’s resolutions.

introducing the... PITTSBURGH PENGUINNNS ❤️

this is proof that i in fact have no life

lazy & g, are seriously so cute like just watch these gifs. (you can’t even say their not cuties.)

like seriously who even is this gigantic weirdo ?

oh look at that eye contact 

kiss me underneath the mistletoe  🎶

“me and g have a good chemistry going” heard it here first guys

oh hey geno. annddd nealsy’s #18 sweatshirt

sid & g, aka two headed monster 

reason Evgeni Malkin goes out after Sid ? 

“me three years super league" 

g went to cheer the kid on ☺️

"whats 5 on 3 in Russian ?” “5 on 3”

WHIRL magazine gets it. 

he plays better with sid. ❤️


sid and his plane buddy flower 

and thennn last but defiantly not least mr flower and mad max

yaayyy “best friends, best friends till the very end" 

mad max? nonono happy max ❤️

"the banana”

“i tell him everyday” what more do we need?


The signs as species of penguins

Aries: Rockhopper penguin

Taurus: Emperor penguin

Gemini: Humboldt penguin

Cancer: Fiordland penguin

Leo: Little penguin

Virgo: King penguin

Libra: Macaroni penguin

Scorpio: African penguin

Sagittarius: Royal penguin

Capricorn: Galapagos penguin

Aquarius: Chinstrap penguin

Pisces: Erect-crested penguin